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The Leaked Version is a Fake!

Having read the complete book, I have doubts that it’s a big fake.

#1. Official page count – 784 pages. This one has 759 pages and so many extra blank pages. I don’t think this will ever happen. It’s a huge waste of paper. Also, if you look at the last page where it says “This book was art Directed by….” and ” bound at Quebecor World Fairfield in Fairfield, Pennsylvania” and it is printed on the LEFT side of the book, which is very weird. Take out book 6. The same thing is on the RIGHT side and it says “bound at Quebecor World Martinsburg in Martinsburg, Virginia“.

#2. Since when has Jo started using ‘Bitch’ in her books? Leaked version- Mrs. Weasley calls Bellatrix a bitch?! Plain weird.

#3. No mention of Fawkes.

#4. Luna hasn’t been mentioned in the Epilogue, which is very funny. She was as important as Neville. What about the rest of the Weasleys? No mention at all.

#5. Hermione tells the other two that she has modified the memory of her parents and they believe that they are going to Australia. Later, in the book when she tries to modify the memory of the Death Eaters and the waitress, she says that she is doing it for the first time and she will try!!?!

#6. Lily tells Snape that she has come to talk to him because some girl (forgot the name) told her that Snape plans to sleep outside the girl’s dormitories. I think that’s very very uncharacteristic of Snape, even though he might have been madly in love with someone.

#7. The inside flap of the book is blank. No blurb. The other books have some stuff written on the inside flap.

#8. No talk about Snape’s Boggart. I think Jo said that we would come to know more about Snape’s greatest fear and his Patronus.

#9. Did anyone notice the number of “What the-” in the book? The first thing that comes to my mind when I read “What the-” is ‘what the f#$%”?!

Take a look at this link if you want to read more about this. I’m having serious doubts now. So much for wasting an entire night’s sleep! Duh. I will be really upset if this turns out to be the real thing. Yeah, I might come across as a mental person now. First I said that it is the real thing and now I’m saying that it’s not. Well…I am hoping that it’s not the real thing.

UPDATE: If you thought that the carpet book is real, take a look at this. Doesn’t this one look equally real?

UPDATE 1: NY Times has “confirmed” that the leaked book is the real one that they bought.


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  2. lol I knew it & i’ve already reported it on my blog…

    Btw how do you think will go to such an extent to do this?(print, write the story, do the covers)

    I personally think it’s the publishers…. to prevent any link & to increase the hype around HP7.

  3. @carrotmadman, Yeah…think so too. Someone with elaborate writing/photoshoping skills has done it. It might be the publishers to create all the hype. Probably paid someone to do it. I don’t know. If you have read the leaked version, there are a number of points that haven’t been explained well. For instance- the Horcrux thing. In book 6, Dumbledore clearly mentions that he had reasons to believe that LV was 1 horcrux short when he met Harry. So, he might have made Nagini his last Horcrux after he killed that house keeper in the Riddle House. So 6+1=7. But in the book, if you take Harry as a horcrux too, then there are 8 Horcruxes in total…Heh.

  4. HARRY IS NOT A HORCRUX!!! (If he had been a horcrux, You-Know-Who would have been controlling him, like Nagini) I’ve seen this in many forums where many people believe he’s one but the idea’s too ridiculous to be true…

    The 7 REAL horcruxes:

    Tom Riddle’s Diary – destroyed
    Slytherin’s Ring – destroyed
    Slytherin’s Locket – in the possession of R.A.B or destroyed?

    Hufflepuff’s Cup
    Something of Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. (I personally think it’s Ravenclaw & it’s somewhere around Hogwarts)
    You-Know-Who himself

  5. Yep, I agree with carrotmadman….as far as I remember, you cannot just create a horcrux ‘by mistake’ as the leaked version makes it out to be. In the carpet book, Dumbly suggests that Harry becomes a horcrux by mistake because a part of LV’s soul gets into him when the magic backfires! How’s this even possible?! In Book 6, the chapter on Horcruxes clearly mentions that having a living being for a horcrux is dangerous, esp. because it can think and move. That’s why LV keeps nagini so close to him. It’s not possible that Harry is a horcrux. Whole bunch of crap. This would be a big departure from Book 6.

  6. Anonymous says:

    (#2. Since when has Jo started using ‘Bitch’ in her books? Leaked version- Mrs. Weasley calls Bellatrix a bitch?! Plain weird.)

    She used ‘slut’ in book 6. And considering the maturity level of the content in the book, I think it was somewhat justifiable.

    (#5. Hermione tells the other two that she has modified the memory of her parents and they believe that they are going to Australia. Later, in the book when she tries to modify the memory of the Death Eaters and the waitress, she says that she is doing it for the first time and she will try!!?!)

    Probably a slip on JKR’s part. Really, chances are a few typos are gonna slip through.

    Also, final nail in the coffin – the ISBN number listed on the book is the same as the one listed on many other official websites. It is real, PERIOD.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh, and one more thing: you can’t Photoshop several hundred pictures with that much detail within a few months. You just can’t.

  8. @anonymous, take a look at that other link at the very end of the post. Now tell me, which one is real? And which one is a better photoshop work? Did you read the entire leaked book?

  9. my goodness u guys r going to read the pirated version… then tomorrow the original version will come (which u have already pre ordered).. which u will again read .. then compare the 2…
    then in a few months the movie will come… which again u guys will read and compare… what a life

  10. @Ankur, I thought that it’s the real thing when I started reading it, thanks to the photoshop work. Now I have serious doubts regarding the authenticity. So much for crying over my favorite character’s death 😦

  11. OH NO!!!

    The Flickr link is the real one!!! It certainly seems to be so… I’ve read only one line & i knew it!!!
    Another look at the chapters confirmed it!
    (Let’s hope i’m wrong!!)

    Why can’t he upload the whole book?? 😦

  12. @carrot, what makes you say so? 😦 I found it to be even more stupid than the carpet book. The person;s account (hermoinepottie77) has been deleted. I don’t know if it’s available anywhere else.

  13. Cortez says:

    Guys, the NY Times got a copy of the book and they wrote a review about it. You can hope, but it’s a real deal…

  14. Yeah, i didn’t want to take a closer look coz i thought it was real. 😀
    I thought it was real bcoz of the chapter names… & i saw the “triangle circle symbol” mentioned.(which btw is on the cover spine of the Uk edition)

    Now i think it’s fake when i compared it with the previous fake release… both fakes have same pages for the same chapter numbers.(although the chapter names are different)

    Someone is really going to great lengths to hoax us!! 😀

    Yep, I’ve seen the reviews by NY Times & the Baltimoresun…
    They reveal quite a lot of things… so DON’T READ IT if you don’t want to spoil ur reading. 😦

  15. @carrotmadman, even seattletimes has a review.

    What worries me is that Rowling’s editor has clearly mentioned that nobody gets an advance copy for review and all these people are making attempts of reading the book in advance and writing the review. And the funny thing is that the review closely matches what has been revealed in the carpet book.

    Btw, the art work in the carpet book and the other book is ditto same. Only the text is different. I wish I hadn’t read it. Would have saved me a lot of trouble.

  16. latro says:

    I can’t find a place to download the leaked version. Everything has been deleted. Anyway, I’ll just wait till Saturday

  17. It says in this version that Harry is the 7th Horcrux… Mega NOT POSSIBLE !
    And according to this leak , every one who knew the secret becomes secret-keeper after the death of the actual secret keeper , where as on Jo’s site she says ” When a secret-keeper dies , the secret dies with them.All those who know the secret will know it , but they can’t tell anyone else”
    How do you explain that?
    And again , Jo said that a non-magical character will do magic in extreme cicumstances… which doesn’t happen in this book , at all.
    But I have to agree that not all chapters are fake. The 1st chapter for instance… is real.

  18. Cortez says:

    But teen, is there a scene like that in the book that I’ve linked? Coz that’s picture in only 1 or 2 month old, and no one can write a whole book during that short period. If that scene is in the book, the book is real.

  19. neph says:

    can’t find any download link of the complete leaked version(pdf). I’ve got only chapter 1-10.
    is there already a complete pdf???

  20. YoYoMa says:

    Guys it is not real it is not long enough but if the second link at the bottom for another copy might be right if the epilogue starts there it just might be at the right amount of length for the average chapter length in a HP Book…

  21. YoYoMa says:

    Just thought of something what if this is all a set up by scholastic or Jo herself what if they made a backup story and everything. They also probably put little clues in the book to show that it is a prank maybe by the company or the author just and idea though but I still think the first one is fake the second one that has like 5 page scans is real though the one chapter title sound more Rowlingish…

  22. @YoYoMa

    I also believe it’s a hoax by Bloomsbury & Scholastic… so that no one else will leak it & it’s too obvious that whoever is doing that has access to the real books, print material, covers…

    What they intend to do is to flood the Internet with fakes, meaning when the real version will be out on Saturday, it would be very hard to download it…(hard but not impossible 😀 )

  23. Pip says:

    *applause* Well done Ms Rowlings! You got us all! So many people said it read like bad fanfic! And those jerks over at won’t be ruining anything for anyone. heheheheheh This is great, I am so glad I got suckered! I have not read the fake, but soon will! This amkes me happy for some strange reason. I thought I dug out spilers to be in control but now I still know nothing and I had fun playing sleuth! Way to go Peeves Edition of Deathly Hallows!

  24. William says:

    Its not real. Concur with the belief that it was created by publishers, its professional- close, but not good enough by far, but come release date the pulitzer winning reviewer in the NY times (and at least one other early reviewer) is going to have to admit that she didn’t have an advance copy – that she in fact downloaded the fake one, major egg on her face. It’s surprising to me that so many people are falling for this. The writing style throughout doesn’t match up, it has glaring plot errors, etc.

  25. Mike says:

    Wow, I’ve gone through a few flip flops: “It’s real, no it’s not, maybe it is. Now I’m back leaning towards fake and part of a big hoax by the publishers”.

    Seeing that other Chapter 3 with same image, but different text and chapter title — something fishy is going on.

  26. James says:

    After seeing the “new” posting of the book on flicker, i have to say the carpet version seems the most real. for one… its posted as 495 pages, if not the WHOLE book. secondly. the reviews match up. thirdly, it was stated that SCholastic has found that someone had shipped the book on the 17th. thirdly, the book maybe be 784 pages, did you include from the front cover to the very end, it never stated that the STORY was 784 pages. Finally, i read a paragraph and a 1/2 of the flicker version and it seems like rubbish. for this i have to say, the carpet version is VERY MUCH like JKR’s writing, and she also stated that maybe not everything will be covered, but mostly. Also, its easier to photoshop a few pages, and not an entire book, and yes they can be made to look real. the carpet version looks like, especially at the beginnings from chaps 1-3, that it was rushed out of excitement. I believe that version to be real. its very suspenseful, very well written, and includes many twists we expect JKR to throw into a story of this magnitude.

    we’ll find out tomorrow night, but seriously, the carpet version seems VERY legit. i have not read past the end of malfoy mannor, because i do not have the end of the wandmaker in my version, but i have read the epilogue before i got this version, and if what you say is true about the carpet version, then its real.

  27. James says:

    qalso for JKR to have posted something on her website about the NYT review, that must mean it is in fact the real deal.


    Bloomsbury Publishing, originating publisher of Harry Potter, was extremely dismayed to learn last night about early sales in America of a small number of copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows prior to the UK, US and worldwide embargo time agreed with retailers, suppliers, and all third parties involved of 00.01AM British Summer Time on Saturday July 21st 2007.

    We are aware of some speculation in the media that internet “spoilers” purporting to be extracts from the book have come from the few early copies sold. We confirm that this is not true as is clear from the press release of July 18th issued by Scholastic Inc, the US publisher of Harry Potter. The “spoilers” remain unauthenticated.

    The release date and time embargo of 00.01AM BST on Saturday July 21st is being enforced unflinchingly and without exception by the publishers. We confirm that all Bloomsbury’s customers in 93 countries worldwide are robustly supporting this embargo time to ensure secrecy for the children and adult readers of Harry Potter.

    We would like to thank our customers and suppliers again for their full support given in so many different ways. We would also like to thank the worldwide media for their own observance of, and strict policing of, the embargo to preserve the secrecy of the plot for the readers of Harry Potter.

    JK Rowling said at 1pm today, ‘I am staggered that American newspapers have decided to publish purported spoilers in the form of reviews in complete disregard of the wishes of literally millions of readers, particularly children, who wanted to reach Harry’s final destination by themselves, in their own time. I am incredibly grateful to all those newspapers, booksellers and others who have chosen not to attempt to spoil Harry’s last adventure for fans.’


    So, what does this mean? I agree with teen and william. It’ JUST NOT POSSIBLE. There are so many obvious flaws in the plot. If it turns out to be the real deal, then I’ll have to throw away my books out of the window and Rowling will bear the wrath of many many fans. It;s a very crude joke.

  29. Garnet says:

    After seeing, the links here, I’m convinced that it’s fake. Or most of it is fake. Apparently, there are chapters that are legit but not everything.

    Wow, such dedication. I can’t imagine myself going to such great lengths (writing a story, photoshop, etc.) Anyway, it was fun reading the first part. I say, I’ll just wait for the official release.

  30. James says:


    yes it does state that in the carpet version, but it also makes sense, and explains that, it doesnt make it known, but that there is a greater chance that the secret gets out because the secret is divided among thsoe who know it. it does make sense that Lupin would know how to reach the kids, and it does make sense that those that do die, in fact have a reason for dying.
    what doesnt make sense are the chapter titles in the flickr version because they’re just terrible names for chapters… also, im not familiar with the US versions, but does each chapter have a page that divides the beginning of the chapter, ie a semi-title page. because on one of the pictures, you can see the title of the epilogue on the opposite page… that doesnt make sense to me. im from canada, so we get the UK version……… and im used to seeing it as the carpet version shows.

  31. Seraphella says:

    I’m of the opinion that this is a very very well written fake. I read it last night after work and at first glance it appears authentic, but upon completion, that belief falls apart.

    As the OP mentions, Luna isn’t mentioned in the epilogue. Looking deeper into this, we can see that the author develops some characters without giving them any kind of closure or finality in this story. Luna’s father, Lupin’s child, Doge, and so many others. Also, look at the interactions between Harry and Ginny. Whoever wrote this was uncomfortable with writing about relationships and emotions. Rowling has always just dived right into the thick of feelings and emotions.

    Then there are some discrepencies….Harry, Ron, Hermione lose the sword to Ghriphook, yet it re-appears in the Sorting hat while Neville wears it close to the end? The whole “Taboo” thing…come on, if they could do that, wouldn’t the ministry have done so already in the previous books? The final confrontation….took what…a whole paragraph? Thats the sign of a tired writer, not someone who has a whole team of editors and a publisher pushinig the author to do their best. Also….I know that Hermione is always described as the most clever witch of her age…and that she’s read every other book in Hogwarts, but how did she go from bookworm to “I know every spell and do them all in rapid succession?” She was a good witch, very knowledgeable, but I didn’t think she was so talented that she’d have put half the prefessors to shame.

    Now as for the NY Times book review, it hits too close to this “leaked” copy. Maybe they reviewed the “leaked” copy. Or perhaps the “leaked” version is based on the real one. The writing style is very very similar. Or maybe it’s all a publicity stunt, leaking a fake copy for some weird reason, shock value maybe? I don’t know. What I do know is that Rowling stated this last book was one of her best ever and what I read was not better than HBP or OOTP. So I can’t believe that the “Leaked” copy is authentic, no matter how real it seems. We’ll all know in about 34 hours though.

  32. YoYoMa says:

    I have talked to someone who got it at deepdiscount don’t want spoilers but I will tell you that the book is not real at least I am pretty sure that is what he said…

  33. @seraphella, Rowling’s editor clearly mentioned that nobody gets an advanced copy for a review and you just read Rowling’s Press Release too. So, she is not happy. I think that the review is based on the carpet version too. I agree with all your points…let’s hope for the best.

    @yoyo, Are you absolutely sure?? Is your source reliable?

  34. James says:

    supposedly that is where the person who has the carpet version got their copy as well… from what i understand of the situation. therefore i believe that someone is lying… im sorry but the carpet version is too good to be fake… and if it is.. i have to forget everything i read in it, and thats gonna be hard cause its SO good. fackerses.!

  35. @Seraphella – Couldn’t have said it better myself. I thought it was a publicity stunt or a fan work. Look at the quality of the pages , you can see the text on the other side of the page. We here in India get the Bloomsbury stuff and know the paper quality is one of the best in the world. I don’t know about the paper quality of the American books , coz the only Scholastic book I’ve ever read are Goosebumps.
    @Ruhi – That Flickr pic looked real. But I think that the 1st chapter is real. “Dark Lord Ascending” or not at all. It’s not like Voldy to forgive Draco because Snape did his job…

  36. YoYoMa says:

    Well I think neither of the books are real except maybe Darklord Ascending I sent another message to the guy asking about the two copies…and both have been taken down so its not about which ones get taken down…

  37. James says:

    ok cause honestly it would suck if the carpet version is indeed fake. whether you like it or not, its a very well put together story, does in a way, if not exactly match jkr’s style.. also to point it out that author’s advance in the way they write, book1 of HP is differently written from book 6, IMO. so to have read 495 pages and to ahve to forget it all will be difficult, im enjoying the story imensely, much like book 6, if not more.

  38. @James, there are SO many loopholes in the story. I can’t even start. How can you say that it matches the author’s style? If the last book is like this, then the continuity editor and the entire team has done a BS job. JK said that it’s the best book she has written by far. Check out that livejournal community link and if you can refute all the points made regarding the carpet book, I’ll believe that it’s real.

    I’m sure there is a big hoax behind all this. The flickr book is definitely FAKE because the text is so freaking stupid even though the binding and the art work look so real. Based on this argument, even though the carpet book’s binding and photoshop work looks stunning, it can still be fake. There are so many people out there, including me, who have read the whole carpet book. When I was reading it, I thought that it’s pretty good. But after I got done, I realized that there are too many loop holes in the book.

    I’m sure all these reviews are based on the carpet book too. Nobody got a copy of the book before it’s release for review. Rowling’s editor made that very very clear. I’m sure NY and Baltimore Sun will be crying once the book is out on Saturday.

  39. @teen, yeah let me take a look at your blog.

    @yoyo, It closely mimics the carpet book. If it is so, then it’s a FAKE! Another review, I think by Chicago Times, mentions a ‘sword’ as one of the Hallows. The carpet book mentions the wand as one of the hallows. So, Chicago Times’ review doesn’t match the carpet book. It might be a mistake on their part, but if it’s so, then it’s a big one. A wand and a sword are not the same thing 😛

  40. James says:

    i have read other fakes, and this one seemed as though it was in the voice of JKR… i had also jsut finished listening to the audiobook of HBP and i can say that reading this ‘fake’ leak seemed as though i could easily slip it into the voice of the guy who reads the audiobooks. WHICH MEANS to me that if i can slip into her voice while reading this, it must be true. ALSO she has gone on record a few days ago and said “some people will loathe it, while others will love it” (not an exact quote but thats the gist of it.) loathe is a strong word, especially coming from the author. therefore i believe that its true, because as we can already tell.. some people loathe it and others love it.
    personally, as i stated before, the flickr version’s chapter titles are horribly thought up, and if legit newspapers are writing reviews on the book already, and they’ve PURCHASED their books from retailers, then it has to be true.

    I also stumbled on a website that confirmed chapter by chapter what i have read, although the listed deaths differ (so far), the chapter break downs are exactly as i have read, and stop exactly where i have not read on. maybe the “full” version that everyone has read past pg 495 is fake.

    maybe that explains why it had come afterwards. someone, possibly the person who wrote the epilogue, took those pages, and photoshop’d them to create the last 300 pages of the book.

    ALSO, it could be that if the full leak is real, that the person had not read past 495 one day, and read the rest the next time they posted the final 300 pages after finishing it up.

    when the flickr version comes out with the WHOLE book like the carpet version, that is when i will start to think otherwise. if not, i have to wait till tomorrow night, inwhich the first thing i will do is check the beginning of The Wandmaker, and the end of Malfoy Mannor and see if what I read is wrong or right, if those are indeed the chapter names.

    and remember this is JKR’s final shabang, and including all these little historical references from books 1-6 are indeed possible. maybe that is what she intended all along, because we all thought those little bits of info to be pointless..

  41. YoYoMa says:

    Good Point I think I would trust a Chicago Paper more than a unknown person claiming to have the book…

    P.S. Did by any chance Scholastic or Rowling do anything like making frauds and stuff for any of the last books?

  42. YoYoMa says:

    Like I said before it could be the company doing all of this because they claim to have gone through countless measures to protect it and this seems like this could be one of the ways…

  43. James says:

    exactly my point. i hope i dont sound like im saying im CERTAIN this is real.. im just saying, why not.

    If that kid who photographed the book received it cause of a mistake in shipping or whatever, i believe it. i have read about people receiving vid games weeks early, and I myself have purchased the Star Wars DVDs and the Lord of the Rings extended edition DVDs early from ‘distribution’ warehouse stores a week in advance before retailers are allowed to put them on the shelves.

    that being said, yes the book is not perfect, but the way it grips you, the way it makes you stay up later than you expected, all bring me back to the time when i read PoA, and the final 6 chapters of the HBP and OotP. While it doesnt make sense that the DH would take over harry’s search for the Horcruxes (remember i have not read past the end of the Malfoy Mannor chapter, I am sure that the Horcruxes will come into play as Harry searches for the DHs. Hallows are objects that are made to be seen as holy, therefore, a Holy cloak, wand and stone all make complete sense. it is not as stated in other websites, a place, and that can be learned by looking at Godric’s HO-llow not HA-llow.

    Although i have to say i was a bit disappointed in the Godric’s Hollow chapter, thought there would be more to it (so as not to spoil it i wont say more)

  44. @James, FYI- the flickr book was also put up as a WHOLE, but flickr people have removed his account. So, now all that we can see are some snapshots. Many people read the whole book on flickr before it was removed.

    I know the page that you are talking about. The snapshots are from the carpet book but the deaths are all wrong.

    Probably you are right. If this is the real deal, I will absolutely LOATHE it.

    @teen, you have a valid point in your blog. The final duel between Voldy and Harry is so short, whereas the entire episode before when he comes to Hogwarts to find the final horcrux is SO HUGE. It went on and on for about 30 pages. IT was a bunch of crap. Everybody running here and there and why the hell wasn’t harry finding the horcrux when the professors were busy getting the other students out of the school? All he did was stand and watch. So freaking weird. And there is a scene where Mc Gonagall asks harry “Aren’t you supposed to be looking for the Horcrux?” And harry is like “Oh yeah!” and he starts running. That was SO STUPID. Plus, I re-read book 6 (the chapter on Horcruxes) and Dumbledore tells harry that when LV came back to Hogwarts for the DADA job, it is possible that he had come to find something at Hogwarts, but probably he didn’t get the chance because Dumbledore shooed him away. So, I find it very unbelievable that the diadem was in the Room of Requirement. That diadem has been thrown at us in the previous book 6 and 5 also. Even I could of thought of the diadem as the last horcrux and hid it in the room of requirement. So, no wonder that the guy who made the carpet book made it the last hrocrux too.

  45. YoYoMa says:

    ANyone know if this is how the scan opened up?

    ‘Chapter One. The Dark Lord Ascending. The two men appeared out of nowhere, a few yards apart in the narrow, moonlit lane. For a second they stood quite still, wands pointing at each other’s chests: then, recognising each other, they stowed their wands beneath their cloaks and set off, side by side, in the same direction.

    “News?”, asked the taller of the two.

    “The best,” replied Snape

    IF SO…then it might be fake because Mugglenet pointed out this…I emailed Andrew saying I didn’t think the excerpt was real. Here’s why: There is a mixture of British/English grammar – the British spelling of “recognise” and the American use of “a few yards.” There are also odd punctuation errors – a colon after “chest” and then ?”, when only a question mark before the quotation mark would be used. Would Jo really make these errors? We’ll find out soon.

  46. James says:

    gotta go, work’s done. but ill keep this open and refresh it tomorrow when i get back to work.. keep sleuthing and please find out the real deal. Im lining up tomorrow night at 7…. hopefully i wont have to reread 495 pages and re-remember all those points that have made me an emotional wreck over the past couple of days!!!>…

    long live HP!…

  47. James says:

    oh and the colon you refer to could be a semicolon, “;” but because its a shitty photo you dont notice the top part.. a lot of the ‘t’s and whatnot are not visible because of the low quality photo…. my guess its real, at least what i have read so far…. if not… good job to the fan writer. if its real, well hey we cant expect the world of JKR and we must like it for what it is. and remember she wrote the epilogue many years ago, and that she has changes only what she has needed to. IE characters that were once in it, have been removed etc.. no where has she said she rewrote the whole ending. its probably her way of saying, im done. a sort of gift to her long dream…..

  48. YoYoMa says:

    James: peace and I to hope that this is not real…I hope to find out but I am pretty sure one of the deepdiscount ppl only mentioned the fact that one charachter was not dead like something or maybe the story said…

  49. @yoyo, yeah I saw the mixture of grammar too. I am sure the editors wouldn’t commit such horrible mistakes. They don’t want the series to end on such a pathetic note.

    When I started reading the book, I really liked it. But during the second half, I started having lots of doubts. Ginny has been reduced to a snogger. That’s it! I don’t see her fighting as much as I thought she would.

    I also thought that the entire wizarding world would join in this fight. Wasn’t Lupin busy staying between the werewolves and trying to get them to see reason? I didn’t see any werewolves in the final battle. I’m sure they would join too.

    #2. What about the giants? There were only two giants. What about Madam Maxime? I’m sure she would have come too. There was no mention of her in the book.

    My verdict: I think it’s a fake…. Please let it not be real. I am hoping that it’s not real. What do you think?

  50. B says:

    I noticed that it said “Barry” Crouch instead of “Barty” Crouch…

    It also says Hermione’s middle name is Jean instead of Jane.

    I read the entire carpet book and can agree some things were left unanswered. However, I’m not going to be upset if it’s a hoax…It’s just one more Harry Potter than what everyone else gets.

  51. Seraphella says:

    I dont know about you guys, but I’ve read a few of the fan fictions that are out there. One of them was very similar to this. The search for ravencalws diadiam-crown. How it was located in the room of requirement. How Harry was a horcrux. All this “book” is a rewrite of that story without all the Harry-Ginny dialogue and the added plotline of the deathly hallows. Don’t quote me on this, but I think Rowling said something in an interview about Harry not being a Horcrux. Of course I could be wrong. On top of that, I know she’s mentioned something about the horcruxes already being mentioned or seen in the books. So I’d believe auntie Muriels Tiara is a horcrux before I believed Harry is one. Even though the Harry one would fit so well into so many theories, it is an idea that has been done over and over and over in tv and movies.

  52. YoYoMa says:

    This is really good Fan Fiction I heard of this girl around the time of Half Blood or OoTP and it they said she wrote a 800 page book and was obsessed with HP so I don’t put it past someone to write this

  53. Cortez says:

    Real deal, no doubt ’bout it. The deluxe cover has been revealed in May. No one knew about it before… and no one can write a whole book quite similar to Jo’s style, print or photoshop it and put it on the net. It’s impossible.
    Well, Rowling isn’t a genius like Tolkien or George R. R. Martin or Peter S. Beagle. She’s just a good writer.

  54. Cortez says:

    Sorry, I don’t say, that no one can write a whole book in 2 months 😀 ‘Coz the deluxe cover has been released in May, and the scene is in the book. So, it’s a real deal. But anyway, tomorrow night we will see it. But I’m 99% sure that it’s the real book. The other 1% is the category of “magic” 😀

  55. @Cortez, Yeah but her books at least don’t have so many gliches. Maybe you can’t compare her to Tolkien, but there is no reason for her editors to miss so many *obvious* plot misses.

    All the earlier books’ page count matched with the official page count release. Book 6 said 652 and the last page shows the number 652. But this one doesn’t. Hell, the Epilogue doesn’t even mention Luna or the other surviving Weasleys. She said that it was written a long time back , but I’m sure that her editors will make her edit it to bring it up to date with the series. That’s a stupid argument.

  56. YoYoMa says:

    Oh they have taken legal action with all of the fakes especially because its a fraud that is claiming to be something it is not copyright stuff and everything…

  57. Seraphella says:


    Must be magic…yeah…..


    It’s not too hard to write a book. Its hard to write a book that people will want to read. And what does the deluxe cover have to do about this? I could copy and stretch a picture of it to make my own book jacket if I’d wanted to. It’s not hard at all.

    Think, its very similar to a previous fan fiction. When was the name Deathly Hallows confirmed? Months and months ago. That is plenty of time to edit or rewrite a story.

    the only thing that threw me for a loop were the newspaper reviews. I’m just thinking that someone bought a faked copy or more likely downloaded the same crap I downloaded and reviewed that.

  58. Cortez says:

    I’m not talking about the cover, I’m talking about the picture on the cover. The scene is in the book, in the Gringotts chapter. No one knew that scene before. So, it’s a real deal. You can hope, that it isn’t, but it is…

  59. YoYoMa says:

    Also I know this probably is not important but when Jo adressed the Book Review she didn’t say “spoil DH” but she said “Attempted to Spoil DH…” maybe meaning what he said is not right…

  60. YoYoMa says:

    Unless the real HP books haven’t even arrived and the ones that did where all fakes you never know…just a good way of keeping things safe in my opinion…

  61. Cortez says:

    Who will commit suicide with me? xD Oh, it was a joke 🙂 Don’t be said ruhi, please 😦 I hug you virtually, coz you’ve made a great job with this blog. So, I’m proud of you 🙂 JK is… well, not a genius. Just a good writer

  62. Seraphella says:

    Not gonna believe it until I have a copy of the book in my hand. If it’s true though….I have a feeling I’m gonna have to send a not so nice email to her and her publisher. Something about rubbing feces on paper and binding it into a book just to make money.

  63. Cortez says:

    Yoyo, they arrived… At least in my country, the books are already in the stores, but under seven locket, no one can have a look at it till Saturday.
    And the LJ guy was the leader of the “it’s_a_fake” group, so…

  64. @Cortez, thank you *sobs* I thought that July will be such a fun month. The ride was much better than the final destination. JK was never a great writer, but I thought that she would have at least tied up the series together in a good manner. This one leaves more loop holes. Looks like she hired a bunch of fans and made them write the book. 😦 😦

  65. YoYoMa says:

    I really think this ending is not true we all saw it and it does not end on 780 or even close and this reminds me of like when Lemony Snicket made that book that had like a cheeful cover and it was a dark series it was like a biography or something this is all a bad dream or some sick joke…

  66. Seraphella says:

    One more day and then we’ll all know the truth, but if its the same book as the carpet one when i go to buy it….I’m gonna pick it up, take a crap in the pages and send it back to her.

  67. YoYoMa says:

    Cortez: Sorry I am so depressed from this that I can’t understand but explain this whole its a fake group and the LJ guy…in more detail please…

  68. yoyo, that LJ guy started the community for all those people who thought that the leak is fake. If his post is a lie and the book is actually a fake, then maybe he is also in the publicity stunt, though I doubt it.

    This book will take a long time to sink in 😦 Anybody wants to join me in making a hate letter?? I think we can give her suggestions on her next book. We have grown as readers , but her writing skills have not, which is so sad.

  69. Cortez says:

    Ok, no problem 🙂

    So ruhi linked a livejournal community page, which collect facts that this leak must be feak. The guy (just_discover) was the leader of the group that stated the book is fake. He wrote a lot of article, you can see it on the page. And at the end he saw the book with his eyes and read the epilouge. He is depressed now too, I think.

  70. Mike says:

    How can you believe this guy more than anyone else? I’m holding out hope it’s a fake. Otherwise it’s a let down. The book is OK, but not great. Inconsistent and doesn’t deliver on all *her* promises over the years.

  71. Mike says:

    I thought Arthur Levine said he cried his eyes out at the end. Assuming the carpet leak book is the real thing, what in that would make a reader cry? And at the end? It doesn’t make sense.

  72. Cortez says:

    Well, that’s from the last figt I think. I haven’t read it so far, so I dunno. But the deluxe cover appeared in the book, so…

  73. Her editor cried because he realized that he has NO power over her crap writing and however much he might ask our dear Jo to edit it, it won’t get better. He realized that Jo’s series was overhyped and that all her promises of delivering the goods was nothing. SO, he cried!!!

    Jo cried because she realized that she will be crying much more after 07/21. She cried because she realized that she doesn’t have much to write and that her story is not that great and that she needs to rely on fan communities like mugglenet and leaky cauldron to supply her with plots. That’s why her book reads like a fan fiction. So f*cking stupid. I’m sure amazon won’t be able to sell those Wooden boxes that they are promoting. I wanted to buy one, but NOW== LOL and *crying*. Should have just bought paperbacks. Her book is not even worth a dime.

    I will write a whole post with my rantings when I calm down, which might be never as long as those books occupy my shelf. I think we should get together and write book 7 and get it binded and pretend like her book never existed.

  74. YoYoMa says:


  75. YoYoMa says:

    ONE MORE THING I MUST ADD BEFORE I LEAVE TO DO SOMETHING AND THAT IS was Pettigrews Life Debt mentioned if so don’t tell me how because LEVINE said this would come into the story somehow on TOday show when he did the TODAYS trivia question of the day also about Gleam of Triumph in Dumbledores Eye?

  76. Whether it is true or not, what really shocks me is that it seems to me like showing the leaked pages is just a bad economic decision for those “legitimate” media outlets who are giving away spoilers. I mean, why would you want to piss off the huge number of Harry Potter fans who don’t want any hint of a spoiler, or provide ammo to those HP haters who want to run around yelling “[insert spoiler here]” just to ruin someone’s enjoyment of the book.

    I can see how small sites run by people who enjoy sucking the fun out of people’s lives would do it, but mainstream media just fuels their fire by giving them attention they don’t deserve.

    I go into the topic of media coverage a bit more in my blog (, but really it just comes down to a bad business decision from my perspective.

  77. yeah, the life debt is there…but the funny thing is that even Peter Pettigrew’s death got more coverage than Lupin’s death. Isn’t Lupin more important??!

    I WANT TO SEE HARRY POTTER’s FAMILY TREE. If he is a descendant of Peverall, then he and Voldy are relatives, right? Because LV is Gaunt’s son (whose ring that was). So, LV was the descendant from the second brother and Potty was the descendant from the 3rd bro. What BS is this?!!!

    Why doesn’t the Epilogue explain the fate of other characters whom we loved so much? For example- George. I want to know if he marries some Veela. Yes, I want to know. I don’t care about Albus Severus and his stupid rantings about not wanting to be in the Slytherin House. I haven’t grown up with him. I grew up with the previous generation- the Weasley brothers. I want to know about them dammit.

  78. china_white says:

    Well, the version I read matched with the spoilers the reviews the New York Times revealed… so unfortunately I think this book was real.

    And ruhi, where did you get all that information about how Rowling gets her plot ideas from fan sites?

  79. Seraphella says:

    Yes but with this ending, we now have a road paved to……

    “Harry Potter generation 2”

    Still, I think the whole thing is fake.

  80. Seraphella says:


    The carpet book seems to be carrying some plot ideas from some of the better fan fictions out. Even though it was well written and even has a similar writing style to Rowling’s, I can’t believe it to be real. It’s too similar to a fan fiction.

  81. China, I don’t need any proof that her book reads like fan fiction…just read it and tell me 😦 It’s so freaking horrible and stupid. Everything is stupid about it. Harry survives because everything re-bounds!!! He is hardly fighting in this book apart from using “Accio” this-that 20,000 times or “Expelliarmus!”. What about the non-verbal spells? Didn’t snape ask him to pay attention to that at the end of Book 6? No mention of that in Book 7 at all… He shouts every damn spell.

    He survives like 5 times in this book just because Voldy’s wand doesn’t work alright. Yeah, brilliant. Potty is so stupid. I was wondering how he would survive if he were to rely only on his skills. Always knew he was so stupid.

    Jo never gave a definite reply whether she would write another book. She said, not in the near future, but sometime , yeah..possible.

    so, I’m sure, we’ll read about the adventurous journey of Albus Severus and Scorpius. Probably there will be more snogging too.

    What about that scene in the Room of Requirement where Ron and Hermy finally kiss?! It was so blah. He lifted her up and what not. It was so Hollywoodish. Total movie material. Also, Mc Gonagall actually reminds harry that wasn’t he supposed to look for something? And then harry is like “oh yeah-!” So, he actually forgets that??!! SUCH A BUNCH OF BS. I mean, when the Profs. are busy making arrangements for the students, why the hell was Harry just standing and watching? He wasted so much of time. If it were me, I wouldn’t have just stood!

  82. china_white says:

    ruhi, I totally agree with you. I read the “supposed” leaked version and pretty much hated it. I guess it was ok, but it’s a huge disappointment if Rowling actually wrote it.

    Sorry, but I’m still not completely understanding why this book is a fake even if it shares so many plot elements with the real book. Someone please explain further?

    And what exactly is a “carpet book”?

  83. @china-white, it’s called carpet book because the background is that ugly grey-red carpet. Nothing else.

    Why is this book fake? Does it even matter anymore? 😦 I could give you 200 reasons why is SHOULD be fake. But unfortunately and most probably, it’s not. It’s just a bad dream. I need some Tylenol.

    Did you read the whole book?

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  85. Seraphella says:

    If you want, I’ll fill you in on a whole bunch of possible reasons why this is a fake. But you might consider them spoilers.

  86. YoYoMa says:

    OKay I think it is real the guy I knew who got a deepdiscount book said the book ends with “and all was fine.” Unless the Epilogue is the only real thing of the leaked book…?

    Also I know I am just saying stuff to tell my self that this isn’t true but I just thought maybe Scholastic did this with deepdiscount to make it look like it got out there and shipped out the fakes…

  87. YoYoMa says:

    Something big if anyone didn’t notice but the New York TImes review says its around 750 pgs when the real book is 780pgs and thats what the deepdiscount guy said so I am thinking the NYT got a fake version…could this change things at all maybe just the epilogue is real…

  88. Yoyo,seriously…fans have even started writing the story of potty’s and malfoy’s kids…check out my new post. I don’t know why Scholastic would advertise it as having 784 pages if the real book is supposed to have only 759 or so pages (like the carpet book). All her other books stand up to the page count that was released. This is just too plain weird. Why did they waste so many pages at the end? What was the need? Couldn’t they just say that it’s 759 pages?

    I’m still hoping to read something different from the carpet book… 😦

  89. YoYoMa says:

    I also have a theory that maybe JK put stuff in this “Carpet” Book that tests how well we listened to her throughout the years with interviews and how much we knew the past books because there are tons of things to point out even things like font size or something like that or where the publishers name appears compared to the other books…

  90. Camila says:

    Ok, even though everyone’s saying that the bloody carpet book is real, I refuse to believe that. I won’t insult JK believing that crappy Epilogue is true. Albus Severus is just not happening.
    “I will only truly have left this school when none here are loyal to me… Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.”

    Well, I will remain loyal to her. There is no way that such a wonderful writer, that such a beautiful book with which I grew up turns out to be such a Pilar of Storge.

    p.s: I’m sorry about my spelling, english isn’t my first language.

  91. Jeremy says:

    The way I look at it, it has too many contradictions to be real. she reads her books and corrects stuff where she has to and the whole Hermione incident with her parents memories and the death eaters’ memories thing is way too big for JKR to miss. And even if it is real, so what. you only read the first 10 chapters, theres a lot more to get through. unless you actually read the whole book somehow from the copy that is just pictures of all the pages (carpet book?)

  92. James says:

    I Just thought of something. what if JKR did this while she had foinished the real book, in her spare time, so as not to spoil it for anyone. and then had a few copies published, and sent out, with special messages to the managers of the book stores saying, give these out/sell them so as the real story stays shrouded in mystery.!!! that might be a very ‘Rita Skeeter” thing to do.

    I was doing a lot of thinking last night, and just because there are soooo many loopholes in the carpet version, and because it is such a departure from the HBP in terms of pacing, i think that there is a possibility it could be a fake. I mean fine there’s dumbledore’s history, but what about the gaunts, what about harry discovering things the way he did when dumbledore was arround. and why would she build up certain characters, ie as you have all stated, Ginny, only to have her go out with nothing more than a baby launcher!….

    Stuck at pg 495 of the carpet, i have to say i am not TOTALLY disappointed by it so far. I has kept me in my seat wanting to read more. But there’s something not right about it, something lingering in the back of my head saying, no she’s a better writer than what everyone is saying, than to depart so much from her conventional wisdom of historical magic, and not to have R, H, and Harry spending weeks at a time in rural Brittain.

    just my morning two cents 🙂

  93. Seraphella says:

    The carpet version is a good read, but like you and so many others are saying, it’s an obvious fake. I’ve read the whole thing and it uses adapted plots from some fan fictions. Sure its entertaining, but not satisfying, not at all. The writer of it even copied a bit of JKR’s writing style, but deviates from it frequently. Tonight everyone will be pleasently surprised.

  94. James says:

    yes,, but if you look at update1 up at the top, the NYT is saying that the copy they purchased is real…. therefore.. im stumped.!… completely and utterly… ALSO a friend off another site, said that Bloomsbury sent out a message to fans saying that the leaked versions, none of them, are the real thing. Also, check out JKR’s website, go to the room of requirements, it supposedly opens without any trouble and she has a letter to the fans…

    and just a Question, does anyone know if her reading at 1201 BST will be webcasted. if so ima bring my laptop while waiting in line here in canada.:)

  95. Aashim says:

    Agreed that pulling of this charade will take a lot of time and effort … but whoever did this did’nt have any dirth of time … on the other hand, he/she would have had to wait for the ‘summry’ at the back cover of the book to know that harry is in privet drive about to be escorted by the order. Anyway … we are just hours away from launchnight … and as JKR said … in a short while we will “know EVERYTHING”

  96. YoYoMa says:

    I shall never give up hope I like to think that the real books are going out tonite and the whole deepdiscount thing was a part of this cruel joke…or maybe like stated earlier the fake books lie on top while the real ones are on the bottom…

  97. James says:

    What if that person had access to one of the early editions, a worker for scholastic maybe??? and also had access to the printing presses and binding presses, and made his own fan fic up with the notes and working of JKR… that could be a possibility!!…. can you imagine that… so close to the original, and yet just that far off enough to know its a fake!…

    wow, what the world has come to if people try to ruin a good read just because it is popular around the world.

  98. YoYoMa says:

    I think JK made this fake one if it is fake and all the errors are things Fans of Harry Potter would noticec and prove that its not real…

  99. sam says:

    I think the leaked version is real, I read the first 2 chapters and it feels like JK’s writing. I am talking about the carpet book version. Thee is a typed version of it now, so much easier to read.

  100. Seraphella says:

    It has a very similar style to JKR’s, but it deviates. Whoever wrote it, is a decent writer, but it lacks a lot of the character depth. If its the real book…then JKR did not write most of it. If you read the whole thing, you’ll understand, the tone of the story and writing style change. The more and more I discuss it with people the more I doubt its authenticity. Tonight, you’ll see that this carpet book is a fake.

  101. @James, Yes, people who have read the earlier books a couple of times can easily spot that this carpet book is in serious contradiction to the earlier ones. For the life of me, is this the same writer we are talking about who had to explain to her editors when she used “a very violent bishop” in Book 4? And then, the editors don’t tell her anything for the use of the word “Bitch” in book 6 just because it’s 3 years down the line? I don’t believe it. I think someone from the top is involved in all this and NY times is involved too…they are doing this so that the people who would want to spoil the plot, can’t do it now because people believe that the carpet book is the real deal. In the process, I have lost all respect for NY Times. I still can’t believe that this JK Rowling and her editors didn’t spot such obvious plot mistakes.

    Yoyo, I hope your theory is correct…

    @Seraphalla, Thank you for your unflinching support 🙂 *hugs*

  102. jack says:

    i hope it is a fake – although i dont want the characters to stuff it the “leaked” photograph version was too happy. i think there needed to be a death of one of the main 3 or 5 at the very least

    “the importance of why he has his mothers eyes” – it was his mother – he has her eyes because of dominant genes etc. instead we are told of why it is important of him having them (not why he has them but why they are important)

    “someone does magic very late in life” – i read the leaked version and i dont know who this refers to

  103. @jack, yes , I couldn’t agree more. Plus, we don’t get to know about what Dudley saw when he faced the dementors…Weasleys’ car doesn’t make an appearance and it was supposed to, Ron starts “imitating” Parseltongue( biggest crap)…phew! Snape turns into a weeping willow…weeping all the time in that chapter “Prince’s Tale”.

  104. Pagliaccio says:

    Well, I came to this thread because Ruhi invited me, but there are so many points and complaints being made, I’m only going to try to refute a few at the moment. For those who didn’t catch my comment to Ruhi’s newest post: I read the carpet book, believe it to be authentic, and think it’s really quite good.

    1) Albus Severus: Why does everyone think this name is so ridiculous? This is, after all, the same series that gave us “Dedalus Diggle,” “Pomona Sprout,” and, worst of all, “Rita Skeeter.” “Albus Severus” is no worse than any of those, and better than Rita Skeeter in any event. Beyond which: the name has immense thematic value. It signifies the unification of Gryffindor and Slytherin, not accomplished by the end of the story, but well on its way both with the jumbled students after the death of Voldemort and the fact that A.S.’s parents really don’t care which House he ends up in. The inter-House rivalry that has proved so damaging is, at last, on its way out. On a related note, “Scorpius” is merely yet another astrological reference peculiar to the Blacks and not any worse than “Draco” or “Andromeda.”

    2) JKR Not Delivering On Some Promises: I’m primarily thinking of someone doing magic late in life, the giants not showing up in force, Dudley not revelaing what he saw in the dementors … you need to ask yourself: would any of this have added to the story, or are you only seeking to satisfy your curiosity about ultimately trivial aspects of the Wizarding world? Additionally, the exigencies of a plot will take precedence over a 17 year old outline in *any* competent writer’s hands. A writer who hews too closely to a planned outline is a writer who is not creating an organic, believable piece of fiction. I don’t think there’s been a concluding volume of any series of such length that answered *every* question. Some mysteries will always remain.

    3) Harry Using The Same Spells Too Often: I think this is merely an outgrowth of the fact that Harry has been consistently shown to be more instinctual in his magic than depending on a vast repertoire of spells — that’s more Hermione’s bailywick. Harry has never had a terribly large grimoire, and to see him whipping out unfamiliar spells to save his bacon in the ultimate volume would have a rather large deus ex machina quality to it.

    4) The Things No One Is Mentioning: There are a number of very wonderful plot elements in this book that no one seems to have discussed very thoroughly. Just for starters — what the Deathly Hallows themselves turned out to be, and the delivery on a Lovegood-delusion that turned out to be almost 100% accurate. Apart from which — the things it has to say on the nature of death and acceptance of loss and sacrifice, as well as the contrast between the now-very-human Dumbledore and the equally de-fanged Voldemort and their alternate paths to immortality: “Hallows, not Horcruxes.” There is a rich source of discussion here, and everyone is ignoring it in favor of harping on what wasn’t there.

    Honestly … I think this is a really wonderful story, and a fitting end to the series. You want lousy, horribly written, rushed endings? Ask me about “The Dark Tower” sometime.

    Debate welcome!

  105. @Pagliaccio,

    Thank you for your detailed analysis 🙂 I really welcome it because I couldn’t really see the points you brought out beautifully. Let me add some of my thoughts here:

    If you notice, many of the facts contradict the points mentioned in the previous book-

    i. Ron imitating Parseltongue at the last moment.
    ii. The entire concept of Secret Keeper as revealed by JK on her website
    iii. She said that Grindenwald is dead Read her Quote
    iv. She said that Ginny has a very important role in this book. where was she in the whole book? She comes in the starting to snog Harry and then at the end in the Room of Requirement (Where she vanishes for more of the time) and then at the end to give birth to Albus Severus- that’s some achievement

    I’m primarily thinking of someone doing magic late in life, the giants not showing up in force, Dudley not revelaing what he saw in the dementors … you need to ask yourself: would any of this have added to the story, or are you only seeking to satisfy your curiosity about ultimately trivial aspects of the Wizarding world?

    Okay, maybe what Dudley saw is not important, but you would agree that the significance of Lily’s eyes are important. I couldn’t find anything about Lily’s eyes in this book except that they were green and that Snape loved her eyes.

    v. Rowling’s main audience are the kids aged between 9 to 12, even though the series is getting darker. Lots of kids will read this book. So why would she use the word “Bitch”?! Which fantasy novel writer has used such slangs before? In her previous books, whenever she wanted to say that the characters are pissed off, then she would say “XYZ swore”.

    vi. It was clearly mentioned in the previous books that Hagrid was away because he is trying to get the support of the giants and that Lupin is staying with the werewolves to get them to see the real problem. Now this is something very important and I’m sure that this can’t be left out from the wizarding world. How can be ignore other magical beings who are not human? She has always supported other magical creatures like the Centaurs, Goblins, elves and given them important part. It’s very weird that this book doesn’t mention anything.

    vii. Luna has more footage in this book than Neville, who makes an appearance only at the end. So, based upon logic, she should have been there in the Epilogue too. Right? If this is the Epilogue that she wrote, then I’m sorry to say, it’s very very inadequate. What about George? Is he not important? Albus Severus’ rantings are more important?! Wow.

    I guess, in another 45 mins we will hear her reading some passages live, so that should solve this issue. Most probably this is the real book, I agree. But it’s just that as a loyal Harry Potter fan, I’ll feel very upset and distressed, like so many others, who will be after reading the book This book was supposed to go down as a Children’s Classic, but if this is the way that the series will end, then I’m sure we wouldn’t want to pass on this series to our kids. Probably, I’ll give my kids that first 6 books and pretend like the 7th one was never written.

  106. Pagliaccio says:

    I have to confess I think you’re letting details stick in your craw to the point you’re overlooking the larger picture — also, are these meant to be details that point to the book being a hoax, or are they things you dislike about it? Not entirely sure on that point. But anyhoo, let me see.

    i. Ron speaking Parseltongue is, undoubtedly, a very weird thing indeed. I think what you’ve got here is an instance of a writer who had herself in a corner: Harry had no time to go to the Chamber of Secrets, but *somebody* had to in order to retrieve the basilisk fangs. On the other hand, the exact mechanics of Parseltongue are never laid out, are they? Animagi are made, Metamorphmagi are born, are Parseltongues somewhere in between? I don’t know. However, if you want an in-story reason, consider this: all you really needed to say to get into the Chamber was, “Open,” which Ron had heard Harry do in this very book, when they destroyed the locket Horcrux. Alternately, it may be that Ron’s hand being the one that destroyed that particular Horcrux gave him some limited ability to speak Parseltongue — hence, that is why *he* was *meant* to destroy it. From a character perspective, it was a moment where Ron was allowed to shine magically, a rare thing — Ron’s contribution has tended to be knowledge of Wizarding society where Harry and Hermione are sorely lacking (something he gave in spades elsewhere in this book, by the way).

    ii. I personally think the whole notion of a Secret Keeper has been horribly muddled ever since it was introduced. Just to throw a wrench that goes all the way back to Year 3 — obviously other people knew where the Potters lived; how did confiding that knowledge in a Secret Keeper prevent people who already knew the Potters’ address from revealing it? You’ll have to enlighten me on what JKR’s words on the Secret Keeper were; I’m not very up on many things she says outside the books. Anyway, I found it no more inconsistent here than it has been elsewhere (Dumbledore *writing down* the secret of Grimmauld Place where it could conceivably be stolen utterly flummoxed me in Year 5).

    iii. Eh…I’d chalk that up to inspiration striking and taking precedence over previous statements that were immaterial at the time. I didn’t mind that, first of all because like I said I don’t know much of her outside-the-books writings or words, and second of all because I thought the Grindelwald subplot and the lineage of the Elder Wand were both *very* interesting. It also ties back to something Binns said all the way in Year 2: just because Dumbledore *doesn’t* use Dark Magic doesn’t mean he *can’t.* That’s now a pretty significant line, I think. And seeing Grindelwald alive, and his attempt to confound Voldemort and thus make an attempt at repairing the damage he’d done, however feeble, contrasted against Voldemort’s lack of remorse and penitence, while highlighting and Snape’s (and even Dumbledore’s) embrace of them.

    iv. Again, what Rowling says outside the books doesn’t much interest me. I think, however, she would argue that Ginny occupying so much of Harry’s thoughts, that she becomes one of the reasons he continues to fight on, would make her role an important one. I admit that this is perfectly debatable, but it didn’t surprise me — I never expected her to have much focus in the final volume, the last adventures of the trio being much more critical.

    Lily’s eyes are very important. And they show up as such in this book, since they’re the last thing Snape sees as he dies. They also tie into Dumbledore’s description of Harry as being like his father in appearance, but his inner nature being closer to his mother. Not explicitly stated, I grant you, but very much in line with the idea the eyes are the window to the soul — and a good explanation for why Harry is so unlike the memories and tales of James Potter.

    v. Well, it is the last book, and Rowling has got a much looser leash than she did even seven years ago. And it’s worth remembering that the language, while not exactly salty, has gotten a trifle more adult with each book. “Bastard” shows up twice in this one, and “slut” shows up twice in Year 6 (almost three times, since Ron certainly comes close to calling Ginny exactly that). I can’t think of a fantasy book that used such language off hand, but I do recall a teen’s murder mystery called “Under the Cherry Tree” that included a cat named SOB, or as the father called him, “That son-of-a-bitching cat.” I think that was published in the early 80s.

    Besides. You show me one person who wasn’t dying to see someone call Bellatrix Lestrange a bitch (or worse, frankly) and I will show you a liar 😀

    vi. Hagrid failed. I think that was clear in Year 5, and it came into play here. Even with his failure, though, I think it did enough damage to Voldemort’s efforts that he did not get as many giants as he might have otherwise, and what giants he did get the loyalty of were countered by Grawp — again, love of family overcoming Voldemort’s rule by terror. I do agree with you, however, that this bit felt shoehorned in, as did Wormtail’s death — both were elements I think she grew disenchanted with but could not abandon completely.

    vii. Well, I think Luna’s not mentioned in the Epilogue because the focus is now and ever shall be on Harry, with Ron and Hermione occupying the second tier. And yes … Albus Severus’ fears are very relevant, because first of all they show the House rivalries fading, as I mentioned previously, and more importantly they lead to the revelation that Harry’s entire view of Severus Snape has changed so radically that he names his second son after him and considers him the bravest man he ever knew, Slytherin or not, six years of classroom torment aside. But most importantly, this is Harry’s reward: a family, surrounding him, their experiences more important than his own — the promise of the Mirror of Erised has at last been delivered. And the Epilogue doesn’t dwell on the dead because its focus is on those who they died for — and accepting such death and rejoicing in new life arising from it is one of the most crucial themes of all seven books, and is perfectly exemplefied by giving us a brief glimpse of the Potter and Weasley children.

    Whether or not Harry Potter will go down as a classic is something for future generations to decide. For my own part, I have to wonder if maybe *no* ending could measure up to the expectations of the fanbase, although I was perfectly satisfied and quite happy with this last adventure. Perhaps the initial rush and disappointment have more to do with your expectations, and time will season your view of it all? I’m not sure.




  108. Cortez says:

    Hello there!
    I see that my little sister had left you what I told her. Good, I will give a kiss on her forehead ^^ 😀
    Well, the releasing party was very good. There were two literature professors who gave a lecture about HP and Rowling’s style. We ate cookies and chocolate and drank a very good tea.
    I met a lot of interesting people and we hoped that the book on the net is a badly-written fanfiction. And then came 0:50 (we are in GMT +1)… And all hope failed 😦 I took the book with shaking hands and I searched for the last page… “All was well”. I was shocked. This books sucks!
    I didn’t want to stay in the bookshop, ‘coz people who hadn’t read the leaked version kept saying “Yeah, it”s great! The first chapter is great! Jo is still good”
    Well, we can write an alternative HP7, can’t we? 🙂
    Well, I’m off to sleep now, it’s quarter past two here and I’m going to a grillparty tomorrow.
    Best wishes!
    Bye! 🙂

  109. @Cortez, couldn’t thank you enough for your timely update 🙂 You have a good one mate!

    I’m pretty disappointed. I won’t go to any midnight parties here, will probably go to a pub and just try to cool down. 😦

    See ya 🙂 It has been lovely corresponding with you.

  110. B says:

    Maybe JK was just in a hurry to get it done?? I don’t know. I’m disappointed. I’m not going to lose hope just yet, not until I see it with my own eyes. Anyone know if the number of pages has been confirmed? I still have another few hours to go.

  111. Nope.Nothing about the pages. She just read the first chapter. but people in UK and Australia said that it’s the same stuff. So freaking weird. I have a few hours left too. I might go to a bookstore at 12 to check out the book. I have pre-ordered mine, so can’t buy it at 12. Not that I want to keep a carpet book in my book shelf *shrugs*

  112. @Pag. Let’s assume parseltongue is a language. While fluency in it is certainly a gift, as it is with any other language, it’s probably safe to assume that someone could mimic a single word sufficiently. He didn’t say how many times or how long it took to get that one word right.

    I was able to get one of the books with the missing chapter for $20 on ebay. Suckers – it is a total collector’s item.

    And the deluxe edition is a smidge over 800 pages, so that just throws everything for a loop, I guess.

  113. Wow…that will be worth a lot later on…you are so lucky! Can you tell me which chapter was that?

    I managed to get some promo bookmarks and posters. The prices are already shooting up.

  114. Just saw Ebay. They have a number of misprinted copies still available. Probably I’ll buy one too.

    Talk about taking away the best parts 😮

    Yeah! The last few chapters were really thrilling, esp. the King’s Cross chapter. It explains the entire Harry Voldy connection! 😛

  115. So the leaked verision was the real version then? Because I read the book I got at midnight, not the leak, and it has all the stuff that you said proved that the leak was fake. I’m just trying to clear it up because a) it didn’t really like her to begin with so I had my doubts and b) if I had the fake or shortened version I would have to kill myself.
    So I would just like to know.

  116. @Strawberry, Yes, it didn’t sound like her after I got done reading it. I was finding reasons to believe why it might be a fake. So, to answer your question, the carpet book (the leaked book) is the real one 🙂

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