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I love you, my Fan fiction Writers

I have new respect for all those people who spent weeks churning out fan fiction stuff. If they are not *better* as the carpet book, then they are at least as *good*. I swear, if any of you who wrote a fanfic novel is reading this- I can tell you that you definitely can be the next JK Rowling!!!!

In fact you guys are better. You wrote good stuff in just a couple of weeks. She took 24 months to write this BS. Now I know how “busy” she must have been. Plus, you guys never shattered our hearts and never gave us false promises. You never told us that Snape is capable of sleeping outside girl’s dorms.

You never told us that Horcruxes can be made by “accident”.

You never introduced stupid names like “Albus Severus” and “Scorpius”.

You never reduced Ginny to a home-maker and a snogger.

You always made Harry fight and never let him win just because Voldy’s wand wouldn’t work. So sad!

You guys let us read your stuff for FREE. And here, we are paying $17.99+ to read this BS.

I could go on and on. I’ll calm down and edit this post again. Please feel free to abuse the carpet book in the comments section.


12 thoughts on “I love you, my Fan fiction Writers

  1. The one I read (Chapter 1: The Escape) consisting of 240-pages in MS Word format was real good. Loved their beginning, and some of the suspence bits like when Harry got attacked by Dementors while visiting his parent’s old home in Godric’s Hollow with Hagrid and they were subsequently saved by 3 wizards leaving nearby. Also the wedding havoc plot was so much better than the reputed carpet book. In there we see Bellatrix killing off one family member in an effort to lure Harry….

    Great stuff, and my lift my hats off to those that took the time to research and write such fantastic fiction pieces. I’m sure if JK read it herself, she would have been very proud herself.

  2. stephanie falcon says:

    There is something very very wrong with your post, saying that these people didn’t do the things JK Rowling did. Without JKR, these fanfiction authors would have no characters to work with, no world to place their stories in. I’m sure they’d be great at writing other stories, on other characters and about other situations, but without JKR’s “BS” as you so stupidly call it, there’d be nothing.

    If you don’t like the books, that’s one thing. But you can’t say that JKR is all BS when really, she’s the entire reason you have this world/these people to imagine situations with.

  3. @stephanie, I was only talking about the quality of the carpet book, if you notice. Of course, Rowling created this world. Nobody is denying that.

  4. I spent all my time writing what I thought would be fitting last paragraphs for the story, because I can’t pretend that I could conjure up an entire story in that world, but I thought some of my endings were good and some of the major points in them turned out to be damn near the actual epilogue.

  5. @Patrick, Would you mind putting it up on your blog? I would love to read it. 🙂 I think I might read all kinds of fan fiction out there next.

  6. um. yeah if you look on my blog for a post called HP:DH last paragraph it is there and in the comments. or you can look in the hpfanfiction blog and it’s the only 4 posts there. Of course, they are from March and I never finished the last one I was writing, but it was totally off base anyway.

  7. darksiren666 says:

    LOL I absolutely agree with you! When I read about the whole Deathly Hallows concept, I was kinda staring at my book in disgust. ::shakes head:: And to think, I thought it was just because it was a children’s book and I was just too mature. Perhaps we’re all just used to better stuff?

  8. @darksiren66, yeah maybe! 🙂 But…I don’t know if I’ll get rid of this series forever… I have pretty fond memories attached to it. Of course, there are tons of other stuff out there that are way better!! Won’t deny that.

  9. ambeeej12 says:

    you, are an idiot. first off, how can you criticise what j.k. has made these charaters do when, HELLO, SHE’S THE ONE WHO CREATED THEM!!!!!!!! and she created them for this. i assume that as youve said that youve not read all of the books, youre basing you unfounded opinions on the movies alone, which is BEYOND idiodic. jk had a plan for these characters from the begining, and if youd bothered to read the books before critisising their author, youd have realised this fact. these books are extremely realistic in their characterization. second, beleive it or not, jk knew what she was doing when she made certain things happen. if you had a brain, youd notice the underlying mening in each of the books. there’s incredible underlying symbolism throughout these books and its truly inspirational. third of all, WHO THE HELL SAID GINNY WAS A HOMEMAKER?!?!?!?!?!? just cause she’s got three kids? news flash, ginny’s always been a romantic, that doesnt make her a pushover, and if you were paying attention during the last battle you’d see that. i think you need to stop reading so much fanfiction, it turns charaters into what people want them to be rather than who jk has made them. and in case you didnt realise, however jk says they are, THEY ARE, cause its HER STORY, and theyre HER CHARACTERS. get it? got it? good.

  10. @ambeej, why are you so pissed off? did you read the comment directly above yours? I said that I love the series, but I’m just a tad disappointed with the last one. Maybe because it’s the last one and it didn’t answer all MY questions. FYI, I have read the entire series several times. I am not one of those people who only watch movies and base their opinion on them. Btw, Ginny really didn’t have too much of a role in this book. She only appeared at the end for a couple of pages. I never denied that this is Rowling’s story or this are her characters. Of course, without her story, there wouldn’t even be any fan fiction.

  11. Ruhi :
    As i’ve admitted before i’ve read loads of ur posts. And since i’m too lazy at times to post on my on blog, i prefer to read others. 😀

    Try reading this if u have time….i’ll gaurantee that u’ll fall off ur chair laughing and that as in my case if u ‘ve laughed hard enough u may even get an aching stomach.

    another version on

    do lemme know , how u found them…
    have fun…ciao…….

  12. @Saaki:

    ohhh coool! Thanks a lot for those links 🙂 I’ll read them when I find some time. If you say that they’re good, then I’m sure they are. I’ll have my fan fiction writers to thank again 😉

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