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Check Your Tracking Information

If you pre-ordered the book, then this would be a nice time to check your tracking information. I received an email from Amazon giving me the tracking info. It’s already arrived in my city (takes deep breaths) and is being held by UPS until tomorrow. So, I think I’ll receive it tomorrow morning. The latest should be 7 PM (I hope not! That’s too late). Anyway, here’s my tracking info:

Tracking Detail | Help Help

Your package has experienced an exception.  
Type: Package  
Status: Exception
See description below
Shipped To: Some City, US  
Shipped/Billed On: 07/19/2007  
Service: BASIC  
Weight: 5.00 Lbs  

Date Time Location Event Details
July 20, 2007 11:51:00 AM Some City US Held by carrier – customer to arrange delivery
July 20, 2007 03:41:00 AM Some City US Departure Scan
July 20, 2007 01:00:00 AM Some City US Arrival Scan
July 19, 2007 09:08:00 PM LENEXA KS US Departure Scan
July 19, 2007 11:54:00 AM LENEXA KS US Shipment picked up from seller’s facility
July 19, 2007 11:19:28 AM US Carrier notified to pick up package


I don’t think I want to go to a mid night party only to find out that the carpet book is real. I won’t be able to take it. It’s better to stay at home. I wanted to re-read OoTP, but now I’ll wait for DH. If the carpet book is fake (I hope so), then I’ll read Book 5 again. Otherwise, all that I can say is that Rowling’s books don’t deserve the kind of attention that I have been giving them. Also, I won’t buy the Amazon wooden box with all the hardcover editions. I wanted to buy it to keep a fresh copy for my collection. But I don’t think that I want the carpet book in that collection.

What we can also do is keep our books on our carpets and make our own carpet book 😉 I’ll definitely put up a picture of my book against some ugly carpet as the background, in fond remembrance of the last couple of days. 😛


7 thoughts on “Check Your Tracking Information

  1. Pagliaccio says:

    I’ve also read the carpet book … and, personally, I think it’s absolutely the real deal. And that’s a good thing!

    So many people seem so disappointed with it, but I found it a rousing adventure story, an intriguing mystery, and deeply moving in many places. The much-derided epilogue was, to my mind, absolutely the most perfect ending to Harry Potter that could be imagined.

    I have to wonder how many people who are reacting so bitterly to the leak are more upset that they spoiled the experience for themselves by squinting at a computer screen for an ungodly period of time and so robbed themselves of the pleasure of taking the journey of the last book the way it was meant to be: curled up under a soft light with a warm drink at hand.

    (Granted, I also wrecked my eyes and posture reading the carpet book, but I did it solely because once it became clear so much of the story was being spoiled it was worth it to preserve my own surprises at how the story came out rather than to be spoiled by someone maliciously or succumbing to my own curiosity.)

    For people who’ve read the book, I’m more than willing to debate its alleged flaws…


  2. @Pagliaccio, If you liked the carpet book, then good for you. Whether it’s real or not, you have had your fun. If it’s a fake, you’ll get to read another one. If it’s not a fake, you like it anyway. Good for you!

    For people who’ve read the book, I’m more than willing to debate its alleged flaws…

    You should see my other post then (click on the words for the link) and try to dismiss all the points including the ones made in the comments section.

    07/20/2007 4:18 A.M. DESTINATION SCAN

    Wouldn’t it be something if mine showed up this afternoon? They estimate the delivery date to be today and not tomorrow. Hmmph.

  4. @Patrick, wow..that’s weird. Mine has arrived in their distribution center but it clearly says:


    And the estimated delivery date is 07/21.

  5. what ended up happening is that they dropped it in the local mail delivery system, so that I’d get it on Saturday instead of Friday. Clever little punks, those UPS folks.

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