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Disappointed: Yeah, the carpet book is the real deal

Yeah, your eyes are still working…NY Times confirmed that they compared a real book with the carpet book and that they are both the same. 😦

Here’s the story: 

When photos of what appeared to be every single page of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” the eagerly awaited seventh and final installment in the wildly successful series by J. K. Rowling, started flooding various Internet file-sharing services on Monday night, nobody could know for sure whether they were the real thing or an elaborate hoax.

But it turns out that they were, in fact, the genuine article. The New York Times bought a copy of the book in a New York store on Wednesday and compared it with the images posted on the Web.

The amateurish photos showed each pair of facing pages of the book laid out on a beige red-and-green-flecked looped carpet and held open by somebody’s fingers. Some of the photos made the pages difficult to read, but the ending, upon which fervent speculation has centered for months, was completely decipherable.

Scholastic, the United States publisher of the “Harry Potter” series, called numerous Web sites and asked them to take down the material. In one case, the publisher filed for a subpoena against Gaia Online, a social networking and gaming site, ordering the company to remove photos uploaded by a user.

The publisher also tried to deflect attention from the photos by telling reporters and fans that there were other seemingly authentic images appearing on Flickr, the photo-sharing site, as well as a video of someone holding the book on YouTube, the video site.

On Tuesday some customers started receiving copies of the actual book from an online retailer, On Wednesday, Scholastic sued the retailer’s parent company, Infinity Resources, and Levy Home Entertainment,’s distributor, for “flagrant violations” of their contracts, which stated that they could not ship any books before July 20, to ensure that no customer would receive a copy before 12:01 a.m. on July 21, the official on-sale date.


36 thoughts on “Disappointed: Yeah, the carpet book is the real deal

  1. Heh..I’ll probably disappear on 07/21. Will be too depressed to comment. Actually, I’m already very depressed. Check out my new header 😛 You’ll love it.

  2. Who says that whatever the NY Times says should be true… it may be that the publishers forced them to say so…

    I won’t believe it until the real book comes out… which is tonight… 😀

  3. @presti, Do I care? 😐 Like someone said, “Harry Potter and the Death of Reading”. Could you suggest any good book series?

    @carrot, which part of the world are you in, if you don’t mind? Are you in UK? Please could you drop in here and let me know regarding the authenticity? All of Rowling’s books have had a line on the dust cover by NY Times. That is what scares me. Plus, they are highly respectable. But optimism is a good thing. I hope all of this is a big publicity stunt. I am just hoping against hope.

  4. @ruhi Right now im rereading a couple of my favorites. Just done with Unbearable Lightness of Being and now going through Name of the Rose…which is taking too much time thanks to work!

  5. Ahh..Milan Kundera 🙂 I need to read that. Name of the Rose has good reviews though. I think I’ll read Dostoevsky and Tolkien next. Both take a long time to read…that’s the problem.

  6. wow u r getting hundreds of comments… 🙂 great job… sorry i am not a big fan (although i do watch its movies)… so could not join

  7. I’m from Mauritius… unfortunately there would be no midnight release party here… 😦
    So I’ll have to buy the book when the store opens at 8:00 a.m.

    Keep your hopes high, coz i still think all of them are fakes… 😀

  8. @carrotmadman, Really hope so 🙂 I’m off to sleep now. 4 am here. Will wake up tomorrow and pray to God again. Only a couple of more hours before I get to know the truth for sure. But seriously, in my hearts, I still feel that it’s a hoax. I don’t believe anyone. If it’s a fake, I’ll be in denial forever.

  9. Seraphella says:

    Don’t give up just yet. The article only confirms that the epilogues are the same. The same as the book that the NY Times purchased. Whether or not the book they purchased is authentic, I don’t know. What I do know is that a lot of the fakes out there right now have been using the same epilogue. So maybe, just maybe, some of the stories are true. Someone hacked a computer and got the epilogue and spread it around. I could be grasping at straws, but the carpet book was not good enough to be the real novel. I will hold onto that thought until 11:59 PM tonight. If I’m wrong and the carpet book is real….well then unfortunately, Rowling will be receiving a lot of hate mail probably. As the carpet book, well written with a decent story, is just not good enough and lacking to satisfy any but the most elementary of readers.

  10. Erm…. my question might sound real stupid (But am gonna ask anyways…), How the hell

    The New York Times bought a copy of the book in a New York store on Wednesday and compared it with the images posted on the Web.


    When the book is supposed to be released only tonight? aren`t the sales locked down for anybody? I mean, i thought that

    they could not ship any books before July 20, to ensure that no customer would receive a copy before 12:01 a.m. on July 21, the official on-sale date.

    Isn`t that supposed to mean sales are locked down for everybody, even if bush wanted to read the book? ^_^

    (heh, carrotmadman`s optimism sure is contagious ^^ Please let me live in my illusion until tomorrow??? 🙂 ^_^ )

  11. Oh Oh 😦 😦

    Teenage girl kills herself over fake spoilers of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows…

    Apparently a girl in the PHILIPPINES has just killed herself over fake spoilers of harry potter and the deathly hallows!

    OMG. That is so SAD!

    I’ll put down all I can remember from the radio news report.

    The news report said that the girl and her mother had downloaded from a website what they believed to be the legitimate copy of “Harry potter and the deathly hallows”

    It was actually a fake book (My own personal opinion is that it was most likely a sick sort of fanfiction) in which Harry potter and his friends meet a gruesome end.

    The girl’s mother said that her daughter was very “crushed” by the news and locked herself in her room. When the girl’s mother came up to call her for dinner she found that her daughter had hanged herself in her closet using rolled up bedsheets and a nightgown.

    The news reporter interviewing the mother then said that the girls room was filled with all sorts of Harry Potter toys, models, posters, dolls and the six books.

    Got this from here:
    😦 😦 😦

  12. 😦 Sad. I hope that will teach them to give their works titles like

    `Harry Potter and the deathly hallows [fanfic]

    I can`t imagine the parents` reaction @ the launch…..

  13. @Seraphella, You are right 🙂 Won’t hurt to be optimistic for another 12 hours. I refuse to believe that this is the real book, seriously. It contradicts so many of her quotes. Actually, we might not have to wait until 12 am to find out. UK and Australia- their release time is before ours, so I’m sure we’ll get to know even before 12:01 am 🙂 But doesn’t the article above clearly mention that they compared the carpet book with the store book? They don’t say that they compared only the Epilogues? Correct me if I’m wrong.

    @carrotmadman, Oh my god 😦 That’s such a shock. This should teach all those idiots who leaked this book a lesson.

    @kyu, no idea how they got the book. They are making no qualms about the fact that they bought it from a local bookstore in NY. The Press themselves are setting a precedent by purchasing the book before the release date. Wow! I have lost respect for NY Times, really. Their review spills what Deathly Hallows are and they say that they bought the book before hand. That’s a double whammy.

  14. Ruhi ~

    You have been my contant source of round the clock B7 updates for me! Of all the Google searches I did, your blog has been the most up-to-date and amusing source of news concerning this awful epilogue to a great series. I am forever grateful!

    I read the whole book finished at about 2am last night (just got up) and am off to blog my own views concerning the reality that may have been the *real* deal. Overall, from what I could decipher, I pretty much figured it was ~ or some psychotic fan really needed a job!

    Like you I am still in denial that it’s real – JKR could not leave us with such a disappointing ending! She may as well have ended it “They all lived happily ever after”!!!

    One last note, ALBUS SEVERUS ~ WHY?? That is all I can say…. But I did love the Albus/Scorpious love scene… That gives me much hope for fanfics to come! (I will probably be linking back here in my blog to share the fabulous love scene!!)

    Thank you for your fabulous research in our time of need!

  15. @Marijayne, Are you a Spiderman fan too? 🙂

    Thank you for your kind comments. It’s good to know that I could help you in keep up to date with the latest happenings. I just try and blog about things that interest me. Luckily, Harry Potter falls into that category.

    [She may as well have ended it “They all lived happily ever after”!!!]

    I think so too. We should all send her a hate letter if this crap book turns out to be the real one. Even if it doesn’t, then we should bombard the press for spreading all kinds of reviews based on the carpet book.

    Look at my header with Snape and Lily- this is how distressed I am because of the carpet book. It’s very uncharacteristic of me to change the header image depending upon my mood. But….this shock surpasses everything else.

  16. Seraphella says:

    Looks like the NY Times article said they only compared the ending. They didn’t specify what part of the end, so I figure maybe it was just the epilogue or part of it. They never named which book retailer they purchased their copy from. Seeing as how I lived in NY, they could just as likely purchased a fake copy from a street vendor who was selling copies on digital media. That wouldn’t surprise me. News reporters are always trying hard to get the story first. Might be one got a little over enthusiastic.

  17. Nits says:

    well well well….it seems people have done a more than necessary research on the topic of fake and real. it is understandable that hearts will be broken if the leaked version is the real one but u cant blame JKR for it. the story is very much her style and she has discussed everything she said she will. if u want to prove it is a fake then u can netime and nehow but i think it is the real one and considering the stakes and excitement regarding the finale of harry and voldemort’s battle it was bound to happen. so dnt wry all of u must have read it sometime or the other and there is no need to wry. if it really is a fake then u wud have read 2 gr8 buks within a week’s time so…BE HAPPY 🙂

  18. @nits, how can we not blame Rowling?! She is the goddam writer. If the book is real, then it means that she goes ahead and writes a book that contradicts all her previous theories??! And then, doesn’t even feel bad about the fact that she has been lying in all those interviews?!

    All those plots that never showed up…. All fan fiction plots show up. Why? Because it’s a fan fiction! x(

  19. @nits, read this. And then, go to the livejournal community and see for yourself! There are at least 250 plot mistakes in this book. “Accio Hagrid!”. Imagine calling a giant by using Accio. I wish I could do that in my house to summons someone. How dumb can a book get.

  20. Nits says:

    as far as accio hagrid is concerned harry just says it out of exasperation nothing happens though he is on the bike that is already crashing towards hagrid who is lying on the ground. so thats cleared nething else?? and wt site areu saying??

  21. Read all my points..I have SO many others, but no energy to write.

    Read the pointers given in this community:

    as far as accio hagrid is concerned harry just says it out of exasperation

    Exactly. Rowling has turned Harry into a stupid git who doesn’t even know what he is doing and he is supposed to kill Voldemort?! How stupid. He is one lucky guy that his mom died for him and that is ALL that helps him kill the darkest wizard. That and the fact that he loves using “Accio!” and “Expelliarmus” all the time. What about Snape’s non-verbal spells? He clearly told Harry that he HAS to learn them, but there is no mention of non verbal spells in this book. Also, how can Harry read Voldermort’s thoughts again??! Voldy had closed his mind to Harry, after realizing the dangers. There is NO explanation regarding this in the book…so many others..I’m tired of convincing people that if this is the real book, the it’s pure BS and Rowling will get LOTS of HATE MAILS. And I don’t know if I’ll ever want to read her books again, even if she goes ahead and writes an 8th one.

  22. Nits says:

    you just dnt get it.and where have you learnt abt the love scene between albus severus and scorpius….i didnt read it in my book…neaways i am off to sleep as in india its 1:40 am…

    will see ur blog tomorrow once u get to know that it is the real book cya

  23. I completely hear you ~ Snape and Lily – ugh, so obvious!

    You are right it does contradict so many aspects as you said in a comment to my post! I too reread all the books and I don’t think JKR did either!

    Oh and BTW I am a spiderman fan, BUT marijayne is my name 🙂

  24. Cortez says:

    Well, goodbye, guys, I’m going to the midnight party (it’s 10:30 pm here now), but before it I am official to a writer’s and reader’s corner party ^^
    Tomorrow I will write something here again. Byebeye 🙂

  25. @Nits,

    you just dnt get it

    Please explain! So many others don’t get it either. All of them would love to hear your explanation.

    where have you learnt abt the love scene between albus severus and scorpius

    I said that it’s a fan fiction. You didn’t read properly.

    Yeah, i know, probably this is the real deal (Look at the title of the post).

    @Maryjayne, That’s a sweet name 🙂 Lucky you…Spiderman’s girl friend 😉

  26. CORTEZ Pleaaaassseee come back and tell us the truth!! PlEASE!! 🙂 And HAVE A NICE TIME! Hopefully we won’t get disappointed. It’s only 3:20 pm here. Dang it!

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  28. Hi Liliana, Thank you so much for your kindness 🙂 Please say a BIG thanks to your brother. I just heard JK Rowling reading out the first chapter. I’m very disappointed, yeah 😦

    Good night to you too and thanks once again for your confirmation.

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