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And the New Miss Teen USA Is…

I always knew that these beauty queens are dumb. I came across this video on Youtube and couldn’t stop laughing for at least five minutes and my eyes were filled with tears by the time I stopped. 

Question: Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can’t locate the US on a World Map. Why do you think this is?

Answer: I personally believe….that US Americans are unable to do so because eh…some …people in our nation don’t HAVE maps and… I believe our education such as South Africa and the Iraq …everywhere like such as ..and I believe that they should eh….our education over here in the US should help the US or should help South Africa and should help Iraq and the Asian countries so that we will be able to build up our future for us.

ROFL. I haven’t heard a more logical answer ever.

Watch the entire video. It’s a once in a lifetime experience. I promise!


22 thoughts on “And the New Miss Teen USA Is…


    Ahahaha! I mean she’s like truly madly deeply blonde! I so wanna go there and slap her 😛

    Btw, doesn’t the chick who’s asking the question look like Preity Zinta?

  2. @dinsan, yeah I agree…I couldn’t believe it too. This has been the funniest thing that I’ve heard in a long time. Best part was “everywhere like such as”. I wish I could go to “such as”. 😛 I’m sure that I’ll only find people like her in “such as” land.

    @ish, I don’t watch Preity Zinta that closely anymore…not since she’s started looking like an old hag 😉

  3. common give some poor girl credit, she appeared on national tv (again) after this debacle to explain herself…of course she gave a stupid response again but i kind of sympathize with her..
    its not too uncommon that we speak nonsense when we are nervous or are not concentrating…

    so she did not really mean what she said…she was just BLANK..
    of course, when she said what she meant, even that wasnt too smart as u wud see in this video.

  4. @tismar, Exactly! Even after going home and learning the answer for God knows how long, she still gave a stupid answer on Today’s show. 😛 That speaks a lot about their I.Q Level. Must be somewhere around 70, I think. But yes, I’ve got to give her credit for coming to another show and talking about her “map” answer. It takes guts to do that.

  5. Man! That is bloody hilarious. I would have loved to see the audience expression though.

    But she did come in third…didn’t she? Goes to show you that it doesn’t matter as if you’re stupid as long as you’re hot.

    Impressionable children take note.

  6. @Presti, She is in 4th out of the last five. She proudly declares that she was the “third runner up”. Haha. I want to see what the 5th one’s answer was. I bet she was Miss North Carolina 😛 People in the southern part of US are quite dumb.

  7. @Amit, I won’t be able to think like this even if I try harder.

    Btw, I didn’t know that you and Arpan were school mates. He’s a friend of mine 🙂 He called me up yesterday and that’s when I came to know.

  8. Yes.. Arpan was mentioning it on GTalk yesterday .. he was my classmate.. and he used to stay close-by as well.. It’s a small world.. In any case since ur from cal.. Im sure there would be other (common!) people we’d know as well..

  9. @Sreejith, Sure it is 🙂 Welcome to my blog!

    @Amit, Yeah he told me! I was surprised to find him on your Blogroll because his is a personal blog kind of thing and only friends (LOL) would want to read.LOL. I’m sure we must be knowing many other people too from school days I guess.

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