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Oops! She Did It Again…

No..not Britney Spears! Victoria Lasita delivered a second set of triplets, chances of which are only one in eight million. Head over to BBC to read the whole news. I can’t imagine giving birth to twins, forget about triplets- that too for the second time. Six kids?! Wow.

Coming back to Britney Spears, she might be ready to walk down the altar for the third time. She’s more in the news for her boyfriends than for her music. Her new album Gimme More is ready for release on November 13. Any takers? I’m surprised that she’s still finding producers for her album, seriously.

Update: OK, I take that back. I listened to the title track “Gimme More” and it’s Rocking! The best part is the opening line- “It’s Britney Bitch!”.


4 thoughts on “Oops! She Did It Again…

  1. @arvind, no connection 😛 I don’t know what made me think of it. I named the post as “Oops!..” ; then I thought, “why not include something about Britney also?”.

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