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Apple Slashes iPhone Prices

Apple just announced that it will be slashing the price of the 8 GB iPhone model from $599 to $399. What does this mean? I think Job’s realized that the iPhone isn’t worth $599 because it’s more of a multimedia center! AT&T’s sordid wireless network doesn’t help either.

 AT& T’s lawyers are trying their very best to fight against UniquePhones who claim to have developed the software than can crack the iPhone. So, this will buy Apple some time to improve it’s security measures before the phone is launched in Europe later this year. But when I stop to think about it, how long can Apple really do something about it? Sooner or later, I’m sure people will be able to get the software that cracks the iPhone.

Another 17 year old in the US also cracked it.

Dropping the price to $399 even before the launch in Europe sounds weird to me. Will I buy it? Umm…may be next year. But not on AT&T’s network for sure 😛

Update: Microsoft slashed Zune’s price by $50! Haha. What a joke. Now the ugly bulky thing costs $199 for a 30 GB model. Seriously, what were they thinking?! The new iPod classic 80 GB model costs only $249. Just 50 bucks more for 50 more GB of data. Zune was a loser even before it was launched. More than Microsoft, I laugh at those people who bought one of those players. They are introducing new models for the holiday season. But will have a LOT of catching up to do to come at par with Apple. Will it ever be able to catch up? I doubt it. Its shares have been looming in the $28-29 range since ages….


13 thoughts on “Apple Slashes iPhone Prices

  1. @tismar…errmm…I get your point. Btw, did you see the new iPod Nano and iPod Video models? They have been revamped again and the Nano is now video compatible. 80GB iPod classic costs only $249 now and the 160 GB model comes for $349. My iPod has virtually no resale value…it’s so painful.

  2. @Presti, I know what you mean. It really hurts. I was wondering how much my iPod would sell for. I’m thinking of selling it off now because it’s value will only decrease 😦

    @arvind, Haha! 🙂 I feel so too. Compare it to a Blackberry…it’s much better to wait for the second generation phones, I feel.

  3. I’ve seen the Zune, it isn’t too bad. It’s ugly agreed but the features are reasonable. But there’s no comparing it to an iPod. I’m actually waiting for Apple to launch it’s own browser for Windows. I’d like to see what effect it can have on Firefox’s market now that Internet Explorer is already almost down the drain. And then Safari is coming too! It’s gonna be a war of the browsers soon.

    I told my brother to get me an iPod from the US. He’s coming this month so I’m hoping he’ll bring a nice one. Most probably though I think it’d be a 512MB shuffle. I can’t expect him to spend more than that for me, after all he’s only a cousin and he has so many other people to give gifts to too. But a shuffle is disappointing, it doesn’t even have a screen! Some people never get satisfied with what they get lol 😛

  4. @ish, Well the whole thing with mp3 players is the look factor since Apple entered the market. If you go for features, there are other products by Samsung, Sony etc. that are as good as an Apple. But people want to buy an iPod. Based upon this reasoning, why would people buy a Zune if they can already do everything with an iPod? Plus, if you check the latest features of the iPod Touch or classic (don’t remember which one), it says that we can even surf the net. The “cool” thing about Zune was that it allows users to transfer music from one player to another, provided you find someone else using a Zune too. Would I find another user of Zune? No. I only know one person here at the univ. who bought a Zune. He’s a huge guy. So the Zune suits his body size 😛

    About the browser war, I would like to see Apple’s browser too 😛 Google is coming out with one too. And you read GigaOm’s post about the Google Phone thing, then we can except a Google Phone very soon too! 🙂

    Well I can understand your cousin’s position 😛 Same thing happens to me..haha. LONG list of presents that I need to buy. So be happy with what you get 😉

    I wanted to talk about Vista too- but i’ll make that a seperate post. I got a new laptop by HP that has Vista on it. I didn’t find it to be impressive, frankly speaking. It looks too much like an Apple clone. Microsoft should maintain it’s individuality. Product differentiation is what is imp. The media center is quite decent though.

  5. The major annoying thing that I found with Vista is the compatibility issues. And moreover, it tends to confuse you will all the security alerts somehow. I’d prefer XP until MS finally releases some Service Packs for Vista. They have released one already haven’t they?

  6. I dont know about the SP for Vista…I don’t think they have else I would have received an update…the wifi takes ages to connect and the S Port which connects the laptop with the TV sucks! There was no need to release Vista. XP worked just fine…Basically, Microsoft needs to keep doing something stupid.

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