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Customized Themes using CSS

I’ve wanted the freedom to use my own theme on this blog. Most of the WP themes don’t suit my needs. There are such pretty styles out there which I want to use.

Can anyone tell me if I can use those ready made CSS on my blog after I pay $15? I don’t have time to design one on my own. Also, I will be reeeaallly helpful if you can guide me step by step. For example- Look at this website. They have a huge collection.

Thank you (whoever decides to help me)! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Customized Themes using CSS

  1. wordpress allows u to see the preview for free…
    if it suits u.. u pay 15 USD else.. u do not
    also try checking on the support groups.. i found them very helpful

  2. It’s not necessary that most themes will work, Ruhi. The themes you can use here should contain only CSS.

    The usual themes contain other files and folders which have to be uploaded straight into your FTP. If you need more info, then there’s a person called “Sulz” in my blogroll. Go to her blog and somehow contact her and ask her cause she has the $15 CSS upgrade and will be able to tell you better

  3. @ish, that’s what even I felt too..because most of the themes have other image folders that need to be uploaded and I spent almost a day trying to figure it out, but it wouldn’t work. I think they even contain XHTML which is not supported here.

    I was wondering if someone knows of any website where we can get free themes that contain only CSS.

    I like your suggestion; I’ll give sulz a buzz. I saw her blog too sometime back and would love to do something like that.

    @arvind, thank you for your kind gesture 🙂

    @ankur, so have you been designing CSS by yourself? I don’t have time to do that, but can you tell me if there are any “ready made” CSS themes out there? I tried the ones on the website mentioned above, but they don’t work because they contain XHTML too, I think.

  4. @pallav, not yet. I want to know if there are some ready made themes out there before paying $15. I tried using some that I mentioned above, but they didn’t work (Preview CSS section).

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