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Vista Desktop Gadgets

I bought a new HP Laptop sometime back. (Click on the “Product demo” tab). 2 GB Ram, 120 GB Hard disk, AMD turion 64 x2, Windows Vista, lightscribe technology and 1.85 GHz processor speed for only $600. So yeah, super cool offer! I have been exploring Windows Vista since the past couple of weeks and the QuickPlay media center, which is quite cool. What’s not cool is the way Microsoft is trying to make Windows look like Apple’s products. Have the designers at MSFT forgotten their jobs? Perhaps had a bit of a memory lapse?

I couldn’t find even a single feature that would make me love Vista more. The wireless takes forever to get connected. I have Windows XP on my other laptop and the wireless starts on it the minute the system starts! Plus, the S video function really sucks in Vista. Billo Bhaiyya tried to make it “simpler” you see? Every time I try to use this feature, either my laptop gets screwed or my TV gets screwed.

I was browsing through some gadgets. I should admit that they are quite cool. Most of them anyway. I installed the “Feed Reader”. So, I’m happily reading news about Iraq, Iran, Osama talking about 9/11 and urging the Americans to embrace Islam, mortage issues, Pakistan blasts…and Ding! Three ads that talk about Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft “Free Games” and another news item about Microsoft Encarta student Edition 2008! Such a frustrating experience.

The first one says- “Crabby demystifies Powerpoint terms” …”Learn some of the basic terms of PowerPoint and don’t get scared again”…So Billo does realize that people like us are absolutely frustrated with his Powerpoints. Actually, those of you want to learn something about this program should read this great post by Gay Kawasaki. He gives you very handy tips on making PowerPoint Presentations, keeping in mind that we are dealing with Microsoft products here 😛

Also, what’s with the 100 Free Games that have been provided with Vista? Who’ll play them? Probably 10 year olds who have never used a computer before. I doubt that even they’ll play these stupid games.

 I guess I’m just too disappointed. Yeah, the icons look cool…but where are the “features”?


14 thoughts on “Vista Desktop Gadgets

  1. When I first installed Windows Vista, I was impressed but just as the loading screen appeared, it gave me a very iTunes-ish feel, as you already mentioned. And since the technology isn’t all that out of the world with Vista, there was no need to release it. They could just have provided a Vista like desktop theme and let it run on XP which at the moment, happens to be pretty much stable.

    I like your laptop’s configuration, it’s envious. And hey, I didn’t get any free games with Vista! Agreed I’m not 10 year old and use the computer everyday, but I’d love to play the games! What sort of games are they anyway..ridiculous flash stuff or actual Midtown Madness type games? Because MS does make some decent games.

    And I heard the RSS Reader was the best thing about Vista. Haven’t even bothered to download it. I rarely use Vista, I have them both on the same computer and I prefer sticking to WinXP.

  2. @ankur, well it comes pre-installed on this laptop. I’m just avoiding using this laptop because of Vista. I use the other one that has XP on it.

    @ish, Yeah I was lucky in the price dept. It’s 600$ after rebates actually…originally cost about $800. But I’ll get $200 back in a couple of weeks. They did actually release the theme about a year ago as a promotion thing. I still have it on my XP laptop. But I got really bored of the theme and removed it. I think you should be able to find it somewhere online. The games are bogus…flash stuff…you guessed it right.

    Well you don’t need to download the RSS Reader…the gadgets panel is on the right side…just click on that and select the RSS reader gadget and it gets done in 5 secs. I don’t know why, but I’m seeing that the memory of my HP which has Vista is disappearing really fast…and I haven’t downloading anything on it…any idea why this is happening?

  3. Hey.. I keep using Powerpoint on and off.. (Who doesnt!?) .. The presentation tips were handy… I hope you checked out as well… (link on the same post by Gay Kawasaki ..

  4. @Amyth (new name?!)

    I did 🙂 I really loved those tips. Whether I implement them or not is another question. There was another link in Kawasaki’s blog that compared the Powerpoint presentation styles of Jobs with Gates’. That was quite funny. I’ll try to find it and paste the link here.

  5. there’s 100 free games in Vista? I’ve been using it for a few months and haven’t noticed any extraordinary list of them 😦 I thought getting the hold ’em game as an extra with vista ultimate was cool enough, but agreeably I never play it.

    vista is actually a pretty good release for Microsoft — it’s not rocket science, but neither are the other OS releases from other vendors coming out these days. What they’ve done with the underlying security layer, though, is almost impressive when compared to windows xp. A lot of people don’t like it, and understandably so, but I haven’t had any problems aside from needing a few new drivers when I installed it.

    the only gadgets I use are the picture one, a notepad, a stock tracker, the weather, the clock, and yes, the RSS reader. I’ve never used QuickPlay but I do have a few coworkers who say it’s great.

  6. @Patrick,

    YAY! Patrick’s BACK 🙂

    Sorry, not 100. That’s an exaggeration. 😐

    I use the very same gadgets…funnily! I like the stock tracker and the weather the best. The RSS reader is also not too bad. You can download many more online, but the desktop gets too cluttered.

    @Presti, Yeah, I agree. It’s not THAT bad. Just that it’s not THAT good either. Quite disappointing after all the hype. What’s the difference between 2000 and 6000? Any idea? I see that the design is just the same.

  7. I got my laptop for the same price with Vista, but ended up getting rid of all the visual effects on it when it got to the point of my beloved Photoshop being no longer able to run on it without freezing up. Just think of a windows 95 with a different images.

  8. What I like is the search feature and the fact that I can just press the Windows button and then keep typing, or search for the particular tab in control panel instead of having to navigate to it.

    On other counts, there are some other things like being able to put in a pen drive and use it for additional memory — which is cool!

    I do agree, overall, we would have to wait for SP1 to set things right.

  9. @kpowerinfinity:

    I agree with you on # 1 and # 2.

    What exactly do you mean by “being able to put in a pen drive and use it for additional memory — which is cool!” We can do this in XP also, right? it’s not processor dependent.

    SP1 would definitely put a lot of things straight. Let’s hope that we get one soon.

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