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Update Britney’s Gimme More at VMA 07 and the Official Video

Man, does this suck or what? The song’s quite nice, but it’s so obvious that she’s lip syncing. Plus, she’s hardly moving…

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Kanye West lashes out at Britney Spears

Britney Spears doesn’t dress, doesn’t impress

Update: Here Official Video has been leaked! Here it is-


25 thoughts on “Update Britney’s Gimme More at VMA 07 and the Official Video

  1. shflkshdg says:

    i dont think it sucked.
    im glad shes back.
    but her hair looks really fake.
    she hasnt performed for a while so i understand why shes not moving alot.

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  3. funfitgal07 says:

    I am over Britney Spears. She is a very lame talent with lots of baggage. She got lucky when she was young and she is a spoiled woman whom I have no sympathy for!

  4. Satyre35 says:

    Gimme, Gimme, Gimme….. I want more…

    Just wondering here what she’s talking about? Money, drugs or attention ? I would bet on the 3 of them but…….. She does’nt move much, the lipsync and plus the fact that she gain a few pounds since the old days!

    Gimme, Gimme, Gimme….

    The permission to retire gracefully while still beeing respected by a few would be I’m sure the best thing for her…. Write a book Britney on your life stories, do a XXX clip and leave the door of your house open so it can be stolen like Pamela and Paris… Then maybe, you will be able to make a GREAT comeback….

    Hopefull to see some XXX clips of you on the web because: I WANT MORE…. 🙂

  5. yea i saw that on cnn…
    My first reaction was she is so drunk that she forgot to wear clothes, gate-crahsed into a party and started dancing randomly among some group of people dressed in black….

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  7. I guess she only knows how to be trashy on stage despite herself. The girl really needed to do something more conservative to showcase that she still has a singing voice, but instead we got a face full of gut ripple and a mega-drunk dance routine that could have been at any of the local strip clubs, and we’re left with a reassuring theme that she certainly can’t dance right now and doesn’t exactly have all (or any) of her wits about her.. I almost wanted to bust out my singles and start tipping.

  8. @tismar, apparently she had asked the presenter not to talk crap about her kids and she was supposed to do a number with Criss Angel, but MTV canceled it at the last moment; being pissed off, she didn’t dance at all! Whatever..

    @patrick, she looked so dead in her eyes…I feel sad for her. I hope she doesn’t end up committing suicide. It looked like she doesn’t give a shit about anything!

  9. mimi says:

    poor brit, she made good music but made a bad career after being so successful, what a lost, i just wish she would come to her senses that if you don’t care for your self no would … i hope that she would resurrect her dying career,and be professional about her job,…
    i still believe in you brit!!! but for your fans you’ve gotta change…

  10. I’ve never liked Britney Spears and hence have always kept away from her performances. Somehow, I just have the eternal feeling of hate towards her. And it’s kind of increasing after watching this. And I thought they used to only lip sync in Indian Idol. 😐

  11. @mimi, considering that this is what pays for her lifestyle…she should be doing something about it. I doubt that she cares very much about her fans.

    @ish, Even I haven’t ever been her fan per se, but I couldn’t resisting checking this one out because of all the hype. the song is really nice, esp. the “It’s Britney Bitch” part. Her performance was very bad though. Oh btw, I didn’t know that those guys lip sync in Indian Idol? Who told you that?

    @sha, oh really? Well lots of other people were dumbstruck too, incl. 50 cents. Christina Aguilera must have thrown a party…LOL.

  12. Having been a Britney Hater from the word go my opinion is truly tainted however there is one thing I know: Ms. Spears displayed the talent, energy and physique of a washed-up stripper at the VMAs.
    Who’s fucking brilliant idea was that?

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  14. ginger says:

    she wasnt that bad!! you guys are alll really stupid for saying that she sucks and her career is over. its hard to get up there when youve had so much negativity around you then everyone laugh at you and tell you your career is over!! i think if she did it again she would rock!!

  15. It’s pretty much obvious that they lip sync in Indian Idol. I don’t mean the original performances. I meant only the group thing they sometimes do towards the end. If you watch them real carefully, the song is something else and their lip movements are something else. It’s clear that you can’t jump around and sing like that at the same time. The usual songs that they sing alone are of course live.

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