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Awesome Greasemonkey Scripts for WordPress and Google Reader Users

Most of my tech savvy readers must be knowing what Greasemonkey is. For those who don’t know, it’s a small add on for Mozilla Firefox that lets you tweak around with the features of anything that you view on the internet. I installed two really great scripts today and would like to share it with everyone.

1. Script for making WordPress commenting easier- Isn’t it annoying to individually go to each post, and then click on comment and reply to everyone? If you have a large number of posts and an ever larger number of readers responding to them, then I’m sure you know how time-consuming it is.

This script makes it very easy for you to comment directly from the “Comments” tab in your Dashboard.

Let’s see some screen shots here so that you know what you are getting-

When you click on “Comments”, you’ll see this yellow screen from where you can change your email settings for responding to the comments.

This was the latest comment on my blog ( Ish, don’t you feel important? ;)). If you notice, there is a new tab called “Respond”. When you click on “Respond”, then this small window opens up while lets you respond directly to the comment. You can choose the method too – Respond by email and comment, only comment, and only email.

So, basically, you have saved your self many page clicks and at least 10 minutes.

Don’t forget to first install the greasemonkey add on from the Mozilla website.

The Steps for installing this script are-

1. Install the add on

2. Re-start firefox

3. Install the script

4. Open WordPress and have a Kodak moment 😉

Script number 2: This is for all those people who use Google Reader and wish to integrate it with GMail. Until today, I used to be a loyal fan of Bloglines. But it’s been giving me a lot of problems recently. For example- Many times, I had add a feed twice before it used to get added! 😦 So, I got pissed off and tried Google Reader today and I’m really liking it 🙂 I love the “Share your feeds” feature. Adding a “star” or “tagging” the various feeds is also really cool.

Anyway, coming back to my main topic, after you install this script, you can read your feeds in Gmail. The window gets divided into two horizontal halves and the lower half is used by the Reader. Alternatively, you can also decide to “Collapse Gmail” completely. That way, you have your Reader items in the entire window.

Here’s a screenshot:

The Steps for installing this script are the same as those for the other script.

Some other useful greasemonkey scripts for Google users

Last but not the least, shift to Mozilla Firefox if you haven’t already done it. 😉


21 thoughts on “Awesome Greasemonkey Scripts for WordPress and Google Reader Users

  1. Yupp.. and it’s going right into my shared items… Ur quite a techie for a girl!… (Pardon my CMP-ish statement!… but its merely an observation…)! ;)..

  2. @amyth,

    Ur quite a techie for a girl!… (Pardon my CMP-ish statement!… but its merely an observation…)! ;)..

    Yeah, well…I’m the most techie among many of my girl friends… I take your comment as a compliment. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Heheh, sure I feel important. 😛

    Greasemonkey is a superb add on and Engtech has managed to make some really wicked cool scripts with it. I really like this comment one and shall install it. I prefer having the Google Reader in its own window though.

    If you check Engtech’s website, there’s another wicked Greasemonkey script that he’s written. It’s called Akismet Auntie Spam and makes comment moderation look like heaven.

  4. @ish, yeah I know what you are talking about. It’s a really cool one. I’ll install that too. Thanks for reminding me. Did you notice the bookmarking at the end of my post? That’s using a greasemonkey script too! And all you need to do is click on a bookmark and it does everything for you. If you want, I’ll let you know about that.

    Also, check out customizegoogle (firefox add on). It helps you remove ads from any google product (GMail, Google Search, Reader etc.). It also open GMail, Reader, Docs etc. in the https:// protocol. There are lots of other things that can you do with it too 🙂

  5. ruhi, i checked engtech’s site and yours too and although I have greasemonkey on my pc (thats how i got those digg buttons) i have no idea where to access the ninja script. you say step 3 is install the script. is there a link you can give me? even if i go to the greasemonkey and right click i don’t get anything much except manage scripts. i know I am missing something, sorry, i am totally non-techy.

  6. @Nita:

    Sorry for not being clear enough. 🙂 This is this script that you need to install. After you’re done, you can go to your “Comments” tab from the Dashboard, and directly respond to all your comments from there. Please let me know if you have any trouble. I’ll email you the steps in detail. If you download this script, then you are pretty much set-up.

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  8. Ruhi I have read that link of Engtech’s but he just gives the advantages of the script not how to install it. I am thoroughly confused! Where is the world is that script!!

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  10. sleejay says:

    excellent post, i never used greasemonkey until now, and i must say its amazing!!

    a question: does anyone know of a script that will allow me to make a wordpress post of my recent starred items in google reader? is this possible?

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