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Chris C(r)ocker Says:

Chris Crocker was interviewed recently. Can’t believe what Youtube can do to you! He is So gay. I know posting videos is not a good way to blog, but what the hell! There is no other way I can show you this. You’ve got to watch it to believe it. 🙂

“America, I want you to know….that before I’m an American, I’m a Britney Fan” (Lots of hooting in the background)


15 thoughts on “Chris C(r)ocker Says:

  1. @prestidigitator:

    Haha..I like his dress. That’s the best thing I’ve seen in a very long time.

    @pallav, Errmm…well I wouldn’t draw conclusions about the entire population based on this guy. People here are as intellectual as in any other part of the world 🙂

  2. Oh lord, what the hell is with that guy? I actually thought it was Pink for 20 straight seconds but this guy is plain insane. And what’s with 4 million having downloaded that video? Way too gay to be true, really.

  3. Swen says:

    Now im done with the video.. And a lil correction in the first comment of mine. That should have been guy/girl confused thingy.

    I got to go clear my head .. .. (walks away)

  4. @ish, Haha…I don’t blame you. I like it when he says, “So do you think that was acting? Honest to God, I wasn’t acting”!

    @swen, Can’t stop laughing. Have you seen his entire video? The one where he says “If you guys have a problem with Britney, you DEAL WITH ME”!! It’s there in my Video Collection or you can find it on Youtube also.

  5. Swen says:

    U mean there was more to that? I don’t think ill be able to handle that. As for his threat ..pretty effective. Nobody in his right mind would want to deal with him/her/it anyway.

  6. I think it was Aldous Huxley who said, ”In the future, everybody will be famous for 15 seconds”.

    The future is closer than we think.

    America’s obsession with fame is sickening…and extremely unhealthy. This is the stuff that impressionable kids watch on TV/You Tube every damn day.

  7. @Swen, Heh… I agree 🙂 Didn’t the anchor say “America will never forget you?” I’m sure I will…after a couple of weeks, unless I read this blog post again.

    @Presti, I think people like me encourage this kind of behavior. Even though I didn’t download his video, I did watch it almost every day just to get a good laugh 😐

  8. @Raphy:

    Haha! I’ve actually run a search for all his videos on Youtube- you’ll be surprised by the number of his videos. He’s always been doing these gigs. The Britney one really threw him into the limelight. He talks about gay rights, girls PMSing (love his viewpoint on this one 😉 ), says that we should always complain, shows you how to move your body to “shake off” all the depression etc. Quite entertaining! Oh, there was one in which some viewer asked him “When did he come out of the closet (as in, his sexuality)?” Crocker responded- “I came out of the closet wearing my grandmom’s dress…that’s the only time I came out of a closet”.

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