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Eliminate Corruption with Rs.0 Note


The above accounts by the Chennai woman and the software engineer are hard to believe for me. Why did the officers just smile and not demand “real” money? I do like the fact that this is definitely a good step towards eradicating corruption. Whether it’ll work or not, I don’t know.


15 thoughts on “Eliminate Corruption with Rs.0 Note

  1. @Ankur Aggarwal:

    It’s an anti- corruption drive that’s been taken up by an NGO called Fifth Pillar India and is currently in circulation in Mumbai and Vishakhapatnam. If you take a look at the note, it says ” This is not a currency note”; in other words, ” I will neither accept or give bribes”.

    IMO, it does have tremendous potential for elimination of corruption from Govt. offices if people take it seriously. are already in circulation in Visakhapatnam and Mumbai. A 24-hour call center will be set up in Chennai to help people who need assistance dealing with corrupt officials or authorities. The call center will empower the public to use the Right to Information Act.

  2. there’s no way it would help anything at all..
    I am damn sure that majority of the inidan population is oblivious about it as ankur.
    and even if it is publicised it wont be that effective for a longer period of time..
    well,this is just my opinion…

  3. Heard about it.. wonder if it will work!

    The problem is that a lot of times people are forced to bribe because the time cost involved in dealing with govt. officials is just too high. They have more important things to take care of and thus just want to get things done by hook or by croook. I wonder if giving a Zero rupee is going to piss off an already irate govt official and cause more delays..

  4. @Ankur Aggarwal:

    I couldn’t find their Bangalore number. Looks like they only have a Chennai and USA number:

    1, Anna Main Road,
    Chennai – 600 024
    Phone : 044 65273056
    Fax : 044 24759477
    Email Id:

    This is their website address, if you are interested.

    I think that at least someone has taken such a big initiative to curb the corruption in this country. Everyone else should support him. From what I can see, it hasn’t received much media attention. You can order these notes though. Right now, they aren’t printing a lot.

  5. @arvind:

    Why do you feel that it won’t help at all? Even I was oblivious until yesterday, but that may be because I don’t stay in India. I would have definitely ordered these notes and given them to anyone asking me for bribe. Any move like this will take some time to be effective, but IMO, people like you and me can make a big difference if we take a firm stand.

    @kpowerinfinity, I agree that they might get pissed off. But tell me one thing, do they have a right to get pissed off? No. They have to do your work. I think people like us are also to be blamed because we encourage corruption by greasing their hands. My family has never paid a bribe for getting anything done, incl. making passports etc. It does take a little longer to get the job done, I agree. Yesterday, even I was doubtful that the Govt. official might get pissed off and stuff. On the other hand, I feel that he should admire your courage! I’m sure people in India are not as busy as their Western counterparts. Most of us have domestic helpers who cook, clean etc. and we don’t even reach office until 9 am. People everywhere else reach office by 8 am! 🙂

  6. If the people are not afraid of the law..
    HOw can a Zero rupee note stop them from taking bribe..
    some people might feel embarrassed if given somthing like that,, but most people are so cheap that they will ask for real money..
    anwwya ,lets hope for the best

  7. @arvind:

    It’s not about them stopping to take bribe; it’s about us telling them that we won’t give them any bribe. If we don’t give, how will they get any bribe?

    I know most of them are very cheap and will say “Kya sahab..yeh toh nakli paisa hai..”blah blah… So, we can choose to walk away and let them know that we won’t be giving them any bribe.

    Like you said, let’s hope for the best 🙂

  8. I’d love to see dollar bills similar to this in the U.S.A. Then again,asking for that might as well be asking for more angry crooks. I agree, just see what does happen and hope for the best. 🙂

  9. @Raphy, do you come across corruption/bribery in the US? I have been here for more than 2 years and haven’t seen a single case of bribery. In India, you would be shocked to see that nothing gets done until you grease people’s hands with money!

  10. Haha actually I meant more like you can give that money to people who decide to rob the bank instead of getting a job, not quite the same thing though. Luckily, in my entire life I haven’t seen anyway wanting to take briberies, but I have met people who add $20 to the price of something so they can cheat people out of their money.

    By the way how did you get the social bookmarks bar, or is it just a customized version of the “Social Bookmarks 4 wordpress” script? Either way, it looks great!

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