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Yahoo Mash- No Splash Here

Raphy sent me an invitation for Yahoo! Mash a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to him, I got in within 48 hours of its opening 🙂 I have been meaning to do a post on it since quite some time, but haven’t been able to. Mash is still in Beta and is available by invitations only. So leave me a comment if you want an invite!

Customization- There is a lot of customization that you can do to your profile AND to your friend’s profiles, if they allow it. I think this is a new idea and can become a hit. However, I wouldn’t like someone editing my profile and writing stupid stuff all the time. You can restrict it to “Only Me”, Some of my friends (Best friends only, family only ), Any of my friends, or to Everyone (meaning even someone who is not on your friend list can edit it)

Profile Creation- Very easy process. Just click on any area and edit. You can also customize your wallpaper, fonts etc. By default, your display picture is the same as your Yahoo! Messenger (or Yahoo! Mail) display picture.

My Pet- You get to have your own pet and name it to. You can feed it, kill it (like I did), lick, mash it etc.

Blurb- This section reminds me of Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku and all those sites that keep your friends updated of your current status.

My Stuff- Add videos, songs, any other links etc.

Modules- Just like Facebook has Applications, Yahoo! Mash has Modules. Some of the most popular ones are- Flickr RSS Gallery (what is it with people posting every damn photo in their digital camera on Flickr and then showing off? I find it to be highly irritating and repulsive. I know Scoble does it all the time. He’s very happy that he’s already clicked about 36 GB worth of pictures of his new baby boy Milan), PimpMyPet (customize your pet), EgoBoost ( Is self loathing getting you down?), Astrology, Asteroids (Shoot the asteroids before they destroy you), Yahoo Weather, Gift for Friends (something like Free Gift on Facebook).

There is a lot going on there, but Yahoo! Mash faces stiff competition from Facebook, MySpace and Orkut (even though I’ve deleted my profile here. Can’t stand this social networking site. It sucks!). Not to forget, it’s only in Beta testing mode right now. The later it hits the general public, the more difficult it will get to play catch up. I don’t find any reason to become active on Mash in addition to Facebook.

Check out the screen shots in this blog.

You can read the Official Mash Blog to remain updated!

Rating: 6.5/10

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15 thoughts on “Yahoo Mash- No Splash Here

  1. Another social networking site??.. Nahiiiiii…

    The description makes it sound similar to FB.. I mean the stuff you can do… sound a lot like the FBook apps…!

    … and the profile colours… (going by the screenshots).. are closer to Orkut…. Face-Kut?… Ahem…. Pardon me..! 😀

  2. a few weeks back my roommate(works at Yahoo) was asking me to suggest modules for MASH and i suggested a module to show the flickr slideshow on MASH. If u ever use that module.. u know whom to thank!

    btw the social bookmarks bar is really nifty!

  3. @Amyth:

    Another social networking site??.. Nahiiiiii…

    Haha! My thoughts exactly.

    Yes, sounds very similar to Facebook. It’s something like MySpace meets Facebook. I liked the “My Pet” idea, but you can also adopt a pet at Facebook with the help of an application.

    I think it will be a BIG failure.

    @Ankur, I agree…I like their e-mail application though. No space limit! So, that’s a good thing. Yahoo! Maps is also much better than Google Maps (because of which I have ended up in a crap situation a couple of times). Did you check out their new Search Engine? They have kind of revamped it and are trying to compete with Google Search.

    @Sreejith, Oh really? 🙂 That’s really cool. Lots of people use the Flickr Module and I think that it’s THE most popular module at Mash. Good job dude!

    You can use the social bookmarks on your blog too. It’s quite easy. Check out this post.

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  5. Neat, I see you took to the same social bookmarks I use. I must admit it’s really cool.

    So Yahoo! Mash, it reminds me of Orkut, Facebook and to a certain extent even Netvibes. Even I’m fed up with Social Networking Websites, I don’t have the kind of time for them anymore. As far as I know, I’ve not even logged into Orkut for over 2 weeks now. Why did you go all the way and delete your profile though?

  6. @ish, my other bookmark didn’t work for some reason and I found this one on the same guy’s blog. So I went ahead and used it…

    I actually like Netvibes a lot, but haven’t gotten around to using it. Do you use it? I love their page integrator. It’s far cooler than iGoogle. I deleted my Orkut account because I waste too much of time on it. I have downloaded the contact information of all my friends there. I realized that I WILL keep in touch with people who matter to me anyway…Orkut or no Orkut 🙂 I’ve moved on to Facebook because of the privacy and the applications that I can play around with. I don’t encourage Orkut’s public scrap books. Some people have made it a personal mission to reach 10,000 scraps etc…pure madness.

  7. I know what you mean by wasting time on Orkut. I deleted my account on it once but then remade it. I don’t waste time on it anymore, I log in only when i get some comment or friend request. And since I’m not a chick, I don’t get many and all is well.

    I did use Netvibes at a time and was in love with it. Don’t use it a lot anymore though. And I’m using the same Social Bookmarking technique that you are using. It’s just that i use it only in the posts I make for hits and somehow I haven’t really made many of those in recent times. Otherwise I use my normal signature which provides links to the blog’s feed et’ al.

    And how do you get these related articles below the last comment?

  8. @Ish, Oh yes, I forgot about all those stupid friend requests and scraps! Haha..

    The other bookmark that I used to add to my posts is not working since 2 days; very weird! So, I’m using this one instead. Yeah, I saw your signature- it’s pretty cool! 🙂 I wish I had the patience to make one.

    What related articles are you talking about? I can’t see anything…

  9. Another social networking site??.. Nahiiiiii…

    I was not able to understand why yahoo started this yahoo mash.. Almost everyone has agreed that they can beat up facebook .. yahoo tried to purchase facebook but failed because of its unprofessional attitude.

    I wonder how many people will join yahoo mash when it is no more beta.. Yahoo already have nice website “yahoo answers”

  10. @nishu:

    yahoo tried to purchase facebook but failed because of its unprofessional attitude.

    Yeah, I remember this episode so well. Yahoo! Mash is a result of this particular fiasco.

    I wonder how many people will join yahoo mash when it is no more beta.. Yahoo already have nice website “yahoo answers”

    I agree…I didn’t find anything that I couldn’t already do at Facebook…Managing social networking sites itself has become a big headache now. Yahoo Answers is good, I agree. Even Yahoo Maps is pretty decent.

    Btw Nishu, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think you had commented once earlier too, but I had nothing to add then 🙂 Please keep visiting!

  11. This is the first that I have heard of mash. Yahoo is smart in trying to get their piece of the pie in the huge social network online sector. You should do a follow up post in a month or so to let us know how things work out over time.

  12. @Chris, Thank you for your comment. Yahoo! is definitely smart, yes. Try using Mash sometime and then let me know if you liked it. I can send you an invite if you want. I’ll try to do a follow up and note the changes. I’m not really active on it…so I must miss some points here and there.

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