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Krzysztof Kieslowski




31 thoughts on “Krzysztof Kieslowski

  1. bApHoMEt says:

    you like Kieslowski? Man, i was looking for someone who does. have you seen The Decalogue? you must. (you have no idea how excited i am, knowing that you are gonna watch/have watched Trois Coleurs).

  2. @bap, I have watched the Decalogue series…it’s mind blowing, to say at the least:) I bought this set as a collection. Have you seen The Double life of Veronique? Which is your favorite Kieslowski movie? I think Presti is also a big Kieslowski fan, right?

  3. Holy Moly! You bought it?

    I’m seriously contemplating getting it as well. Is 50 bucks too much? You ordered it via Netflix right? i’m yet to find something like that here.

    Been on a Wong Kar Wai marathon this weekend…you should try WKW too. Every single frame is a near masterpiece.

    I should do a Kieslowski marathon soon.

  4. @Maverick, it’s a DVD 🙂 Kieslowski is a great Polish director. You should watch his movies!

    @presti, I bought it from Amazon for USD 30. It was new and I had the pleasure of unwrapping it. And you said you went ahead and bought it? Haha…WOW! So I provoked you into shelling AUS 50, eh? 😛 Not bad! Heh. Where did you order it?

    I have heard a lot about WKW. I’ll order his movies on 21 grams next. I was busy finishing up all of Woody Allen’s works. Do let me know which one of WKW’s movies is the best.

    Btw did you notice my “special effects” in the pic? 😐 I used film grains and a softer background. Trying to learn something. Since nobody noticed it, I guess I failed. 😦

  5. Oh..special effects eh? I assumed you just used a camera phone. Oh well…kudos to you! 🙂

    I bought it from a store here for 40AUD, which actually is actually 36 AUD, so I guess it’s alright. Though I like my case a bit more…it’s just pencil like scrawls in three colors.

    As for WKW, try watching 2046 first. That’s how I started…then moved on to others.

  6. Oh..special effects eh? I assumed you just used a ca,ero phone. Oh well…kudos to you! 🙂

    No kudos then 😦 Shows the level of my “expertise”. I spent 30 mins trying to get the pic look like this..haha.

    All right, will order 2046 first then. Thanks for the suggestion. 36 AUD is not at all bad!! 🙂 Well done! I have seen the other cover that you’re talking about. I would loved to have that one too, but I didn’t get to choose unfortunately. Just ordered it online.

  7. Alright. I just saw Blue.

    Whatever I say may not express what I feel about the film coherently. Let’s just say that it was amazing. I’ll be watching White (for the second time) and Red later on this week.

    Damn…one of the finest experiences watching a film. Damn.

  8. bApHoMEt says:

    @Ruhi: Yes, I have watched The Double Life Of Veronique. My favourite work by Kieslowski is A Short Film On Killing, which is a part of The Decalogue.

    My favourite WKW film is In The Mood For Love.

    @Presti: Damn…one of the finest experiences watching a film. Damn.
    HALLELUIAH! i agree.

    @Presti and Ruhi: You must try the works of Abbas Kiarostami and Ken Loach if you are impressed so much by Kieslowski and WKW.

    @Presti (again): Any luck finding “My Blueberry Nights”?

  9. bApHoMEt says:

    @Ruhi: The music for the film is not given by the guy who is listed in the credits. There is an interesting story behind that. The actual music is given by a friend of Kieslowki and both of them pass it off as the work of some early composer. I read an article about it somewhere; don’t seem to remember from where.

  10. @bap- I liked that one too. It was bloody brilliant. I wish I could watch The Decalogue again, but I’ll have to re-order it. Probably I’ll buy it off some time.

    Thanks for the WKW suggestion. I’ll order The Mood for Love too. 🙂 As for the other two directors, I’ll conduct some research on them ASAP.

    The actual music is given by a friend of Kieslowki and both of them pass it off as the work of some early composer

    oh really? I thought so…the music seemed to be quite old compared to the era in which the film was shot. I’m not surprised…Kieslowski’s movies have haunting background scores nonetheless.

  11. Ok.. first time i saw the pic, i thought you got your hair coloured 😛 in my defence, the pic is very misleading!! then i read the comments and someone mentioned the Decalogue, so i went back and checked the name… and then it struck! i’ve seen some of the Decalogue btw.. its very very profound 🙂 And i am based in B’lore.

  12. Wong Kar-Wai’s hommage to Kieslowski was “2046” and “In the mood for love”. How exactly? Well, listen to what Antek tells Weronika after the tram-ride in Kieslowski’s “The Double Life Of Veronique” and take it from there.

    Kieslowski, who had to deal with censorship in communist Poland, liked to multi-layer his films and to play with those film critics who were keen to “suss out” his films and explain the “meaning” of them to their readers. Unfortunately, red herrings…

    In fact, if one thinks they have found a metaphor or meaning in a film of Kieslowski, they should be careful.
    He was no fool. He admitted he did not have the answers to life’s big questions; he made his films for his audience to ask questions and think (or feel, in the case of “The Double Life Of Veronique”).

    Alexandre FABBRI

  13. bApHoMEt says:

    @Lein: Yep, thats the interview where I read about the music. Thanks for the link.

    @Presti: Same here man. Trying to get my hands on it too. If you liked Kiarostami’s ‘Ten’, you must try his ‘Taste Of Cherry’.

    @Ruhi: If ye are gonna watch WKW. i’d also recommend ‘Chungking Express’, ‘Happy Together’, and ‘Days Of Being Wild’.

  14. @Lein, Thank you for that link and your insightful comment. Indeed, Kieslowski inter links many things together. For example, the Court scene in Bleu and the Court itself is the same one that we come across in Blanc. I checked out your blog too…you have a lot of impressive stuff on Kieslowski. Looks like you’re a great fan 🙂

    @bap- Thanks! Will add all to my Netflix queue (British spelling/word? nobody uses the word ‘queue’ in the US. In fact, in my personal experience, they don’t even understand what’s meant by ‘vomit’. You’ve got to say ‘puke’ or ‘throw up’.)

  15. bApHoMEt says:

    @Ruhi: I just saw that your previously watched film is ’21 Grams’. if you get a chance to see ‘Amores Perros’, it’ll be an awesome experience. you can add that to the queue. (although when i type ‘queue’, its nowhere near as sexy.)

  16. @bap- Already added it to my queue 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation! Added two more movies of Wong Kar-Wai. Btw, you should try Netflix too. There is a free 15 day trial also, in case you want to check it out first.

  17. bApHoMEt says:

    @Ruhi: in an interview (again, i lost the link), WKW once said that “2046” was not a sequel to “In The Mood For Love”. He said that it was another film featuring the same characters. i felt it was true. Both films can exist without the other.

  18. bApHoMEt says:

    @Ruhi: if ‘2046’ is a sequel to ‘In The Mood For Love’, then I guess ‘Days of Being Wild’ is a prequel. In many ways, they form a sort of trilogy.

  19. bApHoMEt says:

    @Ruhi: Although stylistically, ‘Days Of Being Wild’ is very different. That was Christopher Doyle’s first film as cinematographer for WKW. And all of WKW’s earlier films utilised very hurried camera. The later films are more mellow and the camera is merely an observer.

  20. @bap- OK. Then I think I should watch “Days of Being Wild’ first. I’ll add that too. 🙂 Thanks for your detailed analysis. You and presti watch a lot of movies, which is good. I love watching all kinds of movies too. But I must confess, I can’t watch the trashy, chick-flick kinds.

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