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Dumbledore’s Gay!


JK Rowling said so. :O Read it for yourself…this is absolute craziness. Now all those Christian groups will want this book to be banned, calling it a bad influence. I’m really amused. I think Rowling is making up stories to create controversies.

Please read this comment before you start bombarding me and telling me that I’ve got a problem with gay/bisexual headmasters or mentors. Also, if your post is a direct retaliation to my post, then provide a track back or link to my post. At least, let your readers know who the other blogger is whom you’re talking about. I have come across at least two blogs that are attacking my post, without even reading the discussion in the comments section. There is nothing more annoying than being misunderstood.

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42 thoughts on “Dumbledore’s Gay!

  1. You’re evil! I was gonna write about this too. I will anyway 😛

    But I don’t understand what Rowling is trying to do. If he was gay all along, she should have revealed it before his death. I don’t have a problem with him being gay but then there will be many parents who wouldn’t want a gay headmaster being their mentor. Weird thing I conclude.

  2. Right; as if we couldn’t tell from the shimmering gossamer gowns of flowing purple lace. Solidified by Kingsley saying “he’s got style” which could have been like an episode of queer eye for the straight warlock. But, gay wormfood doesn’t make gay worms

  3. @ish:

    I like your blog post on this topic better. I was too pissed off to write anything more. I think she’s trying to get media attention…and nothing else. Her series is over and this is her way of creating controversies. I don’t know how she can say that Dumbledore was gay…there was nothing in the book that suggested it. It’s plain ridiculous. This was a series where even kissing was a big thing? And now she says that the Headmaster was gay? Awesome. I hope she shuts up so that I don’t lose more respect for her.

    @Patrick– Exactly! I’m so pissed off…at JK Rowling.

  4. Karl D says:

    Who decides which books get press (Gay-promoting Harry Potter) and which get censored? After all, censorship is becoming America’s favorite past-time. The US gov’t (and their corporate friends), already detain protesters, ban books like “America Deceived” from Amazon and Wikipedia, shut down Imus and fire 21-year tenured, BYU physics professor Steven Jones because he proved explosives, thermite in particular, took down the WTC buildings. Free Speech forever (especially for books).
    Last link (before Google Books caves to pressure and drops the title):

  5. I think she got really loony towards the end of the series anyway. I never really appreciated all those smooches in part 6. And now saying that Dumbledore is gay is completely out of nowhere. She should have thought that he was a role model and even if the society is pretty much open these days, not many people would like their kids to have gays as role models. Imagine some kid going, “Mom! I’m gonna be like Dumbledore and I’m gonna turn gay!”. It doesn’t work like that. None of the books even touched issues like sexual orientation and now suddenly Dumbledore became gay out of nowhere. It’s not fair with the reader, the book and the character.

  6. Hehe my answer is short. Holy Shit. I thought I would have noticed, or at least suspected it. I usually suspect everyone is. haha. I agree with what everyone that says though, it probably is a publicity stunt. Next thing you know they create a book list for only gay people to read, and that particular book that J.K. Rowling says suggests Dumbledore is gay might be on it.I still rather enjoyed the books though.

  7. By the way, this book already is prohibited to be read by Christians and Catholics. Supposedly, reading books on witchcraft like Harry Potter is a sin. I think that makes a tally of 4 trillion sins for the world.

  8. Swen says:

    Do you think more people are going the books because just because she said that Dumbledore is gay. She might have really imagined him like that but never brought it out because its a kids book.

    Anyhoo i couldn’t care less i don’t like the serious anyway.

  9. @ish:

    @ish, Yeah…it’s just plain weird. It reminds me of that chat show that she had where she made up the answers on the spot. Looks like she’s getting very good at this kind of stuff. All these tidbits might diminish the value of the series in the long run. I hope she realizes that!

    @Swen, I think the Human Right activists will definitely buy more books and propagate her work because one of the key characters is now supposedly gay? It’s so freaking stupid. There wasn’t even a single incident in the book betn. Dumbledore and Grindelwald that justifies Rowling’s statement. Yes, she might have imagined it, I agree. But wouldn’t her writing have gotten “influenced” by such imagination? It’s kind of funny that the entire series is a figment of her imagination, but this particular piece hasn’t been incorporated. Signs of a bad writer?

    I actually started liking the series only around 2003-04 onwards.

  10. Swen says:

    But considering its a kid book , how exactly would you incorporate it? HP rushing into the room to find Dumbledore quickly push something/someone into the closet and acting weirdly afterwards.

    That said , i really never tried reading any HP book. Didn’t really feel like after LOTR. So my opinion really doesn’t count 🙂

  11. @Swen, Since you’ve read LOTR, your opinion carries a lot of value. Rowling has been influenced by Tolkien to a very great extent. Even Dante.

    Since the gay theme can’t be incorporated in the book, is it necessary for her to reveal this “important” piece of news now? Have you ever thought of Gandalf in LOTR as being gay? Just because a character didn’t have a love interest of the opposite sex doesn’t mean that he/she is gay.

    Look at Indians. So many of us have arranged marriages and family assumes that the kid has never had any love interest before. 😛 Does that make those men/women homosexuals? Hehe.

    I think this revelation will give birth to amazing fan fictions. I think Rowling got this idea after reading a fan fiction. Her 7th book definitely read like one. She probably visits The Leaky Lounge Forum and picks up her ideas from there.

  12. Swen says:

    Who made that important actually? Sounds like she casually mentioned it and it below over. Maybe she never had to mention it. But then its her book , her characters and if she had an inner idea about a character she might as well express it.

    And don’t you take the name of Gandalf in vain. 😛 Just messing with you.

  13. sk says:

    I Hate You, Rowling, I Really Do. Truly. Madly. Deeply.

    Thank you SO much for hurting my intelligence.

    Rowling, I WANT TO PUNISH YOU!



    UNTIL YOUR HAND START BLEEDING. please stop questioning our intelligence by writing such hogwash and then acting as if you have written the BIGGEST EPIC in the history of literature!!!!

    DISCLAIMER: All opinions expressed here are those of their authors and not of the commenter. Any similarity to actual person’s, living or dead, is coincidental. Warranty void if seal broken. Shake well before use. Contents may shift during handling. Warning: hot liquid inside. Do not ingest.

  14. bApHoMEt says:

    @All: J.K.Rowling is having withdrawal syndrome. She just cannot leave that story after it’s done. Now that she brings a new take on things, maybe she can go back and milk the cow till the udder rots. There can be Harry Potter spinoffs and prequels now because of the options thrown open.

    Dumbledore and The Magic Broom Stick
    Dumbledore and The Great Balls of Fury
    Dumbledore and The Lord of His Thing
    Dumbledore and The Two Towers of Gondolin

    imagine the TV series that could rock the sitcom universe:

    “From the makers of Will and Grace comes the new hit comedy series –

  15. @Maverick, Yeah…that’s also true. Actually nothing depends on Dumbledore being gay. What about McGonagall? Does that make her a lesbian too?

    @ Swen, All right! I’ll never take the Lord’s name in vain. Heehee. Actually Rowling knew that it will be blown out of proportion. That’s the reason she did it.

    @sk, Thank you for reminding me about my favorite post. Your disclaimer is all wrong. Don’t tell me you learn things without understanding the meaning 😛

    @bap- I like the third one the best. Leaves a lot to my dirty imagination. Heh.

    You could have kept a better name for the comedy series-

    “ALBUS and GRINDELWALD?”. / “ROWLING and MINERVA” 😉 I speculate that Minerva was a lesbian since she didn’t have a love interest either. Hehe.

  16. nikhilkumar says:

    NO WONDER HARRY LIKED OL’ DUMBY SO MUCH! I always wondered how someone could like his/her principal so much!!! lol… 😀

    and yeah, would’ve come to ur site sooner, but circumstances forbade… 🙂

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  18. Vladimir says:

    OK, first I’ll write LOL

    J.K.Rowling is creator of all characters and book in general so she can say whatever comes on her mind, and if she says that Dumbledore is gay, than he is… But I don’t think that this is necessarily… Really, it ruin my view on Dumbledore…

    And one more thing, this is obviously some trick to get book selling… Lame!!!!!!!!!

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  20. @nikhilkumar:

    Haha! Poor Ginny 😛 Doesn’t know that she’s dealing with a bisexual.

    @Vladimir, I wouldn’t say that it ruined my view of him. His sexuality doesn’t matter to me, but I think that this little piece of information was quite unnecessary and might have been done to get media attention. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  21. @Ruhi: Haha don’t worry about Ginny. She’s bisexual too and is going around with his brother’s wives a.k.a. Fleur and Hermoine! Actually Rowling has given fan fiction writers a brand new life now. Look at what’s gonna come now. Harry Potter Sex stories!

  22. @ish:

    Oh God! You’re horrrible…LOL. I actually like Fleur the best and wouldn’t mind… (fill in the blanks).

    I shall be looking forward to some great fan fiction. Nikhil (in my blogroll) has a nice video on the homosexual relationship betn. Ron and Harry. Hehe.

    You asked me that “Related Posts” thing earlier too. And I think I said that it’s just a Pingback and nothing more. I like the way this theme puts all the pingbacks together at the end in pink color. Looks pretty pretty. 🙂

  23. Haha, I actually just saw that video before reading this comment. It’s hilarious. Especially the part where Ron goes “You’re fraternizing with the enemy!”. Amazing lol.

    I remember asking you earlier but I never found that post again. Maybe I should subscribe to the comment feed too. Yes, these pingbacks look really pretty at the end. It actually looks like you’ve got Sphere Related content on your blog.

  24. iSK says:

    “Your disclaimer is all wrong.”

    It’s wrong? So, should it be, “Dumbledore’s Gay!” instead? By the way, if Harry’s girlfriend, Margerine, is transsexual, does that make Harry gay, because I thought that was how the series would end?

    Disclaimer: I shalt not covet my neighbor’s wife. I shalt covet my neighbor instead! Oops.

  25. @Ish, yeah, i loved that video too. Mine is a popular blog 😉 You should subscribe to my comments. Heh.

    @isk, Finally , you crossed the bridge and became an Apple fan.

  26. Broom says:

    ruhi & ish, what is wrong with someone being gay? or bisexual? are you implying that as a bisexual woman I shouldn’t be allowed to be a headmistress at a school? or work in any position where children are involved?
    Homosexual does not mean paedophile, you know.
    As for JKR doing this for publicity, she’s the LAST person on earth that needs any more publicity.

  27. @Broom:

    I think you misunderstood me. You need to read the entire discussion preceding your comment to really know what we were talking about. Firstly, what made you think that I don’t know the meaning of “pedophile”? I never said that I’ve got a problem with gay or bisexual people. In fact, I have a couple of friends who are gay. My problem is with Rowling’s announcement of Dumbledore’s sexuality because it is totally irrelevant to the series. Does this revelation add anything at all to the series? Would you re-evaluate any of the scenes of the seven novels? No.

    So what was the point of this announcement? She says that she didn’t realize the uproar and media attention that this piece of news would receive. This I think is a big fabricated lie. Of course she knew it. Don’t tell me she didn’t have PR advisors? She knows very well that it’s big news, esp. if you take into account the Human Rights activists and the Christianity groups. She did it for a purpose, whatever that purpose is. I’m all for gay rights and stuff. I have no problem with that. If this promotes the gay community, then I’m genuinely happy for them. I have a problem with tidbits like these which are irrelevant to the story. If she had such a strong feeling for this whole issue, then why didn’t she announce it earlier, before the series ended?

    If you remember, she had a Bloomsbury chat after the book release, where she gave out lots of information on the lives of the characters in the book after the 7th book ends. She admitted herself that she made up lots of those answers on the spot. So, I do have the liberty to think that she thought of Dumbledore’s sexuality during the press conference. You never know! I know it’s her story and all and that she can say whatever she wants to. Similarly, I’m one of her fans and can analyze her actions on my blog too 🙂

    Why doesn’t she need publicity? Just because she’s richer than the Queen? Just because she’s sold so many copies? I am a big fan of Harry Potter novels. I can’t think of any other book in the last 50 years or so that has been given so much of media attention and press coverage. It has a lot to do with the Advertising firm that her Publishing house hired. If you read more news articles, you must’ve read that part of the reason HP series became so famous was because of the advertising. You can go back to my archives and see the number of posts I have on Harry Potter. So, if I do speak anything against Rowling, it won’t be because of dislike or hatred.

    People get used to being in the spot light. She received massive coverage while she was writing those books and also before the release of the last one. You’ve got to agree that the amount of news pieces on her have reduced gradually. Her Book Tour’s a very good opportunity for her to get some more prime time. There is only so much of publicity that you can receive.

    If you still don’t see my point, then I think we need to agree to disagree, at least on this issue. 🙂

  28. Broom says:

    ruhi, if she had said “Dumbledore was married to an Indian mystic” or “Hermione’s father runs an IT company.” or something like that, we would all just be like, “Oh! cool!”. Nobody would be debating why she said this after the entire series was done & dusted.
    I did read the entire discussion before commenting. And actually ish’s comment about parents not wanting gay headmasters was the first comment left here. And that is what upset me, not so much your post.
    I am extra-sensitive about this subject, so if you think I have over-reacted, then apologies. Let’s agree to disagree.

    PS. I didn’t imply that you didn’t know what paedophile meant. There is a fairly common prejudiced perception that homosexual folk should not be allowed near children and that is why I mentioned it.

  29. One more evidence that JKR has truely turned mad… I expect writing so many books permanently made her deranged. 🙂 (The last book being the tipping point)

    Or else she still wants to make money off Harry Potter by creating controversy. Now u’ve got to remember that too much money can make u mad. 😛

  30. @Broom:

    Yes, I understand what you mean…no harm 🙂

    There is a fairly common prejudiced perception that homosexual folk should not be allowed near children and that is why I mentioned it.

    That’s just plain stupidity and ignorance…I wish people were smarter than that.

    I’m glad that you were sporting enough to comment on my post even though you didn’t like comments section and I apologize if ish’s comment or even mine offended you. I didn’t want to offend anyone.


    It takes a real fan like you to recognize the symptoms of insanity 😉 Now that she has so much of time on her hands…she doesn’t know what to do. Heh.

    Have you considered shifting to WP? It would be much easier for us at WP to keep track of comments left on your blog and vice versa 😛

  31. @broom, Cool then! You’re a great reader and I hope you won’t stop coming to my blog. I don’t know how I found your blog, but I really liked it and it’s just a little crazy that we started off on the wrong foot. 🙂

  32. I know that WP is 10x better than Blogger… but i’ll then have to switch to a my own server to exploit the real potential of WP. Nevertheless, i still think Blogger can still improve…


  33. @carrotmadman, Ahh…so you won’t shift anytime soon? 😛 I thought I would try and get you to shift. It will only take 10 minutes? You can even import all your posts and comments here…hehe. And then, when you shift to your own server, then life will be beautiful 😉

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