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I’m a famous Momma Blogger

Recently, I’ve only been stumbling upon so many of those so-called “mommy blogs”- blogs in which moms talk about their husbands, their kids, husband’s jobs, kid’s schooling, the clothes they bought, what their dog ate, what their neighbors did, what their colleagues, ex-colleagues, ex-schoolmates, ex-college mates, ex-boyfriends are doing. It doesn’t end there. Some of these blogs have many ardent followers, many of whom are only silent readers, who come back every single day, just like vultures hover over a dead cat’s body, to extract and absorb the freshest of juices and meat. The more verbal ones share their husband stories, kids’ stories, shopping stories, cooking stories, neighbor’s stories, bitching stories, so on and so forth. This leads to many intellectually stimulating discussions in the comments section. Satisfied, they go back to their blogs and write similar posts, all of which are carbon copies of each other, as far as the melodrama and emotions are concerned.

What happens when they get married and have kids? Do they lose their individuality? Do their worlds only revolve around their husband and kids? Do they lose their opinions on the current happenings of the world? I prefer opinionated people to non-opinionated ones. What do their newspapers look like? Let me take a guess:

Top Headlines:

Baby fell from the chair and was rushed to Cox’s Medical Center (OMG! All my neighbors and relatives will write me off as a good mom. *sobs*)

Husband had a bad day and needed some bedroom services

The $100 flower vase broke and needs to be replaced with a $200 new vase.

The neighbors got a new Ferrari (Need to tell husband to trade in our BMW for a new Ferrari).

Schoolmate got married and is happy. WHY?! (I’m sure she’s not happy. Let me ring up schoolmate# 2 and get the inside scoop).


I have put on weight and need to get up from the couch sometimes to lose some love handles. (Sure!)

Husband will take our dog for a walk.


The neighbors had a big fight this weekend. (I could actually listen to every single word this time. I feel so happy!)

Husband fought with mom-in-law for my sake. (Finally he realized my importance)

Had enough? Me too. Just add “Life”, “Ramblings”, “Thoughts” or something similar to your “Tag Surfer” at WordPress. You’ll be surprised by the number of posts that’ll pop up. Some people have all the luck. They live through every single minute in their lives twice- once, when they actually experience it; and second, when they blog about it.

Don’t misunderstand me by thinking that I don’t support personal blogging. I do. In fact, I have a personal blog too, but I keep it private. Nobody even knows about it. I don’t pretend like I’m blogging about the most interesting thing in the entire world. If you’ve noticed, most of your melodramatic posts receive lots of hits. Why? Because people like reading about other people’s lives. It makes them feel better. So, the next time you don’t know what to blog about, then make a trip to one of these “mommy blogs”, take a cue, and write your post!

Ten years down the line, I hope I don’t end up like one of them. 😐


15 thoughts on “I’m a famous Momma Blogger

  1. thats quite true..blogging does go overboard sometimes… 😛
    i liked the pics very much…very ture.. 🙂
    to be very frank i hate personal blogs..
    who say good morning every day,who write about their cofee they had..
    it never interests me…and i have mentioned it in my blog too 😛 .
    i love more of a entertainment blogs..which gives us new information about something idont knw.

  2. bApHoMEt says:

    I can understand why people write about the mundane things. However crappy it gets, you can still say that they’re expressing themselves. What i dont get is the blogs from/about cats and dogs.

  3. @arvind:

    @Arvind, I agree totally. There are people out there who read blogs to keep in touch with each other probably. They like reading about what their friends do everyday etc. There are some more who just love reading gossip.

    @Nishu, Even I use Firefox and have never encountered this problem. Try enabling the pop-up blocker. If that doesn’t work, then I don’t know…kind of sounds weird to me. Maybe you have spam and spyware on your computer. You can run Ad-Aware or something similar.

    @bap- Yes, I understand what you mean. Like I said, even I do that. What I can’t tolerate are those bitchy blogs where the authors writes a post only to criticize every single thing in their lives. Of course, it is possible that they might be going through a bad patch. But more often than not, they specialize in those kind of posts and what’s worse is that they have regular followers who come back for such fodder.

    Blogs on cats/dogs? Haven’t come across even one. Perhaps you should send me a link next time 🙂

    Btw, I watched Amores Perros. Was a very good first movie! Up next is “In the Mood for Love”.

  4. thanks for ur advice.. ruhi
    but I am using debain so there is no point of adware or spyware. plus popup blocker is enabled too.. Today I got no pop ups on your blog. But it happened a number of times earlier.
    I thinks its something related to .. have u got any widget downloading something from that website

  5. @Nishu:

    Oh you use Debain? That’s really cool! I wasn’t aware that causes pop-ups. Yes, the widget downloads my current mood from the website. I’ll remove it if it causes trouble to anyone else. Thank you for letting me know, by the way. 🙂

  6. @nova – Yeah 🙂 I don’t say that everyone is like that. But these blogs make me feel apprehensive and wonder if they even have a ‘life’ to talk about.

  7. I was laughing reading the momma blog headlines…but then that is true… (self-depricatingly) about women ….

    Hey, why is that in google reader your posts are not complete, while I do not see any more link on your posts?

  8. @poonam, I have made a setting here at WP which publishes only the first couple of lines in the Reader. So, you need to come back here to read the rest of the post.

    [while I do not see any more link on your posts?]

    what do you mean by this exactly?

  9. Hey, how did you make that setting?

    Secondly, I have seen several people putting “Read more” link, which again requires someone to come to the blog to read it completely. But in your case, it does not tell that your post is incomplete, there is no “more” link…it just strangely publishes two-three lines?

    And BTW,

    Wish you a very happy Diwali (advance wishes) ! 🙂

  10. @Poonam Sharma:

    Hey A Very Happy Diwali to you too 🙂

    You can go to Options–>Reading–>Syndicate Feeds and change the setting. This will automatically produce only 2-3 lines in the RSS feeds, but complete posts on your blog.

    The Read More link appears when you use in your post. I don’t use that. The drawback with “Read More” is that it publishes only whatever lines you choose by default even on your blog.

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