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What are your Essential Blogging Tools?

Most of us who blog regularly use some kind of an external service to make the process of blogging easier. I will share seven of my favorite blogging tools in this post-

1. Windows Live Writer: I’m not such a big Microsoft “hater” afer all. The two Microsoft products that I absolutely love are Windows Live Writer and Microsoft Office 2007. WLW is a simple desktop application that can be used for writing your posts and pages offline. It’s very helpful for people who don’t have 24/7 Internet connection. You can add more than one WordPress account to it. There are also additional plug ins that can be downloaded.

The software is still in Beta mode, but is extremely stable. I think the final release will be announced very soon. Please read the WLW team blog for more information.

2. Social Bookmarking- Many people use different social book marking sites such as digg, technorati, delicious, furl, stumbleupon etc. to increase their blog traffic. Recently, even I started using them to provide users with a way to bookmark my blog. I have received a lot of traffic from Digg, Technorati and Stumbleupon. I have received many e-mails asking me for help regarding this matter. So, those of you who want to use social bookmarks in their blogs, can refer to this post of mine.

3. Flickr– Great way to add pictures to your blog in case you have run out of your storage space at WordPress. Flickr is integrated with your Yahoo account, which most of us use. So, you don’t even need to create another account. I use Flickr for almost all of my imaging needs. In addition to uploading your own pictures, Flickr also has an amazing community of very talented photographers who take the time to comment on your pictures. Even though I don’t upload any personal pictures on Flickr, I know many people who do so and are addicted to it. You can also use the Flickr widget on WordPress to display your pictures in the sidebar.

4.– Online bookmarking at its best. Whenever you come across an interesting post or site, just bookmark it using or some other bookmarking site. I prefer online bookmarking because it lets me retrieve my favorite pages from any computer. also has a bookmarklet for Firefox users. Various bookmarks can be arranged with tags and shared on WordPress using a widget.

5. Google Reader– Absolutely essential to read updates on the blogs that you follow. This one has become my favorite because it has a lovely interface and has a minimalist look to it. Earlier, I was a big fan of Bloglines. What I really like about Google Reader is that you can share some items with your readers on WordPress. Besides, you can “star” items if you would like to do a follow up. You can also integrate the Google Reader in your GMail Inbox, according to the steps illustrated in this post. Read the Google Reader Team’s Blog for more information.

6. co.mments– Great way to track your comments not only on WordPress but also on other sites and blogs. All that you’ve got to do is add a bookmarklet to your favorite browser and click on it either before/after you comment. I don’t if you people have faced this problem, but recently, I’ve noticed that the “My Comments” section of WordPress has become quite slow. Also, it doesn’t store all the comments that you made on different blogs. If you use co.mments, then all your comments will remain on the tracking page, unless you choose to remove them. Besides, you can also share your comments on other sites and blogs with your readers, like I do.

7. WordPress Ninja Comment- Isn’t it annoying to individually go to each post, and then click on comment and reply to everyone? If you have a large number of posts and an ever larger number of readers responding to them, then I’m sure you know how time-consuming it is. WordPress Ninja Script is your solution to this problem. Refer to the above link to read more about it.

So, what are you favorite blogging tools? 🙂


17 thoughts on “What are your Essential Blogging Tools?

  1. Ah, I haven’t ever used any external writers. Must do that when I get the time. But yea, I can’t survive without Google Reader.

    And you’re lucky you get hitz from Digg etc. I don’t get anything at all!

  2. hey thanks ruhi. your 6 and 7 are something i shd try out. it gets really difficult! and as for google reader i have it but tend to visit people only on my blogroll and surfer! you are on mine now! 🙂
    but i need to use my google reader better.

  3. thats a usefull post ..
    though i havent used the writers ..i have heard about it ..i guess 😛
    will use it in future..
    you missed one important engine submitters..
    that helps you a lot….

  4. WLWriter… great piece of software but unfortunately it doesn’t upload images to Picasa for Blogger…. 😀
    Btw, i’ve got a local forum that’s offering a free 2GB WP blog, but i want to total control over my blog… (FTP access, etc.)

    Google Reader is too good… i don’t know how i could have tracked all my fav blogs one by one! 😀

    Amazing wordpress script!!! Yet another reason to move to WP. 😉

  5. @Nova:

    Thank you! 🙂 It does take about 45 minutes. But I type really fast. Most of the people call me Ms. Zombie.

    @ish, Google Reader is absolutely indispensable. It saves SO much of time. Imagine visiting 20-30 blogs every day and waiting for the page to re-load every time. Seeing all the updates after they have been downloaded to your Reader is so much easier. I love the things technology is doing to make our lives easier.

    @Swen, Great 🙂 Looks like almost everyone uses Google Reader. Being away from home with nothing to do makes me write such long posts. Generally, I don’t write such long posts. Neither am I so regular.

    @Patrick, You are such a techie (I’m back complimenting myself for using these tools) 😉

    @Nita, Thank you for adding me to your Blogroll. 🙂 I know you’re giving #7 a try. Please try #6 too. You won’t be disappointed. It saves you a lot of time if you use an integrator. The best thing about it is that you can let your readers track your comments on other blogs, which I’m sure people like me would want to do.

    @Arvind, You should try using a Writing tool. Much easier to write posts. You can align pictures in a better manner too. Once you use WLW, you won’t feel like composing another posts in the WordPress Editor.

    Which search engine submitter are you talking about? Do you mean Digg etc?

    @Carrot, Of course! See what Blogger’s doing to you? Won’t upload pics from a rival (Picasa). Hey can you tell me which local forum is this? I might be interested. Having total control is a little troublesome for someone like me who’ll have to learn how to do it. 🙂

    Amazing wordpress script!!! Yet another reason to move to WP. 😉

    Blogger commenting’s horrible. So, am I making you think about WP again? 😉

  6. Well, i will use those writers you are talking about..
    i am quite surprised you are oblivious about search engine submitter..No its not digg..
    nevermind,there are umpteen number of search engine submitters available ..the submit ur blogs to about 100 search engine on the web including google it increases ur number of visitors who are looking for some vital info..

  7. @Carrot, Thanks for the information. Will check it out 🙂 I don’t like the blog URL very much.

    Since you have such a big blog, hosting it on your own server would be the best thing to do. I would like to put some ads on my blog, but WP doesn’t allow it. 😦

    @Arvind, Yes, I have heard about them vaguely but never used it. I’ll do it if I can put ads on my blog. 🙂

  8. Hey one needs to install the .NET framework b4 u use Windows Live Writer.Shold hv forewarned guys with limited net access b4 they downloaded WLW.Dont u think?

  9. xntricpundits says:

    Here are the tools I use
    2]Google notebook
    Of these three add-ons 1&2 lets you collect and organize information.Clipmarks helps you clip required information(text,pics,videos) and add it to your blog.

    4]Lifehacker’s Texter- that saves keystrokes by replacing abbreviations with commonly used phrases you setup in its preferences.Must tool.

    5]If you do lot of copy,pasting the links -Use Ditto-wonderful clipboard tool.
    6]Microsoft Onenote-Best but least known of Microsoft office applications-tool for gathering information,note taking,organizing the collected information.
    +Google reader,delicious,flickr.Flickr for the same reason you mentioned(Great way to add pictures to your blog in case you have run out of your storage space at WordPress.)

  10. @xntricpundits, Firstly, Thanks for discovering my blog 🙂

    I love your list! I use the Google Notebook ALL the time. That’s one of the best browser extensions out there. I should give Lifehacker’s Texter a try. Microsoft OneNote is another favorite of mine. In fact, I have reviewed it on my blog. I wish more people would use it.

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