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Happy Diwali

“Come out into the universe of Light, Everything in the universe is yours; stretch out your arms and embrace it with love”

– Swami Vivekananda

I’m a little late doing a Diwali post compared to my other blog friends. So, Wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous Diwali! 🙂

I wish I could burst fire crackers and hear some noise. I miss the commotion and the general hustle bustle in India. A couple of days before Diwali, I would go to the firecrackers market with my father to purchase fireworks supply that would last me at least for four days. Here, the silence comes to haunt me, especially during Diwali. All of you who are still with your family should feel really lucky and appreciate it because it’s only when you move away from home do you realize the importance of being together on festivals.

I have tried to make my house look a little festive by putting up (christmas) lights and burning candles. I will probably try to make some kind of sweet (probably Gulab Jamun because it’s very easy and can be made using the ready made Mix).
Here’s a picture of some Gulab Jamun that I had cooked a couple of weeks back-

haloween 048

Not bad, eh? What do you say?


22 thoughts on “Happy Diwali

  1. bApHoMEt says:

    how far are you from frederick? maybe i can come by and eat some of those delicious looking gulab jamuns.

    happy diwali!

  2. @Carrot, You lucky thing! We aren’t allowed to burst firecrackers within city limits. Plus, I think we also need a license of some sort 😦

    Happy Diwali!! Eat lots of sweets 🙂

    @Bharath, Happy Diwali to you too 🙂

    @Bap- I am 15 hours away from Frederick by road. LOL. But you are very welcome if you can drive. I have done 13 hours to CO. 15 hours wouldnt be too bad!

    And a very happy Diwali to you too.

  3. ulag says:

    Well almost everyone i know who’ve bin abroad have always told me tht the first thing tht hits thm is the silence. Its just not populated enough. Here any festival is the time fer ppl to put up loudspeakers and blare away the latest movie songs. Add to tht the crackers of diwali and its complete chaos theory!!! But you’ll find tht nowadays a lot of ppl hav stopped buying crackers for reasons ranging from child-labour to noise and smoke pollution. But its really cool at night. I just hafta go to my terrace and i can see the night sky being adorned with the occasional showers of green,red and orange flares from those rockets. Ofcourse an occasional rocket will fly at low altitudes and find its way into my bedroom thru the window 😛

    Anyway….Happy Diwali!!!

  4. Happy Diwali, Ruhi!

    Well, I live here in India and I don’t like to burst crackers. Everybody tells me I’m insane. Well maybe. I like watching them though but too much of those bombs and my head goes haywire.

    Btw, I’d love to eat them gulaab jamuns!

  5. @Ulag, Yes…I’m aware of the child labor that’s used to make fire-crackers. It’s been quite some time since I purchased any. As a kid, I used to 😛 That was the only thing that I used to look forward to…these days, it’s more to do with EATING! LOL.

    Happy Diwali! Fun times…

    @Amit, How’s Calcutta doing? 😦 Man…I miss that city so much. It was great fun…I feel so very nostalgic.

    @Ish, Hehe…I never liked those bombs actually…I like the ones that produce pretty light. I think Diwali should be about light and brightness. It’s after all the “Festival of Lights” and not “Festival of Noise”. But you know how Indians love being noisy…whether it is Diwali or not…Indians are always too loud. There was this one time I was sitting at Starbucks in an airport; I got so freaking annoyed…there were these two Indians who were talking so LOUDLY…you could only hear their voice. I looked at them a couple of times, but they didn’t get the message.

    Yes, my gulab jamuns were very tasty. I distributed them among my neighbors too 😛 Tonight, I’ll make some more. US Diwali has just started. Hehe.

    Hope you had fun! 🙂

  6. Calcutta doing fine.. same ol’ .. I was disgusted with the Puja crowd at Kolkata.. After some 4-5 years I went out to “Pandal-hopping” at the insitence of a few friends… and then got pick-pocketed off my cell..

    (I understand it has NOTHING to do with ur question!)… but I was so DISGUSTED… that I had to mention this! 😀

  7. @Amyth:

    Yes, I know what you mean. It’s been more than 5 yrs since I went pandal hopping myself. I can’t stand the crowd on the streets. Plus, there’s too much of noise. It looks like everyone’s out on the streets…Seeing people so decked up makes me sweat.

    Sorry to hear about your cell phone. There are such cheapos out there…you really have to be careful.

  8. Yes, I also miss celebrating Diwali. I miss that commotion, that madness and that noise. Atleast you are making an attempt to do something to simulate that experience. Your gulab jamuns look very delicious.:)
    Happy Diwali !

  9. tismarkhan says:

    happy diwali to you too….
    i dont this theme..lot fo space waste on either sides..
    Gulab jamum looks good, but are u sure u cooked it?
    it looks like u poured a haldiram can there
    common come clean??

  10. @lallopallo:

    Happy Diwali to you as well 🙂

    Actually, I never do anything. This year, I felt like doing something because it gets very depressing otherwise.


    None of the themes at WP are perfect…My hunt is still on.
    I made those Gulab Jamuns mister! Stop being so jealous 😉

    @nita, Thanks 🙂 Hope you had a good trip and an enjoyable vacation away from all the noise.

  11. fibinse says:

    Hey happy belated diwali to u too.
    To tell ya,delhi was even more smoggy than before CNG buses (came into being) this diwali.
    Hey about d gulab jamuns,if they are a coupla weeks old-Do trash them.
    And gulab jamuns are ‘posed to hv a crusty,yummy deep brown layer o’er dem rite??

  12. @fibinse,

    Happy Diwali!

    [Hey about d gulab jamuns,if they are a coupla weeks old-Do trash them.]

    Well..I said that I cooked this batch a couple of weeks back. Doesn’t imply that they’re still in my fridge. This pic was taken when I cooked them.

    [And gulab jamuns are ‘posed to hv a crusty,yummy deep brown layer o’er dem rite??]

    I’m no expert. I did my best. While in India, I wouldn’t even have dreamed of cooking sweets at home. I’m sure you don’t.

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