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Huit faits aléatoires sur moi

Shefaly has tagged me. So, here I am, dutifully obeying her command.

Eight Random Facts About Me

1. My brain is like a GPS Navigator. Usually, all I need to know is the direction of a particular place (as in, North, South, East or West) and I manage to get there even though the city might be completely new to me. Also, I never forget a particular road if I’ve ever traveled through it. Years down the line, I can recall any person’s house in details even though I might have been there only once, for a couple of minutes.

2. I have a very large ear-ring collection. People hardly ever see me repeating them. I aspire to have the world’s largest collection of ear-rings 🙂

3. I change between being an introvert and an extrovert depending upon the situation. Professionally, I would label myself as an extrovert. I don’t have a problem talking about stuff that are related to my work. But I try my best to avoid parties and other social gatherings, where I wear my introverted cap very often.

4. As a kid, I was brought up to believe that eating meat is is a bad thing to do. Today, I still don’t eat meat, but that’s because of the fact that eating veggies is a healthier choice and helps me remain fit. I can’t bring myself to put a ‘dead’ thing into my mouth. I get weird looks quite often when I ask a server to replace the meat with beans or something like that. And I totally dislike it when people ask me “You don’t even eat fish?” As if fish grow on trees.


When I was seven or eight years old, my mom gave me Rs. 10 to buy a loaf of bread, that used to cost Rs. 5. I ran to the neighborhood store and bought it…but I also bought a bar of chocolate called “Bar One” for Rs. 5 and ate it on my way back home. It was only 7:15 am. Naturally, my mom asked me to give her the change. I made a sober face and said that the shopkeeper never gave me any change.

Mom got really angry thinking that the shopkeeper had cheated me and asked me to go back and get the change. Umm…obviously, I had to tell the truth now. So, I went back to the shop and came back, pretending all the time.

When I finally told my mom the truth, she was really amused and asked me, “But where’s the chocolate?”.

I said, “Woh toh kha liya! :(” (Already ate it).

Mom started laughing and told me that it’s okay to buy a chocolate, but never to lie again. That might be a reason why I can never bring myself to lie.

5. I like eating everything uncooked- Maggi, Dal, Rice…you name it.

6. I used to be an ardent fan of Shah Rukh Khan as a kid and had three life size posters in my room. But that was because my mom was a bigger fan and she bought them for me. 😛

7. I’m still very confused about my career and I don’t know what I’m good at. My ‘specialty’ keeps changing. As a kid, I was very good with drawing, mathematics and playing synthesizer (something that I’m still good at). Then, I discovered my passion for law and felt that I’m meant to be a lawyer. And now, I’m doing Finance and feel that Investment Banking is my real calling. I don’t know what’ll come next.


The first thing that I do every morning is switch on my laptop…even before brushing my teeth.

Five people who get tagged are: Nikhil (as usual), Joey, Prestidigitator, Indisch, and Poonam.

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46 thoughts on “Huit faits aléatoires sur moi

  1. @Ankur,
    Very often I’m with guys who think that I can’t be trusted with directions. But believe me, they managed to get me lost. I was telling them the right direction all the time. Now they know better. 😉

    You have a very large ear-ring collection? 😮 Now that’s very weird.

  2. Nice to read these facts about you. I did this sometime back when Jana tagged me.
    If you have an aptitude and even some interest in Investment Banking, I would say go for it. Investment Bankers earn like hell and within 8-10 years, you will earn so much that for rest of your life you dont need to work for can then do whatever you want to do….
    Age is on your side too..

  3. I’ve kind of wanted to wear an earring but then I saw a sikh wearing them and that’s when I gave up on the idea. That was when I started with rings! 😛 I’ve got only 2-3 left now..I keep losing them or giving them to others when I get bored with them. But there’s one silver thing that I bought from Palika Bazaar in New Delhi and love it. Will wear it when I’m in a more mature environment though because here anybody who sees you with a thumb ring will start teasing you that you have girly interests. Bleh.

    I’m the same with the laptop. The first thing in the morning is switching it on and the last thing in the night is switching it off. Every single day. Btw, I have a friend who’s PC has been running for three months now. He restarted it last when he installed Windows Vista. He says it’s better to have it on always because turning it on and off causes contraction and expansion in the circuits which reduces their life. And he’s pretty knowledgeable about computers and stuff so whenever I’m close to him I talk about Music because when he starts with computers, I get totally lost. Last time he was going to install Mac on his PC. And I really envy his’s the kind of configuration I’ll never be able to earn unless I become really successful and which kind of looks pretty far fetched an idea right now.

  4. @prestidigitator:

    Good! That means I’ll be seeing this meme on your blog soon, right? 🙂

    @lallo, Yes, I would love to get into Investment Banking. I’m also actively pursuing the CFA desgination. Only if someone were to give me a job. And seeing the present market condition…I don’t know when I’ll get the break that I want. My absolute dream is to retire at 50 max.

    @Ish, you’re crazy about rings? Not bad! 🙂 If you can carry it off, then they look very stylish. You should do what you like. Don’t bother about what others tell you.

    I feel that your friend is quite right…because I hardly ever switch off my laptop. I just close the flap…but never shut it down properly. I don’t think it makes any difference to the performance of the system. And if you haven’t done this meme on your blog, then consider yourself tagged too. I think you’ve done it before…so I didn’t tag you.

  5. ya i chop the ear off all my victims… and i believe i will soon cross the 1k mark.

    just joking….. i meant 1, 7, and 8.

    BTW u forgot to add… u like to do a “i told u so dance” whenever ur guy manages to get u lost.

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  7. I think it does affect system performance because whenever you restart your computer, the RAM gets cleaned up and whenever you install something, it’s not completely installed until you restart once. But yea, one should not restart frequently but keeping it on and not even putting the things on stand by is torture to the machine.

  8. Ruhi, I can’t seem to figure out how to export my Google Reader feed to Flock. I downloaded the OPML file but Flock doesn’t recognize it. Any ideas?

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  10. @Ankur Aggarwal:

    Yes, I completely forgot about that! I love doing that. 😛

    OOhh..almost forgot. That means you were lying the other day about your computer. Don’t tell me you go to office first thing in the morning even without brushing your teeth.

    @Karuna, You are embarrassing me in public. 😐 Next time, I’ll put your comment in moderation. Hehe.

    @Rohan, Whoa! I’m sure you just realized that you hurt the sentiments of all your brothers? 😉

    @Ish, Ohh yeah! That makes sense. But yes, I do re-start it for updates and other installation files to get done properly.

    About the Google Reader, even I’m having the same problem even though I tried doing it like 10 times! 😦 It doesn’t recognize th OPML file…ask Ashish again. He told me that it worked for him though…something very weird’s happening.

    @Spaesee…Oops! 🙂 Thanks for catching this typo. The other people didn’t notice it, or if they did, then they were only too kind not to point it out.

    @Sha, 😛 Just doing the drill…

    @Indisch, Thank you 🙂 I take that as a compliment.

  11. Ruhi: Thanks for doing the tag. 🙂

    I do not know why guys think they have a monopoly on directions! Clearly nobody tries to dispossess them of their misgivings and limited life experiences. 😉 Or they bought the Pease & Pease theory too earnestly… I too never forget a route, and I can make my way blindfolded across each of the 20 cities (in 3 continents) I have lived in. On foot.

  12. @Nikhil,

    Thank you for your email add. I just e-mailed you. 🙂 Congratulations on your second book! You are on your way to the Wall of Fame already huh? My best wishes.


    I would prefer pushing you off the roof…that way I can stand and laugh while you fall 😛


    Yeah, you can see the general notion that these guys have! I don’t know whether we should laugh or cry. I think we need to do a post on ‘common misconceptions of a man’.

    @Patrick, I need to get hold of you the next time I get one of these tags. You are escaping way too often. I guess by ‘dead’ thing, I meant a dead ‘animal’. 😛

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  14. bApHoMEt says:

    LOL @ “As if fish grow on trees”.

    p.s. Tag me once…well shame on you. Tag me again…you can never tag me again. Your wish is my command. And I have posted mine.

  15. @bApHoMEt:

    Thank you Bap! 🙂 I appreciate it. I’ll tag you again 😉

    @Swen, Yes, I do realize that 😐 Else my mom wouldn’t have left me that embarrassing comment.

    MJ?? Blleehhh. I seriously don’t like her. One thing I can’t tolerate about Spiderman movies is her.

  16. @prestidigitator:

    OOHhh! 🙂 Haha…that was funny.

    @Swen, I bought Michael Jackson’s album ‘Dangerous’ just because my cousin had bought a copy and I wanted to look cool. 😛

    I guess I don’t like Kirsten Dunst. She’s got horrible, yellow teeth.

  17. Hey Ruhi,

    Really enjoyed reading radom things about u.. Even I njoy eating uncooked maggi… never tried other stuff!!! And I so agree with the whole veggie thing… Fortunately, I dont get weird looks when I say vegetarian!! I guess the world is becoming more receptive to us Veggies 🙂

  18. bApHoMEt says:

    @Swen: you showed that disc to me when i came to your place remember? (@all: that limited edition CD popup book is awesome.)

    @prestidigitator: whats wrong with being an MJ fan? did you check out the article on MJ in Ebony (click here)?

    @Ruhi: thank you for the offer, but the tag thing is fun only the first time i guess.

  19. Ruhi, seems like I am the last person in the world responding to it.

    I envy you for understanding directions so well. I do not understand them, somehow do not want to bother my mind with it too. 😦

    I agree with your 3 and 4. Like you, I have always been confused about my career. And much as I would want to sitch on my laptop without brushing my teeth, I can’t. One my work schedule wont let me as I travel early in morning. And second, my granny is angry. Yet I do it on weekends. 🙂

    I will soon publish random facts about me. 🙂

  20. @Nova, That’s great stuff! I thought I was the only weirdo eating everything uncooked. You should try eating Basmati Rice and Toor Dal 😉

    @Bap- As you wish!


    //I envy you for understanding directions so well. I do not understand them, somehow do not want to bother my mind with it too.

    You shouldn’t have admitted this!! There are too many guys here who’re just waiting for a girl to make such a confession 😦

    I think you told me or I read somewhere about your journalism degree and then you became an instruction designer…right? 🙂 I guess a lot of us end up doing stuff we never expected to do in the first place. But that is what makes life interesting!

    I stay alone, else switching on the laptop first thing would be prohibited for me too. 🙂

    Thanks for doing the tag. I’ll take a look.

  21. Ruhi, I am unabashedly open about my inability to remember roads. Frankly, dnt want to bother myself a bit. (If I did, I could.) Yet I always find my way. I am always at my destination with out any goof ups.

    There are dozen things I excel better than those guys who would be waiting me to confess this (about not finding directions 🙂 ). I would dare them to comment. 😛

  22. @Poonam, Yay! That’s the spirit. They should read your response to this meme and try to jump off the cliff. 😛 I’m sure they’ll start sweating, huffing and panting. Heh. You go girl!

    @Ashish, Did you see my Happy Diwali post? I actually put up the picture of some Gulab Jamuns that I’d cooked all by myself 🙂

  23. lallopallo says:

    “Yes, I would love to get into Investment Banking. I’m also actively pursuing the CFA desgination. Only if someone were to give me a job. And seeing the present market condition…I don’t know when I’ll get the break that I want. My absolute dream is to retire at 50 max. ”

    Ya, getting into IB is not easy..but CFA should help..The point is, if you really pursue it well and are persistent, you should be able to get into it sooner than later..More you age, it gets difficult as they prefer young people in entry level positions..
    Retiring at 50 is not fun..common..yesterday, I was telling a friend that if one is really smart and plays his/her cards well, by 40,one should have made enough money to stop working for money… after that, one should only do things one likes doing and should not be bothered about paying bills and stuff…

    Edited as per Lallo’s request

  24. lallo,

    Yes, I strongly feel that we need to do other stuff than worry about bills and mortgages, else we won’t even realize when our life will get over. We should work on doing things we enjoy doing 🙂

    Hopefully, I’ll find something good and realize my dream.

  25. TeleRavi says:

    this is about the video “de di hame azadi” in your youtube collection. Was searching for this video/audio for about a year, and there I get it from the at the most unexpected moment from the most obvious place of all – I never remembered anything other than “sabarmati ke sang tu ne kar diya kamaal” and was plain lucky. Thanks!

  26. Shrimpy, 🙂 It’s not always easy to say sorry..believe me.

    Teleravi, Yeah it’s a very rare video and even I was surprised when I found it on Youtube. I was searching for the movie Jagriti. I remember watchign this movie as a kid and being fascinated by it. 🙂

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