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World AIDS Day


Found this one from the Wake Up Pune Website:

Some daunting India HIV and AIDS statistics:

India has a population of one billion, around half of whom are adults in the sexually active age group. The first AIDS case in India was detected in 1986; since then HIV infection has been reported in all states and union territories.

The spread of HIV in India has been diverse, with much of India having a low rate of infection and the epidemic being most extreme in the southern half of the country and in the far north-east. The highest HIV prevalence rates are found in Maharashtra in the west; Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in the south; and Manipur and Nagaland in the north-east.

  • Estimated number of people living with HIV/AIDS at the end of 2006 was between 2-3.1 million.
  • The 30-34 years age group has the highest % (0.54%) of HIV/AIDS affliction.
  • 124,995 people (Males- 88,245 Females- 36,750) were tested as HIV/AIDS positive at the end of August 2006.
  • In 85% of the cases, the virus is transmitted through sexual contact. Mother-to-child comes second at 4%.
  • Tamil Nadu has the highest number of HIV/AIDS cases, second comes Andhra Pradesh, whereas Maharashtra occupies the third spot.

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    4 thoughts on “World AIDS Day

    1. I really like politically correct comic strip because it deals with what I’ve been thinking for many days. Here we are celebrating World AIDS Day, writing posts and putting badges and ribbons here and there but is it really helping the ones who are suffering from the disease? I don’t think it is. It’s not enough to merely light candles for them, there’s a need to stop the discrimination and the pain they have to face at the hands of the society. There is a need to help all those who have been thrown out of their houses by their own parents because they are HIV positive. Some days back, I saw a positive boy’s story and how confident he was about himself. His attitude made me feel happy and sad at the same time.

      People really need to know that it’s not always one’s fault when one gets HIV. Unprotected sex is another thing but getting it from contaminated syringes can be a disaster. They should realize that the life of the positive person is already half destroyed because there’s a fear that he can die anyday and these people are only making their lives worse. They need to treat the positive ones as normal people and give them their due in the society. And the government is too busy banning movies because they contained some anti-Dalit line. How very lame.

      They also showed a news about the politicians in some city having a cricket match with the positive people. I think that’s one of the few times the politicians have done something that should be really appreciated. The people need to know that they’re not considered as unwanted.

    2. @Ish: yes, true AIDS victims do need to know that they are wanted. But in India, stigma is caused due to lack of awareness. So many cases go unreported because of these. I can not claim that what we write n blogs are read by targeted people. Yet, reading these several more people take resolve for cause or decide thir constribution
      9even if money). Some times such posts are eye-openers from them. Really. I have two of my friends, who find all their knowledge from blogs. And information leads them to more information and then thir activism.

      @ruhi: I wrote another AIDS day post at Have a look, though I posted toward the end of the day. 😦

    3. @ish:

      Your comment is bang on! This is exactly what I wanted to portray with the help of those comic strips. I was thinking of the futility of all those cricket matches betn. celebrities and cricketers and fashion shows which are organized for AIDS day. How exactly do they spread AIDS awareness? True, they help in collecting money that can be used for a noble cause. But apart from it, I don’t see any other point. If I remember correctly, a couple of years back, Salman Khan had made a really stupid comment on condoms in one of these cricket matches. I don’t remember exactly what he said though.

      Even as far as unprotected sex goes, sometimes the other partner is unaware of the disease or doesn’t want to let his/her partner know, which is a really grave mistake. So, the partner who doesn’t have AIDS might still not be at fault. It happens very often…when an AIDS person marries someone else without knowing of his disease and then transfers it to his wife and probably the kid too. 😦

      //And the government is too busy banning movies because they contained some anti-Dalit line. How very lame.

      Totally agree. I just read a post about it in Amrita’s blog (Indiequill). such a waste of time and energy.

      /They also showed a news about the politicians in some city having a cricket match with the positive people.

      amazing!! 🙂 I didn’t know about it. This is a very nice thing to do. So India is, afterall, making some progress.

    4. @Poonam Sharma:

      Even I was thinking if these blogs are read by the people who should actually be reading it. From what it looks like, only other bloggers read blog posts 😦 This post has received only 8 hits till now…so I hardly doubt it. I thought that this is the World AIDS day, so lots of people would be searching for information on it and hopefully, they’ll stumble on my blog and get a little educated…but no such chance.

      I saw your other post 🙂 Will comment in a bit. How many blogs do you have Poonam? I thought that I have the maximum number of blogs (six in total, incl. two group blogs…which are unfortunately almost dead).

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