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What A Weekend!

I saw three good movies this weekend-Elizabeth: The Golden Age, The Shipping News and Platoon.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age-

I hadn’t really liked the first part much, but wanted to watch this one anyway. Cate Blanchett’s acting potential wasn’t fully realized in my opinion. Clive Owen played the role of Sir Walter Raleigh and was a treat to watch. The extravagant costumes and the magnificent sets were larger than life, so much so that I almost lost track of the main story line.

My biggest complaint with Shekhar Kapur’s direction is that he focused more on the chest heaving and reactions of the different characters than the war at the end. The Spanish Armada wasn’t intense enough, Cate Blanchett didn’t really behave like the political queen that we expected her to be like. Like I said before, the fault doesn’t lie with her acting, it lies with the direction. I wanted to watch some kind of political urgency in this movie, which never happened.

I’ll remember this movie for the sheer flow of lace…and the short war at the end, where they showed some fire ships. I think Shekhar Kapur remarked somewhere that he has so much of material in Elizabeth that he can make another sequel. Why didn’t he put in some more amount of facts in this one then? I might not be interested in watching the last one.

Rating: 7/10

The Shipping News:

The first movie that I’ve personally come across that’s better than the novel. The movie is based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Annie E. Proulx. I read this book about three years back and somehow managed to finish it in two months. It was long, dull and boring with too many details. Probably that’s the reason that the movie turned out so well. The novel supplied all the visual details that were necessary to create this cinematic beauty. (Trailer)

Kevin Spacey is phenomenal as the main protagonist, Quoyle, who works as an ink setter at a newspaper house. He belongs to a family that has many dark secrets; secrets that he’s unaware of, until he shifts to the town of Newfoundland along with his daughter Bunny, at the insistence of his aunt, Agnis (Judi Dench).

Cate Blanchatt has a small and powerful role as Kevin Spacey’s wife. Her name’s Petal. She’s more of a free bird and only too happy to have a puppy dog for a husband because he gives her the freedom to court other guys outside her marriage and even bring them home, to her bed.

After Petal dies in a road accident, Quoyle leaves the town and gets a job as a journalist in the local newspaper of Newfoundland. Along with his foster aunt and his daughter Bunny, they stay in the old house of their forefathers…a house that’s tied to the ground with strong ropes and was dragged to its present place by the early Quoyles.

The movie has its moments and you’ll wish that they don’t get over. I don’t know if I should reveal the entire story line here because it might spoil your fun. I simply loved the background score too.

Julianne Moore plays the role of a caretaker of a child day care. She also has a ‘sensitive’ son who is slow at picking up things, because he wasn’t given enough oxygen during his birth.

Judi Dench, again, delivers an amazing performance. I think I liked her the best in the movie Notes on a Scandal. She has an air of mystery surrounding her in this movie, a mystery that will catch you off guard towards the end.So, if you like Kevin Spacey, Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench, then that’s reason enough to watch this movie.

Rating: 10/10


Yay! Finally watched it. I can’t believe I hadn’t watched this movie. It’s definitely one of the best war movies out there. As good as Schindler’s List, if not better. Charlie Sheen, Johhny Depp, Forest Whitaker, Willem Foe…can’t get better than this! (Trailer)

Frankly speaking, I really don’t know what to write about this movie. I’m at a loss of words. Instead of focusing on the brotherhood and how soldiers stand up for each other through thick and thin, this movie exploits the political vibrations that are omnipresent in any group, and more than ever, when all of them face death. The real story starts when Elias and Barnes find themselves at opposite ends over a certain issue. From then onwards, all the boys are forced to take sides. Instead of fighting the enemy, they start fighting amongst themselves.

As Taylor (Charlie Sheen) wonderfully puts it-

“The enemy is within us”.

What do I say about Charlie Sheen? Boy, he looks SO hot. 😀 I couldn’t take my eyes off him, seriously.

Rating: 10/10

All tomatoes, eggs and criticisms are welcome.


19 thoughts on “What A Weekend!

  1. bApHoMEt says:

    Platoon is one of the best friggin’ war films out there. But I’ll also recommend Full Metal Jacket if you liked Platoon. For some reason, these two films kinda stick together in my brain.

    You got me all excited about The Shipping News. I hadnt heard of this film until now. Thanks.

  2. Platoon…hmm. I’ve never been a fan of the war films genre…but I loved Apocalypse Now, Three Kings and Jarhead. Come to think of it…these 3 films have less to do with war than the nature of evil, greed and boredom.

  3. So you watched two 10/10 movies? good. I watched some movies too, but too lazy to write baout them. 😦

    Btw, how does you sidebar manage to show so many recent comments? I use the widget too, but it shows only recent 5, and not recent 15 as yours?

  4. @Bap- Yes, I’ve seen Full Metal Jacket!!! whoo…what amazing dialogues. And those songs..haha. I’ve seen it probably 3 times and can watch it again and again.

    Try to watch the Shipping News if you can. I really liked the movie because it sped up the story line from the book. When I was reading the book, I couldn’t really visualize anything…the movie solved this problem.

    @Presti, Have seen Apocalypse Now, but haven’t seen the other two. Funnily, I like War movies…and drama.

    @Amyth, Ooh yeah.. 🙂 I’m still recuperating from his effect.

    @Poonam, Which movies did you watch? You need to go to “Widgets” and change the setting to 15 instead of 5. Let me know if you have a problem.

  5. rohanmanoharlovetobe says:

    i like any thing and everything about war movies…and seriously i cant beleive that “ruhi” watched “platoon” only now…

    i can recommend u “enemy at the gates”,
    then there are two movies by clint eastwood “letters from iwo jima”(a ww2 movie from the view of a japanese soldier)….and “flags of our fathers”(same story in the view of a allied force soldier)…then “the pianist”..and ofcourse “saving pvt. ryan”

    p.s-1hour back i watched a bloody sick movie called “primeval”….i will give a rating 2/10..

  6. @rohanmanoharlovetobe:

    Yeah, it’s funny that I hadn’t watched Platoon all this while…:)

    Yep, I saw Letters from Iwo Jima”…didn’t like it very much. The Pianist is again very good! Saving Private Ryan is also quite good…but a little melodramatic. Need to watch Flag Of Our Fathers. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Primeval? Never heard of it 😦 Now I won’t watch it anyway (After your 2/10 rating).

    @Lallo, The movie is not that bad. Like I said, the sets are really opulent and so are the costumes. It’s worth a watch…but don’t expect too much 🙂 I know you love Shekhar Kapur a lot.

  7. I watched Jaane bhi do yaaron, Izazat, Aaja Nach Le, OSO, Pursuit of Happiness, Shyam Benegal’s Trikaal, Mausam, Padosan, Rakesh Khanna starrer Anokha Rishta, stupid American Pie and Who Kaun Thi.

    I watched these over last two weeks. There are still 10-15 DVDs that are lying unwatched. Some of the stuff may be crappy in it. 🙂

  8. I have watched Padosan 🙂 It’s a very nice movie. Saw Pursuit of Happyness…too melodramatic 😛 OSO- You know my opinion. Bas! Haven’t watched anything else.

    10-15 more DVDs? 😮 And you won’t give them to me? Shame on you.

  9. Couldn’t agree more on Platoon… and btw, try finding out about the ‘hundred (or was it thousand) yard stare’ which one of the battered soldiers gives Sheen early on in the movie. This movie is very real and stirring. And it gave Johnny Depp his first big break too. 🙂

  10. @Indisch,

    “The story is narrated by Chris Taylor and begins with his arrival in Viet Nam. The first thing he sees is rows of bodies being readied for shipment back to the U.S. He sees soldiers with the “thousand yard stare” heading for their transport back home, having finished their tour of duty.”

    – Via this link.

    Johnny Depp indeed had a small and powerful role as that translator. But it was Charlie Sheen who really stole my heart 😉 (Of course)

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