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(Untitled Haiku)

orange sky
last rays of sun
take my beatitude away

Haiku, 8/10/2004

(Original Picture and Haiku © to me)



15 thoughts on “(Untitled Haiku)

  1. @Poonam, Yes, I clicked it yesterday. The Haiku had been written in 2004 though.

    @Bap- That was stunning!

    Haiku # 2

    in your eye
    the silvery glow
    of the sky

  2. thats a beauty – the winter, the bare tree shed all its leaves!

    shouldn’t it be the other way? full of leaves to cover itself from the cold and it can shed leaves to reduce the summer heat??!! look at us humans – how we cover ourselves during winter and bare ourselves during summer!

    this shows how intolerant and weak we are; opposing nature. but the tree, accepting the nature and no grouses at all against it!

  3. mind if i use this snap in my hindi blog..i want to dedicate these lines n add some more to this pic..:) obviously courtesy : you 🙂
    u can check some of my work if u wish i mean hindi one on

    n thanx for appreciating this..anyways i m totally in awe of ur speed in blog..i mean writing speed..whatever comes i can’t post so frequently…gr88

  4. @Dream Catcher, Sure…feel free to use it, but make sure it links back to my blog. Appreciate your asking me. 🙂

    I tried reading some Hindi poems in your blog, but to tell you the truth, my hindi has deteriorated a great extent… 😦 So I couldn’t understand much. Besides, reading Hindi in english is a very difficult task to achieve.

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