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Heroes Comics


All you Heroes fans out there need to check out the Heroes comics, if you already haven’t, that is. It looks really neat. They are available on the NBC Website.

There are a total of 51 chapters for Season 1 and about 12 chapters for Season 2 (so far). You can also download them from Wikipedia (Season 1 and Season 2).

I really liked the artwork. The only thing is that they are in the PDF format, which makes scrolling a little difficult. Each chapter is also quite big (anywhere between 10 -20 MB). So, you need a fast internet connection. Dial up users will face a lot of problem.

The best thing is that they are all FREE! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Heroes Comics

  1. I have the first 57 of these in Comical .cbz format. in that reader (much like PDF) the pages turn like a book instead of top to bottom. I’ll have to grab the rest of them. You should do a post on the convenient product placement they’re doing in them.

    @baph. Season 2 is over isn’t it? Maybe I should say “Volume” 2.

  2. @bApHoMEt:

    Yep. I’m sick of Hiro baby sitting Takesho Kensei. That part is getting really boring. Plus, all the characters are getting too lovey-dovey. Everybody wants romance all of a sudden. Season 1 was rocking.

    @Patrick, I was actually looking for the comics in the .cbz format, but couldn’t locate anything. Where did you get it from?

    @Arvind, I don’t think the series is aired in India, but if you have a good internet connection, then you can watch it online. It’s sci-fi.

  3. well, the ones I have I can share with you somehow – I’ll have to find the rest of them. I think there’s a fairly elegant converter for pdf to cbz on sourceforge, but I’ll have to verify that.

  4. Patrick, Oh all right…I’ll try to get hold of a converter. Can you share it with me somehow? Like upload it to a server? I’m in no hurry…do it whenever you are bored and have lots of time to kill.

    Arvind, Yes, I can give you some links for watching it online if you want. Let me know.

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