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Top Greasemonkey Scripts

The power of customizing your internet experience with the help of Greasemonkey Scripts is limitless and it’s one of the best things about using Mozilla Firefox. All of these scripts also work with the social web browser, Flock. In case you didn’t know, Greasemonkey is an add on that lets you install user made scripts.

Here’s a list of my favorite Greasemonkey scripts (I’m using ALL of them currently)-

For Facebook Users-

UnF*ck Facebook– If you’re sick of rummaging through millions of third party applications on your friends’ profile pages before you reach the Wall, then this is the script for you. I have been using this script since yesterday and I would give it a 5/5. It’s that good. I was transported back to the time when Facebook didn’t have all those annoying Facebook applications.

Amazon Users-

Cleaner Amazon(screenshot available)- I really love buying books and electronics from Amazon and if I were richer, then I would have spent al my money there. This script “gets the useful book information (pub date, ISBN, #pages) closer to the top, eliminates some useless sections (best value, customers also bought, etc.).”

Movie Freaks

The Movie Dude(screenshot available)- It adds cross links between many movie sites, such as Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, Netflix, Yahoo! Movies, Flixster etc. It’s really cool and you should definitely give it a try. For example- Just search for any movie in the IMDB wesbite and you’ll find small favicons that will cross link to the other movie sites.

Search function made easier- LookItUp lets you search for any word of your choice on various websites such as Google, Wikipedia,, The Free Dictionary etc. without leaving the web page. All you gotta do is highlight the word and press “?”. There are many other shortcuts that can be learned from the developer’s page.

Delicious_Blank: Adds a target _blank to links so that they can open in a new tab instead of a new window.

Textarea Backup: The primary purpose of this userscript is to save having to retype lost emails, forum posts, bug submissions, etc. The backup should be transparent so if the page is reloaded for whatever reason, be it browser crash, unintended exit or a forgetful website, the previously entered text will be restored.

Pre-Fill Comments Form: Complete the author, email & URL fields (& focus on the message box) in most comment forms by hitting ‘ALT+C’ .It is designed to work with wordpress blogs, but will work with any blog that uses the same id’s for fields. You will be asked for your name/email/URL the first time you run the script. It will then remember your values so you never have to fill them out again! To change your name/email/url at a later date just hit ‘SHIFT+ALT+C’ and you will prompted for your new values.

Google Service Enhancers-

Google Search Results Ultimate Makeover- It adds a number of amazing features such as Google Suggest, search results are displayed in two columns instead of one, Adds Google Page Rank, enables snap shot, add favicons to all links, embeds videos right into the search results, removes all ads from the search page etc. Personally, I love this script a lot. 🙂

Edit: Forgot to add that I also like to use Customize Google along with this add on because it provide links to other search engines and blocks Google Analytics cookies.

Mailto 2 Webmail: Makes “mailto” links open in your favorite web-based email account, instead of a pop-3 client (like Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc.) Supports Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Google Apps Mail.

Google Services in HTTPS: Change Google Url services using HTTP by same service using HTTPS for security.

Google Extra– Displays results for google image search, video search, wikipedia search, search and Dict.CN search alongside normal google searches.

From my Previous Posts-

WordPress Ninja Comment– Respond directly from the comment administration panel on your dashboard, by either a comment or an email or both.

Social Bookmarking for WordPress- Generates pure html code for adding social bookmarking links (with favicons with buttons)to blog posts at which users can click to add the blog post page to their fav. bookmark sites like,digg & 20 other bookmarking sites.

Are you lost? First time using a greasemonkey script? 🙂 don’t worry! All you gotta do is make sure you’re using Firefox/Flock web browser. Then install the greasemonkey add on. After that, you’re ready to install any of the above mentioned scripts.

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10 thoughts on “Top Greasemonkey Scripts

  1. vowwwwwwwww thats an amazing piece of information…… no amazing “pack” of information !! not because I am going to use them hihi dont get excited, I love keeping my firefox as light as possible, since I will have 10 tabs open on an average, for more than 12 hours… but I love to play with all the firefox extensions 😉 …….. will try them one at a time !

  2. i dint know there were so many add on using grease monkey scripts..
    i was into some hacking and stuff in orkut so thought grease monkey scritps are just for hacking.. 😛 …
    thanks for enlightening me..
    will try it ASAP

  3. I’m an avid user of these myself, well, except for the facebook one now that I’m off of that habit. I really like the google extra one for work.

    this post ought to bring you some major hits

  4. Great, I’d been trying to find something that would restore my text because my internet connection can be very annoying and it’s impossible to type out long comments again. I think Textarea Backup should do a good job. And Mailto 2 Webmail is very good too.

  5. @Dinsan, You need to add only one extension- “Greasemonkey”. These are just scripts for greasemonkey add on. I have about 8 of them and it hasn’t affected the performance of my web browser.

    @Arvind, They are really helpful and once you get used to surfing the web with these scripts…then you’ll hate browsing without them. 🙂

    @Patrick, the Facebook one’s just awesome. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how clean the Profiles look after using that script.

    Not really getting too many hits. There are not many geeks out there, believe me.

    @Ish, Yeah..that one works like a charm or so I’ve heard. I haven’t had a crash since I started using Flock :mrgreen:

    I tried Mailto 2 Webmail and it’s really cool. You need to try the Google Search Makeover…it’s amazing. I haven’t loved the Search engine as much I have after I installed that script…no more ads..everything in 2 columns…you don’t need to scroll down to the bottom on the page to go to the next page…it includes the page rankings, favicons..what not. Just try it 🙂

  6. Textarea Backup sounds like a Brilliant find! Thanks a lot.. I will try it !

    Also, the facebook app has good utility value… it is SO bugging .. Some people put in EVERY APP they can find on facebook…!

    And the Social Bookmarking I use once in awhile… You had written about it in an earlier postI think.. 🙂

  7. @Amyth:

    Yeah, even I find the Facebook applications really bugging. That’s the reason I decided to include this script in the list.

    I had written a post earlier in the Social Bookmarking and the WordPress Ninja Comment, yes.

    I would recommend that you use the Google Search ultimate makeover or the Customize Google. It adds a LOT of features. Makes your GMail account secure by using HTTPS connection. That’s the best thing.

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