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…Yes, the Lectures are Optional

…Graduation is also optional.

-Bob Bickford

We graduate from school! 🙂 I’m very pleased to announce that I graduated with a Master’s in Beer Administration yesterday. All those hours of costly sedation were totally worth it.


32 thoughts on “…Yes, the Lectures are Optional

  1. @dinsan:

    Thank you 🙂 There’s nothing called Campus Placement here. We have job fairs. But I’m currently unemployed, to answer your question.

    @Swen, Thank you!

    @Presti, Sucks totally. I’m already thinking of going back to school 🙂

  2. Congratulations. Get a job, start earning and send me a Christmas present!

    Haha just kidding. So how’s the know finally knowing that it’s time to work now and no more studying?

  3. @yourcomicrelief:

    Thanks 🙂 I can’t reveal my location on my blog, unfortunately.

    @Ankur, Yeah, and I’m still learning. The process will never end.

    @Ish, Hehe 😛 I might just send you something. You never know! 😉

    The feeling’s horrible. I’m the kind who loves to study. So getting out of school hasn’t really been a nice experience for me. I don’t think I’ll work for more than a year or two, because I want to start my Ph.D next. 🙂 Sitting in office from 8-5 is not my idea of living my life.

  4. i never want to get out of my college…all those sleeping during lectures,all those hot discussions with friends,all those long rides on bikes,all those assignments,all those sleepless nites b4 exams,all those class tours,all those hours and hours spent in the canteen with friends and one cup of tea,all those tears and joys,all those love,all those bashs…ohh god i cant think of getting out of college and to sit in front of a computer for 12hours a day to work for somebody else……i dont want to be a software engineer…..i just want to live my life like this with every1 i have now forever………….

    what if it can be made possible….hey do you know any voodoo….

  5. @rohanmanoharlovetobe:

    exactly!! 🙂 You think totally like me. I love so many things about being in college. Working from 8-5 will be very difficult for me. 😦 waking up early in the morning is an experience that I’ve forgotten all about..Heh.

    If I know of any voodoo, then I would have already tried it 😉

    @Bap- Come to my town 😉

    @Arvind- Thank you 🙂

  6. Hey Ruhi, congratulations… Graduation is one day in your life that makes you feel very very proud. At least in my life, it has so far been the most happiest day of my life…
    but as one of the comments read, welcome to the real world, it does not exactly suck, but yes, its bad. Graduation is liking coming out of the cocoon…facing the reality.. of course, at the end fo the day, it all depends on how you take it.
    In any case, wishin u good luck.

  7. Congratulations!

    If you recall from an earlier discussion about the ‘value’ of an MBA, you will know what my expansion of MBA is 😉 Nevertheless, that joke is a bit like Jewish people making jokes about themselves and black people using the N-word while nobody else is allowed to. MBAs are allowed to make fun on MBAs.. Hah!

    Contrary to many opinions, the real world does not suck at all. It gives you the chance to test, for real, what you have learnt and whether it is any use to anybody else at all or not. It also affords the chance for ongoing learning and extracts ‘guru dakshina’ in other, less clear-cut ways. I hope you will have at least as much fun applying what you learnt and as much pleasure learning more about yourself as I have had.

    And that PhD decision – do think about it a lot before you take the plunge. I would recommend a PhD to few, if any. Do it for your soul but it will do nothing for your bottom line (the one in the bank; the physical one, let’s just say I saw too many fellow PhD students gaining much bottom line during the course of the PhD!) in the short or medium run. And in the long run, we are all dead, as you know 😉

  8. Ruhi: I do not know if it is you testing but someone on a WordPress blog (wolfiebtestblog) shows your entire blog. I found it on Technorati. FYI. If it is you testing, please delete this comment. Thanks.

  9. lallopallo says:

    Congratulations! Welcome to Post MBA life..
    Phd is something which should be done only if you are really interested in research and love academic life. In any case, it’s a good idea to work for some years before your phd so that you can add value to phd experience by bringing in your expereinces from corporate world..
    Congrats once again and I will be waiting for the party to begin..:)

  10. hey ruhi
    Congrats….which school did u grad from btw?

    Post MBA life is a bliss they say to people on this side.So do keep us posted of the reality … 🙂

    and Where’s the party tonight….??? THE KANK song playing in the background. LOl…

    MBA grads – GLobe trotters?? comments anyone…???

  11. @Nita:

    Thanks 🙂

    @Vaishno, Yeah, I did feel like the only wise person on the day of my graduation. Now I’m back to reality 😦 Hopefully, working won’t be that bad. We’ll see! 🙂

  12. @Shefaly:

    Oh yeah! You’re totally right..only MBAs have the authority to bash the degree. 😉

    I would really like to know whether reading all those textbooks will help me at my work place. If that happens, then I’ll be a happy girl. 🙂

    About the PhD thing- Yes, I’ve thought a lot about it. I will probably not start until Fall 2009. I want to work a bit before taking that plunge (and preventing myself from hitting the rock bottom financially 😉 ). Money shouldn’t really be a motivating factor if you’re going for a Ph.D. I’ve realized that. It’s more to do with satisfying one’s curiosity. Yeah, we are all definitely dead in the long run. 🙂

  13. @rohanmanoharlovetobe:

    I was just talking to someone over the phone today and that lady told me that I sound sleepy…and that was at 1:30 pm. 😮 Can you believe it? Actually, I’d just woken up half an hour ago. So she wasn’t really wrong. 😛

    @Shefaly, Thank you for informing me. I think that guy was copying some of my posts to help me with my sidebar problem. I’ve been facing some theme issues since the last coupld of days. My sidebar is in a mess.

    @Lallo, Yeah, even I felt that working for sometime before going back to school would be a wise thing to do. Plus, I’m doing my CFA now. So, it’s not like I’m not ‘studying’. hopefully, I’ll be done with CFA before embarking on my PhD journey. And thank you for your wishes. 🙂

  14. @Ashish:

    thanks 🙂

    @Canadian Cinephile- Thank you 🙂 Unfortunately, I haven’t watched any movie in the last two weeks, I think. Hopefully, your movie watching is going better.

    @nitin, Thank you 🙂

    @Sanjay, Yes it’s the same beer 😐 do you know about any other kind of beer?

    @Bipin, Thank you 🙂 Refer to my previous answer.

  15. @ Ruhi:

    “I would really like to know whether reading all those textbooks will help me at my work place.”

    I cannot really comment on the usefulness of reading textbooks. The pedagogy at IIM-A was totally case-teaching which means it is a more applied way of learning. It also sets one along a thinking path and one can then choose how much or how little to delve into something. This is also the way things happened at Cambridge. There was a required reading list which enables class discussions and at the very least, assignments. But as graduate students, we are supposed to be self-motivated learners capable of independent thinking. So there was a suggested additional reading list. The only people flustered with this method were my French classmates and my Chinese classmates – make of that what you will..

    Whether it will be useful in the work place depends entirely on the kind of work place – and on what you learnt! 🙂 MBA programmes famously cannot train their students in people-skills or (despite efforts) in ethics. These are two key things that drive success in the workplace. Technical skills – such as whether you can write a business plan or make a cash flow statement – are hygiene factors. Their absence is noticed more. Mostly it is about functioning and delivering harmoniously in teams that may not be very harmonious. If you end up in contexts that are not very team-driven, there are other challenges to surpass.

    Re the PhD: what is your area of interest? Do you have any target schools? I would say that if you do not want to make an academic career then a PhD following just a couple years of experience may not benefit you a lot. (Consider what other career options exist for PhDs!).

  16. @Shefaly:

    I totally understand what you mean. Forget about the suggested reading list… people even have trouble reading the mandatory course material 🙂 Personally, I love it if the Professor doesn’t spoon feed- shows my self started ability. I wonder how my classmates will fair in the real world considering the fact that they almost always needed a push to even complete their assignment.

    //MBA programmes famously cannot train their students in people-skills or (despite efforts) in ethics.

    Yet, so many of us who enter these programs are of the opinion that they will learn how to “manage” other people. Quite ironic.

    Regarding the PhD, I want to do it to pursue an academic career. 🙂 I do have some target schools in mind (all in the US though), but my list is quite flexible as of now. My area is interest in Asset/ Portfolio Management in Finance…but yeah, Finance in general.

    @Rohan, Yeah…I forgot about that. The funny thing is that I was sleep deprived. I didn’t know that my voice sounds so different.

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