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New Year’s Resolutions…

…are meant to be broken. Why? Because most of us aim too high or feel obligated to decide on a life style change because the calendar says so. Like this author mentions, I am of the strong opinion that it’s not necessary for us to think about resolutions only because a new year is starting. Most of us do that because we want the next year to be better, either personally or professionally or both.

But sometimes, the resolution only works if we really feel a strong urge to change something. That urge doesn’t have to be dictated by the turn of the calendar…right?

So, what are some of the common New Year resolutions taken by people? No surprises here- Lose weight, spend time with family, be organized, wake up early, quit smoking or drink or both. I have had my fair share of such resolutions too. In the Fall of 2005, I got into a terrible habit of eating ice creams for dinner, which obviously didn’t go down very well with my body. So the most obvious resolution was to lose fat. That was my first and last resolution and it hasn’t really been very successful.

I’m really cynical about this whole idea. Don’t we make resolutions all the time? For example, a resolution to wake up early tomorrow morning and get more work done or a resolution to wash all the dishes tonight before hitting the bed.

Having said that, I do have some mental notes (I refuse to call them resolutions) for 2008:

1. Watch more movies- I want to watch at least two good movies every week. That’s 96 movies per year. Hopefully, my unemployment period will help me cross 100.

2. Pass CFA Level II in June 2008 on first attempt. Why? Of course for the money! Passing it on first attempt will save me another year of having to go through the same material and also lots of re-registration $$$. The sooner I get the charter, the sooner I will be on my path of becoming a millionaire, and the sooner I can retire and watch more movies…which brings me back to Mental Note No. 1

3. Find a job ASAP so that I can start saving money-> Millionaire->Retirement->Movies

4. Move somewhere closer to New York City and try to gauge Woody Allen’s fascination with that city in a different light.

5. Some other personal things…which I don’t want to mention here.

How many of you have a New Year’s Resolution? Out with it! 🙂 I might bug you from time to time and help you stay on track 😉


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21 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions…

  1. I make resolutions constantly, even about minor things and have never quite understood this new year resolution thing!
    btw, are you serious about moving to blogger? I remember you were very upset with blogger, so how come? Is adsense that important?

  2. Happy New Year Ruhi …….

    I too agree with you.. I dont have any new year resolutions …… may be because I am lazy, but I am sure, I can change something only if I really want that happen in my life..

  3. @ arvind:

    So your birthday is on New Year’s Day? Wow that’s so cool 🙂 I missed it by 16 days.

    @Ankur, No…not entire life. But I do love watching good movies and basically indulging in other leisurely activities.

    @Poonam, To you too 🙂

    @nita, that is exactly my point! Why make such a big deal about New Year’s resolution only? It won’t work anyway!

    Nita, I’m not moving this blog to Blogger because I’ll lose my page rankings and stuff. Besides, I like WordPress. But I have moved my other blog (CFA blog) which is quite new and doesn’t have much readership to Blogger to try out their new service. I was against Blogger because of their short lived, restrictive comment policy for sure. AdSense is not really important for me, else I wouldn’t be blogging at WordPress 🙂 But I read that WP will also be introducing the advertisement feature sometime in the future. I’m not sure if I can use it in the US because of visa complications, but you, as an Indian National, can use it for sure. Have you ever thought of putting ads? Just a thought.

    @dinsan, that’s the spirit! Why wait till new year’s to bring about a change? 🙂 If I don’t like something about myself, then I don’t wait for the calendar to show 12/31!

  4. @Ruhi…u know on 1st i have a bloody exam and that too on DBMS….cant party or do anything on new year’s eve…And movies are an important agenda in my new year’s resolution…i watch all kind of movies,like even if i know a movie is not good still i spent money on it and watch…my first priority will be to quit watching those garbage..

    And in b/w…Happy New Year Ruhi..

  5. Before I tell you my resolutions, I’m going to alter one of yours.

    Earn money > become a millionaire > (make somebody else a millionaire) > then retire > and watch movies.

    You get it don’t you? People here are living thinking that you’re gonna make them a millionaire without them having to do anything. And as the good old buzurg and gyani people say, you shouldn’t disappoint others.

    Now my resolution is pretty simple. I need to change mu attitude, get rid of all the shyness, start talking to any girl I can find wherever and hopefully have a girlfriend by the time next year ends. By doing that, everything will fall into place. Such a clever guy I am man, I surprise myself.

    And turn the snow off yaar, it’s crippling my browser. And one can’t see it on the white theme anyway.

  6. I haven’t seriously thought of using adverts…but let’s see when the time comes.
    And I only found out from here that Blogger has fixed it’s problem. Good!

  7. lallopallo says:

    Yes, New Year resolutions always backfire..atleast for me..
    But, I would still like you to achieve them :)..Good luck with your CFA II..I guess this one is the toughest of all 3 levels…
    Iam sure you can do it..

  8. @ rohanmanoharlovetobe:

    Oh I used to do that too…My aim was to get done watching every single movie that was released by next friday (to make time for other new releases). I used to spend unspeakable amount of money on this activity. Now, it’s more of renting DVDs. So, I don’t spend much.

    Hey Happy New Year to you too! Have a good one 🙂

    @Ish, Of course I’ll make someone else a millionaire if he/she already isn’t!! Probably my boss…he will be the luckiest boss in the entire world.

    Have a GF by the end of next year? wow! That’s some wishful thinking huh? You’ll be in college next year right? So, I’m sure you’ll become less shy and definitely more outgoing 😛

    I didn’t realize that the snow is annoying…yeah can’t really see it. But I didn’t want to change to a darker theme for it. I’ll turn it off! Sorry!

    @Ash- Who has the guts to force you?? 😮

    @Arvind- All Capris are child prodigies 😉 We are a hard working lot.Heh.

    @Nita- Yes, they fixed it around ten days back. So my movement has been called off. 🙂

    @lallo- Funnily, I’m not finding it that difficult. Most of it builds upon Level I stuff. I think if we have our base notes correct, then the middle and top notes work out fine. 😉

  9. I wasn’t talking about making your boss a millionaire! I was talking about somebody else. [hint: me]. 😛

    And yeah, I’ve always made insane new year resolutions. Last year’s resolution was making my parents buy me a macbook. 😀

  10. short term humble resolutions work better for me than long term, unrealistic ones, because they seem achievable, like, learning some html codes to improve my blog space and attract more visitors! visiting at least one blog friend a day and reading what they have to say and place a comment if i feel confident and competent enough to comment!

    have a great year 2008!

  11. @ ish:

    OOooHh! I don’t know how that’ll happen, unless you become my charity All right…just joking 😛

    I’m sure your parents didn’t buy you THAT! I remember your cell phone episode. Keep wishing. 😉

  12. @ myndfcukd:

    Exactly 😐

    @Rohan, You should see Myndfcufkd’s blog, if you haven’t already. I think you’ll like it.

    @Latha, That’s a very different resolution and a good one at that 🙂 Haven’t heard anyone else saying that! About HTML code, it’s nice if you’re learning, but you don’t need to know much for your blog. Plus, the FAQ and the Forum at are awesome.

    //place a comment if i feel confident and competent enough to comment!

    Of course you’re competent! 🙂 You are a very good blogger and it shows in the quality of your blog posts. Happy New Year to you too.

    @Ish, Yes I did 😛 Check out my new blog post. Would love to hear what you feel about the new look.

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