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Do You know APL?

I applied for a job at an asset management firm a couple of weeks back and my job description had nothing to do with programming. The recruiter has selected me for the next round, but needs me to solve five questions using APL (A Programming Language)…which obviously, I don’t know! The total number of applicants were more than 120, out of which he selected around 10%, which would be around 12 people. I am one of them. He’s pretty confident that less than 5% will be able to answers his questions. I need to turn in this crap by  5 pm (Central Standard Time), Thursday, January 3rd, 2008.

If any of you know how to work with APL, then please e-mail me at ruhi160184@yahoo.com. If you can help me, then I’ll give you a special treat.

Thanks a lot!


11 thoughts on “Do You know APL?

  1. ohh its a crappy language… learn mathlab instead (should take you an hour or so)
    if you get into an interview just tell them what matters is your analytical skills and common sense… language can be picked up

  2. nikhilkumar says:

    APL is perhaps the most freaky thing ever thought of in human existence! I’m surprised ppl still use it! It’s like a dinosaur egg in terms of prog languages… damn! i’m kinda thrilled too, because i used to study APL a looong time ago, and its kinda nostalgic to see that ppl are still using the Game Of Life theories! 🙂

  3. @ ish:

    No problem! Didn’t expect you to know 🙂


    I don’t need to learn all this because it’s not in my area at all. It’s not even mentioned in my job description. I don’t know why he’s doing this. He just needs me to solve questions to get shortlisted and if I don’t solve this, I doubt that I’ll get an interview. 🙂


    Thanks buddy…let me email him and pray that he helps me.


    Wow..just my luck then 🙂 I just e-mailed you by the way.

  4. Ruhi: Believe it or not, this post on WP home page. You should get more replies.

    By the way, fewer than 5% of 12 is less than 1 person which in a real world (not mathematical representation) interview situation means not 1 out of 12! So should you really worry so much, if you trust the recruiter’s estimate of success at this task? Just wondering…

  5. Coding anything other than basic HTML and C++ goes over me. lol.

    Kewl theme btw. I agree though that you would have got much better control on self hosted wordpress yet that would have meant more $$ for hosting. 🙂

  6. Maybe they are looking for lateral thinking and your answers to the questions do not really need to be given using APL. If you can’t answer the questions without using APL, just be open and tell them. When you are applying for a job, you should expect them to meet your criteria of what you expect in an employer. If it were me, I’d simply point out how well my qualifications met the job description and that I’d be open to learning new skills when necessary.

  7. @ spark0plug:

    Thanks, but I was looking for something more specific 🙂


    Not a problem!


    Yes, I did realize that it was on the home page. That’s happened with a lot of my posts (I don’t know why). I don’t know what the guy expects of us, especially because these questions have nothing to do with my job description. Or maybe it has and the job is quite technical and he didn’t frame the job description properly. And if that’s the case, I doubt that I would want to work there. At this point, having failed to get any answers after knocking on several doors, I plan to write him an email and let him know that even though I don’t know APL, I’m willing to learn it if it’s that important for the job.


    Precisely. I only know little HTML and a fair amount of C++. Self hosting sounds like fun. Can you tell me how difficult it is? Who installed WordPress.org software for you? I took a look at the Cpanel of a free provider…and it’s confusing me. If you calm me down a bit, then I might really switch to my own server. 🙂 So please help me!!


    Thanks for your reply 🙂 This is what I plan to do- be open and let him know. I did ask a couple of other people who said that they’re familiar with APL, and even they couldn’t solve those questions. I don’t see how, I, could do it in less than 48 hours, after reading some weired text document (500 pages). I don’t expect him to get many responses. Hopefully, no one will know 😛

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