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Exposing The Privates of Your Babies…

…in public places like the mall and even your blog/photo album is NOT cute. I was at the mall today, doing some shopping. To my horror, right before my eyes, I saw a lady changing the nappy of her baby.

I poked my friend and asked him if the baby was real. He looked at me with a funny expression and said “Of course, the baby’s real. Who will change the nappy of a toy?”. Funny? I don’t think so.

Most of the rest rooms here have fully equipped baby stations that have been installed for this very purpose. So, why do these mothers think that it’s okay to expose the privates of your babies in a public place? Just because it’s a baby?

I also detest those mommies who put up naked pictures of their kids in their online photo albums and love it when their friends start cooing. Babies look very cute with their clothes on and we need to respect their bodies too.

So, dear mommies, next time you do that, please think how would you have felt if your mom had done the same thing to you? And your mom probably did that.

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15 thoughts on “Exposing The Privates of Your Babies…

  1. Okay, my mother totally needs to see this and realize that her taking a nude picture of me with powder all over me and sitting under an umbrella on the grass was a totally uncool thing to do. And showing all the shit to the relatives is equally disgusting. Alright I didn’t know then but I do feel ashamed now and I’m not comfortable being advertised like that. When I was small, my dad would make me try every piece of cloth that I was gonna buy and sometimes had to try them on without try rooms because they weren’t there. I always hated doing that and that’s why I don’t go shopping with dad anymore. He should be more careful about my “izzat” than the money spent on the clothes.

    I’m totally with you on this, it’s totally unfair. And I don’t like those diaper commercials on TV in which they very happily show the mother touching the kids buttocks. I mean how would he/she feel when he/she sees that commercial when they’ve grown up. It’s not cool to see yourself on TV nude and having your ass caressed by a woman who you don’t even know. 😐

  2. Ruhi:

    “..Why have kids if you can’t afford to feed them in the confines of your home?”

    I may be reading more than you intended in this line of your response to one of the comments above. Here is what I think anyway.

    First pass, I am surprised. You make a very big leap from exposing babies to condeming breast-feeding. In one case, it is a child who depends on an adult; in the latter, it is an adult who is willingly (so to speak) exposing her body to conduct an essential function associated with her role of being a mother.

    Secondly on ‘if you can’t afford to feed them in the confines of your home?’: this sounds distinctly fascist. Did you mean afford time, or afford money, or both?

    Plus you are, by all accounts, young and will enter the workforce soon. You also probably have a potentially long reproductive career ahead of you. You have, as far as I know, ambitions to work in the financial services industry. The hours themselves are so ferocious that unless money is your prime motivator, you will probably question this notion of ‘affordability’ when you have children of your own. I have friends who have juggled high-powered careers and children, and their lives are very difficult as is, not to need hearing sanctimonious stuff like this.

    I am surprised that an enlightened woman like you should express this view. Workplaces make it very hard for mothers to balance their biological role with their work/ career. Are you suggesting that women stay home till the child has weaned off breast milk fully? This in the US – where I have known a few friends to return to work on day 2 after giving birth to their children – may be a distinct impossibility.

    Social constructivism aside, much research suggests breast-feeding is far better for a child in his/ her early life than formula milk. Many women however can not or do not breast feed because they fear saggy breasts, or do not produce enough milk, or do not have time.

    I do not know about the US but in Europe there is concerted effort to make it possible and easy for women to breast-feed their children in public places such as restaurants, without fear of reproach or condemnation or social exclusion.

    To object to something so basic and essential is misplaced puritanism, in my view. It makes some men squirm because they are forced to realise the functional and not just decorative (from their point of view anyway) of a certain part of the woman’s anatomy. But I think it makes women squirm because we are at unease with our own bodies and are still living with a sense of odd discomfort with it.

    I am very surprised at this post. But then again, may be that was your objective?

  3. @Ish:

    I deleted your copy because I was importing your comment at the same time. 🙂

    Yes, parents can be like this…I know. 🙂 Many of my relatives do it too. Heh. The weirdest thing is seeing your naked pics after you’ve grown up, with your relatives and cousins all around you…laughing! 😐

    Diaper commercials—good point! That should also come under this discussion, no? All of us can’t stop cooing when we see Huggies ads. I’m sure they can be filmed without showing the buttocks.


    Yes, I agree that there are many more disgusting thing happening. But still…I don’t think it’s all right to put up naked pics of your babies online, right? More disgusting things don’t justify actions like these. Recently, I saw one of my online friends doing exactly that– showed a pic of her baby girl taking bath in her Orkut Album.

  4. Exactly my point, parents should think about their child when before letting him do such an advert, it’s disgusting. You know it takes the entire “cute” factor out. I’ve seen posters in which a baby is sitting nude and since it’s a male, you can see his ding dong and that’s ridiculous in public. Definitely not something I wanna see. Just imagine the commercial kid to grow up and say to his girlfriends, “You know..that’s me in that Huggies commercial getting my butt tickled by that aunty out there. You wanna do the same eh babe? 😉 “. Ridiculous I say.

    And with this I beat Ash in the list of Top Commentators. Man, I’m the shit. 😀

  5. @Ish:

    //I’ve seen posters in which a baby is sitting nude and since it’s a male, you can see his ding dong and that’s ridiculous in public.

    This is exactly what ticked me off yesterday at the mall. 😛 There was some kind of empty stall right in the middle…and the lady started changing the nappy of her baby there!

    //And with this I beat Ash in the list of Top Commentators. Man, I’m the shit. 😀

    Oooh! 🙂 You noticed that plug-in eh? 😉 It links to your respective blogs back…so I think that’s cool. I’m going to put Ash’s browser plug in too. 😛

  6. Yea, I know. Changing diapers in public is like the worst thing to do. Not only are you showing your baby’s privates, you’re showing the dirty privates. So uncalled for. One won’t even be able to eat after seeing that.

    Yea, I noticed that plugin, it’s wicked cool. And I can see the browser plugin too now. Also since the comments are now coming in the usual order, you might wanna change the line in the meta which says “Latest one is displayed first.”

  7. @Ish

    you’re showing the dirty privates.

    You call privates dirty? Come on man…you would die without your private organs. Not to mention, no more reproduction or sex. 😉

    “Latest one is displayed first.”

    thanks for catching that! I reverted the comments to its original style (oldest comment first) after Shefaly emailed me saying that it’s confusing.

  8. When a kid shits in the diaper, the mother changes it. I don’t have much of a problem with the privates, they’re essential but shit covered privates are something I’d not wanna see before I’m planning to go eat. But maybe she was just changing diapers like that? Dunno.

    And Shefaly was right, it is confusing indeed. It’s cool to give the most recent commentator some limelight but quite frankly, we’re too used to the old orthodox way.

  9. Ruhi: Of course we have had an offline conversation about my comment now. I post this here for those who may think I am not responding to your reply to my comment 🙂

    And thanks for taking on board my feedback on the temporal ordering of reader comments.

  10. @Shefaly:

    //And thanks for taking on board my feedback on the temporal ordering of reader comments

    You’re welcome 🙂 Even I was having trouble adjusting to it actually. Was waiting for some feedback, which you gave me.

    //I post this here for those who may think I am not responding to your reply to my comment 🙂’re thinking too much. I’m sure nobody even noticed.

  11. Shuz says:

    i know….. esp having photos of naked children is kinda stupid….. imagine seeing it later on in life… its not that cute anymore……

    Ruhi: Yeah! Not cute at all; yet many of the parents continue doing it. 🙂

  12. i hope ur talkg to the western audience
    cause this sure will not apply to india

    plus what is so evil about some public nudity that too when it is sometimes essential? do u know how bad rash can be for kids?
    i agree on one thing, it is not the most pretty sight to see.

  13. @ Prax:

    do u know how bad rash can be for kids?

    I didn’t say that it’s “evil”. It’s certainly not justifiable to do this in the middle of a mall, when there are rest rooms with fully equipped baby stations for this very purpose, right?

    Isn’t this tantamount to men scratching their crotches in public places? Maybe I’m over-reacting. I don’t know.

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