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Sorry for Another Shock

Lots of heated discussions took place in the previous post “A Simple Question“. The general trend in the comments section was something like this-

People who have self-hosted blogs could mostly see the positive in shifting. They pointed out various advantages like –

1. Total control and being your own boss

2. Ads

3. Lots of plug ins, themes and other frills

4. Learning something new

On the other hand, others who have free blogs at gave me some good points that made me want to stay back-

1. has an amazing blogging community

2. No tension of back ups or down time

3. More time to write instead of coding

4. Since I recently bought the CSS upgrade, I should make use of it

5. Domain mapping should solve the URL problem and pave the path for a smoother move to self-hosting.

I’m one of those types who takes a lot of impulsive decisions, unfortunately. I’m also quite adventurous and love to test new waters (sorry for the cliche). Behind your backs, I’ve also been playing with self-hosting and registered for a domain for this blog. I know that I won’t rest in peace unless and until I conquer my next distraction, that is, self-hosting.

So, I think I was ready to move! And sorry for giving you guys another shock. Thank You! All discussions should henceforth take place in my new pad. Iam trying to fix a couple of things here. But the majority of stuff have been taken care of.

Some of the recent comments in the post “A Simple Question” have not yet been imported, because hasn’t yet generated the back up. I’ll sort those out as soon as I get the time.

Edit: Ashish, Cat and Ish: I replied to your comments in the post “A Simple Question” on my old blog and closed the comments section. Any further discussions on that post can take place here.


45 thoughts on “Sorry for Another Shock

  1. Congrats on the move!! And YAY!! I am first to comment! 😛

    Btw, any help with changing emoticons or turning on avatars, you can ask me. Promise I don’t bite. 😀

  2. @Ash:

    Thank you 🙂 I do need to confess that my hands were trembling before I decided to post the “I have Moved” thing at

    Regarding the avatars- I just installed the Avatars plug in from MyBlogLog. They said that it takes up to 24 hours for the avatars to show up. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    And stealing the Welcome Back plugin was *NOT* a good idea! I effin’ rawk with it! 😛 [Just kidding. ]

    Which plug in are you talking about? I don’t see any such message? 😯

    Sorry but did my comments just get posted in reverse order? 😕

    Yeah, it shows the most recent comment on the top. 😛

  3. Okay, this is shock enough alright. The theme you are using is very sexy by the way. But can you do something about the width? It’s giving me a horizontal sidebar at the bottom of Firefox but the extra space is just white space. I believe it is something with the header, see if you can do something about it. Otherwise it’s wicked cool. Gonna go change your link then.

  4. @Carrot

    Thank you pal 🙂 If you could, then please update my link in your sidebar.


    Thank you for the compliment 😛 I’m blogging using Firefox now. Can’t see any such problem? Would you refresh again and see?


    You need to tell me about that browser plug in now 😛 I’m not going to leave you. 😈 On, and forgot, can I have any other style of emoticons? Something like yours (if not the same)? 😛 Also, will Vodpod eat my bandwidth, considering the fact that thees videos are NOT stored in my database?

  5. @Ankur

    Setting up the blog and stuff wasn’t quite difficult. I did initially have trouble figuring out how to import all the comments and posts. But after that…it’s been a very smooth sailing. I still need to sort out some tags from my previous posts. I’ll do that when I get the time.

  6. good for you…changed ur the way..i disagree with ankur actually..i think you could improve ur theme .. it looks have got a self hosted blog you could play with it..
    well..if i ever want to get a self hosted blog…i would turn up to u only,,
    so learn the things quickly 😛

  7. by the way., i wont be able to track ur comments unless i keep checking ur blog..Can i ???
    if yes let me know
    and i ma not facing any problem in header..its looking great problems what so ever

  8. @arvind:

    I like to keep it plain and simple 🙂 I’ll see if I can find something a little more colorful.

    You can track my comments if you subscribe to my comments feed:

    No problem…anytime you need help with a self hosted blog, let me know 🙂 I’m also still learning…LOL.


    Thanks for taking that shot. I did make the header image wider. Perhaps that is why it’s breaking in your browser. Let me try to reduce its width.

  9. seems like we both dont like each others themes . 😛
    learn slowly no hurries i still have lot of time for a move.. i have to start earning for all these things 🙂 🙂

  10. @Arvind

    Definitely looks like our tastes (in themes) differ 😛 So, are you planning to move too? If you don’t mind losing tag referrals and all that, then I think it’s a good thing.

  11. @Munim:

    I tried accessing your blog a couple of times in the past few days, but I realized that the server is down and unfortunately, I’m on 000webhost right now (just for trial). But I’m planning to move on to A Small Orange very soon. You can take a look too.

  12. Ruhi: Another major downer in the move is that if you have links to your own posts, they have to be manually changed. Your ‘About’ Section has many such links… I am still cleaning up the links on my Obesity blog as and when they come up and they also come up on my other blog where I have cross-referred…

  13. @Munim:

    Yeah, just noticed that your blog is back. 🙂 Congratulations! Funnily, my new web hosting service A Small Orange is giving me lots of trouble. I’ve been trying to install WordPress since the last 5 hours and not being able to do it. You think that’s because the server’s too slow? Filezilla almost stops working! So, I’m still at 000webhost.


    Yeah…I noticed that. 😦 It’s a pain in the wrong place to change all those links. Plus, I need to clean up my tags too. During the import process, all the tags got converted to “numbers”. That’s why I haven’t put any Tag Cloud here and instead, just a drop down box of categories (which is working fine).

  14. All tags got converted to numbers? Interesting. The Blogger to WP move that I made kept the tags intact.

    Another thing – all photos etc will be linked to the old place where you uploaded. It is a tedious job and I hope one day to sit down and clean up. But cannot say when.

  15. @Shefaly

    Yeah! numbers. has some bugs and hopefully, they’ll fix this.

    I realize that my photos are still linked to my old blog and are working! doesn’t usually allow external linking…not many people know about this 😉

    PS- Looks like the DNS propagation is still taking place and even though you people were commenting, I couldn’t see your comments on my blog! So, I freaked out and made a post asking all of you not to comment; still, you guys were commenting. And now, I did a dns flush on my laptop and can miraculously see your comments again. I will ask you to be careful and if you something weird, then please don’t comment. I don’t want to lose any conversation here.

  16. Congrats on the move.

    Not sure if I like the theme even though I’m a sucker for three column flexible width themes.

    The thing on the left is irritating me, I keep thinking it should scroll!

    Still, congrats. 🙂

  17. @Cat

    thank you 🙂 Even Arvind didn’t like this theme. The thing on the left is primarily for people who find it difficult to understand or read in English 🙂 And there are some small tabs for goint to the top/bottom of the page or for bookmarking/leaving a comment.

  18. Congratulations Ruhi! Moving to self hosting opens up a whole new world doesn’t it? A whole new batch of conundrums too but that’s half the fun now isn’t it?

    I saw you looking in at my site via the MyBlogLog widget so I thought I pay a social call. Everything looks good from here and I’m currently viewing your site via Firefox 3 (nightly developer builds that is) and I see only one minor rendering glitch in IE 7.0 in that the “Look for Something” under “Skip to Content” is hanging over the top of your header image. But then again, that’s IE isn’t it?

    Have fun and if you have any questions or get stuck on something, feel free to stop by my place and let me know. Who knows? I might actually have a solution. 😀

  19. @Kirk

    Very kind of you to stop by. Self hosting definitely opens up a new world 🙂 I had to spend a lot of time importing all my files and database and it was a tad bit bumpy too (what with my limited knowledge).

    I noticed the “Skip to Content” problem with IE too. Looks like this theme is giving problems and so, I’ll probably change it. I’m not a big fan of IE either 😉

    And thanks a ton for offering me your help. 🙂 I might need it. Heeh.


    Kirk seems to be a very nice guy. This is the first time I’ve seen someone following his Mybloglog journal so closely and actually returning visits. 🙂


    Don’t know about “hard core”..heeh. 😉 (if you know what I mean).

  20. To be truthful I don’t log into MyBlogLog itself but I do keep the widget in my sidebar (like your “Recent Peepers”) so I can see whose peaking into my site which is how I found you.

    You know, if you happen to like this theme you can always put a text widget in your sidebar stating that: “You may encounter viewing problems using Internet Explorer. Why don’t you use a real browser fer heavens sake? Like Firefox? Come on! Get with it already…”

    Okay, perhaps you don’t want to be quite that blunt about it but I have seen these types of “disclaimers” popping up more and more on various sites I visit as time goes on. Can’t cater to that non-standard browser forever you know. 😛

  21. Hmmm, tried to edit the previous comment just to say how amazingly fast your server was and all I got was a blank comment box. Let me try this one in IE 7.0

  22. Nope…same thing. Just an empty comment box. Go figure.

    If you find other commenter’s are experiencing the same thing may I suggest trying the WP Ajax Edit Comments plugin instead (you can search it out at’s plugin directory). I’ve been using that plugin since day one (and so have a lot of toher WP bloggers) and it works pretty slick. Allows for inline editing with no page refresh. The only limitation is that the comment area cannot be using any other type of commenting plugin that uses Ajax or Java script for adding some kind of commenting function.

    Or perhaps I’m missing something? It’s been known to happen. 🙂

  23. Kirk,

    Thank you for that text widget idea! Many of my blog friends know about my hatred for IE7 (and Microsoft) in general. So, I’m going to do exactly that!

    Even I was wondering if the edit comment plugin is working or not. It did work the first time I used it. I’ll install WP ajax Edit Comments. Thank you for that suggestion. 🙂 I have a question though- I’m using a plug in that adds a different style to the author comment. Will that work with the Ajax Edit Comment plugin? And also, will the “Subcribe by Email” and “Browser Detection” plugin work? Sorry if I sound naive. 🙂 I’m quite a n00b right now.

    And I noticed that you keep switching your browser betn. IE7 and FF to view my page. LOL. I should customize that plug in to show “the worst browser on Earth” instead of “IE”. 😉

  24. The “Subscribe to Comments” plugins (I think that’s the one you’re using) is fine, I use it myself and the plugin to tailor the look of the author’s comments should be okay too. You’ll know if there’s any conflict when the WP Ajax Edit Comments plugin simply doesn’t appear to do anything at all. I believe you should be fine though.

    I used both Firefox and IE to see if the “edit comment” function (or lack thereof) was the same on both browsers just to make sure.

    Anyway, the WP Ajax etc etc plugin should work out of the box. No special coding needed. By the way, you can use my email address if you need to for any troubleshooting or “aaarrrgghh” type questions youmay have that you might not want to use your comment section for. I don’t mind swearing and cursing but your readers might. 😛

  25. @Kirk M:

    All right! Cool then 🙂 I’ll install it ASAP and see how it goes. Thank you very much for your offer! I appreciate it. Will definitely let you know if I get stuck somewhere.

    Regarding the swearing part, I don’t have any comment policy that prohibits people from swearing, as long as the comment contains something beyond it. 😉


    Looks like everyone has a problem with this theme. 😦 I’ll have to find another one. Unfortunately, I really love this one.

  26. You dont need to change the theme if really love it.. I am not complaining about the theme.. its something to do with the dashboard i believe.. anyway.. longer you use the theme, it will accepted by everyone as your theme.. 🙂

  27. Hi Ruhi,

    I what dinsan is talking about I believe. The name of the post should be shown on the tab in Firefox meaning the tab that has your site displayed in. Funny though…your post name is displayed on the Firefox tab for me just fine.

    By the way…what do you mean by your Dashboard menu’s are squashed? That sounds new unless of course your viewing your Dashboard in IE, then everything will be a bit weird. Could you send me an image of this “squashed” Dashboard? I’m curious to see what it looks like and I might have a clue of how to fix it if I see what it looks like.

    Ugh! this is a horrid time of the morning to be up (we were up at 5:30 AM). Good thing I don’t have to do that everyday any more.

  28. @Kirk M:

    I feel so guilty taking help from you like this. You’re being too kind and generous with your time. The name of the blog and the post is being displayed fine in my browser too…someone or the other seems to be having some sort of a problem with this theme. 🙂 LOL.

    Here is a screenshot of what I mean by “squashed”-

    If you take a look at the Admin Bar for WP, the drop down menus almost overlap each other…the fonts are also smaller. Even some of my widgets in the right sidebar have been affected, as in, their font size is smaller compared to the font size in the left sidebar.

    //Ugh! this is a horrid time of the morning to be up (we were up at 5:30 AM). Good thing I don’t have to do that everyday any more.

    I need to sleep to wake up. 🙂 I never slept. How come you’re awake at this time of the day/night?

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