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Replaying Old Ads and Songs

Ever since I wrote that post on Malgudi Days, I have not stopped thinking about Indian Television and the shows/advertisements/jingles that we used to watch in ’80s and early ’90s. If you’re away from India, like me, then it is likely that you miss these shows much more and can’t wait to catch a glimpse of these.

I’ve tried to collect some of them in this post-

1. Ek Titli Anek Titli (Thanks Bong’o’P’ondit)- An old song that talks about the strength of unity.

2. Mile Sur Mera Tumhara- The objective of the video was to instill a sense of pride and promote unity amongst Indians, highlighting the different linguistic communities and societies that live in India. Created in 1988 by Doordarshan. (From Wikipedia)

3. Humara Bajaj Ad- We hardly get to see such genuine, patriotic ads these days!

4. Doodh Doodh Doodh- It’s fresh. It’s pure. It’s co-operative Milk! Not so sure about that anymore. The proportion of water is definitely greater than milk. Lovely ad though. 🙂

5. Surf Lalitaji Commercial- Bhaaaisaab! Need I say more? 🙂

6. Jungle Book- Chaddi pehen ke Phool Khila Hai 😉 Wasn’t he the hottest guy?

7. Mahabharat Opening Credits- Every Sunday morning, every single household in the country had this song blaring from their television sets..I’m dead sure.

P.S- I don’t mean to hurt the feelings of people belonging to other religious sects. It’s just a general recollection.

8. Cadbury India Ad (Kuch Khaas Hai)- Never seen a hotter batsman…seriously. 🙂

9. Yeh Joh Zindagi Hai- Beatiful Title Track sung by none other than Kishore Kumar and starring Shafi Inamdar, Swaroop Sampat, Rakesh Bedi and Satish Shah.

10. Orangie Orangie I love you Rasna!

11. Complan Commercial- The young stars in this ad are supposedly Shahid Kapoor and Ayesha Takia.

Famous punch line- I’m a Complan Girl! I’m a Complan Boy!

12. Old Liril Commercial (1975)- I’m surprised that they allowed a bikini clad woman to be aired in an ad in 1975. 😐

13. Surabhi can be viewed at Youtube. (Thanks Ulag- for reminding me)

Some ads I couldn’t find-Does anyone have these video?

1. Bajaj Ad- Jab mein chota bachcha tha, badi shararat karta tha…meri chori pakdi jaati…tab roshan hota Bajaj.

2. Vicco Turmeric Nahi Cosmetic ..Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream.

3. Boost Ad (Kapil Dev)- Boost is the secret of MY energy…OUR energy!

4. Priya Tendulkar as Rajani. When I tried searching for this, I only found hits relevant to Rajnikanth and Sivaji. 😦

5. Old Nirma Ad

Please feel free to add more to this list. I’ll edit this post accordingly. 🙂

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116 thoughts on “Replaying Old Ads and Songs

  1. oooh thats a huge collection……. I think this post will get you more visitors, not just on lookers but people who will keep this page bookmarked 🙂 ……

  2. @Dinsan

    Hopefully, it will help others reminisce those old days like me. 🙂 And then abuse the horrible serials that are aired these days!


    Thanks 🙂 Yes, it took me around 45 minutes. I didn’t know that Ankita is a full time actress now. That’s some news indeed.

  3. you know what u r doing here RUHI…do u have any idea….u r too good at this..after malgudi days now this…u trying to take me back to my school days..say my primary school days..thanks a lot…love you for this…all the videos in this post are just the best thing happened in Indian televison industry…..its something more than nostalgic now reading ur post..

    again that “jungle book” video…i used to watch the show every it was once aired after evening movie on sundays…

    u know wen i saw this video..i became sad,may be coz u made me miss my childhood a lot…damn i want live those days again……thanks a lot for this post..

  4. @Rohan

    Thanks 🙂 believe me, I felt exactly how you’re feeling. I went on a nostalgic trip and felt really upset! I wanted to be a child again and literally told my mom that I want my childhood back. Those were the days… 😦 Everything has lots its value now. I almost cried when I saw that Bajaj ad.

  5. Excellent list! I remember that liril jingle so clearly! I agree that creativity has taken a beating of late, even where movies are concerned. During the 70’s we had original and fresh movies, even if they were most sexist, less classy etc. At least they were original!

  6. Wow, brings back so many old memories. I haven’t seen all of the ad’s but many of them I have.

    The Humara Bajaj ad was excellent. Nobody’s ever been to repeat that ad. It was even translated in Punjabi and shown in here. It was Saada Bajaj, Tuhaada Bajaj and like that. Bajaj has been one company that has remained in India all the time. From Chetak’s to Pulsar’s. They’re good at what ever they do.

    Mogli is the dude man! I loved that and I love that tune still. In fact we torture our math teacher with that. We set the mobile phone on ringing and call each other and everyone has got that ringtone. Then we pretend that the phone has hung up and we play the entire song. It’s some scene in there I tell you.

    And wow, they are looking like Shahid Kapur and Ayesha Takia in that Complan ad. Nobody can ever forget that tagline I believe.

    Are you sure that ad was in 1975? I can’t believe it! Wasn’t Bal Thackery in power during those years lol?

    Great Post, roohi!

  7. ulag says:

    Wonderful post Ruhi.As everyone is saying its taking me back to my childhood days too. I used to be crazy about jungle book. I watched every episode but missed the last one(when Mowgli actually kills Sher Khan), i dont remember why, but i do remember i cried a lot for that!!![:P]….And “mile sur mera tumhara” has got to be the most patriotic song ever. It still gives me goosebumps. Noone has ever tried to do a song like that again. It truly celebrated the spirit of India – Unity in Diversity. Ofcourse Mahabharath held sway over the nation every sunday morning. They say that traffic was actually much lesser because everyone were at home watching it on tv 😛 . And yeh jo hai zindagi was such a hilarious show. Another song you could have put was the surabhi title track. That is a standard reminder of Sunday evenings for me, when i used to be hurrying up to finish my homework for monday 😀
    Watching all this makes me happy and sad. I guess thats what they call nostalgia.

  8. I know i’m repeating just everything everyone has said… but it’s truly nostalgic!
    I remember the days when i watching those Mowgli & Mahabharat serials everyday… I even knew those title tracks by heart…

    & I’m sad that we can’t remain children for ever… 😥

    Thanks for this great trip down memory lane!

  9. u know one thing ruhi…during my school days…this “jungle book” was at 6:30 pm sundays…so after 2 days of holidays,school will be again starting on monday morning….and this “jungle book” was the last enjoyable thing of the weekend..not even once r in my life i have done my home works before sunday night….so the end credits of “jungle book” always made me sad or weep..coz always after jungle a shit load of home works wer there

  10. @ Nita:

    Thanks Nita. I never watched this Liril ad in TV, but my mom asked me to put it up because it was very famous. 🙂 Even I enjoy old movies and serials so much! I hardly watch any of the new Hindi stuff…we can’t even compare these old ads/jingles/movies with the new ones on Television. Perhaps it had something to do with the limited TV time also. This added to the magic, perhaps. We hardly find the entire family sitting in the living room and watching TV together.


    Oh yeah! This Bajaj Ad is my absolute favorite, even though it’s for a scooter. There’s something so patriotic about it. Saada Bajaj…tuhaada Bajaj…:D Thanks for that input. Sounds really cute. There are lots of patriotic songs these days (those Vande Mataram ads by AR Rehman), but they can’t stand up to Mile Sur Mera Tumhara! So many actors, actresses, singers, cricketers…it was mind boggling.

    Mowgli was such a big thing during our childhood! 🙂 Those were the times when we were 100% “desi”, if you know what I mean. Now, we wouldn’t be caught dead watching Hindi serials etc.

    Yes, those two kids actually look like Shahid and Ayesha! 🙂 Damn cute.

    Liril ad– Even I asked my mom the same question. How did this ad manage to get released? She said that lots of bold movies had gotten released during that time, including Bobby (dimple kapadia wearing short dresses) and Julie (very controversial subject matter). So people were fine with this ad.

  11. @ ulag:

    You remember so much about Jungle Book! The only thing I remember is the opening title track. 🙂 Mile Sur really celebrates the true spirit of India and there is no way the new ones (called Vande Mataram) can match up to it. I feel so emotional whenever I hear this song.

    Yeh Joh Zindagi Hai was awesome! 😀 I can’t believe Satish Shah looked so young and even Swaroop Sampat. I had almost forgotten Shafi Inamdar and all…and can you believe that the title track was actually sung by Kishore Kumar??

    I will try to find the Surabhi title track and add it. Thanks for the suggestion. I felt so sad watching these old ads and serials yesterday…just wanted my childhood back. You can watch lots of old stuff at Do check it out! 🙂


    Thanks carrot. 🙂 I haven’t seen anyone do a post with old ads/serials and since I had been listening to this stuff since 2-3 days, I felt like doing a post. I knew that most of us would feel drawn to the oldies…nothing can replace our childhood and the sweet memories attached with it. Even though I love everything firang now, I still feel quite desi when I watch all this stuff.

    Yes, we can’t remain a child forever, but we can remain 12 at heart 😉 Right? Let’s do that.


    Same thing happened with Mahabharat with me. It used to be aired every Sunday morning at 9 am and I had painting classes from 10:15. So, as soon as Mahabharat used to get over, I used to run out of the door for my painting classes (which I used to detest). LOL. These serials were such an escape for us…from our daily routines and studies.

  12. @Ruhi: Yea, I know what 100% desi is like. Don’t you feel it’d be better if you didn’t have to worry while watching hindi serials? They can be fun sometimes you know. There’s one in which this chick keeps crying and doing nothing else. I know all of them do that but this one does ONLY that. I haven’t seen her doing anything else in all the episodes I’ve watched since like November or December I believe.

    And yeah, I’ve seen those movies, well some of them at least and I used to wonder at their courage back then. Dimple Kapadia is rather hot btw. I guess we’ve been getting more and more orthodox with time then. But things have changed, bikini’s and semi-nude women are all over Television today.

  13. @ ish:

    Yes, I do wish that I wouldn’t have to worry while watching hindi serials. But it’s another thing that I don’t watch any of the recent serials. 😛 I do watch re-runs of old ones like Fauji, Circus etc.

    If that chick cries, then you can’t blame her, can you? I’m sure Ekta Maa made her cry- to increase the TRP ratings.

    Dimple Kapadia was always so beautiful. My mom tells me that she broke lots of hearts when she got married to Rajesh Khanna right after Bobby. And then many years later, she came back in the movie Sagar (Kamal Haasan and Rishi Kapoor) and she still looked really smashing!


    Umm..I don’t remember that one. When was it aired?

    • vivek ssehgal says:

      sagar was released in 1987.In a single day i watched two movies sagar@ 3 hrs then mera naam joker@5.30hrs with two intervals and was severly reprimanded by dad for coming home at abot 11pm.I was sixteen yrs old then and yes i miss my those days of childhood.will love to add about more advt: like those of lux always using the heroin of those days be it hema malini, zeenat aman. right now short on time@1pm at night. will log in again and try to chip in more with otr advt:

  14. lallopallo says:

    Thanks for putting them Ruhi. It was really nostalgic to watch them..especially Mile sur mera’s so unbelievable that as I was watching it, I could anticipate the exact music and everything..Probably it was because I must have watched it thousand times while growing up..

    Ruhi: You’re welcome. 🙂 I find it easier to recall movies and songs that I’d heard as a child, compared to the movies and songs that I’ve watched/heard after growing up. Maybe we were more perceptive as kids. 🙂

  15. @Ruhi: Nah, I’m not blaming that chick for crying, it’s not her fault. I’m not blaming anybody actually, it’s just funny. I’m sure they have to give her glucose everyday after she’s done shooting because she must suffer big time dehydration.

    I’m sure my dad’s heart was one of the broken ones when she married Rajesh Khanna. He totally loved her lol. I could see that when he totally wanted to see that Saif Ali Khan movie in which she featured recently. I don’t remember the name anymore though.

  16. “Vicco Turmeric” is one ad which I used to hate !!!… It was like going on for ever and ever. then when u hope that its over, they start again “vicco turmeric nahi cosmetic” for another two minutes.!!
    “Mile sur mera tumhara” is too good. May be becoz as some suggested we been listening to that thousand times. 🙂
    Great collection ruhi.
    I guess i shud tune back to Doordarshan for once in a while to check if they are still airing all these….

    • vivek sehgal says:

      hay do u know they are again playing vicco turmric advt: in multiplex in delhi these days. same old advt:. then there is another very old advt: about save the girl child by an NGO sun foundation/ vishwajit sawhny foundation, it feature very young shweta tiwari of big boss/kasauti zindagi ki fame.

  17. @Ish

    Sorry I missed this comment of yours.

    //I’m sure they have to give her glucose everyday after she’s done shooting because she must suffer big time dehydration.

    Haha! 🙂 LOL. I think so too.

    Your dad’s heart must have suffered serious injuries and there were lots of girls who committed suicide too, when Rajesh Khanna got married. 😛 Which movie are you talking about? I only saw her in Dil Chahta Hai. But I know that had a recent release too.


    Thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog. 🙂 Even I never liked Vicco Turmeric Ad…but I couldn’t find it on Youtube (for old times’ sake) 😉

    Everybody seems to be very familiar with Mile Sur…funnily, I don’t think I watched it on TV that many times…or maybe I did. I just don’t remember. Let us know if you could find any of these ads on DD.

  18. @Ruhi…
    You havent seen the Mile Sur.. video???? (surprised look).. 🙂 That was hard to miss, Its was usually aired either when they switch from the regional channel to the national one.(they wud put a blue board that said “Delhi relay……….”)
    Or when they had nothing to air.
    Sure. I wud check DD once in a while now. 🙂

    Ruhi: Xylene, I didn’t say that I haven’t seen it. I said, I’m not sure if I saw it that many times on TV. But yes, I do remember each and every scene! I feel so nostalgic even thinking about it. Definitely must have been some other birth of mine and not this one 😉

  19. @ruhi
    Oh okay 🙂
    its indeed nostalgic… Thanx for the post Ruhi. You took me back to my days when “the TV remote was useless” 🙂

    Ruhi: You’re welcome. Btw, isn’t the remote still useless? 😉

  20. anurag.s says:

    sahi list hai boss…
    golden years of DD …

    best part of your blog is inputs by Ish…
    how can anyone forget ad of dabur dant manjan…arre raju tumhare daant to motiyo ki tarah chamak rahe hai…


  21. lekhni says:

    Hey this is lovely! I was thinking of Mile Sur mera tunmhara just a few days back..nice to be able to watch it again 🙂

  22. @Anurag,

    Hey thanks for your enthusiastic comments! =)) Ish is my star commentator. At the start of this year, I had done a post where I was giving out virtual awards and Ish won the Best Commentator Award. He must be so happy now…I’m sure.

    And I remember that Dabur Dant Manjan Ad! It was sooo stupid. LOL.


    You have a nice name 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. Yes, everybody seems to be really nostalgic about Mile Sur Mera Tumhara…it’s a lovely song.

  23. anurag.s says:

    hey ruhi,
    tell me something…how u manage your time gurl…
    MBA..CFA…Running two blogs…i know u are a lawyer..and would soon pursue a PhD in finance…
    greattt…do teach me a few tricks…
    and does blogging abt cfa readings helps in revision…??

  24. OMG, more comment posting lurve! I’m suddenly loving this life you know!

    Thanks Anurag!

    And Ruhi you are toh just great. Ruhi maata ki jai! Okay not maata, wahaan kuch aur laga lena. 😛

  25. @Anurag

    I am horrible at time management, believe me. I’m not working right now; so I’m being able to blog. But as Level II exam in June comes nearer and I start working in a month or two, I doubt that I’ll be able to blog so much.

    I started that CFA blog to keep me motivated and keep a track o my study pattern. Yes, it does help me a lot. I can come back to those posts for a quick revision. Are you taking CFA too?

    P.S- Not really a lawyer; need to study for 2 more years to get my LLB. I’ll do that if I go back to Pune sometime.


    Great! Thank Anurag 🙂 And oye…you dare not call me mataji else I’ll stop talking to all you 18 year olds. 😛

  26. nivi says:

    Hi Ruhi,

    cant thank u enough for making me feel nostalgic that will last a long time..great compilations..

    it wld be great if u can get the following ads too… if its not possible no worries.. u can atleast reminisce about them.


    -Ye bechara kaam ka josh ka maara..ise chaahiye hamdard ka tonic CINKAARA



    I LOVE THESE ads

    enjoy..keep up the cool work

  27. Nivi- Thanks for your enthusiastic comment. 🙂 Even I tried really hard to search for “Jab mein chota bachcha tha…” but couldn’t find it. I will try to find the rest and put them up here. Never saw that Godrej ad. I hated that ECE bulb and Cinkaara ad… 😛

  28. ram_ricky says:

    felt so good to see all this at ur blog ruhi…. really cudnt believe my eyes wen i saw ppl are really nostalgic abt all this….
    this stuff jus makes me go back to those days n ponder over things for a wile til i find my eyes moist….

    Great job ruhi….!!! cheers to you… 🙂

    and yeah ruhi, a few more videos that u can add up to ur search list….
    1. Bhartiya saaksharta mission song ( kahin samay ka ek taara , akshar akshar deep jale……)
    2.the title track of Chandrakaanta…. man!! who doesnt luv tht show!!??….
    remember kroor sing and hi “yukkooo”…??
    wel wel…
    lemmi think more…. will post u more as i get them…

    thanx ruhi

  29. @ ram_ricky:

    I’ll try to search when I get the time. 🙂 If you find a link, then feel free to post it here. I’ll include it in the main post, under your name. I don’t remember Chandrakaanta or Kroor or even Bhartiya Saaksharta song. 😦 Don’t know if I ever saw them.

    Thank you for your comment and I’m glad that you liked this post.

  30. fayaz says:

    Hi can any one tell me where i can find the indian aqua fina commercial , there is a song that is played in in , “kabhi boond boond” i need that song , can any one send me alink where i can find it

  31. ULKA says:

    Hi Ruhi,
    Really great thing you did.
    If you remenber, there was an ad of Captain cook salt in which there was a female ( Susmita Mukharjee) expressing the add.
    I love that add very much. It was a terriffic add.
    Can you help me to have that add?

  32. @Fayaz

    Try searching on Youtube. 🙂


    Thanks for your comment. 🙂 I remember that ad quite well. I’ll try searching for it. Even you can run a search on various video sites like Youtube etc.

  33. Arpit Bhandari says:


    Hi ppl…. i was searching for a very old advertisement which used to come on doordarshan which brought me to this site… please help me remember the advertisement.

    Following are the things which i know:
    1) There is a song by Alisha Chinai – Khwabon se nikal kar tu aaja…. very recent song…
    when she sings – La La La La… the music is EXACTLY lifted from the ad

    2) I remember the ad’s English jingle going like – La La La Litware(?)…. I am not sure about the last word…. i was quite a kid then… just have the haunting music repeating in my mind whenever i listen to Alisha’s song.

    Please listen to the Alisha’s song, if you haven’t, over here….

    I think ppl of age group 30 + can easily remember this old DD adv.

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. I feel that the adv. itself picked up the music from some english song. Any revelation will be credited with DBC (Death by Chocolate) 😀

  34. @Arpit

    Thanks for dropping by. 🙂 Unfortunately, I have no idea about this song…hopefully, someone will be able to find what you’re looking for.

  35. Shantanu says:

    Hey! that was some awesome collection…truely nostalgic.
    Just check the “Old Doordarshan Serials” Community on Orkut
    & look for “Those were the best days of my Life” Thread.
    I’m Shure U’l love it.
    Thx again for that refreshing Flashback
    @ Arpit
    hey even I remember that female voice singing those lines.
    I Guess it was some cooking utensil’s brand..I remember these lines…”pretty dishes u can cook n serve in La..La…La…Litware”…but just can’t recall it as a whole…

  36. Arpit Bhandari says:


    you deserve the DBC!!!

    the “pretty dishes u can cook…” led me to the original song!

    Never on Sunday by Chordettes

    Thanks once again… if you are in bangalore tell me!… if not, tell me the city… if we are in the same city… you get ur gift!

    Thanks once again and the forum!

    P.S. I got the clue from

    It seems a great site for ppl to play – guess the old DD commercial!

  37. @Shantanu

    I sent you an email 🙂


    Thanks for the link to that discussion community. Very vibrant quizzing going on, but it seems to have stopped recently, else I would have loved to join it.


    Really? Wow…this is So great! Thanks for coming back and letting me know. 🙂 I feel so happy now. Heh. I wish I could see it on TV though. 😦

  38. Shantanu says:

    U ppl are super cool…
    Thx. for the DBC & for the “Never on Sunday” track…i remember it so well now.
    I’m in Pune right now & would love to meet all u ppl.
    Also that Ghushe guy who started the ODS community on Orkut is my Friend.
    Drop in on that community…lots of old serials & adds have been discussed there in the past.

    @ Ruhi,
    Thx for the mail. I’l hunt for the track…also if ur on orkut, do join me in your friend list. Also on the above mentioned thread in the ODS community on orkut, I’v tried all that I could remember.Check it out.

  39. shruti says:

    hey does any1 rem tht nirma ad………’oho deepika ji aayeye aayeeye…….jab wohi dhulai kum damoo mein mile toh koi yeh kyo le woh na le(nirma….maan gaye..kisse ?? aapki paar ki nazar aur nirma super dono ko!!!’
    doesnt d old ads n serials remind u of fims lik jaane bhi do yaroo,chasme badoor, n like????

  40. shruti says:

    since we all r in nostalgia……..lemme share a funny incident with u guys
    Quite a few yrs back(at least more than 12 yrs) I was watching Tehkikat (rem Vijay anand n Saurabh Shukla…..tehkikat yeh hai tehkikat) with my sisters and cousins. All d lights were out since everyone was sleeping. THere was this particular scene where a deadbody with open eyes n green shade of face colour was submerged in a bath tub. Along with the female protagonist, all of us screamed so loudly that the whole house woke up n as punishment we were not only thrown out of the t.v room but also banned from watching tv for atleast a week.

  41. @Shruti

    Haha! 🙂 That was quite funny. I remember fighting with my cousins because I wanted to watch Dekh Bhai Dekh and the other Panka Kapoor serial (some Hindi school comedy, remember?). They used to be aired back to back. I hope I can find these serials online sometime. I would love to watch them again. Do you know of any website where we can watch these old serials?

  42. Shantanu says:

    That incident was really funny….U made me recall a somewhat smiler experience from my childhood days. Me & my big bro used to watch “Kile Ka Rahasya”…yes the same one with a bloody hand on the back…& a girl falling to her death with a shreak. First Horror based serial on DD.

    We ppl were so haunted by this particular serial that whenever we went to the bathroom before sleeping (some rules which all of us followed back then), we used to tell our mother to wait just outside the door, till we hurried up with the activity.
    But we used to laugh about the same incident in the morning…..really “Those were the best days of my Life.”

    I used to love Dekh Bhai Dekh..& perticularly Kareema (Tu bandar hai) the servant with an attitude :)….also the Pankaj Kapoor Serial u mentioned was ” Zabaan Sambhalke” with a list of fine comedians with Pankaj Kapoor as their Class Teacher & Shobha Khote as the Principal with a bunch of students (2 big 2b called students) from different parts of the country talking in their native language…but trying to learn Hindi. A gr8 satire which later on appeared on “Home TV”.
    Hope u can recall it well now!

  43. @ Shantanu:

    You are right! Zabaam Sambhalke was the name of the serial. I even remember the title track 🙂 I even remember some of the students in that classroom! Pankaj Kapoor did such a fine job in that show. I used to wait every week for that one night- to watch both Dekh Bhai Dekh and Zabaan Sambhalke. Dekh Dekh Dekh- there was that boy called Sanju, na? And chachu (Shekhar Suman) and his wife, chachi, played by Bhavna Balsavar. Even Farida Jalal was there. Gosh, I wish I could watch these somewhere. I feel like going back to my childhood days.

    And regarding the haunted thing, I’m afraid, I still behave in the same manner. 🙂 Thank God, that hasn’t changed.

  44. Arpit Bhandari says:

    I remember that dekh bhai dekh was aired on thursdays 9 to 930 followed by zabaan sambhaal ke…
    then fridays used to be one of the best weekdays for me as i used to watch alladin cartoon from 4 to 430… play cricket and return… and follow up by Shrimaan Shrimati at 8 and All the Best at 830!!… and there was then the hindi movie on DD1 at 9 30!!!… Remembering All the Best, i was heartbroken when Shafi Inamdar sadly passed away and was replaced… though the quality of the program never really dipped due to that!… those two serials were clean comedy at their best!…

    i dont remember the name of Kiley ka Rahasya… but i remember the bloody hand!… and the sound track too :SS… right now i am 24… but still alone in the house so let me put on some light :)… i was a bigger scaredo then… i had to be chauffeured to Bathroom even after the zabaan sambhaal kes :).. though the dark passage between the bedroom and the bathroom was the culprit 🙂

    @Shruti… Sam d’Silva and Gopi were really great in Tehkikaat… i remember one episode in which a chair used ot move by itself in a newly occupied house… only for our DoorDarshan detectives to find out that a rogue lady used magnets from the floor below to move the iron-fitted chair :P…

    but friends… we still leaving out the morning slots!!… Mahabharat… the techincal miracle… Chandrakanta… all those aiyyars and stuff due to which we could not see the real lady Chandrakanta for months!!!… and Betaal Pachisi…

    visiting relatives’ place on sunday mornings brought a tinge of sadness of missing these serials!!…

    P.S. being a kid then, i was a great fan of Captain Vyom!

  45. shruti says:

    @ Arpit
    OMG…………that’s the same episode I was talking about

    I remember waking up at 7 in the morning to watch rangoli(guess hema malini used to host it for some time) and doesnt anyone remember Superhit Muqabla and Shanti (the most non sensical dd shows of all)

  46. Shantanu says:

    I guess every child from the 80’s who grew up with limited resources may it be in terms of entertainment or other money related materialistic things have grown up to be responsible human beings with a bit of love for those simple but satisfying days…what a life we had back then.
    I really feel for todays kids, they are simply being exposed to all sorts of things too early in their life, but this process is irreversible and came along with evolution…so it will have to be digested.

    Also all those who wanted to recall all those nostalgic DD Days…join the “OLD DOORDARSHAN SERIALS” community on Orkut. and check the thread “Those were the best days of my life”

    Once again thanks to Ruhi for taking us back to our childhood days…Cheers!

  47. Arpit Bhandari says:

    Very rightly put Shantanu. I showed this community to few of my “Doordarshan friends” and we really felt that our generation is a lot calmer and values-laden than the current one. One of the stark difference is that today almost no serial is about the garibi of the postman, helplessness of the unemployed, naivete of the middle class etc.. Too much of glitz over here now. Perhaps, in those days people had a lot of life outside their homes. On weekends, I still remember, our neighbours, papa’s friends, relatives used to visit us. We used to go on long walks as a family. A small happy family, with ppl having time for each other.
    Now, with the professional career of ppl just zooming around, and “alienation” of one’s self and the family from the society is taking place, TV is like one stop entertainment which really has to boost your hormones to make you feel “affected”, not necessarily “grounded”.
    The entropy always increases!… 🙂

  48. Shantanu says:

    Exactly you have put down all I had to say… thx for that. It can b can see professionalism not only at work but in other places as well…the mad rush for money and success has blindfolded most of us…its rare to find a simple happy family which was content wid all that they had.
    I remember how all relatives would frequently get together and spend time together without any specific motive but just as it felt good our own people around. I hope the gen next has a better life than what they are going through…though ironically we are also going through the same phase.
    It is reflected through the TV too…its no more a medium of information (except for DD’s Gyan & DD Bharti, & ofcource NGC, History, Discovery & AP are a few exception)but just brainwashing ppl with Breaking News which, is doubtful to be a News in the first place. No need to comment on the the daily soaps…Awful as they are…
    I can simply recall kavi Pradeeps lines “Kitna badal gaya Insaan”

  49. Sindhuja says:

    Does anyone remember an ad they used to show that ended with children lighting candles, and they were standing in three rows, the top row dressed in orange, the middle one white, the bottom one green (so they made the flag), and they were singing something, but I can’t remember what. The ad itself had all these famous musicians playing the same tune, so it built up to the children singing. I know that Zakir Hussain, Hariprasad Chaurasia and Ravi Shankar were in it, and there were a bunch of other people, there was one guy playing water glasses, another (who was dead by the time I saw the ad, maybe fifteen years ago) playing the veena. It was such a lovely tune, and thinking about it now makes me remember how proud and patriotic I felt when I saw it back then.

  50. @Shantanu, Arpit, Shruti and everyone else who’s commenting enthusiastically here:

    Should I serve you coffee? Tea? Coke? Is the couch comfortable enough 😀 (Just joking!).

  51. Shantanu says:

    Hey! i guess u mixed up the two famous adds…1) “Mile Sur mera tumhara” ,one which Ruhi has already posted which ends with children standing
    in 3 rows with the 3 tricolors and the blue Ashok chakra appearing later on…
    2) The second one is “Baje Sargam har taraf se gunje bankar deshraag”…which features different legends from the field of music from India and in the end children lighting candles and spreading the light…
    U can watch it here :

    Thanks…U’v already made us comfortable by starting this topic.. but anyways a coffee will do 😉
    Have Fun.

  52. Hey!

    I recollect an advertisement where Indian athletics and players were running with a torch in hand, they passed the torch from one to another. I would appreciate if someone can anyone help me finding that add.


  53. Lalit- You’re talking about Mile Sur Mera Tumhara and that torch passing scene is towards the end of that song. I’ve uploaded it here. 🙂 Take a look.

  54. Sindhuja says:

    Shantanu! That was it, that was the ad! Thank you so much for finding it and sharing it with me. I don’t think it was the whole ad, but what was there was enough to take me back to a much happier place.

  55. Shantanu says:

    Hey! The ad ur mentioning is entitled ” Torch of Freedom”, the song featured many famous sports personalities of the time and each one meeting up and handling the torch to the next one who would continue…, I can recall Sunil Gavaskar running in the rain with the torch with a cute smile on his face :)…also there was P.T. Usha who was running through a green field with deers running in the backdrop along with her…
    I guess the music was by Louis Banks…hope 2 grab hold of this rare piece 1 day

    @ Sindhuja,
    Don’t mention it!…cheers 🙂

    @ Ruhi,
    Hey! Its too damn hot here in Pune…cancel the coffee, do u have a Gold Spot! 😉
    Have Fun:)

  56. @ Shantanu:

    I think Gold Spot’s not manufactured anymore, no? 🙂 Limca? Oh this reminds me of that game we used to play as kids- Gold Spot! Don’t know if you people have played it.

  57. Shantanu says:

    Gold spot (The Zing Thing) is gone..long back & many new brands of pesticides have taken its place 😀 … insted I’l stick to Rasna 🙂
    Also there was a drink called ” RIM-ZIM ” u remember it? Also in the summers (MAY holidays) we used to get these flavoured sticks of ice called “PEPSI” in thin cylindrical shapes …then later on came the “Milk Pepsi” it was a real treat for 50 paisa & 1 Rupee.

  58. Vikas Pratap Singh says:

    hey! could u please arrange for captain vyom title track; I would be very grateful to you. thank you

  59. Meghna says:

    I just hit upon ur blog coz i did a search for the Litware ad song… And I HAD to go through the entire conversation..made me remember things I thought I’d forgotten. This was nice. Thank you so much all of you.

  60. Anupam says:

    @ Ruhi. You have nice collection lady. Here I came accross the lalitaji ad which I was looking for sometime. Thanx.
    Made me remember my childhood when the Sundays used to begin with He-man, Bharat Ek Khoj, Ramayan, then there was some other serial which I don’t remember. After that Charlie chaplin, in the evening we used to have superman or was it spiderman! I thinkit was spiderman but not sure. And after that there was a serial named SIGMA. It was somewhat on the lines of Startrek. Remember. ………………. Alas

    Those were the days of Jasoos Karamchand with his assistant Kitty and Kathasagar and Fauji and many more. I really miss my childhood.

  61. arshiya says:

    hey hi all…..
    funtastic collections….
    i jus remembered some old video which was telecasted in doordharshan….
    i exactly dont remember the name of the song/video but its jus that it shows some hindi stars along with some kids along with them (some actors like jackie shoriff, aamir khan and others)can anyone jus help me to find that song/video.

  62. Shantanu says:

    I can certainly help you to find the song, but the video …well i’v been searching it too…

    I guess it was made in the early 90’s featuring some well known actors @ those times with kids…giving a message of National Integration.

    The words are like..Sun Sun Sun mare nanhe Sun , Sun Sun Sun mare munne sun…pyar ki ekta rahe desh me ekta rahe…sara bharat yeh kahe pyaar ki ekta rahe

    here’s the link:-


  63. sandhya.j says:

    hi it was nice to see those songs and ads once u remember this song “saur-mandal me tim tim barse taare anek hai” i really love this song-a type of unity and integrity type..i searched a lot ..i dint case u get the link please let me konw

  64. Anant says:

    @ all the participants
    this blog is wonderful….i read it for d first time today when i hit upon it in search of old ads for my article in a magazine..! n really it has been a trip down d memory lane…nice work ruhi n co.
    btw can anyone post d link for the zandu balm ad…
    “zandu balm zandu balm peedahari balm”
    @shantanu n arpit
    u hav aptly portrayed d scenario in d present times.n it gladdens my heaert to see people (youth) still concerned about such issues which hav become trivial to others…
    keep going guys……!!!!!
    cheers Anant

  65. shlok says:

    hey good work do u have video of a guy trying to cut down an apple tree and then an apple falls on his head which turns his mind also any ide abt from where to download kile ka rahasya

  66. i want the details of sanjha chulah says:

    hi friends
    this is asim from hyderabad i want to know the details of hindi serial sanjha chulah when i was kid i was watching that serial and i forget the story now plz reply me the details of that serial at .
    with regards

  67. Your post rings a lot of nostalgic bells! Do you remember an old Indian ad that used the song “Blue Bayou”? If so do you remember what the product was? (Have been trying to remember it – something to do with work – and found your post through a related Google search!)

  68. Adi says:

    I saw the video of those athletes passing the torch and it gave me goosebumps…Kudos to you and this invaluable collection of my most favourite childhood memories!!Cheers!

  69. rajieve says:

    nice work……gone back to good old days of 80s when TV was a luxury and one TV set would have attracted the whole maholla for viewing.

    Pl post old ZANDU balm if possible.

    God bless you………


  70. Tarun Mehta says:

    kahin samay tha ek tara akshar akshar deep jale ( rashtriya saksharta mission ) please friends if any one have mp3 or video link of dis song.. den plz mail me on my mail id… heartly thanks in advance…

  71. Rohit Chadha says:

    Hmmm..Feeling nostalgic after viewing this website. Thank u so much Mr. Up-loader. I’ve a request. Can ne 1 plz upload few links of ‘Stone Boy’- a TV serial used to come on Sunday Mornings about 2 siblings who visit Mauritius & found this guy.

    • We says:

      hi Ruhi,

      Today I was doing some search and found your link…. if you get please EsselWorld ka add ..that was cool …

      Essel world me rahunga me ghar nahi jaunga me …. kitna bada he dekho mera zula .. chila chila ke dum mera fulla :-))))

      One more
      Rahul pani chala jayega ….. :-))

      wow man awesome days awesome time.


  72. Sagar says:

    Guys can u please upload the Ad of CRANE BETEL NUT POWDER
    I just love the Ad yaar
    I request someone or the other help me out

    Thanking you,


  73. rohit says:

    most this extraordinary serials are now available on flipcart. I think they have include dvd of serials like malgudu days,j aane bhi do yaaro, hum panch, aliflaila, bharat ek khoj n many mores….i hv bought many of them ….just brought memories of my chilhood after watching these serials.

  74. Pratik Patil says:

    poorab se sury uga…
    alif laila title song
    bajaj bulb ad
    Doordarshan music
    lijjat papad
    natraj pencil
    vicks ki goli lo
    cadbury perk preety zinta
    thanda matlab coca cola
    pepsi. .nothing official abt it…’99 World cup
    parle G ad
    fevistic ad for fishing.
    and how can u forget JALEBI? Dhara ad

    i could not find
    1. kahin samay ka ek tara..akshar akshar deep chale ad and
    2. 1st ever ad from Navneet Books ad

  75. vicky says:

    padhna likhna sikho o mehnat karne waalo padhna likhna sikho o mehnat karne waalo
    ka kha ga ga ko pehchano alif ko padhna sikho
    ka kaa ki kii ko hatyar bankar ladhna sikho
    padhna likhna sikho o mehnat karne waalo padhna likhna sikho o mehnat karne waalo.

  76. vicky says:

    chalo humare sang tume hum rang naye dikhayenge
    ek anokhe ajeeb desh ki sair karrayenge
    khushiyon ki baraat yiye sapno ka sansaar liye
    lo baigan raja aate hai baiigan raja aate hai

  77. XiTiZ. says:

    Does anyone remember the save trees advertisment, where a guy is to cut trees but the other guy sticks to the tree to save it….the language used was garbled one…..

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