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Happy Birthday

To Me! 😀

I turned “xx” today and it’s not a nice feeling. I feel really old. The last time I felt young age-wise was when I turned 21.

Like William Butler Yeats said-

From our birthday, until we die,

Is but the winking of an eye.

or like Mark Twain said-

When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it happened or not.


Anyway, I had a surprise mid night party that was organized by a special someone and the process of adding another year got easier. By the way, do you think there’s something weird about the cake?

P.S- Don’t ask me my age. 😛 Bad manners.


51 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. There are just 16 candles…
    Gosh. I am not asking ur age….. I guess I can just mutiply the number of candles with a value greater than one…

    Jus kidding

    Happpy Bday !

  2. OMG, Happy Birthday Ruhi budhiya! Achchca achcha, not today. Akele akele cake aur Budweiser, not fair. Hamaara kya hoga kaaliya?

    I wonder why Google Reader still hasn’t shown this post. Otherwise pehle wish kara hota, 8th number pe nahi. Love the mood picture, Spunky lol

  3. Happy Birthday to you…Happy birthday to you …dear Ruhi..Happy Birthday to you! (sing the entire jingle) 😉

    May you have a great year ahead! So you are a Capriconian..

  4. ulag says:

    Happy Birthday Ruhi!!! hope u had a blast!!!
    About the cake?? hmmm…
    why are only 11 candles lit and the other 5 unlit? is that it? 😛

  5. “Go, go, go, go
    Go, go, go RUHI
    It’s your birthday
    We gon’ party like it’s yo birthday
    We gon’ sip Bacardi like it’s your birthday
    And you know we do really give a lot
    coz It’s your birthday”

    Happy Birthday dear….

    about of 16 are there and out of 16 5 are blown off…

    are we supposed to like 16+5=21..

    ahem ahem…u still feels like at 21..
    god wat a weird logic by me..
    sorry i am pretty bad at

    p.s:-the above song is as u know by 50cent…but modified by me specially for u..cheers…

  6. @Rohan: Nar, she’s not 21. I have a rough guess but I’m not mentioning that here cause she might kill me.

    Nice song btw, we’re gonna sip Bacardi like it’s your birthday, I’m totally on for that!

  7. many happy returns of the day! actually i still feel young although I am over forty! Age is all in the mind! So here’s to you remaining 21 for the rest of your life. young in thought and mind and healthy in body.

  8. @ish
    thanks dude..and i know she’s not 21..she said that last time she felt young was at her 21st b’ she still feels like “21 till i die”…

    bacardi on ruhi’s b’day is a great choice..

  9. @Xylene

    Why thank you for being the first person here to wish me! 😀 And you’re right about the candles too…I’m sweet 16, you know? 😉 Or so I wish…


    Thanks mate. Yes, eight candles missing, precisely. Mein solah baras ki!


    Thanks a lot girl. The cake is plain cream flavor. I’m sick of eating chocolate cakes; so I think my friends got a cue 😉 *Hugs back*


    Thank you. Usually one candle? Why? New born baby, always? I celebrated my sweet 16th birthday. 😉


    Thank you!


    Yes, I get the drill…thank you 🙂


    Thank you and welcome to my blog. Why should I be offended? I didn’t order/make the cake. LOL.


    Have you got hawk’s eyes? I knew that you would be able to clearly see Budweiser. 😛 Young kids don’t drink. Go and do peri pona to your parents.

    My mood has been spunky since 3 days actually! I need a special Birthday-type mood now. And yes, I’m very chaloo…made my friends put only 16 candles. They were laughing outrageously. Heh.

    Mein solah baras ki..koi bhi nahi satarah baras ka 😦 Haha! Sorry, such a stupid song.


    Thank you for singing that song. I could hear it…I swear! Yes, I’m a Capricorn. No wonder I behave like a mini-Hitler, I think. What do you feel? 😉 When’s your birthday??


    Thank you 🙂


    Thank you! Yes, I had a blast last night. Birthday not yet over acc. to Central Standard Time. It’s only 2:30 pm here. I’m planning to go for a romantic dinner at night 😉

    Oh, and all the candles were lit! Must be a trick of the light. 🙂


    ROFL! Thanks for that song; you modified it very well. There was no Bacardi- only Budweiser, Malibu Rum, some red wine and Champagne and can you believe it, I didn’t drink at all. Not even the Champagne.

    All the candles are lit dear. You got tricked like Ulag too. And no, I don’t feel like 21, I feel like I’m sweeet 16. Take a cue from the number of candles on the cake. 😉


    Naah…you can mention my age…it’s not that big a secret too. That Post script was more of a joke because the saying goes that you should never ask a lady her age 😉


    Thank you!


    Thanks a lot for your wishes. You remind me of my mom who says that very same thing. And I guess both of you are correct. I feel like I’m sweet 16 😉

    Note: I turned 24. That P.S. was a joke. I’m sure most of my regular readers know my age.

  10. lallopallo says:

    Happy Birthday Ruhi! If I were you, I would just leave everything and get drunk.
    Regarding you getting old, dont worry about it. We all are drowning;
    But seriously, I think you are still very very young..almost a kid..:)..Have fun.

  11. @ruhi

    yeah now i took a closer look at the candles and found out that all are lit..and how can u drink wen we all here are drinking nothing but water…and now since u have all of our’s permission u can drink…go ahead..rt now its 2:20am here..i have an exam tommorow..i am supposed to study instead of browsing…my mom have made black-coffee and kept in the flask for keeping me awake(on my request only)…so rt now i have a glass full of black coffee here in my hand…
    i will give a toast for u on ur birthday ,he he with black-coffee….
    here it is….
    “to ruhi,hail ruhi….”

  12. @Lallo

    Thank you for your wishes. Yes, I would have gotten drunk…but I need to go out of town tomorrow, early morning 🙂 Yes, we’re all drowning slowly. The best part is, we won’t realize when the process is over. LOL.


    Black coffee? Yuck. I really dislike caffeine…one of those rare species. That’s why I avoid drinking soda also. Btw, does coffee really make your mind more active? I think it just keeps us awake…nothing else. All the best for your exams. When are they getting over? Which year are you in?


    That’s some clever mathematics! Nobody even bothered to look at the candles in the box. 😛 But what if there were some ‘extra’ candles? LOL.

    I’m surprised that such a silly post is on the needs to change its algorithm for determining the top posts…seriously.

  13. @Ruhi: I actually bothered to look at the candles in the box but never bothered to comment because I thought they were insignificant and also random. I didn’t notice they were used nahi to pata chal jaata.

    And agar 18 saal ka hone par bhi insaan daru nahi pee sakta to jeena ka kya matlab reh jaata hai?

  14. @ Purnima:

    The weirdness lies in the number of candles…there are only 16 😉 Thank you for your wishes.


    Nobody looked beyond the Budweiser can (can’t blame them) except Shefaly. Probaby she doesn’t drink, that’s why?

    Who’s asking you not to drink? Stop lying so much 😉

  15. @ Ruhi:

    Thank you!

    Not just your Bud, but your cake is safe with me too. 🙂

    I had some other ‘elegant’ (i.e. using all the numbers and basic arithmetical operators available) possibilities with the numbers available as candles. But knowing some biographical data, this was the most plausible. Besides, the other ‘solutions’ might have killed you with shock! 😉

  16. Ruhi.. belated birthday wishes to u.. hope u had a gala time yest night! 😛

    PS: hey… even I worked out 24 but my darn luck.. shefaly got it before me! grrrr

  17. Nahi yaar, I never felt you were a Mini-Hitler. In fact, you exude a kind of warmth that for the first time in my life I did not want to get into a head-on argument with you on anything when my views were completely opposite. I find that feeling delicious. 😛

    I am an aquarian, born on 11 on next month. :)Aquarians are very die-hard argumentative souls. 😛

  18. @Shefaly

    Other solutions? Ahem! I know that my email address is kinda stupid and lots of people ask me if its my DOB. But what other shocking methods are you talking about? 😛


    Budweiser is a very famous American beer brand. It’s manufactured by Anheuser Busch, which is headquartered in St. Louis, MO. Enough details?

    Thank you for your wishes! I had gone out for a lovely dinner last night and then went to a friend’s place. 🙂


    I did! Thanks 🙂 Shefaly is very quick…you’ll realize that if you already haven’t!


    Ooh I see! Budding engineer, eh? 🙂 Go slow on all that coffee. It wears you down, I think.


    Seriously? That’s quite funny I tell you…because in real life, lots of people are scared of talking to me. Haha! 🙂

    you exude a kind of warmth that for the first time in my life I did not want to get into a head-on argument with you on anything when my views were completely opposite.

    Oh great then! I should complete my LLB and become a full time lawyer then 😉 Btw, it’s very easy to hold discussions with you too because I’ve found you to be very unbiased in your opinions.

    Aquarians are very fun loving and chilled out. I don’t know about the argumentative part…yet to come across an Aquarian who’s argumentative. But these zodiac signs are very misleading. 🙂 I think all of us are unique.

  19. True! These zodiacs can be confusing. We are all unique.

    When I said about your warmth, I actually felt it. Don’t want to upset that equation. When I argue, I argue very ferociously. And none of it is personal. You see, I argue only when I am passionate about the subject.

  20. @ Canadian Cinephile:

    Hey thank you 🙂


    I agree with you when you say that you argue if the subject matter is very close to your blog (like Consumer and Human Rights), right? 😉 It gives you a feeling of completeness and you should.

  21. @ Ruhi
    //Shefaly is very quick…you’ll realize that if you already haven’t!//
    Ya i did figure that out… unfortunately my speed depends on the how often RSS reader updates posts — which is just thrice a day!

  22. @ Ruhi:

    Other possibilities would combine 11, 5 and 8 with the four arithmetical operators to yield many answers.

    Because it was your birthday, a reasonable boundary condition can be that one only select the whole number possibilities. This means the division operator is never used. The following possibilities result.

    11 + 5 + 8 = 24 (simple)

    5 X 8 – 11 = 29 (plausible I think)

    11 X 5 – 8 = 47 (ha!)

    11 X 8 – 5 = 83 (impossible…)

    11 + 8 – 5 = 14 (not bad)

    11 + 5 – 8 = 8 (ha ha!)

    8 + 5 – 11 = 2 (um…)

    And 8 X 5 X 11 = 440 (but let’s not go there)

    Works for you? 🙂

  23. @ | Balu |:

    Never let RSS feeds slow you down 😉 Which reader that you use? I used to be on Bloglines, then Google Reader and now, I use the Flock Browser feed reader.


    OoH! That way! I see 🙂 I was expecting something else. Btw, wouldn’t 83 have been a nice number? An old lady hiding behind that animated cartoon of Gina Weasley. I’ll do that when I grow old.

  24. belated birthday wishes 🙂 ..
    i am extremely sorry i forgot ur birthday 😦 ..u had mentioned it in my blog..
    sorry once again 😦
    by the way nice theme

  25. @ Anurag.S:

    Definitely cannot claim Newton. Wrong race.

    I am Indian and we all do numbers well. At least that is the positive stereotype we all benefit from 🙂

  26. Arvind- Oh but you didn’t have internet for a week, right? 🙂 Thanks for the wishes anyway.

    And yes, I like this theme because it’s very colorful and uplifting.

  27. hi ruhi, birthday greetings to you. i don’t want to say belated becoz i believe we keep celebrating that birthday thro out the year till it changes to the next. and i was wondering why people are making such a hullabaloo about finding out your age! and how girls try to cling to their ages of 16, 18 or 21 and then they want the world to stop at 21. they want to be 21 eternally…….. all this noise because of the myth that women age faster! nonsense. you can be 21 and yet feel like 40 or u can be 40 yet feel like 21! and you really look what you feel like within! all of you, please do not cling to this rolling number. more you cling to the number, sadder you feel on each successive birthday. should we all not feel happy that inspite of our growing years, god has given us all good health and keeping all our faculties right to enjoy writing blog posts and commenting on blogs! how many little ones are languishing in cancer wards? or ICUs of Heart Hospitals! enjoy each birthday with gratitude and you will enjoy growing up and graying gracefully…………. like me :))

  28. Latha- Thank you for that comment and for your wishes. Yes, you are right that we should be happy for the fact that we are hail and hearty and that we are alive 🙂 I need to get over this madness over number…maybe I won’t care much once I cross 30. I’ll be a gone-case by then.

    Arvind- Yeah, I love this theme. 🙂 Just copies and pasted it from Wank’s blog.

  29. fibinse says:

    @ruhi :yaar , u know d glitches of having a job nowadays.Dont you? Especially when one is in software!! I think software pros suffer d most!
    Ill try to be regular nonetheless.

  30. @ Ruhi:

    Someone came to my blog from here today so I checked back to recall what I had said. Oh well. 🙂

    On that mini-Hitler thing, just a minor point: he was an Aries man, born on 20th April. I know an unfortunate soul who never tells anyone his birthday because he shares it with Hitler.

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