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Someone forgot about WordPress

In this Web 2.0 picture:

I thought that Reddit was bigger, but it’s reach is 900 and valued at just about $30 milloon. Of course, Stumbleupon is much bigger, with a reach of 1,800 and valued at a little less than $100 million. Digg remains strong and steady with a reach of 6,000 and a little less than $500 million in valuation. The biggest joke here is Windows Live Spaces, right at the bottom of the graph (towards the middle), with a reach of 15 and any guesses regarding its market value?

MyBlogLog, Netvibes, and Meebo (also won a Crunchie) are almost in the same category. Orkut (reach of 26,000) is still bigger than Facebook (reach of 9,000), yet the latter makes more noise in the Web 2.0 world.

And you know the best thing? Google owns three out of the top five market value/reach grossers- Youtube, Orkut and Blogger. Just another graph to show how powerful Google is becoming. The only thing is that I see Bloglines in the third tier, with a reach of 2,200, but I don’t see Google Reader anywhere. It might be possible that Google Reader was excluded (very unlikely though). Bloglines was my first feedreader. Then I changed to Google Reader and now I use the in-built feed reader provided by the social web browser, Flock.

Box is also doing pretty decent with a reach of 500 and I strongly feel that it will rise very soon because of its lovely user interface.

Where is Yahoo Mash? It seems to have disappeared already. I wanted to do a follow up on it…maybe I need to take a look at my account and see if Yahoo has introduced any new features. There is no way Yahoo Mash will be able to play catch up with Facebook or Orkut. Something that is very evident from this graph.

Now let’s get down to the big question- Where is WordPress? With millions of users, surely it should have made a splash here, even though the graph has been made by the CEO of Esnips?

While we’re on the topics of Web 2.0 start ups, maybe it’s not too late to assess what kind of a Web 2.0 user are you? I’m sure most of you are at least Spectators (33%), else you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

I could write miles about Web 2.0 and each of these companies, and still not get done. So, it’s better if we just talk about issues in the comments section, right? 🙂

Edit: By the way, Apple haters might want to take a look at this. Microsoft haters, I have something for you too. I don’t disappoint either of the sects.

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24 thoughts on “Someone forgot about WordPress

    • jonathan says:

      orkut has a lot of users because its very very popular before young brazilians and indians, but if you look closelly , this does this people aggregate that much of a value to the social network, as a Brazilian i know thta most of the brazilian user base is composed of teenagers in the working and middle class es of society. so it has a potential, but does it have this much potential today?

  1. Balu- If you’re in the top category, you will belong to the other four automatically 😉

    I have never used Yahoo 360, but it’s as professional as a blog on Windows Live Spaces. People won’t even take you seriously if you have a blog there.

    Yes, Yahoo Mash sucks. You should read my post on it.
    This was written when Mash was just launched.

    Orkut is bigger than Facebook, thanks to Brazil and India. Facebook opened up to everyone very recently. Before that, it was primarily used by the college students in the US. I’m not on Orkut anymore; only Facebook. I have heard of the new privacy features in Orkut, but I’m too lazy to build a profile again and add all my friends. Oh yes, Google hasn’t deleted my account from Orkut. Everytime I sign into Google, I can see my blank Orkut profile. Not a very good business tactic, if you ask me.

    Facebook is facing similar troubles these days because they don’t delete all the data from their system even though a user might have canceled the account.

    Dinsan- Yes, dance along. I knew you would be doing it. 🙂 Any comments on the article? Yes,everybody seems to be loving the new design.

  2. thing that I would love to add,orkut and youtube etc were not google’s own idea.. they bought them when they found them profitable.. so not much of boasting there 😉

  3. Very interesting post Ruhi. I knew utube was big, but hey it’s much bigger than I thought. It’s a leader! and it’s difficult to believe that wordpress is so low down on the list that it doesn’t figure at all!
    It’s worth writing to Mark about it!
    btw, your site is looking absolutely stunning. congratulations.

  4. I’m a creator yo, that means I’m on top at one thing at least, Go me!

    But it is indeed surprising that WP figures nowhere in the diagram. Maybe they just forgot it because otherwise it isn’t possible. Also though, it’s sad to see the forums going down the way they are. People might not agree but they aren’t as friendly or as ready to help as they were before.

  5. Dinsan- Indeed, yes. Have you heard of Friendfeed? It’s been started by Google ex-employees and the UI looks just like Google products. I have a feeling that Google might buy it soon. I plan to do a post on it today.

    Jobinmartin- I know 🙂 I’m wondering that too. I don’t know how WP has been left out of the web 2.0 map. Hopefully, someone will be able to give me an insight here.

    Nita- Youtube is definitely doing very well, else there wouldn’t be so many copyright infringement notices against it. 🙂 Ony when people start pulling you down do you realize that you’re going places.

    I don’t know why is not in this diagram. Nobody seems to be having an answer for it.

    //btw, your site is looking absolutely stunning. congratulations.

    Thank you. 🙂 Looks like everyone is happy with this theme. It’s by Wank.

    Ish- LOL. You wish you were the creator. Forgetting to put on the web 2.0 map is also a very big thing, right? Most of its competitors have been placed somewhere. I need to do some digging and see how big WP really is.

    I have noticed that the forum has gotten unfriendly too. Nobody’s answered my question regarding the CSS. Probably everyone is upset about the way the volunteers were treated.

  6. anurag.s says:

    Arre ha yaar…where is WP..
    I mean R can you digg a little deeper..
    How can CEO of esnips do this….
    R shoot a mail to him…i don’t know email address..or else i would have done this..

    can u suggest a good text book for FSA..txt book..not reading material…;)

    Ruhi: I used White, Sondhi, Freid (which is the text book from where the Curriculum has been made). I like the Intermediate Accounting books that I written by Needles, Powers for getting the basics straight. What kind of book are you looking for?

  7. Okay, I tried looking for how much WordPress is worth but couldn’t find a thing. Maybe you know where to search.

    The forums are going down because timethief leaving has been a kind of a blow. Timethief and thesacredpath were the first ones to reply but now both of them are not there and so everybody has become disinterested. I myself don’t help there much anymore. Looks like this will persist for sometime.

  8. @ ish:

    Hmm…I need to do a search then. 🙂 Yes, I saw that TT and sacredpath are not there. They were really friendly people. I don’t really know the volunteers, except for sulz and cat…so can’t comment. But yes, the people who are helping- it looks like they are doing it grudgingly.

    I don’t want to comment on this aspect of, to tell you the truth. They are giving me a free service- I can’t complain.


    It’s in my CSS. If you want, then I can put the code here.

  9. @ dinsan:

    This is the part :

    `#content p:first-letter {
    font:2em ‘times new roman’, serif;

    It might not work with your theme, depending upon the classes used. You can give it a try though. Or tweak it. Or change your theme to something based on Sandbox.

  10. When talking about Web 2.0 that is loaded with tools that are user friendly Ojeez is one of the best I have found. It is not on your list yet because it is so new. I have been on myspace, tagged, and others but ojeez is the one I like the best.

    Ruhi: Lee, I’m sorry I missed your comment before. Welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting. Indeed, I’ve never heard of Ojeez. Thanks for bringing it to my notice. I don’t like Myspace…never heard of Tagged. Will definitely take a look at Ojeez .:)

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