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How to Solve Your Work Problems



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29 thoughts on “How to Solve Your Work Problems

  1. @ ish:

    I know! That was one crazy pic. I didn’t want to put it up here. Even this is no less crazy. I never put up such pics on this blog, even though I might like them 😉 So from now on, I’ll post all this junk on my Tumblr.

    Rohan- Even students can solve their problems with this flowchart. Just blame your friend for all the mistakes in the exam. 😉

    Xylene- Sure! Go ahead and try to solve your problem using this flowchart…and errmm…let me know how it went. 😐

    Nipun- People who have no problems and who are bastards …now you know their secret. They use this flowchart. You can use it too…the secret has been revealed. 😛 Btw, thanks for commenting and welcome to my blog.

  2. anurag.s says:

    thats a real nice way…
    i was looking for this flow-chart ever since i was a child..i had a mental chart..never made a proper flow-chart..
    this should be give some iso-420 certification..

  3. @ Shefaly:

    I have seen some of her graphs in public feeds. 🙂 Thanks for sharing her blog link. We need a lot of wit and insight to be able to draw creative stuff like that.

    Anurag, Graphitereverence and Sulz- Thanks 🙂

  4. Shefaly- Just checked out the details on Amazon. Looks like a must buy. 🙂 I’ll get a copy when it’s released. Thanks for letting me know. I love everything to do with graphs and maths in general. The way she uses index cards is so different.

  5. its universally applicable ankur
    this one is really old
    i had posted it on orkut long time ago

    ruhi ur on the how to dashboard 🙂

    Ruhi: Yeah…I know. 🙂 Every trash that I write these days ends up among the Top Posts.

  6. //Every trash that I write these days ends up among the Top Posts.//
    well everybody likes spicy junk food… i even have experimental data proving that even a cow prefers trashy literature.

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