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‘Human Pet’ Is Refused a Ride by a Bus Driver


I have been following this article since yesterday. In case you haven’t yet read about this couple, The Daily Mail has some news for you. They were refused a bus ride by a driver, who said –

“We don’t let freaks and dogs like you on.”

And read what the lady had to say:

“I am a pet, I generally act animal like and I lead a really easy life”

The driver wasn’t right. He should have let them board the bus. It’s their business and they can very well do what they want to do. At the same time, I don’t believe in this practice of chaining each other up, whatever might be the reason. She was right in a way- we do become like a ‘pet’.

Speaking generally- Can’t a person be trusted so as to be released? What about the Right to Freedom? This might not really apply in the above mentioned case, where the girlfriend herself wants to be chained.

Prestidigitator also has a similar picture posted on his blog, where a mother (presumably) was seen walking, with her daughter on a leash.

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23 thoughts on “‘Human Pet’ Is Refused a Ride by a Bus Driver

  1. Gee, I don’t know what to say. I guess the bus driver was just scared at what these people might do. I mean, looking at the guy, I wouldn’t wanna go very close to him. He’s a tad scary. If he was wearing eye shadow, I would have totally spooked out.

    As far as the girl is considered..she’s okay. Rather provocatively dressed but we don’t mind that do we? 😛

  2. @ Ruhi: There is a marked difference between the photo on Prestidigitator’s website and this one.

    The former has a child and a parent where at least one has a duty of care. In the UK, since the James Bulger murder, many parents keep their children on a leash in malls and busy places. Losing a child is a parent’s worst nightmare and after Bulger, they are all cautious.

    The latter has two adults, none of them with any particular duty of care towards the other.

    Whether it was right to disallow them boarding, you have to sense the current ‘health and safety’ environment in the UK. It is a bit OTT but the driver cited the possibility that the girl could choke if the bus braked suddenly and he did not want that burden of responsibility.

    Human rights etc being invoked by these two kids is basically a line touted by everyone from Amy Winehouse to terrorists. It no longer holds any water and I am pretty sure public opinion is highly unlikely to favour these two kids.

  3. Saying-“We don’t let freaks and dogs like you on.”- was justified? if he was so concerned about the the fact that the girl might choke, then why didn’t he say that first?

  4. @ Ruhi: I cannot believe I am having this conversation but how do we know the driver said anything at all?

    That is an alleged remark not something that has been confirmed by anyone involved, including other passengers.

    Another news article about this incident in NY Post says the girl says she was shoved out of the bus by the driver. If you know the design of British buses, you will know that the driver cannot get out to shove anyone from the bus. Prior incidents of people abusing or attacking the drivers mean they sit behind a glass and metal frame that separates them from the passengers. There is a card-reader where people can use their touch cards to pay the fare. Some people have paper tickets and they show them to the driver as they board the bus.

    Besides, the Daily Mail is not the arbiter of good or accurate reporting in the UK. I would be liken it to the National Enquirer in the US or worse, although many people read it.

    And yes it is true, that animals on leash, except guide dogs, may not be allowed on the buses in the UK.

    Too bad but if that is her choice, she may also find herself outside some restaurants that do not allow pets inside. 🙂

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  6. shefaly- I don’t know if The daily Mail is lying, but everyone seems to believe what was written in the article and this article has been republished in AP and Reuters, from what I can see. since I was not there at the scene, I’m going by what the article said, even though this might mean that I’m “uninformed”. In fact, most of us are uninformed anyway…going by how the media report news. And it was mentioned clearly that the driver used the “dog/freak” line and this was definitely not done, whatever be the case. Looks like it’s high time for the UK buses to change their policies and make them more explicit so as to include the fact that noone, except guide dogs, will be allowed to board the bus, on a leash.

    Edit: //And yes it is true, that animals on leash, except guide dogs, may not be allowed on the buses in the UK.

    so, do you mean to say that the girlfriend !=guided dog, implies that girlfriend=animal on leash…according to you?

  7. The driver’s behavior was discriminatory. People have the right to live according to their beliefs so long as they don’t cause tangible harm to others. So long as the person at the end of the leash isn’t protesting, the driver has no business to not let them in. This isn’t a question of how absurd they looked or an investigation into gothic practices; it is simply a question of tolerance and shows how intolerant we are to people who differ from us. It is very likely that a woman in a sari or a burkha might be seen as being odd by a bus driver in a pro white midwestern American town just a woman in micro-minis can be percieved as vulgar by a driver in rural India-are either of them justified in refusing these women a ride?

  8. LOL I read this in mirror here.. I would say let people be.. the lady in question here is fully aware of her rights and eve then if she prefers to be ‘leashed’ there is nothing that can be done!

  9. lallopallo says:

    Most likely they are BDSM couple; Even in North America and Europe,( where homosexuality is more or less acceptable now, kinky activities ( S&M, BDSM, Fetish parties etc) are still a taboo-especially if it’s practiced openly as in this particular case. Most of the drivers would have reacted like that only

  10. Oh dear, well to each his (her) own as long as she’s comfortable with it.

    There are men who don’t hold their women on a visible leash but treat them like pets or worse. (and vice versa of course)

    Ruhi: Purnima, thanks for the reassurance! To each, his/her own is my philosophy. So many of us indulge in unspeakable acts behind closed doors. Who are we to judge others, right? 🙂

  11. X says:

    I think it’s extremely hilarious that someone would find a guy scary because he was wearing makeup. Oh no! He’s got makeup on! He’s going to … powder me to death! Come on people! Use your heads. ><

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