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Because a Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

and because I want to make use of the 3GB space that’s been generously provided by WordPress, here are some funny pics:







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19 thoughts on “Because a Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

  1. Those pics brought had me grinning.
    On an aside, have you found wordpress a little show after this new feature of theirs? I sort of got the feeling that the whole wordpress community is loading one picture after another!

  2. i prefer storing the pictures on photobucket and hot linking it to wordpress…
    that way migration is easier.

    (i remember i had a nightmare when i tried to move pictures from blogger to wordpress)

  3. Good post.. I liked the first one 🙂 its quite funny and made me think… and the same happens when we allow them to invade us ..economically or any otherways … not just war

  4. @ Nita:

    Thanks Nita 🙂 I haven’t encountered any unusual slowness recently…the Blog Surfer and the “My Comments” tab has been slow since a long long time.

    Ankur- Not many people know that allows external hot linking…so you won’t have any problem if you use the 3 GB account. All my pics were working when I was using the self hosted blog for a couple of days.

    Dinsan- Yes, you are right. It’s not just war. US has gone down the drains popularity wise since Bush came to power. If you’re interested in seeing the stats, take a look at this: . People here are celebrating, because the last year of his administration comes to an end on 01/20/08. 🙂 Less than a year to go!

  5. I hate Bush, thanks u made my day!

    Ruhi: 🙂 Just one more year and then Bush will be history….hopefully. Jeff Kreisler said – “Hillary’s going to win. It was set in 1988 to go Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton, Fireball, Dragon, Armageddon.” 😛

  6. OMG if they could have made Osama Bin Laden somewhere in the first picture holding a McD’s burger and saying “I’m Loving It”, then it would have easily won the best picture ever! I hope the McD’s guys aren’t reading this, they might as well end up actually doing it lol.

    Any luck with the fonts yet?

  7. Aniche- Yeah, that is actually my favorite. The variations of the word “Dubya” are awesome. 🙂 That cartoon should include the word “Dick Cheney’s bitch”- agree.

    Ish- Haha…I actually saw some cartoons to that tune too. If I find it again, then I’ll post it.

    I haven’t had the chance to take a look at the CSS till now…feel lazy.

  8. I had a flying look at the CSS earlier, dunno how you’ll change the fonts and why this one is being used because it’s the same set of fonts that were in the last theme’s CSS but they were working fine there. There’s got to be something somewhere for the designing of the links. Anyway, tell me if you figure something out aiight?

  9. @ mashedmusings:

    Thanks 🙂 Actually all of these cartoons are amazing. I have lots of others; will probably put them up some other day.

    Ish- Yeah, I know. Dunno why the fonts are all screwed up in this theme. Nobody in the Forums has responded to my problem. 😦 I don’t want to change this theme because of this problem because I really like this one. I’ll let you know if I find a solution (even though I haven’t yet taken a look).

    Arvind- Thanks 🙂 Yes, been blogging quite frequently. Dunno if it’s a good sign or not. I need to stop it.

  10. Ruhi…i donno in which movie..but there is a dialogue, its like “no country without a McDonalds have ever attacked the US”…

    i think its from the movie “the Recruit” starring Colin Farrel and AlPacino

  11. Ali- You can get the Firefox extension, called Greasemonkey Script and then search for a script that will add these social links to the bottom of each post. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the link of the script that I’m using. But you should be able to find one. You will need to enter your post slug in the pop up window and then the script will generate a HTML code that you can paste to your blog post in the “Code” view.

  12. hi
    thank a lot Ruhi thank my firend.
    im wating for you in my blog .

    Ruhi: You’re welcome 🙂 I’m sorry I can’t read your blog…I can only read blogs in English and to some extent, Hindi.

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