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Remove Vista and Repair Your Notebooks


A sign outside the computer store A&D Computer. (Source: I still can’t digest the fact that Microsoft’s profits are up 79% on account of Vista’s sales. Windows Vista’s got to be THE worst OS ever to be released. This increase in profits can be due to a couple of reasons-

1. Aggressive revenue recognition and fudging the numbers. I want to take a look at their balance sheets as soon as they’re released.

2. Bundling all the laptops/computers with Windows Vista instead of Windows XP, by default. People who don’t have an Apple computer get/got swayed by the way Vista looks/looked and start/started buying new machines.This might be a possible reason for the sudden increase in profits.

I have been working on both the OS’s and I can tell you how painful it is to work on Vista. For one, my wireless keeps getting shut off after a certain period of inactivity for some reason. I don’t have the patience to see what exactly is happening there. It’s not like I’m paying for my internet depending upon the number of minutes that I’m online. So, why exactly has Microsoft made Vista this way? I don’t want my wireless to go off!

Second, I don’t see any improvement in the OS, except for the “cool” looking UI, which I can do without. Give me some new features that are really helpful, dammit.

Please feel free to abuse Microsoft in the comments section.

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Article that explains how to uninstall Vista and re-install XP

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45 thoughts on “Remove Vista and Repair Your Notebooks

  1. LOL … thank you… anyway I have decided not to install it on my laptop.. may be I will add Fedora, core 7 to it coz thats really useful while at work 🙂 logging in to servers and all is really easy using linux 😉

  2. he he..
    thats a good post …my roommate uses vista in his lappy and it sucks…
    i would never use vista..
    i ;love to use pirated version of windows 😛 using windows XP black now.. 😀

  3. @ dinsan:

    If you know how to use Linux, then you will never have to deal with the tyrant Microsoft.


    Long live piracy! I’d read about a year back that Microsoft had introduced a cheaper version of Windows to curb the piracy in India. But don’t all the computers/laptops have Windows XP/Vista pre-installed these days?

    P.S- Both of you, don’t forget to take a look at that Macbook link. It’s really funny. 🙂

  4. yes they have but as soon as the os gets corrupted pirated versions enter 😛
    and besides that vista asks for a 1 GB ram normally and 2 gb for fully functional one ..thats too much to ask if you have a old mother board..
    so XP ig good enough
    and with lots of packs available in net.. there;s no need of original ones

  5. When I was buying my laptop, I was so terrified that I would end up with Vista, that I bought one with free DOS, So that I could install XP for goooood. I have tried to work with Vista in my friend’s laptop. Its nothing more that sleek visuals.

  6. I’ve XP on my laptop and a short while ago I was contemplating to install Vista on my laptop, but thanks to the prudent advice from my colleague I decided otherwise.( His laptop came preinstalled with Vista 😦 )

  7. //I have been working on both the OS’s and I can tell you how painful it is to work on Vista. //
    there u have the answer….

    u first paid for the VISTA, then u purchased Windows XP to remove Vista…. so u bought 2 OS per laptop

  8. @ arvind:

    Ooh! So they don’t give you the original disk? Now that’s weird. I have my original disc in case I want to re-format. Actually, 1 GB RAM is enough for Vista. You don’t need 2 GB. Yeah, there are lots of sites online where the pirated versions are available. 🙂


    Now that’s funny. 🙂 I don’t touch my other laptop because it has Vista on it. I need to find time to uninstall it and install XP on it.


    Hey thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂 Everyone hates Vista. Let’s question MSFT about their improved profits. They are doing badly everywhere else- Zune, IE (new reports of Firefox gaining marketshare in Europe) etc. So, how exactly can they go right with Vista. I haven’t come across anyone who’s happy with it.


    What gave you the idea that I purchased XP to remove Vista? I have XP on one laptop and Vista on the other. Only one OS per laptop (included in the price). Btw, check out that Macbook link towards th end of the post. It’s really funny. 🙂

  9. ACtually they had given me XP back up cd,original one…
    but i guess now they dont give because of piracy issues…see the irony,they dont give original ones to avoid piracy and people take this opportunity to have one pirated..
    yeah 1 gb is enough but still they recommend2 gb to experience it fully

  10. I can totally connect to you on this aspect. I am one of those who bought a new laptop with Vista (because I didn’t own one before) and am desperately waiting to get out of the 1 year manufacturer warantee period to uninstall Vista and install XP back (just dont want to lose the opportunity of warrantee when, if anything happens – touch wood – the company may just deny responsibilities on account of my changing the OS myself). The article about Vista->XP would be helpful for me, I guess.

  11. As you say yourself, the only good thing about Vista is probably it’s neat UI. I say that’s the most disastrous part about it. It’s so difficult for computers to run all those transparency’s and aero effects that the computer ends up being really slow and losing out on performance big time. I’d personally advice anyone with Vista to use the normal Vista look without transparency and Aero effects and it should improve the speed of the machine big time. The kind of hardwares current laptops etc. offer can’t run Vista optimally and only cost higher. When you’re using a laptop, you need performance and battery life but when you’re buying a medium range acer kind of a laptop with Vista installed, it’ll always be a disaster. You really can’t compare the graphics of a Mac and Windows Vista even now. The Mac still manages to look and perform way better.

    And for everybody who is crazy about the Vista look, it’s much more logical to install a transformation pack. I have a version of Windows XP called Windows XP premium and that looks exactly like Windows Vista. The graphics are the same except the transparency. I personally don’t use it because I don’t like the Vista interface but I’ve seen my friend using it, and it works just fine. Moreover, it comes already cracked and validated. But where you can find that, I dunno. I took it from my friend but it has been designed by some random guy on the XP kernel.

    If you can get used to Linux, nothing like that. If you can buy a Macbook, you’re pretty lucky.

    Meanwhile, do you know how Federer, Sharapova and Nadal play tennis? If you do, here’s an excellent video of Novak Djokovic imitating them. It’s super hilarious.

    And here’s another. (I hope this comment doesn’t get spammed *fingers crossed*)

  12. i think the fact that vista is forcibly bundled with most lappys in us and most other places makes it so poplar
    the more they think customers r idiots the more shitty os they make
    frankly vista suks bigtime – i even posted on it

    i use xp sp2 and am still hesitant about linux

    a friend of mine made me download vista as he was a big fan of new stuff – it took exactly a week for him to crash it and hate it – kind of reminds me of ME
    that guy is now in the us and using a forced copy of vista on the toshiba lappy he bought there
    the damn laptop is vista only as per his toshiba tech support

    arvind hows xp black and did u pick it up from the torrent? there is one more lite version which is also doin the rounds nyone has info?

  13. @Arvind

    Wow! Never heard of such a twisted logic before. I can’t stop laughing. That’s really something 😀


    Thanks for commenting and welcome to my blog. 🙂 So you have to tolerate Vista until your warranty is over, huh? That’s primarily the reason why I’m not uninstalling it from the other laptop too. In case something gets screwed up, HP won’t help me. Hopefully that link for uninstalling Vista will help you.


    Sorry your comment got held up in the moderation because of those links.

    Yeah, I dislike that transparency and Aero stuff. I had installed a Vista skin on my HP laptop, complete with the transparency crap. My laptop got majorly screwed up. I call Vista a cheap imitation of XP. Why does MSFT need to “copy” Apple? They’re incapable of designing an OS that’s original.

    Btw, those videos are freakin’ awesome man. The one on Sharapova was too good. 😀 He even copies the way she plays with her hair. Thanks for those links. I’ve included them in my Vodpod.


    What I fail to understand is their profit figure. How did they arrive at that? You can see in this comment section that not even one person has said anything good about this OS. Even I use XP SP2; I tried working on ubuntu, but I couldn’t get the wireless working and without wireless, my laptop is useless.

    The amount of RAM it takes is not funny…why build such an OS? That’s what I don’t like- first, he introduced a new OS and not only that, he expects you to upgrade your RAM. Double whammy.

  14. Vista is just XP with more bugs and higher system requirements as far as I have seen. I don’t really care about the sleek interface, hell I use the Windows 98 theme on XP.

    The Macbook links are really funny.

  15. I believe Microsoft has been under pressure lately and that’s my they are coming up with below average stuff. Life must not be easy with Apple eating into your mp3 player and OS, Firefox eating into your Browser, WinAmp and many others eating into your Media Player and now Linux eating into your OS too. They’re trying to release things too early and are trying to make them “look” impressive thereby compromising with the other features. The timing of releasing Vista isn’t correct. Most people still don’t have the kind of configuration to shift and they should know that nobody’s gonna buy a new computer so that they can feel Vista, it isn’t all that good.

    When XP was released, there could have been a similar problem but by that time, everybody had close to 128 or 256 MB RAM’s, and XP ran reasonably well on them. I’ve used it on both. In comes Vista which has a minimum requirement of like 512 MB and still runs on that like a snail. Plus you need so many chips and boards to get the complete feel of it, doing that is illogical. They don’t seem to realize that it’s not always the looks that people desire. They should not compete with Apple because those guys release their own laptops with the OS. MSFT however installs stuff on other laptops which can’t handle it. If they want that kind of high end graphics, they should probably make their own laptops with it too and I’m pretty sure they’ll turn out to be more expensive than the Macbook Pro.

    And LOL, the Macbook links are super indeed! Loved the gloves with the Macbook fire! 😀

    Yep, Djoker imitates everyone really well, especially Sharpie, Nadal and Roddick. He imitates Roddick’s serve almost perfectly. He did a Roger somewhere too and it was good. As much as I hate him for having beaten Fed, you’ve got to admit he’s a good player and a super entertainer. You can always search Youtube for such videos, I think there are a good 10 videos of him imitating people, mostly Sharapova lol.

  16. This is the wrong place to ask this but I could not find a related post. I want to know what Stumbleupon is! Is it like Digg? I am a little confused about it…why should anyone want to stumble on sites? Searching I can understand, but stumbling! 🙂 And as a blogger how can I use Stumbleupon? I went to their site but there is no place where I can submit stories.

  17. @ Ruhi: You are finding about the wireless issue in Vista? Well, fwiw, Windows XP too needs lots of refresh all the time and the wireless connection is a bit unreliable, if you are on a secure network. My solution: I use my Win XP laptop as hard-connect machine and use the Powerbook on wireless. 🙂

  18. @ Bharat Iyer:

    You use the 98 theme? Wow. 🙂 I’ve forgotten how it looked like. In fact, I’ve even forgotten what I ate yesterday.


    Can’t understand what you mean by “many did, atleast I did”.


    They took on too many useless projects at the same time- Zune, Vista, IE7 etc. Their timing is all wrong now. It’s a matured firm. It needs a major re-shuffling of ideas. I don’t know what’s going to happen this year, after Billoo leaves. Acutally, most of the Linux computers make Windows OS’s look crap. I can’t wait to figure out the wireless configuration in ubuntu. If that gets done, then Windows is out of my computer system for sure. And I really like the idea of using free OS’s. Why pay so much for crappy Windows? It’s not fair.

    I saw Jo copying Federer. Heh. That was freakin’ hilarious. Jo is really crazy….he goes on a mad rampant while imitating and doesn’t stop. 😀 I wonder how Sharpie feels about this.


    SU is somewhat like Digg. You submit links if you like them. You can make your own profile. There are communities that you can join (depending upon your interest). You can provide a link for your readers so that they can SU your post. You need to register with them before stumbling upon sites. 🙂 Then you can use the SU button or manually submit it. I use Shareaholic add on for Firefox for submitting pages to lots of social networking sites. You can configure the add-on too. This way, you don’t remain dependent on the author’s tech-level to provide you with social networking buttons. Btw, I answered your comment regarding the social networking thing using Greasemonkey. That post has been updated with a new link. You can use that link to add buttons to your posts.


    Yes, that’s a problem with XP too. I find myself clicking the Refresh button quite often. But it’s easier to work on XP compared to Vista. I don’t have a “Powerbook” yet. 🙂 So this is my only choice. I’m waiting for Apple to release a tablet PC.

  19. I have been using Wireless on XP Vista and Mac for more then 4-5years(1yr in case of Mac n Vista). Fully secured with Mac Add filteration, Wpa ,SSID BD disabled etc etc. whatever possible I can do. Never ever had a problem. and I dont use any WiFi utility too, Wireless zero only.

    Only problem that i have with MAC too is one it comes out to sleep i have disable/enable/refresh wireless con sometimes-rarely.

    Still on what people say, you can check “” for related cartoons.


  20. @ brainstuck:

    I haven’t work on Mac enough; so I can’t comment. But I’m sure it’s not perfect either (regardless of what the Apple fanatics say).

    Vista definitely has a problem with the Wireless going off after a period of inactivity. I checked your comics and commented. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by Anshul.

  21. Hi Ruhi,
    Thanks for the comment. As you might have noticed, I am comparatively new to WordPress and want to find out from you – how to add the social bookmark iconset and the Digg link at the end of each post? I have tried ticking all the “Options” > “Reading” > “Enhanced Feeds”, but nothing comes – like they do in your posts. Thanks to give me some tips on this.

  22. Plus I wouldn’t buy a macbook as it doesnt support many games.. and the few does run on simulation!
    Linux is not for me not much of a techie! oops.. but I want to be a linux user in the future.. hope the release more games for linux!

  23. @Balu: I don’t think Mac is intended for games anyway. I’ve never seen Apple advertising about their supreme graphics and games and stuff. Yeah, that’s one place where MSFT still stands strong enough. Even Linux can’t make most of the games run cause they aren’t really built for it. But I don’t know much.

    @Ruhi: Agreed, Linux does have great UI’s. I’m totally for the idea of free software with source code because that’s what can help people tweak things according to their needs. For example, I can make my Linux look like nobody else’s does or functions. That’d be a cool thing. Linux is here to stay and I can only see it growing. Plus it’s such a benefit having it preinstalled on a laptop. Saves you like Rs. 2000 or something even if you were buying an XP one.

    Yeah, Djoker does really go crazy when he’s imitating people. Especially Nadal..he makes a big thing out of his butt scratching habits and sometimes it gets way too overboard for TV. I don’t know how Sharpie feels about this but she’s a Novak supporter. Once Novak lost to Fed and everybody cheered him because he played really well that day. Sharapova was in the crowds too and she was going “Novak Novak Novak!”. But I don’t know if that was before or after the imitations lol. Sharapova does have a really different serving style lol.

  24. u see ms or redmond has agreements with hardware suppliers and the retail and wholesale vendors

    i suspect vista was a win win for all It requires tonnes of processing power
    for that one needs to augment or purchase new systems first they had drm plans
    monitor that has drm cap etc which they later dropped
    so everyone except the customer gains
    lastly both vista and vista compatible programs take double or more space than xp
    and dont think vista will not have an sp3 with all its bugs and shortcomings

    vista works exactly opposit of linux etc they try to push w/o knowing if the customer needs stuff
    in the process slowing everything down

  25. @ | Balu |:

    Yes, Microsoft’s good for playing games. It’s not good for anything else. 🙂 Sorry! Macbook doesn’t cater to heavy gamers anyway.


    Actually Linux does have great UI. Everything is fully customizable. I would ask you to take a look at a recent video that’s been put up by Swen (in my Blogroll). You will be stunned. 🙂 Of course, you need to be a real geek to do it (I think).

    I saw Jo imitate Nadal too. I was literally falling off my couch on that one. And Sharpie supports Jo because, I think, the former is from Russia and Jo is from Serbia…lots of cultural similarities. Boy, I miss tennis. I need to start watching those matches again.


    In fact, SP 1 for Vista is being released in a couple of days. 🙂 SP3 is not too far, no? And you’re right about the business policy, it’s a “push” policy, whereas Linux has a “pull” policy.

  26. @ balu
    if you are a game freak let me tell you…the vista doesn’t support many old games..
    “vista was a big winner” this is the first time i am hearing something like ,if bill gates comes across this post he would hire you as publicity manager … 😛
    and more over piracy is required when the os is good. People dont like using vista hence piracy is less..
    No OS can be invincible … if vista was that worth people would pirate it more..
    By the way you have a wrong notion that vista is harder to pirate..there are already pirated version of vista in web .. People just dont use it..

  27. @Balu: As arvind already said, you have a BIG WRONG NOTION that Vista was tough to pirate. Dude I was using Windows Vista ultimate pirated edition on my computer for like 6 months. Just make one search on any torrent website or any p2p sharing program and you’ll find any number of Windows Vista. It’s actually one of the most downloaded thing on most torrent websites.

    @Ruhi: Yeah, maybe Sharpie supports Djoker cause she’s from Russia. She isn’t a big fan of Fed either. Fed is so boring sometimes..and he has such a boring girlfriend too who always tags along with him. You can’t even talk about his affair with somebody else. Ab jo banda poora din Bollywood gossip ki baatein karta hai usko to Fed boring hi lagega. And yep, you need to start watching tennis again.

  28. //Can’t understand what you mean by “many did, atleast I did”.//
    i mean that many were so much disappointed by VISTA that they had to uninstall it within a week of buying a new laptop.. and with no other good choice, they went and purchased a XP CD. hence it was recorded as a sale of 2 OS for the same machine .. and the revenue spike

  29. @ | Balu |:

    I think I agree with Arvind and Ish here. 🙂 I have seen lots of pirated copies of Vista floating around. If you want one, then contact me. You seem to be quite bowled over by Vista. Heh.


    Balu would be appointed as the MVP. 😉

    and more over piracy is required when the os is good. People dont like using vista hence piracy is less..

    ROFL. You have some amazing logic Arvind…really. But I agree with you. 😛 To have one’s software pirated is quite flattering, no?


    Forget about torrent or p2p, I can show you direct rapidshare and megaupload links. 😛 I can’t forget how crazy many people went after seeing the new UI. So much of noise was created for NOTHING!

    Ab jo banda poora din Bollywood gossip ki baatein karta hai usko to Fed boring hi lagega

    My God! What are you waiting for? Don’t you read Harry Potter fan fiction? Invent some fan fiction love story betn. Fed and Sharpie. 😉 That would be some fun. You could even get Fed to kiss Sharpie. I’m sure you would love that…or would you feel jealous. 😛


    Purchased? I thought no one in India buys anything genuine. If you’ve been following the comments section, you must have noticed what Arvind said- he wasn’t even provided with the genuine CD to prevent him from making copies. 😛

  30. @arvind, ish, ruhi
    LOL i agree with the logic .. there is a direct relation betw popularity and no of pirated copies!

    @ Arvind
    Vista not compatible with older games? where did u get that info from? Which game are u talking abt!???? Vista supports all games which XP supported!
    Am an MVP?? I was just trying to bring a new angle to the debate I dont want Vista myself as I will have to buy a super computer to run it !

  31. @ ankur
    i agree with ruhi.. this is the first time i am hearing someone purchased it..if they give a free original then its ok otherwise 😛 ..good to hear at least some people not opting for pirated things 🙂
    🙂 .. actually that was a simple logic.. and yes it is flattering to have pirated ones… 🙂 and moreover pirated versions have a lot of advantages
    there are loads of it..
    i had a hard time running worms forts in it… ultimately i was able to tuneup something and pla ,.but whats the use wasting my valuable time..i would have better written off a post in that time and increased my visitors 😛

  32. @Arvind
    Looks like I stay corrected again! A few games needs to be patched (thats not incompatibility though) and there are around 10-15 games including NFS carbon that fail to work in Vista ! LOL.. god alone knows what guys at Microsoft were thinking when they rolled out the OS!

  33. @Balu

    Who rejects an offer for the MVP position? 😉 Are you sure you don’t want it?

    @Arvind and Balu

    Looks like both of you are having a nice discussion on video games, of which…I have no knowledge. 🙂

  34. @ balu
    microsoft had one thing in mind that was to compete with APPLE …they had to release something or the other ..
    so came the VISTA 🙂
    yeah…its the first time ur blog has turned into an discussion board

  35. @ Ruhi–

    Just a one liner …

    Vista = Xp + Alienware [ all the black UI stuff]

    I’m pretty sure u tried this stuff when it was those good old XP days.


    Mate i’m one of those few unlucky souls who greedy enough for a new os bought a lappy with the vista preinstalled and u imagine wat i’ve gotten myself into…. 😀

    1.Vista is pure crap…asks for permissions hell lots of times before it actually gets down to doing anything
    2.Is incredibly fast…..yeah like it takes more than 5 mins to startup inspite of having 1 GB of RAM…and its better we never talk about wat happens once the lappy hangs.

    And the cream of the joke being i F*****g paid xtra for it…. than the ones with free dos…Bad decision

    MS i want my money back…. 😦

    Just waiting for the warranty to get that i can strip it down and scrap Vista for XP… 🙂
    i ‘ve got an even better idea…fedora coer zindabad… 😀

    @ Arvind-

    Right u are dude…. 🙂 [ hope Ruhi’s blog turns out to be something like…]

    @ Balu–

    Dude …dont agree with u there….i mean if ur an avid gamer…then vista disappoints u…
    Not that it doesnt have compatability and all..but the performance aint decent….
    I had Medal of Honor :- Pacific Assault and also Airborne… and when i play these games on vista..i feel i’m in a bollywood remake of the same game 😀 …the same stuff works like paradise on the same configuration and XP…how do u xplain that now…???? 😀

  36. @ saaki:

    Yes, you are correct. I did try it. For a very long time, my XP laptop had the Vista look. Then I got sick of it and removed everything.

    And btw, I’m fine with my comments section turning into, but the discussion will be moderated. 😉

  37. dude i run “virtual box with xp” and vista on-top of it… i explain how… go do search for virtual box with google.. it is general public licence (100% free, no catches), then i install it to windows xp, then i install vista in the virtual box (new software emulated pc – but it runs just as fast as it would without this method) – so basically, whenever my vista gets stuffed after a virus or something, i fall back to xp and re-install vista on my virtual box pc… to further understand this, go to virtual box and learn more… it is not complicated if you just install virtual box and then read help files etc…

    professionals such as myself use this method to avoid malware on our real operating systems…

    no one should ever have to worry about viruses anymore and luckily this virtual box free software ensures this… look me up and thank me after 🙂

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