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Someone’s Trying to Hack My Gmail Account

UPDATE: Now my Yahoo! account has been hit. I don’t know what’s happening. I’m not being able to log-in. I use this email for a lot of correspondence work. 😦 I had used this account to purchase a domain name today and my credit card detail’s stored. This Yahoo! account was earlier being used as the Alternate Email address for my GMail account. Before this problem started, I’d changed the alternate email address for my GMail account. I’ve been trying to log in. Doesn’t work. I’m trying to use the Forgot Password Page. But all that I get is a BLANK PAGE. No Password. I am on hold with Yahoo! Small Business Center because I bought a domain through them and my Yahoo! Mail account is linked to my Domain account. Let’s see if they’ll be able to help…else I don’t know what to do.

In the mean time, if you want to contact me, email me at timeandagainblog at gmail dot com. I’ll answer your comments once this tension is over. Please bear with me. If you have any advice, please leave me a comment or an email at the above mentioned GMail address.


A couple of weeks back, Ish had written a post saying that someone is trying to hack his GMail account. The same thing’s happening to me now. I got a “Change Password” link in my secondary e-mail address thrice. Good thing that I was online when this happened.

Me: Is this a genuine email? This can’t be happening to me!

Yahoo! Mail: Yes, this is a genuine email. We’ve verified it.

Me: Okay! I gotta think fast.

So, I deleted those emails with the “Change Password” links. Next, I logged into my Google account and Changed the Password and the Security Question too. Unfortunately, I use the same Google account for all my services- Google Mail, Google Reader, Google Analytics, Google Calendar, Google Notebook et al. Not to forget, the most important of all, Google Checkout, which has my credit card details. So, I’ve deleted that too. The last thing I want to be hit with is a bill costing me thousands of dollars.

The GMail account associated with this ID is quite important because I use it for lots of important work. Anyway, after doing some preliminary damage control, I sat down to think who could be behind this attack. Can be anyone, unfortunately. People are so curious to know about other people’s private lives…it’s quite funny.

Did the hacker really think that clicking the “Forgot Password” link would be a good way to hack into my account? Didn’t he know that the “Forgot password” link would be delivered in my secondary e-mail address? I’m guessing that whoever tried this method is probably an amateur hacker.

This incident reminds me of another one that happened a couple of months back. One of my good friends tried to hack into my Yahoo! Mail account. I was dumb enough to assume that nobody will ever try to hack my email account. This friend knew enough about me to guess the answer of the Security Question. The next day, I tried to log into my Yahoo account and failed to do so. It didn’t even occur to me that it might have been hacked. I thought that Yahoo’s server must be down.

Next, I logged into my GMail account to check my emails. To my surprise, the very first email was from my friend, explaining to me that he tried to hack into my account and has not read any of my personal emails and he’s very sorry about it. He also gave me the new password. Now starts the fun part. I logged into my Yahoo! account to change the Password and the Security Question. Well…there was no direct link to change the Security Question! Can you believe it? I had to contact Support and verify my identity. A whole bunch of administrative hassles later, my Security Question was changed.

Lessons Learned:

1. Never ever trust anyone. By anyone, I mean just that. Look at my friend. If a friend tries to hack into your account just because he’s very curious, can you blame a stranger?

2. Don’t panic. First do the needful (Change your password and Security Question). If you have confidential information in your email account, then forward those emails to another account and then delete them from the primary email address.

3. I’m thinking of contacting Support, but probably it won’t help. The GMail help section says:

When an attempt to recover your Gmail username or password is made, an email from Google is automatically sent to your secondary email address.

If you didn’t request to recover your username or password, you can ignore the message. If you’re concerned about the security of your account, we recommend changing your password and security question.

The Gmail Team isn’t able to provide you with information about attempted logins to your account including, but not limited to, the IP address from which the attempted login was made, and the time and date attempted logins occurred.

So there is no way that I’ll get to know who did this sinful deed. But you can follow these directions in case your account gets compromised.

4. I tried the “I cannot access my account link” and clicked on “Forgot my password”. After I entered my username, I got this message:

We’ve sent instructions to the secondary email address you provided during signup.

If you don’t have a secondary email address, or if you no longer have access to that account, please try the ‘Forgot your password?’ link again after five days. At that point, you’ll be able to reset your password by answering the security question you provided when you created your account.

To prevent someone from trying to break into an account you’re actively using, the security question is only used for account recovery after an account has been idle for five days. The Gmail team cannot waive the five day requirement or access your password under any circumstances.

If you’re unable to answer your security question or access your secondary email account, we regret that the Gmail team cannot provide further assistance. If you’re concerned about the security of your account, please visit our Security Center.

So, this person might try to retrieve my password after the five day lock period is over. On my part, I’ve changed the Security Question and no one knows the answer except me. Unless the person uses a brute force mechanism. *shudders* I like the way GMail is handling this by providing a five day safety period. That’s an amazing find because it gives me an opportunity to react and change the password/security question in the mean time.


Yahoo! has started a sign-in seal process that will help you distinguish a genuine Yahoo! site from a phishing site. It’s a good idea to do that. Earlier, I had seen that sign-in seal process only while signing into my credit card accounts. Good to know that email service providers have also introduced such a feature. I’m waitig for GMail to come up with something like this too.

In other tech news, Microsoft has offered to buy Yahoo! for $44+ billion. This came as a big surprise to me. Ballmer has been trying to acquire Yahoo! since more than a year. Yahoo’s share price has been declining since a couple of months. Recently, it hit an all time low of $20. Just two days back,

Business Week had published an article that says-

Layoffs and a refocusing effort can only do so much. CEO Jerry Yang needs to find exciting new products or services if he hopes to make Yahoo sing again.

Shortly after, I read this piece of news about Microsoft’s public offer to buy Yahoo! Yahoo’s share price increased as soon as this piece of news was disseminated. Google’s share price has recently been on a downward spiral, because the company has missed the earning estimates of the analysts. Nevertheless, Yahoo and Microsoft are facing increasing pressure on account of Google’s Search Engine.

Yahoo! has a very strong brand value, which, in my opinion will be compromised if this deal fructifies. Even Ballmer has said that he’s not sure if the brand name “Yahoo” will remain. As an avid Yahoo! user, I’m not very happy with this announcement. My dislike for Microsoft is well known. All that Microsoft will bring to board is its 75,000+ strong work force, who’re anyway bundled up with useless ideas. Yahoo’s email service and the photo sharing service Flickr are really popular. But it does lag behind Google by a very wide margin in the search engine depart. Perhaps an acquisition with help Microsoft, which has the 3rd highest share in the Search Engine market, compete with Google on an equal footing.

Almost all of Google’s income is due to its Adsense business, which is indirectly a success thanks to its killer search engine. If Microsoft were to acquire Yahoo, the former will capture Yahoo’s market share and also bring on board its R&D department (how good is the R&D department….is another question) and tremendous wealth. Recently, Microsoft posted high profits on account of its new Operating System Vista and very low profits in all other departments. Perhaps this deal is all that this company needs to revive itself. Maybe Microsoft will still manage to screw up its business. Who knows. Merging two companies that have different work cultures, different product offering, different set of business principles and ethics is not so easy. Not to forget, lots of Yahoo! employees will be laid off, in addition to the already announced 10,000+ people who are being given the cut. This will only leave the other employees disgruntled. On top of this, imagine working for a new boss. The problem will only aggravate for people who are higher up in the corporate ladder.

It takes a couple of years (in the very minimum) to pull off such an acquisition. $44 billion is not exactly peanuts either. Ballmer says that he’ll save at least a billion dollars if this deal comes through. Let’s hope he’s right and let’s hope that Yahoo and its products survive. He’s known for his craziness and I hope that this is not one of his “pet projects”.

In the mean time, you might want to look for other email and photo sharing applications. I don’t know if Yahoo! Mail and Flickr will remain the same. 🙂

UPDATE: Found this on Digg– What Will Happen To Flickr if MSFT Buys It

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47 thoughts on “Someone’s Trying to Hack My Gmail Account

  1. wow.. u got hacked?? I had left link to a certain David Airey’s case on Ish’s post.. go through that.. he explains how he got hacked.. suggest you go through that and verify with ur mail account as well…..
    By the way find if some keylogger has installed itself in ur laptop.. also scan for worms which might be leaking info to a hacker.. also clean ur cache regulalry (u can do that from firefox)

  2. well,there are lot of methods that could have been responisble but as balu said keylogger should be the least possible as you just use a personal laptop cookie stealing is most likely..
    and about the first line you have mentioned.. its quite important that these days there are lots and lots of mail spoofing sites available..
    anyone can send mail to anyone in the name of anyone..actually its quite scary but thats the truth,..

  3. @Balu & Arvind

    I didn’t get hacked. Someone tried to retrieve my password. Even Ish didn’t get hacked. He feels that someone was trying to hack into his account. Like Arvind mentions, keylogger is definitely not the victim here. Either it’s a mail spoof, which I don’t think is the case because a couple of minutes ago, I tried to recover my password through the “Forgot Password” link and I got the exact same email message again. Most probably some smart ass is trying to get into my account.

    The worst part is= I am using this email inbox for all my job applications and I have thousands of important documents in it. All my resumes (that have been distributed) have this email address. So if someone gets in touch with me at this address (and I don’t have access to it), then I don’t know what I’m going to do. 😦

    On my part, I’ve done what I can. I’m going to forward everything to another email address just in case…

  4. Ah, these bloody hackers. I really wonder what kicks they get by hacking e-mail accounts. But well, they do get all your credit card details and stuff which can make them rich and you bankrupt. Good thing you didn’t panic and took security measures. GMail’s got a couple of other great recovery features too one of which includes entering the serial number which you received when you created the profile. Using that, they conduct an inquiry and if they find your request genuine, they give you the new password. But the deal is that this process can take a couple of days and the hacker can have done the damage by then. The security question is really important, I learned that the hard way and you did too. Having questions like “what is your phone number” is a dumb thing to do because an acquaintance can easily hack you that away. Moreover, there are so many password generators available with hackers these days so you should make sure your password is as difficult and as unique as possible. The best thing would be to have a couple of words of your native language in it because the generators work primarily on English.

    I guess one should seriously have separate accounts for everything..however difficult that may be to maintain. The one with the most critical information should be the one that’s used minimum number of times and which you usually don’t enter on websites. There are so many phishing websites these days that one can never really know what’s happening. Just today they were showing on TV how hackers were now using current affairs to show news and hack into people’s computers. So one should never think that he/she can never be hacked. One should always be prepared to face an intrusion and let a hacker know that he/she isn’t letting go that easily. First thing would be to you know have your contacts in another e-mail ID and inform them to not open any e-mails what so ever from the hacked account because it can be really dangerous. You wouldn’t want to have every person you’ve known to be hacked because you got hacked would you?

    I was totally expecting that screenshot. IF Microsoft is actually going to buy Yahoo!, I’m definitely not gonna be a very happy person. If they’re gonna litter it with ad’s as they’ve done with Hotmail etc, it’ll be very sad. Hotmail is so annoying that you have to actually “search” for the inbox whereas it should be right in your face. When it over took Facebook, I thought that was gonna be bad but they’ve kept themselves in limits and haven’t littered the main interface. They do have small lame ad’s on the sides but well, that’s okay. MySpace is one website that MSFT should buy, it’s already full of ad’s and MSFT will have a great time with “like-minded” people in there. Leave Yahoo! alone, seriously.

  5. To keep myself from getting hacked… i’ve kept two gmail acc… one private which no one knows & my current one… 😛

    & concerning MS & Yahoo!, i think Yahoo! Mail & Flickr will both survive, since they are very popular… but many lesser known services will get merged or axed.
    & i can’t wait for the new version of Windows Live Messenger that will bring the eye-candy of Yahoo Messenger! 🙂

  6. @ Ruhi: A friend tried to hack into your account out of curiosity? Interesting. I would spell friend as A-R-S-E-H-O-L-E in that case!

    I have a couple of friends who know a couple of my passwords but that is because – it may sound odd to you – we share some subscriptions to newsletters and common interests and we do not want to keep many accounts. But otherwise a lot of trust is needed between people.

    Besides looking in someone’s email? What next? Reading your SMS messages? And then your letters to and fro parents? And your diary? Shameful!

  7. @ | Balu |:

    Yes, I know what you mean. In fact, I’ve downloaded everything to Outlook. You can do that too…download it to a desktop email client like Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. I’ve created a back up of all my contacts and changed the alternate email address to some other account that nobody knows of. For good measure, it also helps to change the password and security questions of all your email accounts. Plus, what I do is write such a security question so that the hacker won’t even be able to guess the answer. 🙂 Only I can understand that security question.


    In fact I’ve been really impressed by Gmail features. I never thought that GMail is that good. But today, after comparing the password recovery procedure of GMail and Yahoo, I have to say that GMail is really the best. 🙂 They have lots and lots of options that can be used even after your inbox has been compromised. If you read my new update, you’ll know that I got locked out of my Yahoo! account. I don’t know how that happened. I really panicked and I’ve spent all my night trying to fix it. It didn’t get fixed. So, I found the phone number (Which was listed for business account users only and luckily, I’d bought a domain yesterday…so I had reason to call them up) and was put on hold for around 2 hours at 6 in the morning. Can you beat that? So, I used another cell phone to call again …Heh and they connected me in a minute! Basically, they asked me to call another dept. after an hour (it had not yet opened because I’m 2 hours ahead of that time zone). So I was still awake, praying to God…please get my password back..please get my password back. I even said that I’ll give $11 prasad 😛 Anyway, the lady who took my call sent a temporary password to another email address and I used that to login and change! This entire crap took me around 4 hours. Without any sleep.

    I guess one should seriously have separate accounts for everything..however difficult that may be to maintain. The one with the most critical information should be the one that’s used minimum number of times and which you usually don’t enter on websites.

    I remember you mentioning this even in your post and frankly, I didn’t take it THAT seriously then. Now that I’ve been hit, I really understand. While I was on call (semi asleep), I made new email accounts (all on GMail). So, I have a separate email account for everything now. In fact, I’ve updated my blogging email address too. Plus, GMail has a forwarding system that can be used with your old email address. And you can even import all your contacts to GMail and send everyone a group email informing them about the change. There is another feature that lets you choose a different “Reply to” address. I think that’s pretty cool. And the biggest one is of course- FREE POP/IMAP! 🙂 So, I’ve gone ahead and set up all my Gmail accounts on Outlook 2007 (if you need the download link, let me know) and Mozilla Thunderbird (Which is free btw). Yahoo charges $19.99 for that…

    You’ll find this really weird. Till a couple of hours back, I was all pro-Yahoo. But now, I’m all pro- Gmail. 6+ GB is anyway a lot of space, if you separate all your email accounts, right? And it’s only increasing every single day. There are also other forwarding options available that let you forward your email from one gmail account to another…anyway you must be knowing all this. I’ve never used all these features, until today. 🙂 Dinsan will be very happy to know that finally I’ve converted to Gmail full time. Haha.

    I haven’t seen Hotmail since ages. Who uses it? 😛 I find those ads really annoying. Have you taken a look at Vox? It’s a very cool blogging platform, but there are too many ads for my liking. That way, Tumblr is awesome man. It’s free and it even allowed me to map a domain/sub domain for FREE, even though it’s a small service (even smaller than Anyway, getting back to the point, Myspace is owned by NewsCorp. and unless Murdoch decides to sell Myspace, there is no way MSFT is going to own it. Come to think of it, Facebook is independent, Orkut is Google’s product. Yahoo! social networking like 360 and Mash are big failures. That leaves MSFT without any cool networking site. And no blogging service too. Windows Live Spaces or whatever it is called- they have so many names for each of the services-is so uncool. I just hope Flickr doesn’t get spoilt. I think it’s a great service. Even Yahoo! mail for that matter.

  8. @ carrotmadman6:

    I’ve learned a very important lesson today! I’ve made around 7 different email accounts- one for each service. Two are totally private that I won’t ever use anywhere on the internet, except for some high security stuff.

    I think Yahoo 360, Mash wil be the first ones to go. Yahoo! Weather and Maps are quite cool. Mail and Flickr are the two primary attractions of Yahoo- so I hope Msft doesn’t try to change the way they look or function. I don’t want to see logos of Windows Live or whatever floating all around…which might happen because Ballmer has said that he can’t promise if the Yahoo! Brandname will remain 😦 Have you ever called customer service? There is a recorded voice that answers your phone by singing “YahooooOOo!”. It’s quite cool. 🙂 It will be bad if that goes. I don’t use live Messenger anymore…the application is too heavy. In fact, I don’t use Yahoo! Messenger either. I’ve integrated all my chat clients with a desktop chatting program called Pidgin. 🙂 Try it if you already haven’t.


    At 5 am (my time), I made an international call to him (he’s in India) and asked him frankly if he’s been tinkering with my email account. He denied it…which I think is true because he has no internet access since more than two weeks. Anyway, it’s difficult to trust anyone now. Even I was dumb enough to keep a security question which any of my close friends could have guessed. I’ve wizened and invented my own security measures. The phishing attempts these days really scare me. And no, I don’t find your sharing the same account with your friends weird. 🙂 Even I have done such things.

    Besides looking in someone’s email? What next? Reading your SMS messages? And then your letters to and fro parents? And your diary? Shameful!

    Shameful indeed. We give away so much information about our thought process, thanks to blogging, Facebook, Twitter and 20,000 other web applications; yet many people find it necessary to probe deeper.

  9. @ Shefaly:

    Dang these spell checkers! I type wisened and it was changed to “wizened” because America likes to use ‘z’ instead of ‘s’. I read your comment on the McD post and I’ll reply to it in a bit. I’m quite brain tired and sleep deprived at the moment. 🙂

  10. @ Ruhi: Don’t worry. Sort your email stuff first. I hope Yahoo can help you. I do not keep my credit card stored with any online supplier. Not worth the hassle. The easier thing meanwhile might be to cancel the credit card else you may have liability. You have said things here on the forum and if you report to them much later, then they will see the interim period as your responsibility.

    PS: Wizen and wisen are two different words. The latter is a verb form of wise so Americans use the same spelling; the former means to get wrinkles but glad to see smiley 🙂

  11. ruhi, yahoo should help u because u have done financial transactions thru them, so they have hard
    evidence, ps if they have been working backend operations from india – though im not sure they do. there could be problems – due to the sub cable cut that has affected the net operations even im facing slowdown at noon and mtnl lines r the best and most reliable here in mumbai ,

    it is prudent to isolate accounts i use separate ones for personal; general junk and blog mail
    and to put better structured passwords and keep a low profile of the important email accounts.
    pidgin gtalk and skype r good , ive weaned off yahoo n msn a looooong time ago thanks to
    the backdoors that they can become..

    oops who am i talking to ? ur already a pro -and i as read ur comments , looks like uve already did it 🙂

  12. i have another option for you try some secure proxy server and try logging into yahoo again..
    may be it will work this time if the problem is with ur server..

  13. @Shefaly

    I got my Yahoo! sorted out (before you commented). 🙂 I’m in the process of migrating all my emails to other accounts now. I don’t want to use my old email addresses anymore. It’s prudent not to save any credit card info. In fact, I never do. Unfortunately, I had used the yahoo account to buy a domain just 12 hours back.

    Regarding wizen and wisen, I’ll get there sooner than I’ll know 😉


    Thanks for your concern. Yes, they helped me retrieve my password because I had purchased a domain through them. Free users wouldn’t have received any help. I’m going to stop using Yahoo! now because their email address support sucks. I still don’t know what happened. But I’m happy that I got my inbox back. I’ve been hyper since the last 2 days because of this and am spending all my time backing up stuff on my comp and inboxes.


    Thanks for your help. 🙂 Even before you commented, I had left a LONG comment to Ish that explained how I solved the problem.


    I don’t think that link applies to me. The Yahoo! customer support gave me 3 reasons: 1. someone tried to access my account, which is possible, because the day before, I had received a Forgotten password link for my gmail account. so the same person (figuring that the yahoo account) is the alternate account, might have tried to barge in to retrieve the link that would help him reset my gmail password.!

    2. I don’t remember.
    3. Don’t remember the third reason either. 😐

    I received an email from Bipin today with a link to his private drive that has all my personal files from my computer. I don’t know what/why/how he did this because I didn’t ask him to do it. I’m still waiting for an explanation from his side.

  14. @Ruhi:
    Well, I replied to your Gmail account (the one that you’ve mentioned in this post).
    I do NOT have ANY of your personal files. I was just trying to help you. Read the mail and you’ll understand 🙂

    Phew! I can just wonder what are you going through now. Trust me, I am no evil.

  15. lallopallo says:

    My Yahoo account was hacked once-three years back..It took many emails to Yahoo security to get it back…
    It can be a stressful experience…. Iam glad that you solved the problem on your own..

  16. @Bips

    Problem solved via email. 🙂


    Yes, they have a crazy security center. Came to know about their madness thanks to this incident. I had emailed them (from another account) and told them that I’m not being able to access (this account) and had given explicit instructions to email me at another address. Guess what? They emailed me at the account which I couldn’t even access. What’s the point of sending that email then? thankfully I had their phone number because of I’d purchased a domain name one day back. People who use their free email service will find it to be quite stressful. Hell, even I found it to be quite stressful even though I called them up by phone (had to wait for 2 hours to get to an agent!).


    Problem solved. Yes I can access my account thankfully. 🙂 (Read the long comment to Ish for details. )

  17. @ Ruhi

    LOL, I am happy 😉
    Its good to have one account for really personal stuff including bank account and credit card etc, and leave another one for all the other stuff… thats what I do 🙂 both Gmail accounts btw..

    FYI, its not just that you can download your mail using POP, for free, I am downloading my pop emails from address, to gmail account !! ie, my outlook gone online with all gmail features lol 🙂

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  20. I lost my yahoo id and forever and that’s true and after hacked i understood that, i entered my id and password on to wrong page and the site look alike yahoo. And, I am over lucky that, I have not any more important mails on that account.

  21. Amol Kurhade says:

    some one hack my password of rediffmail I have all contacts on that , can anyone please change the password and give me the access to my rediffmail account and please send the new password to ( ) , Please help me………

    my rediff ID is,

  22. @Amol Don’t you know procedure to reset your password if you have lost it?
    For rediffmail account, click on Forget Password link. Then you will get a popup window where you will have three choices
    1. Enter Alternative Email
    2. Use Security Question
    3. Use personal Information

    Use any one of them and you will get your password.
    This will work only if the hacker haven’t changed things. If you are lucky enough, it will work.
    Hope its helpful.


    P.S. Ruhi, say “thankuu Suda” 😀

  23. Ruchi... says:

    i cant believe it…every new week my gmail is hacked!! i dunno wat pleasure these bloody hackers achieve in prying in sum1’s life..& hacking their email-s orkut account seems the only possible way to them..wat LOSERS!!! i hate them all,,(i feel sick wenevr i cant access my account)[:(]

  24. Ali says:

    These all stuff are freaking a lie!

    They are not true! No one should believe them!

    If these hackers have gots, then why don’t you hack my gmail account! What are you chickens? :)))) blak blak!!!
    It is
    So come on!

  25. Ford says:

    Hi. I am a hacker. I can get you a myspace, aol, hotmail, yahoo, facebook, gmail…etc password. I do charge a fee to get a password though. When I do get password, I’ll show you proof I have it. Are you interested? E-mail me at

  26. Priscilla says:

    I’m at a loss..this is terribly depressing you know. I never expected my life to be so damaged so quickly. My accounts have been hacked through my email and facebook account! Watch out everyone, there is a serious virus on the loose. Of course, GMail has been totally unresponsive. I am filing a police report tomorrow and calling the GOOGLE office directly. But, I am not hopeful. It is really upsetting how Gmail treats sensitive information. I understand that they may not be held responsible, but they can at least take the situation seriously. The endless circles you go through on their support site are redundant and exhausting. And the worst part is, the invitation in the beginning gives you a false sense of security and exclusivity. If Gmail is this easy to hack, they should take action and resolve the issue before peoples lives are damaged. At of this point, I’m just praying for a miracle…

  27. Val says:

    I really need your help. Both my yahoomail and gmail have been taken over by someone else. The situation is further aggravated by the fact that those are the same emails I use to access my blogs, facebook and twitter. Can I still recover those accounts? How? Iv’e tried contacting yahoo tech and gmail tech but they haven’t done anything about my account til now.

    Hope you could help me.

  28. ford says:

    Hi. EMAIL ME!!! I’m hacker. Can get you a myspace, facebook,yahoo,msn/hotmail, gmail, aol…etc password. I do charge money though,but will show proof i have it. Are you interested? please email me at (I was formly known as fordf202006 on yahoo but my account was deleted)


    • Can you help me find out an account name that had used my cell number when they created their account? They have since deleted my number bcause i had told them i knew that they used my cell number fradualantly….i am trying to find the account name so i can report it to yahoo…….

  29. someone used my cell number with their yahoo account.How do i report this to yahoo and find out what account it is that had used my number,I know the person who did it but i dont know the name of the account,,just that they used my cell number for it bcause everytime the person would make a change to that account it would send messages to my cell number..understand? please help..

  30. Great site you have here but I was curious about if you knew of any community
    forums that cover the same topics talked about in this article?
    I’d really like to be a part of online community where I can get opinions from other knowledgeable people that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Kudos!

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