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Movie: The Orphanage

The Orphanage is a great movie based on the supernatural powers. I’m not really a fan of horror movies, but this one was exceptional. Luckily, I got to view it in an independent theater called Moxie Cinema here. They keep playing all kinds of international and off-beat movies. And one of the best things about this theater is that every part of the service is very personalized. The capacity of the theater is quite small- it’s no bigger than two large sized bedroom. They have a lovely wooden stage. Before the start of each show, someone actually gets up there and gives a general introduction to the movie and other upcoming attractions. You also get beer- which no other theater allows (at least in my town). Today was the Super Bowl night here; so I managed to get a ticket even though I reached just two minutes before the start of the show.

Back to the movie- One of the reasons for watching this movie was because it’s been made by Guillermo del Toro, the same person who made Pan’s Labyrinth. The treatment is somewhat similar to The Sixth Sense. So, if you enjoyed Shyamalan’s masterpiece, then there is a high probability that you’ll love this movie. I like the fact that there is a very strong storyline connecting the events. It’s not like those creepy horror movies where the director’s intention is to only make you jump out of your seats.

Some of the scenes in this movie were quite scary and there were two girls sitting behind me who had put their mufflers to good use. Even I jumped out of my seat at least a couple of times- and once, I got a horrible cramp, that took at least ten minutes to subside.

The movie is primarily about Laura, brilliantly played by Belen Rueda, who comes back to her old orphanage to open a small home for special children. She has a husband (Carlos) who is a doctor and an adopted child, Simon, who is HIV positive. Now starts the horror show. Simon starts talking to his parents about his invisible friends and how he plays with them. Obviously, the parents don’t fall for it. About half an hour into the movie, the boy disappears. Nobody knows why or how. The rest of the movie is about a mother’s quest to get back her child at any expense. I can’t talk about any of the other scenes of this movie without giving away the plot line.

I seem to have developed a special affection for Spanish films these days. I watched this movie tonight after at least ten days, which is a very long interval by my standards. Be prepared to feel a little morose once the movie is over. So if you want to watch a movie with a happy ending or you like those John Cusack kind of horror movies, then give this movie a miss.

The theater was also airing trailers of Persepolis, a movie on the famous Graphic Novel. I can’t wait to get a copy of that next. If any of you have seen this movie or read the graphic novel, then please let me know about your views.



12 thoughts on “Movie: The Orphanage

  1. P.S. “One of the reasons for watching this movie was because it’s been made by Guillermo del Toro, the same person who made Pan’s Labyrinth.”

    Guillermo Del Toro did not direct this movie.

  2. lallopallo says:

    Iam sorry Ruhi, but I will not watch this movie..even though you think it’s a great one. Reason???
    Well, Iam scared to watch Horror movies..I dont really believe in ghosts and stuff, but am still scared like a kid to watch any movie which has a strong element of horror or supernatural stuff. Last horror movie I watched was Bhoot , way back in 2003. Even that one -which many of my friends thought was kiddish and not scary at all- was enough to scare the hell out of me. It also made sure that I kept away from them since then..lol

  3. @ lallopallo:

    Well even I’m scared of horror movies. In fact, I don’t think that Bhoot was kiddish. It was quite scary (At least back then; don’t know about now). Sometimes it’s fun to watch these movies just for the thrill. 😉 Maybe you should give it a try.

  4. lallopallo says:

    Various scenes from Bhoot kept haunting me for more than a year after I watched the movie..lol..Ok, I might give it a try…sometime later in life..:)

  5. @Rohan

    I was wondering where you’d disappeared. I’m doing great! Movie watching going a lil slow though. 😦 And unfortunately, I won’t be able to watch too many movies until my exam gets over in June. I think you’ll love this movie. 🙂 Let me know!

  6. @ ruhi..
    have you seen ‘the devils backbone’-the horror (kind of) movie directed by guillermo del toro…?

    that movie is great….
    but i was kind of disappointed to observe some direct similarites b/w the plot sturture of pan’s lybarinth (the master piece, one of my fav) and this movie…
    it was certainly a blow to the magnificance of pan’s lybarinth…

    anyways, i think i will try to watch this one….(even i thought this was a del toro movie….so it is not…..)

    by the way this poster image looks…err….a bit funny……! 🙂

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