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Happy Valentine’s Day


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To everyone reading this post (irrespective of your beliefs)

P.S- All these gifts are mine. 😉 


42 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Happy Bal Thackery..oops I mean Valentines Day to you. 😛

    Btw, here’s one piece of news you might like. “Mallika Sherawat is now going to act in a movie based on Jesus Christ”. As soon as I saw that, the only think I could think of is “Poor Jesus”. What exactly can Mallika do in that movie? Probably she’ll do an item number to seduce Jesus. I for one can’t think of anything else she can do.

  2. @ dinsan:

    Thank you so much and same to you. 🙂 I wish you were in Bangalore (with your special someone 😉 instead of being in Kerala, no?

    Anand- Thanks and a Happy V-day to you too! Any special plans? (hopefully, you’re not in Pune/Bombay/Thackarey area)

    Ish- Happy V-Day to you! Aaj toh DeepXXX ko propose kar hi do. 😉 And what will Mallika be doing? Maybe she’ll be the desi Monica Belluci? She does look hot yaar (and no, I’m not a lesbian). Seducing Jesus? Hahaha…I would like to see that happen. (Disclaimer: All Christians reading this- no offense meant.) Btw, those pics in my post are real. 😉 What are you doing today, apart from romancing with your books? Probably singing a V-Day song to them, no?

    Vani-Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂 I took a look at that link and commented too. Thank you for sharing it with me. It’s a lovely blog. Do you blog at or anywhere else?

  3. DeepXXX to peeche choot gayi yaar. I haven’t seen her for more than a month now and quite frankly I don’t feel like seeing her anymore. We had like a non-verbal link-up and break-up. So I guess that’s over. 😛

    Wow, I didn’t know you actually received those gifts. They’re amazing yaar. Ruhi ki ho gayi waah bhai waah! 😛

    I’m not doing anything except romancing my books. There’s only one song I can sing for them really, and it’s called Cleanin’ Out My Closet from Eminem. My version would go like:-

    “I said I’m sorry Mama,
    I never meant to hurt you.
    I never meant to make you waste your money on these stupid books but tonight,

    I’m cleanin out my closet. Comeon!”


    Mallika is hot, agreed. But seriously, she can’t do behenji roles. She tried acting like this sweet conservative Indian girl in “The Myth” with Jackie Chan and completely messed it up. She’s a seductress, that’s all. And I’m wondering if a seductress can land any role in a Jesus Christ movie. Maybe he blesses her and she turns from a sexy siren into a homely woman. If it so happens, they’ll probably have to use a body double for the homely version Mallika Sherawat. 😛

  4. Happy Valentines day Ruhi.
    And is this talk about “Mallika n Jesus” movie true?
    Please Please send me a link for this if it exists. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    or is it a joke which popped out of Ish’s mind??

  5. Drue, Xylene, Sulz, Anirudh, Tina- Thanks for your wishes. I hope you people had a lovely day too, coz I certainly did. 🙂

    Ish- You’ve left DeepXXX? Since when? This is news to me! Heh. For what it’s worth, this might help you concentrate better, no? 🙂

    Ish and Amit- I really liked Mallika in that movie with Rahul Bose….forgetting the name! Oh, and Mallika will play the role of Saraswati? Cool. I don’t think I want to watch this movie. Heh. Also, she doesn’t need even Jesus’ blessings to turn into a sex siren (as implied by Ish). God doesn’t know what he created himself. 😉

    Arvind- Thanks. 🙂 Yes, DeepXXX is quite evident, no? e had a lengthy discussion on this in one of my movie posts called “In the Mood for Reviews”. Then I deleted everything because Ish didn’t want someone to google for her and then land up here. Since then, I’ve been getting some search terms called “DeepXXX”. 😐

    Anand- Great then! I’ll watch out for an update on your blog regarding the V-Day evening then? 😉

    Nita- I did, thanks. (after calling some 5 restaurants and trying to get a booking. this V-Day is bigger than any other day here in the US). I hope you had a lovely time too.

    Vani- My name’s Ruhi, not Rushi. 🙂 Thanks for the link. I’ll pay you a visit soon.

  6. You Seem to’ve had a GOOD Valentine’s Day! :mrgreen:

    I was working… and making tax submissions! 😛 .. So, obviously im single… Anyone looking?…. 😉 …. Ahoy?!?!…

  7. @Ruhi: Yeah, Pyar Ke Side Effects was a nice movie. But then, in that Mallika was what she is. A normal girl kind of. She can’t play a homely sari waali ladki. It’s pretty unimaginable. I wonder why people find Mallika Sherawat as the ultimate shareef Indian girl. Jackie Chan thought so, and now the guy who is making this movie thinks so too. I guess they should’ve taken Amrita Rao or someone else like her. They’re closer to the “Indian values” and stuff that I guess these people want to portray.

    And yeah, it’s a done deal with Deepxxx. I don’t know if its helping me concentrate though. Earlier I used to think only about her. Now I get to think of all the girls about who I wasn’t thinking earlier. Haha, I’m such a perv 😛

    @Arvind: It’s not that obvious is it? I’m sure there are a lot many Deep-names. Deepika for one. And anyway, I don’t mind if you people know the name. I asked Ruhi to delete it only because some day if she searches for herself and lands up here, that wouldn’t exactly be cool. I don’t want her brother(if she has one), coming to my house and beating the shit out of me. 😛

  8. Seriously, I can’t imagine Mallika in a serious saree wearing girl asking Jesus – “Jesus ji, Paani lijiye na”. 🙂
    I’ll die laughing. I can still digest a scene if she just breaks into “Maiya maiya” in front of Jesus.
    …..and all this surreptitious talk about Deepxxx is driving me crazy. Its like im watching “Gupt”. 🙂

  9. @Amit: ROFL Paani lijiye na. Hahaha.

    And Deepxxx was one of the girls who used to come to my tuition and I had a crush on her but I never talked to her. I had written about her for a good 5 months last year and so it ended up with everybody telling me ways to go talk to her. But I didn’t talk and now I’ve forgotten her. Because it was Valentines Day, somehow it all came back and we started talking about it. So there you go, now you know everything about Deepxxx.

  10. Shefaly- I’m surprised indeed. Did you even watch the movie? I really like Rahul Bose. He did a good job in Chameli. He’s so hot and makes Calcuttans very proud. 😉

    Lallo- OMG! You’re too much! You don’t have to be THAT modest. 😛 Let me come to Canada, then I’ll tie you a rakhi. Else, send me your house address…I’ll just post it.

    Vani- No problem! 🙂 No need to apologize. Even I have mistyped people’s names before.

    Amyth- Yes, I had a very nice day :mrgreen: If you’re single, then hanging around my blog is definitely not a good place to look for girls, you know? On second thoughts, your office is also not a good place, unless you have nice co-workers.

    Ish- Yes, it’s kind of funny how foreigners think that she’s the shareef kind of girl. Probably she is. I’ve read lots of news reports that claim that she goes to sleep by 10 every night and never parties. And I think it’s true. We haven’t heard of any affairs or rumors or anything else, right? Actually, I really like her 🙂

    Btw, if DeepXXX is a done deal, then you need to find another one soon. 😉 For that, jaldi se finish your boards and get into college. And yes, thinking about those other girls is also not a bad idea.

    Amit- Jesus paani leejiye….LMAO. Haha…very crazy imagination. Ish just revealed who DeepXXX is! So there you go. 🙂

  11. I’ve got a good number of girls I’m interested in, don’t worry. Again, most of them happen to be at my Physics tuition because a lot of girls come there. One of them happens to be a National level shooter. So I’m planning to give myself time and figure out if it’s attraction or infatuation. Don’t want another Deepxxx really, it was depressing.

  12. lallopallo says:

    Ruhi, I guess you got me wrong here..I didnt mean that I was hiding from you on Vday..I was just telling you that what I did on Valentine’s day ( hiding myself..:) response to what you told us ( you having fun etc).. Aur vaise bhi, how can I hide myself from you dont live in my city, so I dont need to hide na..:)
    Anyways, thanks for the rakhi proposal..but sorry Iam not interested in adding more sisters into my life ( I already have enough cousin sisters)..:P

  13. @Ish

    National level shooter? She’s definitely injuring you then. Okay, bad line. 😛


    I understood what you meant to say 🙂 I wanted to let you know that not everyone (for eg- me) wants to propose. Some girls also want to tie rakhi. Heh. Waise, how many proposals did you manage to hide from?

  14. @ Ruhi: Yes, I did see the film. When I go to India, I see a lot of things I would not ordinarly see. On the last trip, I watched both the Munna Bhai films, a film called Yun Hota to Kya Hota and Pyar Ke Side Effects.. 🙂 But sometimes I do get to see stuff – like I watched Omkara on DVD in Boston (!) and have just borrowed Jhoom Barabar Jhoom mostly to play the locate-the-location game.

    PS: Rahul Bose is ok. He is at least educated and articulate beyond his film appearances too.

  15. @ Shefaly:

    Same here! My mom loves Hindi movies; so I get to see lots of them while in India. I haven’t seen Munnabhai films. I did see Pyar Ke…and enjoyed it quite a bit. 🙂 And btw, I tried watching Jhoom Barabar and it’s a disaster. I gave up after 20 mins, when I heard Lara Dutta talking in some fake French accent.

    Rahul Bose and Rahul Khanna…something to do with the name “Rahul”? I need to ponder over that. 🙂

  16. @ Ruhi: The wrong Khanna brother! 😉

    Shefaly: Errr…I don’t like Mr. Taklu 😛 Rahul Khanna was more of a teenage fascination for me. I remember seeing him as an MTV VJ and swooning over him.

  17. lallopallo says:

    ” I wanted to let you know that not everyone (for eg- me) wants to propose. Some girls also want to tie rakhi. Heh. ”

    Well, I dont think there is any girl out there-except my sisters- who want to see me as her brother. I guess my eyes are too flirtatious to give any girl any feeling of sisterly love towards

    ” Waise, how many proposals did you manage to hide from? ”

    Quite a few, I must say ( sorry yaar, modesty is not my virtue anymore 🙂 )

  18. Yeah, I know I’m under a big threat of getting injured if I try to hit on her. Not only is she a national level shooter, but she’s those akhion se goli maare types. Her stare can pretty much melt you, there and then. Moreover she seems kind of arrogant at times too. Basically the only positive thing about her is that she’s pretty. 😛

    Btw, I’m falling in love with this theme and more so the blue text which I’m entering in the comment box.

  19. @ ish:

    Ahh! So here goes another guy who likes a girl because of her beauty. I’ve seen so many of my friends fall in love with such stupid girls, just because they’re beautiful. Not that I envy them or anything, but I find it difficult to understand how guys can tolerate such women who can’t even keep their mouth shut for a minute.

  20. See, at the end of the day, I’m a guy right? I’m supposed to fall in love with a girl for her looks sometimes. I can’t be rational all the time. Plus, this one is not someone who keeps on talking. She’s quiet, and she’s got some attitude. Basically she’s made herself so unapproachable. Most guys feel that if they go try to talk to her, either she’ll kick ’em between the legs or else she’ll take out guns from somewhere like a cowboy and then shoot them there and then. Sometimes it’s okay but sometimes it seems as if she’s too proud of herself. That’s why I’m not a big fan of her. I never said I really like her did I? I just think she’s hot. 😛

  21. @ ish:

    Achcha! Kudos to that babe then. 😛 Most of the guys who meet me are really scared of talking to me too. One of my guy friends said that I intimidate them…heh. I like it that way. Better to keep them away, else they think that you’re too ‘easy’. I can’t believe I’m saying this! Blah! But I think it’s true to an extent. Indian guys are hypocrites. If you talk to them, they’ll think that you like them. If you don’t talk, then they think that you’re a snob. Okay sorry, I don’t mean you 😛 Bas generally.

  22. You’re absolutely right actually, we are hypocrites. I am somewhere too but to a lesser extent I believe. You should see my classmates. They are very annoying and their way of talking about girls is very derogatory. Basically they divide girls into two categories. One is if they talk to every guy which means they are whores and second is if they don’t talk to them which means they are snobs. So whenever somebody tells me about a girl, I ask them one simple question, “So, who are you gonna marry, a snob or a whore?” and they have no replies to that. If their girlfriend talks to the guys, she’s cool and stuff. The rules don’t apply to her. But it does to the other girls. Basically they are just jealous that the so called “whores” don’t talk to them but talk to the other guys. Sad but that’s typical guy mentality and that shows somewhere in my last comment too.

    And it’s the best when it comes to classifying the guys. When a guy talks to all the girls, he’s cool and all and when he doesn’t, he’s a loser. So basically, it’s cool if you’re a guy and you’re having sex with every girl in town. You’re a stud that way but if a girl does that, she’s a slut and a loose character. I guess this is one kind of discrimination people don’t talk about but it really sucks. Most guys look at women as you know, “things” and it sucks. I wish we could think differently. If I can think differently, I’ll consider if one good thing I’ve done in life.

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