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Some Really Innovative Ads

1. Don’t Drink and Drive

2. MacBook Pro

3. Plastic Surgery

4. Papa John’s Pizza

5. World Aids Day

6. Life’s Too Short- by

7. Dove- This is one of my favorites, because I love Marge Simpson

8. Meet a Giraffe

9. Stop Smoking!

Source: UAddit

10. FedEx- I love this one too

There are lots of other interesting tidbits that I collect in my tumblelog. You might want to go there for more stuff.

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32 thoughts on “Some Really Innovative Ads

  1. I have always loved the ads. They are truly innovative. I got them sometime back in a mail. All of them are too good. BTW, what theme were you using previously? I really liked it. Im thinking of changing to that. 🙂

  2. @ carrotmadman6:

    Yeah it is! there are some more of those in the original page (link included towards the bottom). They are worth taking a look.


    If it would have existed, then the company wouldn’t have. 🙂


    Oh you’ve seen jobsintown before? This is the first time that I’ve come across these. The theme that I was using previously can only be used if you buy a CSS upgrade. 🙂 Even this theme is a K2-Style that I ripped from another website. Btw, did you like this theme or not?

    • VT2CD says:

      such really nice innovation, but it’s more of ambient, recently I’ve went through an innovation in Mass-media(newspaper), an speaking print ad.
      have a look…

  3. Ohhhh….CSS upgrade!!!!! 😦
    Guess I have to be content with the bland and monotonous free themes. This one is pretty neat. Its just that its not as wide as the previous one…it used to fill my whole screen. 🙂 This is kind of “Honey I shrunk the blog”. 🙂 Aneways, liked it. Don’t worry. 🙂

  4. @ Amit:

    Have you tried Cutline or Press Row by Chris Pearson? There is even another one called The Journalist. You might want to take a look at these, which I feel, are some of the best free themes.

    I have a fetish for white and broad themes. I made a conscious decision to switch to a 2 column theme this time because I was getting bored of the wide-screen-occupy-all-screen-space look. 🙂 It does look quite shrunken, I agree.


    Sure…try it! You need a very malicious intent for doing such a thing. One of my professors made a really funny fake book cover and came to class. He invested a lot of time and money into that project, because he takes his job as a comedian very seriously. 🙂 The back of the book had reviews by his mom (funny ones), his wife (funny again) and other crazy stuff. Needless to say, the entire graduate class burst out laughing.

  5. Ruhi, this is a treat! Absolutely brilliant ads! As an ex-advertising person I guess I find these a joy to see. It’s difficult to decide which one is the best, but the Marge one does stand out!

  6. Nice .. i have seen most before (thanks to my internship in an ad agency).. the drink and drive one is new to me.. quite innovative.. my favourite one though is of Dove Cream – Marge one.. am a little obsessed with The Simpsons u see!

  7. @ Ankur Aggarwal:

    I wish I could, but he made only one personal copy of the cover, which he proudly displays on his desk. 🙂 It was a book on Financial Management.


    You should take a look at the original page which contains many more. I hand picked only a couple that I really liked. And yes, Marge with her blue hair is simply adorable. 🙂


    Great! So both you and Amit and have seen these before…quite surprising for me. I’ve never been a Marketing type of person. There are some more Dove ads in the original page. Take a look!

  8. Good collection 🙂 few of them.. i think i have seen, but still interesting pics 😉 I sometimes think if something like that will come out of my head too, someday !!

  9. Nice ad’s. Personally I love the Dove one and the Macbook Pro one. Macbook, boohoo. 😦

    Btw, I love this theme. I’ve mentioned that in another comment also but I thought I’d say it again cause I really love it. And I read somewhere that you should say “I Love You” to the things you love again and again or else they start forgetting it and ignoring you. And I don’t wanna be ignored by your won’t let me post comments if it gets angry and I would die with all that stuff inside me. 😛

  10. hey .ruhi ..the theme is so good.. i love it ..really ,… best one i have seen in ur blog..
    beautiful header too.. 🙂
    and by the way ..
    funny ads ..i have sees some before too

  11. @ Anand:

    I think India makes some great ads, especially in the Television sector. American TV ads suck big time. 🙂


    Yes, I really liked these, esp. the MacBookPro and the Lisa Simpson Ad. How will they come out of your head? Like a fountain? 😉


    MacbookPro- Such an amazing ad 🙂 Glad that you mentioned it. It’s so thin that it fits into a manila envelope. A real beauty. I’m waiting for Apple to release a Tablet PC now. And I’m glad that you liked the theme. I wasn’t so sure, because it’s been long since I used such a comparatively narrow theme. And yes, thanks for mentioning the blue color in the comments box. That’s one of the best things and makes me really want to go on typing. It has such a smoothy feel to it.


    Yes, lovely ads 🙂 Visit the main link to find some more. And thank you for appreciating the theme. It’s a style for the K2-lite theme. There are many others that I’ve downloaded, but I really liked this one. I’ve also lightened my sidebar, if you notice.

  12. Ah yes, this blue text makes you wanna keep writing and writing and writing. Apple will release a Tablet PC soon I guess, but the price would be the thing. At the end of the day, a Rs. 90,000 machine is way too expensive when you can get the same kind of performance with a Rs. 60,000 machine. Same thing with the Air, it is a really capable laptop but you can’t really use it alone. You should have a complete PC or laptop at home because the Air doesn’t have an optical drive and that can cause problems. Moreover, the hard disk isn’t that big either so you’ll need to store things elsewhere. It’s mostly for those rich guys who wanna carry minimum weight of things for meetings and look cool and stuff. Otherwise, a Macbook Pro would be way better an option than a Macbook Air.

    As far as themes are concerned, yeah, even I’m not a huge fan of narrow themes. As you know, I’ve not really used one. I like my theme to cover the entire page but this theme is more beautiful in its minute details. The top navigation bar for one, which has the links, is brilliant. Plus it has a textured background so the sides don’t really look empty and hence it works. I like this one.

  13. yeah..i noticed …and hosnestly speaking last theme u had was very annoying for me 🙂 . it was like u were stuffing things in the every corner of the theme. 😛 ..
    so this change is very good..
    ufff.. mein toh pareshaan ho gaya same theme use karke,..
    yeh wordpress waale kuch naya theme kyun hai nikalthe…

  14. @Ish

    Yeah, not everyone can afford to shell out Rs. 90k just for the ‘cool’ factor, when a 60k machine can do the same work. And also, all those cracked software and stuff might not even work with Mac. Plus, you pay for all kinds of crazy software updates. MacBook Pro is definitely a better option, I agree. Ask the same question to an Apple fanboy. He’ll say- “How can you make me choose between Lord Ram and Krishna?” 😛

    Re: the theme, I’m the one who made the textured background actually and also did some small tweaks 😛 Earlier, this theme only had a plain grey background. But I think this textured background really adds beauty to the entire effect. And I’ll tell you one thing- this theme is actually not narrow. The writing space is the same as in any other theme. Just that it is 2 column and a boundary. So it looks narrow. And neat, me thinks. I’ve developed this new found respect for K2-Lite now.


    Why didn’t you tell me if you found it to be annoying? 😦 Please let me know from next time. And I don’t mind if you tell me that the look of my blog or my post sucks. I’m always open to criticism. And yeah, I agree…the free themes are quite bad. They are not that bad, but the thing is you get bored looking at so many blogs, all using similar themes. Why don’t you try something with a white background like Press Row, Cut Line, Journalist or sth similar? I’m bored of Digg 3. 😦

  15. Choose between Lord Rama and Krishna, true indeed. But I guess the Apple fans are clever people. Even Steve Jobs is advertising the Macbook Air for executives and stuff. But most people are buying it because they have loads of money and for that “oomph” factor. Macbook Air might be an excellent machine in the future when everything is internet powered but not right now. At that time, we will probably be storing our stuff on some server and installing all softwares via the WWW. But not right now, we still need bigger hard drives and optical drives to survive. Plus, even the processor isn’t close to a Macbook Pro. But at the end of the day, most people buy Apple things mainly to show off, not because they know it’s actually good. They aren’t after Mac. You can install Mac on any machine with decent hardware and it’ll work almost as good as the Macbook but that’s not what people are looking for. They just want a laptop that has this Apple logo on the top which has a blue light when you’re working on it. Style statemenet in itself it is.

    I knew somewhere that it was possibly you who had done the textured background. Kudos! That really lifts up the theme a notch. And the narrowness part is true to all WordPress things actually. The post area is almost same everywhere but it’s the width and the spacing between the post and the sidebar which determines if a theme is narrow or wide. Neat it sure is. Even I like K2-Lite and such themes. They’re built in a way so that you can customize them anyway you want. A little tweaking here and there and it becomes really personal and that’s a great thing. Meanwhile, I knew this website once where people had submitted their designs for a WordPress theme designing competition. It had some pretty decent free layouts. Might wanna try them when you change the theme after this. That is if I, or you can find that again.

  16. i dint say it because it might have looked good for others…its not that it was not good was just that..everything seemed congested in the previous theme of urs..
    🙂 ..
    and yeah even i am thinking of a change in theme ..

  17. @ ish:

    Of course! they have shit loads of money and they don’t mind giving it to Jobs. The best thing is that this guy can actually sell something that’s quite expensive and get away with it. I really admire the marketing. It’s a cult.

    Re: the theme, yes, you’re correct. It has a lot to do with the space between the post and the sidebar. Gives your blog more pixels to breathe 😛 I know which website you’re talking about. Sandbox design competition na? I have seen one or two themes that I can use with the Sandbox stylesheet, but not all, because they are standalone mods and they’ll have to be imported. But there are one or two that can be used and which are really good. Let’s see how fast I get bored of this one…then I’ll use one of those.

  18. Steve Jobs is one clever guy, and his marketing strategy is brilliant. Just look at the iPod’s for example. They still rule the market. Every person’s ambition is to own an iPod and hence nobody looks at the negatives it has. I’ve seen much better players in the market and they are cheaper and have more features but it’s the brand thing. Those are the so called unknown brands. Creative for one makes nice mp3 players but it can never even hope to get close to the iPod sales. With the iPod, Apple had brought about a revolution and that still continues to go strong. The iPhone too has a great number of negatives to it but people don’t bother. If it’s Apple, it’s got to be good. It’s the brand that sells. It was the same with MSFT wasn’t it? It’s just that it’s getting derailed now somehow otherwise even after the disaster called Windows ME, people were ready to swear by Microsoft.

    And yeah, Sanbox design competition is what I was talking about. Chalo, it’s a good thing. Jab tak I will buy the CSS upgrade, you will have used almost all the themes and will be able to help me out of I mess something up 😛

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