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First-Last-Now Meme

I’ve had a really boring day and I feel so tired right now. I wanted to blog about lots of things, but I don’t have the energy. Here’s a meme that I came across. Feel free to tag yourself and re blog it, if you want to.

P.S- I can’t stop admiring the pretty blue star-bullets. They look so lovely. 🙂 The highlight of my day- I swear!


  • First job: At the billing counter as a cashier. Yeah, I didn’t have an assistantship when I’d come here initially. So I worked as a cashier for a couple of weeks to earn my living expenses. It was not that bad. Some guy even told me that I look like Sania Mirza? 😛 Don’t know if that was a compliment. But it was quite surprising that he knew about Sania Mirza. Must have been a crazy tennis fan. Oh and there was this other guy who used to come every afternoon and I used to flirt with him openly. It was quite entertaining.
  • First screen name: It was a Hotmail address that I still use. So, I’m not giving it out here. Sorry. I’ve become really paranoid about all this since i had that email hack scare a couple of weeks back
  • First funeral: My paternal grandmom’s. I was only 10 and it was a horrific experience for me. Ever more so, because I’d been rude to her a couple of weeks back. So I couldn’t stop feeling guilty 😦
  • First pet: A parrot- not really mine. Technically, it was my cousin’s.
  • First piercing: Ears
  • First tattoo: Never had one
  • First credit card: Technically, my dad gave me three credit cards. But my first real credit card would be the Citibank one, which I got, after applying for it myself.
  • First kiss: Happened a long time back, full filmi style.
  • First enemy: Whoa! Is this a real question? First enemy? So how many enemies am I supposed to have now?


  • Last car ride: A couple of days back, when I’d gone out for an Italian dinner. Yes, it’s been ages since I stepped out of this house and it really sucks being home all day long.
  • Last kiss: A week back. Contact me for more details.
  • Last movie watched: Ronin. I’ve been wanting to watch Bad Education since a week now, but am not finding the time. 😦
  • Last beverage drank: Water? Before that, I had Diet Coke.
  • Last food consumed: Dosa, idli podi and sambhar 🙂
  • Last phone call: With a recruiter for a job position. I know it’s a boring answer…sorry!
  • Last time showered: An hour back. Yay!
  • Last CD played: Jodhaa Akbar. Not really CD, but MP3. I don’t know which was the last CD I bought, except for movie CDs. I’ve stopped buying music CDs. I download them from the internet.
  • Last website visited: My blog


  • Single or taken: Taken. All good girls are taken.
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 01/16/19XX
  • Sign: Capricorn
  • Siblings: Yes, a younger sister
  • Hair color: Black and straight
  • Eye color: Jet black
  • Shoe size: US 7
  • Height: 5 feet 2 inches. I’m very short, thanks to my mother. Everybody else in my family is so tall. This is totally unfair. I should have had more Complan 😦 I feel that Complan really helped my cousins grow tall.
  • Wearing: Grey shorts, a light blue t-shirt and some underwear, obviously.
  • Drinking: Nothing
  • Thinking about: When this meme will end! (Yay! Just scrolled down and saw that this is the second last question).
  • Listening to: The AC whirring and my laptop fan just started whirring too. Not the most musical of noises.

76 thoughts on “First-Last-Now Meme

  1. lallopallo says:

    What do you do at home all day long?? I thought you were studying further or working..
    ” All Good girls are taken””.
    I wonder what our single girls here think of that

    If you are really 5ft 2 inches tall, that’s not really’s average height for an Indian girl..more important to be fit buddy..I have seen some killer girls who have same height as, chill..

    “………….. and some underwear, obviously ”

  2. Okay.. All good girls are taken … and you started assuming “good girl” about yourself uh ! just kiddin…. hmmm and whats that XX for on the B’day date ? lol… I really enjoyed this post 🙂

  3. nice one ruhi ..even i am bored….and i needed a tag badly.. but considering the questions that this has i guess i most questions would be blank for me.. so it would be better not to try this.. 🙂
    and by the way .
    if all good girls are taken..
    what abt the single men like us..
    whom should we take… 😦

  4. @Lallo

    Yeah, I graduated in December and still studying for CFA. But yes, I’m unemployed now and looking for jobs. That’s why at home. 🙂

    I wonder what our single girls here think of that

    Haha 🙂 That line was more of a joke…really. It’s funny that all of you people- You, dinsan and arvind- have singled out this line.

    And believe me, 5’2″ is very short for my family. My dad’s 6 ft; sister is 5’7″ and all my girl cousins are at least 5’5″+. 😦 I’m the chutku Hitler (literally). Anyway, all short people make great leaders. I’ll take solace in that.


    Of course I’m a good girl 😛 Any doubt? XX is my birth year, which I’m sure you can calculate because you know my age (which is not really a mystery). If you liked this post, then re blog is na 🙂 I tag you now.


    Okay, re-blog it anyway na! It will be interesting to see your responses. For example, First kiss- (put something imaginary or your ideal first kiss)…whatever. 😛 You get the idea.

    what abt the single men like us..
    whom should we take… 😦

    Married/engaged/not single women 😛 Okay just joking here. I’m sure you like someone. After all, I haven’t forgotten your “hall of Fame” page. Maybe it’s time to propose, eh?

  5. Oho, filmy style first kiss. Matlab Indian film industry style ya Hollywood style? Agar Indian style tha to mast hoga. I can almost imagine it.

    Ruhi is standing with the guy(I hope it was a guy LOL) and moon is in the sky and it’s almost perfect. You can only see their shadows and then they kiss and screen pe they show flowers kissing each other. Haha, kitni baari to dekha hai hindi movies mein. Hollywood can’t beat us. And then after the kiss they start dancing and suddenly junior dancers appear from somewhere and they do a completely synchronized dance sequence. Dil mein mere hai dard-e-disco. 😛

    Baaki I’m not doing this tag because I don’t want the world to know my shoe size and height. I’m pretty close to you in the height department btw. Everybody calls me Chotu in the class and I find solace also in thinking that Napoleon was a small dude. And even Rajpal Yadav found this hot looking girl in some movie which I don’t remember. Mere ko bhi mil hi jayegi ek na ek din. 😛

  6. Very cute post. Something very different…..not read something like this before. 🙂
    And you are “tekken”? I didn’t knew that. 😦 And don’t take me wrong. I still “think” you are a good girl. 🙂
    One more thing…I won’t lie to you. 5’2″ is short. 😆

  7. yeah ..i have to think ..but imaginary 😛 …that sounds good..
    anyways abt that proposal stuff..
    the girl is like is already committed…
    she just my good friend now ./..
    so gotto to look out for someone else who is free .. 🙂

  8. @ ish
    are woh filmi style toh puraana ho gaya…
    ab toh naya zamaana hai..
    how could you forget our imraan hashmi ….he has revolutionized the way indians kiss 😛 ,i suppose …

  9. @ Ish

    It was good one man… hmm however however however… I see you have lot of girls as fans and u r so creative about kisses hmmmm Arvind.. note the point

  10. @Arvind: Jab Ruhi ne apna first kiss kiya tha tab toh Emraan Hashmi bachcha hoga yaar. See, she said she did it a looong time back. Tab aise hi hota tha. And basically Emraan’s style of kissing can never be as entertaining as puraane zamaane ki kissing 😛

    @Dinsan: LOL, you and Arvind seem like you’re gonna kill me because I have more girl commenter’s than guy commenter’s on my blog. Bachche ki jaan loge kya? 😛

  11. @ dinsan
    i have already told u that girls go ga ga over ISh … may be girls still like the ISH type kisses ( i mean the old style ,the way ish explained) 🙂 …

  12. @ ish
    ho saktha hai … lekin u saw another one- a week back… i was talking abt that…
    aur bachoo hum kya jaan le… ladkiyaan hi jaan leke chodengi…

  13. @ ish:

    All you people are pretty much one track minds. I wrote so many other things in this post and wrote only 5 words about my kiss and all you guys here are discussing is about the Kiss. 😛 Seriously, you people need a life.. 😛 Okay, just kidding. I know guys will be guys and all they can think about is sex.

    Whenever anything happens in Bollywood movies, then they start showing a lamp, or a teddy bear or some weird object. 😛 Or the hero and the heroine twist their faces so much that all you can see are their heads. And that Dar-e-Disco idea is not bad. I should try that next time. Imagine- kissing and then all of a sudden, my ipod starts blaring, dil mein mere dard0-e-disco and both of us start dancing…hahaha..I can’t stop laughing.

    And why won’t you do this tag? Oh come on! Now that you’ve already revealed your height, there is no problem na! And yes, all short people make great leaders 😛 Remember that. And yes, tere ko bhi tere sapno ki pari mil jaayegi k na ek din.


    Thanks for the consolation. My mom even installed a big jumping rod in my room, hoping that I would hang from it like a monkey and grow taller. I never ended up doing it. LOL. Just imagine me hanging from a rod in my room. Even thinking about it makes me want to laugh like mad now.


    Thank you for noticing the fact that I’ve written about my parrot, my first job, credit card etc.- in short, about things different from my first and last kisses too. 😛 And do you still have that parrot or not?

    All good girls are taken—more of a joke, really. 😛 But hey, it works!


    Yeah, I generally don’t write such posts But I’m bored of blogging about serious stuff. So I might change my blogging style. I don’t know! I’ve been reading mostly personal blogs these days and maybe I’ve started appreciating this kind of blogging a wee bit more. 🙂 Yes, I’m a good girl because I’m taken, else I would be single 😛 Okay, joking joking. All you guys have been so amused by that line…really! I didn’t know that it will be such a big hit. If you liked the meme, then consider yourself tagged. I’ll look forward to reading your answers. What say?


    Already committed? Main nikla gaddi le ke…ek mod aaya, mein piche ladi chod aaya (modification by yours truly). In short, Bus nikal gayi 😉 I heard in some Hindi movie-

    “You should never wait for 2 things in life-

    1. Buses and 2. Girls. You’ll always catch the next one”

    @Arvind and Ish-

    Let’s not even talk about Emraan Hashmi in this post….eeoooww! He’ll dirty my comments area, I swear. He looks so gross…yuck. God save his wife. But I heard that he publicly declared that he won’t be doing anymore kisses because he’s married?

    @Dinsan, Arvind and ish–

    I don’t know how many female fans Ish has (including me). There is something about this guy- the way he comments and all. So freaking enthusiastic ALL the time. 😛 His blogroll is also filled with only girls’ names. 😛 Even Facebook par yahi haal hai. he keeps doing Desi Poke (Ish ne thappar mada, ish ne salaam kiya etc etc) to all girls.

    Waise, did you notice that in this entire discussion, only guys have participated? 😐 Why, oh why? Girls, where are you?

  14. @ ruhi
    yeah i am waiting for a bus …oops ..i mean a girl….. 🙂
    yeah ..imran does look gross to me too..and by the way.. where did sex come from/// it wasnt’ on my mind until u named it here 😛

    ISH a hearththrob of feamle bloggers.. !!! sounds good right ???
    abt ur question. y girls aren’t here .?? i have a answer for that..
    because it is ur blog not ish’s those blogspot girls wont turn up to wordpress until ish posts something 😛

  15. Pehli baat, it’s not like I didn’t notice the other things in the meme. I noticed everything including the pretty blue stars. I could have talked about everything but I’m supposed to make comments that make you laugh ain’t I? After all, I’m your best commenter and meri bhi koi responsibility hai 😛

    And yeah, twisting the faces and all that is exactly what I’m talking about. Typical Hindi movie waali kiss. And it’s so much fun lol. And do the Dard-e-disco waala sequence pakka. And mereko bhi bulaana yaar main shoot karunga. And it’ll not only be the two of you dancing. As soon as you are done with the kiss, upar se ek aeroplane jayega and usme se approx 100 dancers parachutes use karke tumhare aas paas land karenge and then ek dum se music start hoga aur tum saare milke dard-e-disco karoge and sabki movies bhi same hongi as if they can read each other’s minds. Bas ek cheez reh gayi, six pack kaun sport karega? Chalo yeh tum log aapas mein decide kar lena. 😛

    And you’re not the only one who has a danda outside your room. Mere kamre ke bahar bhi laga hai and papa ne toh kai baar mereko dhakke se us par latakwaaya bhi tha. Par koi fayda nahi hua. Utne ka utna hi reh gaya main. And mere waale dande pe toh paise bhi nahi kharche the. Jab ghar ban raha tha toh ek steel ka rod sa bach gaya tha. Bas usi ko dono deewar ke beech mein fix kar diya and ban gaya danda.

    You heard correctly, Emraan Hashmi has decided that he’ll not kiss on screen now. Tabhi toh uske baad ek bhi picture nahi chali bechare ki. Ab ghar baith ke gaa raha hoga, “Shaadi kar ke phas gaya yaar achcha khaasa tha kunwaara..aahaa!” 😛

    Baaki tum log meri jaan lelo yaar. Hadh hai bina baat ke saare taang kheech rahe ho meri. Btw, there are 29 people on my blogroll. Usme se 9 ladke hain. Agreed ladkiyon ki majority hai but you can’t say ki ladke hai hi nahi. Ruhi ke blogroll mein approx 31 log hain. Usme se 9 se zaada ladkiyan nahi hain aur yahaan sab mere peeche pade hain. Baaki rahi Facebook ki baat, wahaan pe I will Desi Poke anybody par koi interested nahi hota. Arvind wagehra to koi Facebook par hai hi nahi. Sirf ladkiyan hi hain to isme mera kya fault hai bhai. Jab Orkut firse banaaya tha maine tab scrapbook mein sabse zaada scraps arvind ke the, pooch lo usse agar jhooth bol raha hun. Matlab muft mein allegation pe allegation! Okay, mera ho gaya bhai. Main jitna defend kar sakta tha kar liya. Baaki zaada seriously mat lena, main bhi mazaak hi kar raha hoon. Girls like me, I’m happy with that. Aur kya chahiye. 😛

    Btw Ruhi, thanks for the “so freaking enthusiastic” all the time part. 😛

  16. errrrrr…i have to say something……….kaise kahu…..samajh nahi aa raha.
    Ok….what I want to know is that what errr is errr meant errr by errr consider errr urself errr tagged. Sorry…but I am new new na….so am not able to get the point.
    You have mentioned this in the post also -“Feel free to tag yourself and re blog it”.
    And Ruhi, have you noticed one thing. Whenever a new post comes and everybody is discussing it seriously, then suddenly Ish gives one comment and saari serious discussion ki wat lag jati hai. And by the time you reach the last comment the topic is nowhere in the picture.
    To see the latest examples of this, goto – > Arvind’s blog and check the Latest cricket match post and read the comments OR goto – > my Jodha Akbar post and read the comments. You will seriously die laughing.
    Waise I somehow love this.
    Ish, don’t kill me. 🙂

  17. @Amit: Consider yourself tagged means that you can copy this meme thing and fill it yourself on your own blog. When you tag someone, it’s like you are asking them to do the same thing like you did. Usually people tag by giving names but in here, Ruhi didn’t want to give names so she said that anyone who wants to do this can do it.

    And you’re not going to believe this but after posting that last comment, I’ve been waiting for like 20 minutes or so ki ab koi jawaab dega, ab koi jawaab dega par kisi ne nahi diya. Pehle sab milke meri khichai kar rahe the and ab sab chup ho gaye. I don’t get it lol. And don’t worry, I won’t kill you. Mere ko pata hai mereko off topic comments post karne ki aadat hai aur jab tak mereko koi nahi bataata ki yeh aadat buri hai, I’m not gonna stop. 😛

  18. @ arvind:

    Okay, I didn’t mean to say that girls=buses, okay? Buses look very khatara, at least in Calcutta and I don’t know about Chennai, but from what I’ve seen, they don’t look very pretty either. And Indian girls are generally very sweet looking. 😛

    Sex/Kiss—> All lead to the same thoughts only!

    Arre I do have girls on my blogroll, but hardly anyone from Blogger, because I generally comment only on blogs. 😛 But still…I think guys comment more on my blog compared to girls. 😐


    Prui kahaani chap di yahan par? Okay, so I understand that you’re in that teen stage when all you can think and talk about is the opposite sex. No wonder that is what all my post discussions end up to. Take for example, my V-Day post. 😛 I don’t know from where it started and where it ended. And I don’t want SRK’s 6 pack puulhhllz. Did you forget the big discussion that we had over OSO in my movie review? I think me and Lallo almost started fighting over it 😛 Plus you weren’t a big help either because you are a die hard SRK fan!

    Oh and even you had a danda? Great! My mom actually spent some 800 Rs. getting a sophisticated danda installed and I didn’t use it even once. It used to hurt my arms so much. Am I a monkey or what? I couldn’t think of these smart responses then. But now, I can. 😛 Maybe my IQ level has increased, or rather, decreased. I don’t know. Heh.

    Re: Emraan Hashmi- who will take him yaar? Audience were only interested in seeing him in movies where he seduces the heroine. Since that requires a fair amount of kissing, he’s signed the death warrant of his own career. 😛

    Re: The Blogroll- Somehow I knew this was coming and someone would notice the number of guys I have on my blogroll. Heh. I don’t know why this happens. I think it was to do with guys enjoying talking to girls and girls enjoying talking to guys. Nothing else can explain this! Why else would your blogroll be filled with names of girls and mine with guys? And anyway, it’s always fun to have a mixed crowd, na? Okay, I don’t know how to retaliate now. Looks like I’m actually justifying the lack of guys on your blogroll too. 😐 But you do write extra long comments in the blogs of girls. You can’t deny that!! The length of comments in the blogs of guys is much short. Arvind, Amit– agree with me on that?

    And you’ve been waiting for 20 minutes for someone to comment, eh? So it looks like you actually like it when people pull your leg. Tee hee. I thought so. 😛 Maybe you’ll grow taller like this na? For free? Heh.


    Sharmao nahi bachche…jo dil mein hai…use zubaan par lao. 😛 Okay, sorry. Yes, Ish pretty much explained what tagging is all about. So if you want to answer these questions, go ahead and copy them and feel free to tag other people or just leave it to others. Generally, I tag people. But I realized that not everyone would want to do this one. So I left it as an open tag.

    Re: Ish- he has a history of bringing in the craziest of responses to really serious questions. As long as he’s around, my comment section will never remain serious. 😐 Even though I might try. Heh. Take a look at my page called “Discuss”. I was going to introduce a topic everyday (which I don’t have sufficient material/time to blog about) and then leave it to others to comment on it. Nobody else commented actively about it except Ish. Plus, even there, all the discussions went haywire. I need to modfy my comment policy and remove the line where I said that I have the right to remove comments that are not related to the post. 😐 No point keeping that line…else I’ll have to delete more than 75% of the comments on this blog. Took a look at your post and ARvind’s too (which was really really shocking, thanks for letting me know). Go there and take a look.

  19. Okay, I’m in a teen stage and all I can think about is the opposite sex. Ab tum log ek ek comment utha ke uski baja rahe ho. See for example this post, maine koi ladki waali baat nahi kari. Arvind aur Dinsan do teen din se meri baja rahe hain achche se. V-Day waala post mein to topic hi V-Day tha toh obviously it was going to lead there. The last post, in that we were talking about Macbook and WordPress templates. Matlab tum log faltoo mein mere upar label type cheez laga rahe ho ki bhai yeh banda to sirf 24 hours ladkiyon ke baare mein sochta hai and all that. And I don’t agree with the length of comments waala part also much. When I’m interested in some post, my comment will be long, whether it’s a guy’s blog or a girl’s blog. When I’m just giving a smart reply, obviously it’ll have to be a one liner. If you check any girls blog too, my initial comments might be long but finally when I know you, my comments are the same length for anybody. For example, I’ve posted many many long comments on Ashish’s blog. You can go check it out if I wish to. Just like you have more guys commenting and on your blogroll, similarly I have girls. That’s natural mentality now, usme meri koi galti nahi hai. And waise bhi, meri umar hai yaar ladkiyan dekhne ki. Why am I even justifying myself? 😛

    Btw, six pack to banaana padega yaar, uske bina kaam nahi chalta aaj kal. Even Sonu Nigam made one so that he could look “good” in his next music video. Hrithik aur Ranbir “Toweliyaa” Kapoor ke toh already hain hi. Fir tum log in log ke saath kaise compete karoge? Six pack to banana hi padega.

    But yeah, even I can’t deny the crazy responses waala part. But I can’t give up on that either. It’s my USP after all. 😛

    Oh and naraaz nahi hun (in response to comment on my blog) 😛

  20. @ amit
    u seem to be new to this taggin thing i guess.koi baath nahi …u would learn it ..ruhi and i love doing tags… but dont worry i wont do this tag .. 🙂 dont want to embarass myself…
    and thanks for inviting ruhi to my blog ..and thanks in advance for not inviting any other girl 😛

    @ ruhi
    yeah ,buses toh khattara hoti hai… but in chennai we have AC buses now exactly like the sweet girls you are talking about…so i am waiting…..
    KISS =SEX .. not always… 🙂

    Somehow I knew this was coming and someone would notice the number of guys I have on my blogroll

    ahem ahem ..glad that u mentioned it …ISH , DINSAN , lets go for ruhi now 🙂
    Ruhi, may be ish is taking ur part of the girls and you are taking his part of guys… … is some mutual collaboration going on between “DEAD end ” and “havetoremember ” 😛 ???
    what was shocking abt my post ??? that transision or my controvercial statement 🙂

    i guess ur exams were on and you were about to go to hibernation mode 😛 …yahaan toh hibernation ka h bhi nhai dikh rha .. anyway thats fine…without u no excting discussions would be there 😛 …

    And waise bhi, meri umar hai yaar ladkiyan dekhne ki. Why am I even justifying myself?

    hum toh budde ho gaye hai na 🙂
    atleast u accept the point i wanted to proove 🙂
    about that six packs…
    what abt shekhar suman..
    he tried it even… 🙂 wonder why ??
    he must 45 and even he is not into acting…

  21. Even I can’t do this tag. I will be really embarresed to write about my first/last kiss.
    *Spoiler Begins – Don’t read it*
    I have only been kissed by my parents on the forehead when I meet them after long intervals. 😳 Otherwise my lips are as fresh as dewdrops. 😳
    *Spoiler ends*
    Now tell me how can I reveal such embarrasing information on my blog??? 😆

  22. @ ish:

    Okay okay! Agree that I was pulling your leg unnecessarily 😛 I enjoy pulling it, plus I need to make you taller na? That’s why. Even the lengthy comments bit- yes, you blabber on everyone’s blog actually. Happy abhi? Btw, talking about Ashish, has his blog disappeared? not being able to access it since 2-3 days. I remember him saying that it will expire sometime soon.

    And I don’t like 6 packs 😐 I like leaner guys…really. And toweliya Kapoor is very hot. Don’t say anything against him. He looks really cute, me thinks. Where has he disappeared btw? Any of his movies coming out this year?

    And yeah, crazy responses are your specialty. Can’t deny that.


    Yeah come after me! I’ll remove all your blogs from my blogroll then. 😛 Go figure! Re: your post, your comment was quite controversial 😛 Frankly speaking, I don’t mind that much; but other girls (esp. the ones on Blogspot) will really mind it. 😉 And yeah, I didn’t say this on your blog, but I do agree that most of these blogs on Blogger are quite stupid. Probably Blogger encourages such stupid writing?


    Okay dude. 😐 No comments. Now even I’m feeling bad about doing this tag. Shouldn’t have done it. 😦

  23. @Arvind

    Looks like the fight is over. Ridhimma has called it off, vidhya is tired too. Plus, I’m also going to sleep now. I’m sure by the time I wake up (around 9 pm IST and around 9 am American Time), only the burnt charcoal will be left. 😛


    Thanks Balu. 😛 No I don’t worry about it. Heck, I’m not going to grow taller anyway! I’m past that viable die-able age. You can re blog this tag if you want (with your answers).


    6F? You mean 6 Fahrenheit? Heh. Isn’t Fahrenheit a measurement of temperature? 6F is quite cold, you know?

    Okay seriously- 6 feet? Whoa! nice height dude. 🙂 Even my dad’s 6 feet tall.

  24. @Arvind: The only way to send me into hibernation mode is that either you get the internet connection disconnected or else you take away my computer. Otherwise, I don’t think I’ll disappear. And okay, you proved your point. But I still don’t get what you are trying to prove? Is it that I talk more to women than men? And I don’t like Shekhar Suman one bit. He was okay in Movers and Shakers but now he seems like this absolute pervert. I guess most of it is because of the statements he used to pass to that Parizaad in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. Sidhu is perverted anyway. So two perverts = Ram banayi jodi. Ab inse baaki sab ko Ram hi bachaye.

    @Ruhi: If you remember I had also made a self hosted blog alongwith Ashish. And yes, both of them seem to have expired now. The guy who had given us the blogs is untraceable and his website isn’t opening anymore. So I guess it’s over and done with. Ashish is going to Pune this Sunday so he said we could keep in touch with him using Pownce because he’ll be able to access that on his mobile phone. He said that he might make a new blog or maybe he’ll wait till he gets settled in Pune.

    Meanwhile, you have no idea why people know Sania Mirza. You don’t need to be an ardent Tennis fan to know her, trust me. When a person talks about guys like Djokovic and women like Henin-Hardenne, that’s when you know they are tennis fans. Talking about Mirza, Sharapova, Ivanovic etc. doesn’t qualify because almost everybody knows them. Most guys in India like Sania because she has huge ahem’s. I’m sure you knew that.

    Also, I wanted to ask you another thing. What is the lower range of temperature at the place you are currently residing? Because whenever it goes to 5 degrees in here, all telephonic conversations start with, “Hello ji..aaj to badi thand hai.”

    If these people go to the States and have to live at temperatures below 0, I bet the conversation would be like, “Hello ji, aaj badi thand hai. Pata nahi mausam ko kya ho gaya hai. Pata nahi aaj kal to kapde bhi nahi sukhte, light bhi nahi aati. Chalo ji, okay bye..itni thand hai ki mere se phone bhi nahi pakda ja raha”. 😛

    @Dinsan: I’m curious as to why you are leading this bajao me movement? :S

  25. I dont know how I posed this comment in different post last time 😦

    I would love to do first and last meme. But now one is too personal.

    by the way, stars look actually good. 🙂 Can we non-CSS-upgraders do it?

  26. @ ruhi
    yeah it is over 😦 .. are u happy or sad that i am left unscathed.. 😛

    leave it u will not accept it anyway 😛 ..
    shekhar suman.. yeah he was good in movers and shekhars…and yes he is pervert…
    and lst time i saw him was on news where he was making remarks against RAj thakhrey for his mumbaikar policy.. 🙂 apart from that i dint see him in TV for long… he probably thoguht with a six pack abs he would land up with a few movie with hot chicks as co -actress ..
    and then sidhu ..well i like him very much how much pervert he may be..
    he is funny and has 100 percent entertainment factor.. i love to watch him in NDTV.. he gives no body else chance to speak …

    @ dinsan
    yahaan bhi orkut ….
    waise i am not surprised at all if the girls come up with ISH fans community … 😀

  27. @ ish:

    I can’t tolerate Sidhu. He is so annoying. Laughs way too much. I really want to kick him on his ass someday. Same goes for Shekhar Suman. Yuck!

    Re: Ash, even I guessed that the blog must have expired. I don’t see the point of starting a self hosted blog if you can’t continue it…maybe he should come back to for good, no? But his URL and stuff will change and this will affect his rankings again…though I doubt he’s bothered about all that. I do have him on Pownce (I think) and I have you on Pownce and Twitter too. We should use it more often, nahi? Right now we use the comments section to chat…not that I mind. 😛 All of us get more comments this way and the section is meant for discussion, however stupid they might be.

    Umm..I didn’t know that even Americans know about her, really. I find it hard to believe. She’s not that great a player. But Jo definitely is! Hmmmpff. And yeah…Sania’s assets generate lots of news reel. Great! I love Indian men.

    Re: Temperature- Most of the times, it goes down it -20C. So yes, 5C is like summer time for me, when I don’t even wear a Jacket/Sweater. Heh. But it’s not like this in all the states. My state is really cold, but I enjoy it. It started snowing a lot last night. Hey btw, you can check out some ice storm and snow pics in my Flickr album (sidebar). 🙂 Eveven I find it to be really amusing when Indians start feeling cold in 10C and feel that they’ve reached Swiss Alps. It’s quite laughable, you know? Even my mom was so excited this winter and every conversation used to start with “Guddi, so cold today! 10C. I’m wearing shawl, but still feeling cold”. 😛 I sit in shorts in my house, but it’s a different thing that there everything is centrally heated because of the low temperature. It’s only when you step out of your house and then realize that it’s actually quite cold.


    😦 I thought it was a nice joke. Okay, no problem.


    No problem girl! I’ll delete that comment. By the way, where have you been? Haven’t seen you around at all. Too busy with work, eh?

    Feel free to do the first two parts of the meme and leave out the last part. Even I was a little apprehensive about doing it, but I really wanted to blog about something without spending too much time. So I thought, “What the hell! It’s my blog…I’ll write whatever I want to”. 🙂

    Re: Stars, yes, this one has been included in the theme. You’ll need an upgrade to customize the bullets.


    All right! Everybody seems to be too reserved. Don’t know why I did it. 😦


    Obviously sad! Next time I won’t leave you. 😉 Be prepared with your gear.

  28. @Arvind: Sidhu is an entertainer, I completely agree with you on that but he tends to get *really* annoying at times. Laughing loudly at jokes is fine but laughing loudly at things which aren’t even jokes is ridiculous. These days it’s like if anyone goes to him and says “Sat-sri-akal Sidhu paaji” and he goes “Satsriakal hazoor-e-waala hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha” *banging the table* *almost falling from his seat* *trying to put his hands on Mandira Bedi* “hahahahahahahahahahahahaha” and break. That’s how it always is.

  29. @Ruhi: Yeah, I hate Sidhu too. Refer to previous comment.

    About Ash, well he had started the self hosted blog because he was planning on continuing it. However, it’s just that his going to Pune and all wasn’t pre-planned and moreover there’s no way to renew the blog now because the domain owner has vanished somewhere. I just made my Pownce account yesterday and Twitter toh kabhi use bhi nahi kara itne time se. That’s why I’m pretty much here. Joh hota hai sab idhar hi khatam karo. I guess I only use Facebook apart from this, baaki sab social networking wagehra band hi hai aajkal.

    And about the weather, that was exactly my point. We start freezing way too fast, bas aadat nahi hai na. Mom was wondering what she’d do if she would have to go to Canada or somewhere and I was trying to tell her that everything is centrally heated in there so it’ll be fine and she wasn’t agreeing. Then dadi called one of our relatives and she mentioned the weather like 10 times in that 5 minute long conversation so I thought I’d ask you. And I know it’s not cold everywhere in the States. But I guess the place where you live shows all the temperatures pretty know Autumn with those red leaved trees and then snow which is there in your Flickr album. It’s awesome, love it.

  30. @ ish:

    Oh achcha! Cool, add me to your pownce profile then. And I know what you mean by Social networking tools. I use Digg and Delicious a lot. Baaki all is time pass types. I prefer just blogging and tumbling.

    Re: temperature, you should let your dadima know that she will be fine and well taken care of 🙂 She won’t even know that it’s cold. Heh. I know how parents and grand parents are. Even my mom is like “Oh I won’t come during winters…too cold for me” 😛
    And yes, I’m kind of blessed that I gt to see the Fall weather with all those colorful leaves and a full fledged winter too. Plus, summer also- because it gets quite hot here . But most of the times, I go to India every summer. This summer, it won’t be possible though. 😦

  31. @ ish
    man… u dissapointed me… shahruk khan over deepika…. 🙂 anyway ethically i should support the chennai team and u should the mohali stars entry has destroyed the entire system 😀 😉
    If deepika comes.. we might be able to see ranbir “toweliya” kapoor ..that might induce some interest in ruhi 😛 ..what do u say ,ish ???

  32. ooops sorry wrong commet :P…. probably mutiple tab confusion.. 😀

    @ ruhi
    next time :O ..when is that coming… 🙂 you want me to repeat that msitake again [:D] .. no mood now.. we’ll see when i need some extra comments…my tongue might slip again.:P

    @ ish
    Rofl…yes he can be annoying but i find him funny,,,such a well learned person…ppl often forget abt that.. whether hindi or english he knows his probverbs and all… a:D
    he would be ready with a proverb for every situation
    and ish ,that imitaion was really nice… now a days its NDTv’s poonam not mandira 😛
    poonam ,i named her right or what ?? forgot 😐

    and what is this temperature thing going on here,. no idea 😦

  33. @Ruhi: You use Digg and Delicious. I use nothing at all. It’s just mostly 5 things that’s running on my computer. One is Newzie, the feed reader, other is co.comments. Then Facebook, WordPress and Gmail. That’s all. I’ve been going on like that for so many days now.

    And my dadi has already been to England like once now. So she’s traveled way more than I have anyway. She didn’t mention anything about it being cold there. She only said that the traffic was very organized and that all the buildings were the same. She had gone their for the marriage or the daughter of her step brother. He’s harbored so many guys from our family now. Apparently he’s pretty well off there in London so he helps them settle down. He’s an interesting guy. It’s my mum who’s been feeling cold these days because she goes to college on a scooter. And one can’t deny, it is rather cold in here these days. But that’s because we’re not used to it. If we were living in Antarctica or somewhere, anything above 0 would have been hot.

    And why ain’t you coming to India this summer? Work etc?

    @Arvind: I haven’t seen Sidhu on NDTV. I was talking about what he does in that show called “Funjabbi Chak De” on Star One. He has Mandira Bedi there and he keeps touching her or falling on her. Okay, I agree he’s well read and he knows a lot of proverbs but he should act sensibly. He was okay when Laughter Challenge started, then he started getting worse and worse with his laughing. These days, you mention anything about a girl and he’ll go “Hahaha kamaal kar diya guru!”. You don’t expect that kind of behavior from a member of Parliament really.

  34. Oh, and the temperature thing was an attempt to bring the conversation back on track. Ruhi had mentioned air-conditioner in one of the points and I froze thinking of Air-conditioner in this weather that we are having in here.

  35. @Ruhi: how do you feel when you live in such below zero temperatures? Must be feeling like a polar bear?? 🙂
    @Ish : even I have seen “Funjabi Chakde”. I always feel he is forcing a laughter. “Ha Ha Ha” I can understand, but “Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha”????
    I always feel like someday he will laugh and his lungs will fall in Mandira’s lap. And why is Mandira always talking about “Nada” and all that stuff?? She is always pulling some Nada. 🙂
    @Arvind : Even I am hardcore SRK fan. In whatever ways people say bad things about him, he has done hard work and reached the position where he is today. What was he? A tv actor. I am with you Ish. 🙂 And I love Ash too. She is my queen. 🙂

  36. @ ish
    thats the problem he has ..he gets carried away 😆
    but that gives us entertainment . .
    well need to see that show..if it comes here in chennai…
    i guess i would need a set top box for star one

    @ amit
    even i have lot of respect for him .he is a great actor.. but there was a time he used to same movies.. lets accept that..
    now he is showing more interest in doing variety of roles…

  37. I am just averse to these loooooong tags (not averse to reading them). and hey u cant blame me… blame it on the low attention span.. which is a result of cable television 😛

  38. @Amit: Yeah, even I’ve wondered why Mandira keeps talking about Nada all the time. Maybe Sidhu is spreading pervert-ism now? Or else maybe he dropped his pajamas on the show because of the nada and now she teases him about it. I don’t like Mandira a lot either, but she’s kinda pretty and I like her current hairdo.

    And exactly my point. People just keep comparing him with Aamir Khan and saying that the guy overacts and does similar movies. But isn’t that what the audience really desires? Didn’t people love a Kal Ho Naa Ho and a Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham after Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? You’ve got to agree that the guy knows how to manage himself in the industry. Almost everybody likes him. That’s one thing I don’t like about Aamir. He was way too haughty. He should know that the profession he is into depends completely on the public. You can’t disappoint them all the time. Otherwise I think he
    s a great actor. I loved Sarfarosh, Ghulam etc.

    @Arvind: Yeah, I guess you are right in the end. It gives us entertainment alright. But still, that doesn’t mean he’s not annoying lol. I’m happy that the Laughter Challenge ended because it was becoming almost unsuitable for television. Perverted jokes and guys who laugh like crazies at them are not something you’d wanna watch in front of your mother.

    And about SRK doing similar roles, read what I said to Amit above. That was what the audience wanted and liked. Nowadays, different movies and different stuff is in so he is doing different roles and I can say he’s doing them very well. I thought his performance in Swades was par everything. He’s come a long way, not all the Bollywood guys are dubbing for “The Incredibles” are they?

  39. well , yeah i know abt that great laughter challenge and the jokes on its sets..
    u know what it has created a whole new television era..
    here is south especially in tamil nadu every channel has spoofed that idea and now even the naach baliye for that matter..
    but that perverted jokes are something missing here which sometimes is good..there is genuine comedy exaggerated laughs like they do in great indian laughter show 😆
    shahruk khan has done amazingly well in reaching what he is today .. i really like that guy no doubt he is the king khan ..
    But i should say amir too is a highly low rated actor..see the kind of roles he plays..its just amazing..
    rajnkanth was a bus conductor before he started his film carreer ..can u imagine him reaching his position… sharuk ,rajni and amir .kamal..
    they seem like parallel track to me/ .. 🙂

  40. @Arvind: Aamir Khan is a good actor, even a great actor, I’ve never denied that. But his attitude just isn’t right. He doesn’t mix with people, he doesn’t attend award functions or give interviews. He’s way too reserved to himself and an actor can’t be that. An actor is a people’s person just about like a politician. I just wish he would be a little more friendly so that he could be accepted by the people a little better. Otherwise I have no issues with him. As I have already said, he was brilliant in Lagaan, Sarfarosh and Ghulam.

    And yeah, almost all great men have humble beginnings. That’s true for every profession. Just today they were showing homes of Manoj Tiwary and RP Singh and Ishant Sharma and you could see that it was not even looking as if they were being able to make both ends meet.

  41. Looks like the comments section became a forum while I was away. 🙂


    Next time your tongue slips, I’ll make sure that I tighten it 😛 I’ll put a cast around it so that it doesn’t ‘slip’.


    Traveling on scooter is something that even I wouldn’t want to do. It gets chilly because of the wind factor. When I was in Pune, I used to hate riding my Kinetic at night without a jersey because I couldn’t tolerate the wind one bit. And it has all got to do with how used to you are…you are correct. You’ll be surprised to know that when I was in Calcutta, I used to feel cold even in 20 C. 😛 I never used to notice that it’s hot until my mom would point that out and switch on the fan. So it’s been a big transition for me and now I’m fine with it because I’m used to it. If your dadi/mummy come here and stay for a prolonged period, even they’ll get used to it.

    Yes, I guess I use more number of social networking sites that you do. In fact, my problem is ki I love trying out new stuff and I end up making an account in almost everything. 😛


    Okay no problem. 🙂 This one is not THAT long. You should check out some other memes that take an eternity to get over. I took only 15 minutes to do this one. And you need to stop watching TV then. Heh.


    Arre I do feel like a bear after wearing thousands of clothing. It’s so freaking annoying. Every time I step out of the house, I need to bundle up.


    Re: SRK v. Amir

    I prefer Shah Rukh 🙂 Like Ish mentions, I can’t tolerate Aamir haughty attitude. It’s too putting off. And it’s not like his movies are great. I don’t know which was the last Aamir movie that I liked. But I did enjoy SRK in Chak De. He did a fab job in that movie and he wasn’t bad in OSO either (Even though I hate to admit it). SRK has done lots of variety roles and let’s not forget his memorable performances in Darr, DDLJ, Kuch Kuch etc. He became a national phenomenon. 🙂 He is the greatest product that India has ever produced. You can love him or hate him, but can’t ignore him. Picture abhi baaki hain mere dost 😉

    Re: Great Laughter Challenge

    Frankly speaking, it’s been years since I watched this show, so I’m not really in a position to comment. But from what I remember, I hate Sidhu. He laughs way too much, just to appear enthusiastic. And I’ve never liked Mandira Noodle Straps Bedi. She’s like a douche bag, seriously. The Indian equivalent of “Dumb blondes”, if you will. And I lost respect for Shekhar Suman sometime. I think he started cracking too many perverted jokes or something, na?

  42. @ ish

    He’s way too reserved to himself and an actor can’t be that

    well ,i have to disagree here..actors job is acting and amir has done an exceptional work in that feild..he doesn’t attend the award shows..thats his wish…
    and just because he doen’t shows up in public events such as cricket matches , you cant call him arrogant …
    @ ruhi ..
    well , i still stand by my statement … 😛 there was nothing wrong in what i said …
    amir Vs shahrukh
    we cant actually compare amir and shahrukh ..they are way different in almost every aspect ..each has his own plus and minus ..
    entertainment wise ..yes there’s no body who could beat shahrukh….his cool attitude is what makes him more special..

    And it’s not like his movies are great. I don’t know which was the last Aamir movie that I liked. But I did enjoy SRK in Chak De

    this is why amir is such a low rated actor … 😛 … enterntainment over performance.. I still feel amir would get 1 point more when it comes to acting .. no offese to shahrukh fans…i too like him ..
    but more films like chak de…and i too could be on the list of shahruk fans.. 🙂

    and ruhi … plz do see gajini when it comes out…. i am expecting a lot from it…

  43. @ arvind:

    Okay, this SRK and Aamir fight is never ending. 🙂 Whatever I say will not make you change your opinion or vice versa. I don’t think Aamir a low rated actor; in fact, he’s just the opposite- way too over rated. I feel that if you make a list of the number of hits that SRK and Aamir have given, you’ll definitely find SRK’s list to be longer, even though he started acting only in early 90s (and Aamir started in late 80s).

    SRK’s hit movies- Chak De, OSO, KKHH, KANK, DDLJ, Darr, Raju Ban Gaya, Mohabbatein, Devdas, Swades, Anjaam, KKKG, Yes Boss, Baazigar, Veer Zaara, Dil Se, Main Hoon Na, Chalte Chalte, etc

    Aamir- DCH, Andaz Apna Apna, Qayamat se qayamat tak, Sarfarosh, Lagaan, RDB, TZP, etc.

    Feel free to add to the list. I’m just stating the most commonly known commercial successes (Even though you/me might not particularly like these movies).

    And I’ll take a look at Gajini and see what it’s all about.

  44. @Ruhi: Exactly the point I’m trying to prove about SRK.

    And yeah, Shekhar had started cracking way too many perverted jokes and saying shit to the anchor and pretending as if he was this huge teen sensation. I guess that’s when you started hating him.

    @Arvind: Nope, I seriously disagree with you. An Actor’s job is not merely acting. Like that, you can say that a politicians work is just to manage the country. It isn’t. They have some responsibility to the public because it is them who go and watch their movies. No public, no stars. Moreover, you’ve got to respect the industry you are working in. This guy thinks that any movie other than the ones he’s made and acted in are crap and every person in the industry other than him is crap. I think he doesn’t have the courage to accept that other people are talented as well. Okay, it’s fine that he doesn’t wanna share his personal life with people. But when he does talk to the media, he never hesitates in saying shit about any person or any movie. Guy said Black was crap. Okay, even if it was crap, he can’t talk like that. He’s made one movie and doesn’t have the right to say that another person’s thinking and creativity is shit because he didn’t like it. He doesn’t attend award functions and then cribs that he doesn’t get awards. Why should they give him awards when they know that the guy has no respect for them what-so-ever. He doesn’t even have the courtesy to come accept his award. And he’s teaching this to that kid Darsheel Safary as well which I think is disgusting. The kid is a great actor but I don’t wanna see him growing up and becoming another haughty actor. I thought Aamir was great in TZP as well, although Ruhi will disagree. But that’s her opinion. I really liked Aamir in Dil Chahta Hai as well. If he could have been just a little more friendly, it could have been so much better. And he makes it look like he’s using the media when he wants to popularize his movies and all the other time, he’s a media hater. It’s a give and take relationship. Not a give and give. He should go learn how to publicize stuff from SRK. He’s one guy I know who has had good relations with everybody. He knows how to market his stuff. It was clear with OSO. The movie might not have done half as well if they had not gone on that overblown publicity stint.

  45. @ ruhi
    i am not at all concerned abt the box office hits ..

    amir a high rated actor..???

    OMG isnt that obnoxious ???? …
    i am not against shahruk here.. i am just supporting amir … i had already mentioned …there are two things we can discuss.. entertainment ..then acting… …shahruk khan’s movies are more entertaining than many other actors ..
    so the movie clicks too .. nana patekar is far more better actor than many other big actors…
    To be honest i loved srk earlier movies a lot… like darr baazigarr ,kuch kuch hota hai
    .. and now chak de india and even DON .. inbetween he had many similar movies apart from a slight changes in the story ..
    shahruk is shahruk and amir is amir lets not compare them …

    @ ISH
    i cant talk & win over u when u have this much hatred against amir 😛 ..i could never win .. it would be better if we leave it here 🙂
    SRK is kng khan king of bollywood .. i agree 🙂

  46. @ arvind:

    Entertainment and acting are not mutually exclusive, like you suggest. 🙂 If that were the case, then nobody would be bothered about acting, right? Nana Patekar is good, yes. But his acting is very restrictive and he doesn’t do a wide variety of roles. That way, I prefer Irrfan Khan, who according to me, is brilliant and people need to realize his potential. He was THE reason why I could stand A Mighty Heart. He was amazing in The Namesake too.

    Well all right…let’s not compare SRK and Aamir (whom I don’t like) 😉

  47. nana patekar was just an example..u can take irfan too…
    fine ..lets not compare…
    i cant win over a blog which has 99 percent sharhuk fans AKA amir hater’s 😛

  48. @ ish
    shahruk khan is super star ..i accept …but amir is a better actor….
    shahruk may be a good one too but he has not shown much of his caliber..
    his movies are same emotional drama…or love stories..

    i might accept if he tries something different… 🙂
    u call it checkening or whatever ..who cares.. 😛
    i am neutral to both amir and shahruk..just told what i felt.,..
    but when u are a fan of somebody…its hard to accept truth 😆
    i understand urs and ruhi’s problem 😛

  49. //I wrote so many other things in this post and wrote only 5 words about my kiss and all you guys here are discussing is about the Kiss. 😛 Seriously, you people need a life..//
    going through 100sh comments.. all i can conclude is that female bloggers like film actress r most desirable when they r single. (or atleast perceived as one)

  50. @Arvind

    I think Irrfan Khan has acted in all kinds of roles- have you seen him in Maqbool (that’s when I became his fan), or The Namesake? He was quite decent in Life in a Metro and A Mighty Heart too. Whereas Nana Patekar only comes in movie where the actor is required to shout.

    And if you’re really Aamir’s fan, then you can win this fight 😛 You need to at least try. As far as the range of roles is concerned, I think SRK has a wider range. He even acted as a villian in Daar, Baazigar, Anjaam In fact, he started off more as a villian and then moved on to the lover boy kind of roles. So how can you say that he only comes in romantic movies? Aamir has never played a dark role. See, whatever an actor does is reduced to dust if he doesn’t know how to promote himself or doesn’t have good PR skills and that is Aamir’s biggest problem. He literally uses the media. He gives interviews when he wants to and acts rude with the media when he wants to. Such whim and fancy obviously doesn’t work. He shirks off Indian awards in favor of the Oscars and then says that he doesn’t care about awards. And look at this blog/website. It’s a peace of crap. 😛 He doesn’t even know how to write, I’m serious. His posts are SO BORING. Better not to have a website than to have something that’s so bakwaas.


    How was my comment? 😉


    I know why your comment gets stuck now. You use “//” for quoting and interprets this as part of a hyperlink. So maybe you should use plain brackets or quotes.

    all i can conclude is that female bloggers like film actress r most desirable when they r single. (or atleast perceived as one)

    Whom are you talking about? I’m the only female blogger on this blog. And what does blogging got to do with being desirable or being single? I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re trying to say, considering the fact that you quoted a line where I was talking about the kiss part. Please clarify.

  51. @ ruhi..
    common yaar.,. i had just used nana patekar for an example.. i had forgotten irfan..
    so plz lets no start a fight nana vs irfan//i accpet irfan is better .. ok ?? 😛
    and really ,i aint amir’s fan… i like shahruk more ,seriously ..

  52. @Ruhi: The fight was that is Aamir Khan good or not. Actually, I picked this fight up at home too today with my dad who is an outright Aamir Khan fan. It ended up with us shouting at the dining table and changing the topic. He too said the same thing as Arvind, that it is not important to be social when you are an actor. When I said that he acts as if he’s the best, dad said that he actually is the best and that the entire industry is rigged. I wanted to say so much on that but I decided to keep quiet because otherwise I’m pretty sure we were gonna end up throwing food at each other.

    Oh, and your comment was brilliant! 😀

  53. @Ish

    Yes, I find it very difficult to be reasonable with Aamir fans because ultimately, they become very ‘arrogant’, if you know what I mean. Aamir effect, perhaps? 😛 Good thing that you didn’t talk much at the dinner table. The fight wouldn’t have ended for sure.

  54. @Ruhi: Yea, you’re right. People just become like the people they are defending in an argument. My dad was defending TZP as if he had made it himself and as if Darsheel Safary was his own son. He would have been happy if Darsheel was his son though, better than me that guy is anyday.

  55. @Ish

    Now I think, you’re over-reacting 🙂 It’s best not to talk to Aamir fans regarding his movies. I’ve realized that. Oh, and btw, SRK wont the Best Actor award for Chak De 🙂 Truly deserved I think. Filmfare’s very chaalu- they kept everyone happy. If SRK got the popular award, then Darsheel got the critic’s award. And of course, even though Aamir hadn’t come, they gave him Best Film and Best Director. If they wouldn’t have given, then Aamir would have said that these Award functions are unfair (of course!). I didn’t see the Awards (no live telecast here), but read the news online.

  56. Yea, I saw that on the news too. Mr Aamir Khan told Darsheel to make the award givers realize that he deserves the best actor award too. Surely a kid as young as that couldn’t have thought of it himself. There was this Aamir feeling in his statement. But that’s okay, he was brilliant in the movie and he deserves the award. He’s been getting the critics award everywhere. They know they can’t give him the award in the main category. SRK totally deserves the best actor award for what he did in Chak De. I’ve watched that movie like 4 times and I think I can still manage to cry on that scene in which he brings his scooter back to his house. Amazing acting.

  57. Okay I realise I am jumping into this debate way too late.. my two cents (more cents to come if any dollars are thrown at me!) You cant compare them.. SRK is a PR machine mre than an actor.. almost all his recent movies became a hit jus cos of the hype he manages to create before the movie… Aamir too tries to create publicity but his method is different.. he supports a cause his movie deals with and goes to any extant to defend himself! :-p
    You cant declare one actor better than the other jus by looking who has more number of ‘hit’ movies… Goin by that Salman khan is he best actor! (none of his movies ever flopped!)
    SRK s no longer what he used to be.. he has become an entertainer and aamir too has changed.. he has become a diplomat/politician of sorts and both act in movies to make money.. they adopt diff styles.. so lets not compare pls! It’s just not worth it

  58. @ ish:

    Oh he did? Great! Turn the child into a snooty bastard while he’s still young. SRK totally deserved that award, I agree. His performance in that movie was simply brilliant. Besides, the subject matter of the movie is so unique and inspired the country to do so many things. That theme “Chak De” has almost become like a National Anthem. 🙂 You can almost feel his pain in that song “Maula mere”. And I love Sufi type music.


    I don’t think SRK is a PR machine more than an actor. He’s a very good actor. Let’s not forget that we’re talking about a guy who acted in movies like Swades and Chak De. Of course, you need to market yourself well, not just in entertainment but even in the business sector. So what’s wrong in marketing yourself? In fact, even I’m a product and if I can’t market myself well, I won’t get the correct opportunities. Nobody will know how good you are if you sit tight in your house! Regarding Aamir, you said it right-

    he supports a cause his movie deals with

    That’s it! Since TZP dealt with special kids, he made it a point to visit lots of child care centers and also took the media along with him. Why don’t we hear about him going to these child care centers when he’s not involved in a movie? He did it for the publicity of his movie too. 🙂 He openly criticizes all actors and directors. Everyone is bad except him! Haha!

    And yes, you’re right. Aamir has become more of a politician these days. He’s not the same Aamir that he used to be. SRK has also become an entertainer, but the good thing is that he always said that he’s an entertainer. He has no qualms about what he is. He is proud of the fact that he dances in weddings and does stage shows. And I admire his brand of honesty.

    P.S- Just wrote a small post on Bad Education 🙂 Check it out!

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