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The Reason

Of my absence is this darling tumblelog that I made sometime back. I’m not being able to control my new found obsession. It’s so easy to post pictures, quotes, video, audio (yes, you can upload everything to their servers free of cost), and many other things in a couple of seconds with the help of a bookmarklet. It might very well bring around the death of blogging of one day. Okay, so I’m going over board. Not death, but Twitter, Tumblr, Pownce, Soup and other micro blogging platforms are here to stay, which is apparent from the number of posts that people make in their tumblelogs, compared to their blogs. And I seem to be one of them.

As much as I love blogging, there are times when I don’t blog about stuff (that I would really love to), because of the need to tailor my post to a particular length, or to include links etc. and all of this is very time consuming. I’m finding my tumblelog to be quite liberating in this way, in that there is no pressure. It’s more personal by nature and I’ve already made an awesome set of “followers” there. 🙂

Consider getting yourself one of these, if you like writing shorts posts. And we can be neighbors and follow each other.

Here’s a donut for you people- Take a look at all the lovely pictures/funny stuff that I’ve collected so far on this interactive page.


14 thoughts on “The Reason

  1. I’ve found a reason for me, to change who I used to be
    A reason to start over new, and the reason is you.

    What? It’s a nice song! The heading of the post reminded me of it. I’m sure you’ve heard’s from Hoobastank. And yeah, you can sing that for Tumblelog too.

    I’m not making sense am I?

  2. Xylene- Thanks 🙂

    Dinsan- Thank you…probably you should give it a try.

    Amit- 🙂 Thanks. Give it a try if you want.

    Ish- And I thought that you’re singing this song for me? 😛 And no, you’re not making sense. Looks like you’re in a very “relieved” mode after finishing Chem. exam.

    Balu- Probably 😐 Try Tumblr?

  3. I would have sang that song for you, no issues. But I don’t want your boyfriend coming down here and beating the shit out of me. So you can sing it for Tumblr instead. 😛

    I’m “relieved” yeah. But I need to study Physics now, I can’t even tell you how the last day before the Chemistry exam was. I don’t want that happening with Physics as well.

  4. @Ruhi: Why isn’t comment posting possible on your Tumblr? Great pics anyway, I’ve been laughing for the last half an hour thanks to them. Love the IE one. 😀

  5. @ ish:

    Nope, my bf won’t beat you. He knows all about you. I keep telling him stuff about you anyway… 🙂

    Your exam is on the 7th na? Lots of time 😛 Don’t worry..just keep to your schedule and brush up on everything. You will be fine. Btw, I forgot to tell you this- someone asked a CBSE rep why they don’t make their exam set up procedure public and you know what he replied? “This might hurt India’s sovereignty and integrity”. Hullo? 😮 Such a dumb answer, that too from a CBSE rep. I thought that they would set a better example for thousands of students who are taking their exam this month.

    Post that song to Tumblr. They have a special page now where they display tumblelogs from people who have great music. You can post one audio per day (less than 10 MB) and as many videos as you want, through You can also post pictures/video/text directly from your cell phone (something that I tried out yesterday and it’s a FAB service). =)

    You can add commenting by signing up for . They’ll give you a two line code that you can insert. Takes less than 30 seconds to sign up for them. I haven’t added commenting feature because I don’t want any comments on my page. If someone likes my stuff (which many people do 😛 ), they re-blog it using the re-blog button on the top right corner. This way, I get more links and more people get to know about my tumblelog 😉

  6. Now I’m wondering if I ever told you my address. you might tell that to your bf one day and he’ll come here and tell me mum. Reminds me of Desi Poke on Facebook all over again. It’s easily the best application I’ve seen on there. Most of the others are useless and I hate pages which have too many applications and unfortunately that’s how it is on most pages.

    I completely expected such an answer from CBSE. I’ve learned to accept all sorts of things from them now. They aren’t capable of setting examples or anything if you thought that way. If they were, they would have known that students are completely psyched about board exams by January and in January itself they made an announcement that 20% of the questions would be based on High Order Thinking Skills(HOTS). The HOTS are nothing actually, they are dumber than the other questions but the kids get so psyched and afraid because of them that they keep worrying about them. Then there was this history book disaster in January again. This January, the CBSE figured that there were some mistakes in the history books and they wanted to correct them. So they sent “Correction sheets” to the schools. The students didn’t even get them till mid-February which worried them to no end – yet again. After seeing all this happen in front of your very eyes, you learn not to expect much from CBSE, or NCERT or anything.

    Don’t tell me you haven’t heard The Reason by Hoobastank! It’s one of the most popular songs ever. I’ll definitely upload it to Tumblr so you can listen to it.

    I had seen comments on your Tumblr earlier, that’s why I was curious. That’s a neat enough reason you’ve given. I’m one of your followers too, btw. 😛

  7. @ fibinse:

    Thank you 🙂


    No, you didn’t tell me your address 😛 And regarding the Facebook applications, you can install a greasemonkey script called “Unfuck Facebook”. All the applications from your Friends’ profiles will be removed. That’s what I use.

    I took my Boards under ICSE/ISC. So I don’t know much about CBSE. But yes, what they did is quite stupid. I would be dying of heart attack if that would have happened to me.

    Nope, haven’t heard Hoobastank. It’s funny…but…errmm…I prefer watching International movies and I dont listen to much English music. Most of the English music stuff that I listen to have been recommended to me. but I’m a die hard fan of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Metallica, GnR, ABBA and some more old bands. Bas. I don’t have much idea abt the new stuff. Actually, I think, you should give me a list. I’ll sit and listen to everything then 😛 What say?

    I had seen comments on your Tumblr earlier, that’s why I was curious.

    Yes, I know and you’d commented too (like the loyal commenter that you are). I’ve removed it now. I can’t manage comments on two blogs. One is enough. 😛

  8. I know about Unfuck Facebook. I came to know about it yesterday from your Tumblr where you had posted that Facebook screenshot. That is why it came up in the last comment.

    CBSE has always been a confused agency. How can you otherwise explain them changing History books every year and also the English books. During my 12th itself, they have released two versions of the English books. That means my money got wasted because they released the first version and then said that it was useless.

    I’ll surely make a list for you. Meanwhile, you can try finding that song on some music site. It’ll be better than me uploading it ’cause my speed isn’t fast anyway. It’s called “The Reason” from Hoobastank.

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