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Wiki Founder Breaks Up With Girlfriend Via Wiki

Generally, I don’t post gossip stuff. But this was too good and too controversial. Jimmy Wales, the creator of Wikipedia, first broke off with his girlfriend, Rachel Marsden through an announcement on Wikipedia. (Yes, this is worse than JakobandJulia).

Rachel Marsden, in turn, is selling two items of clothing, that belong to Jimmy Wales, on Ebay!

The current price of T shirt (while I’m writing this ridiculous post) is $102.50 and the sweater is $202.50, excluding shipping costs. Can’t believe that people are actually buying this crap. The woman is definitely smart. At least, she’s making some money from two pieces of clothing. There are 9 days and 3 hours left for the bidding to end.

This is the Ebay description:

Hi, my name is Rachel and my (now ex) boyfriend, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, just broke up with me via an announcement on Wikipedia ( It was such a classy move that I was inspired to do something equally classy myself, so I’m selling a couple of items of clothing he left behind, here in my NYC apartment, on eBay. Jimbo was supposed to come visit me in a couple of weeks and pick up some of his stuff, but obviously that won’t be happening now.

Both of these items have been washed, twice, with Tide extra-strength liquid detergent. Otherwise, they would not be in salable condition. I took them out of GitMo style isolation from a plastic bag in my closet (where they were placed to prevent the ongoing terrorism of my olfactory senses) and washed them out for the purposes of this auction. Even so, this particular item — a medium sized, black “Starter” brand shirt — has two white stains (one on the sleeve, as shown in the photo, and one in the back) which I have been unable to remove.

PS: Sorry that my hair is such a mess — I’m in breakup mode right now and really couldn’t be bothered.

Go and bid guys! Don’t you want to be a part of the history? Heh.


23 thoughts on “Wiki Founder Breaks Up With Girlfriend Via Wiki

  1. Extraordinary! The race to the lowest common denominator is nowhere run more competitively than on the web. They say in UP, if you throw a pebble in a pile of dung, it will splash on you so sometimes when people behave like a pile of dung, perhaps it is decent to just dis-engage, isn’t it? Or is that too old-fashioned?

  2. I found this news interesting Ruhi. Who doesn’t like to read gossip once in a while, particularly when it pertains to heads of companies?
    As an aside, I don’t think it’s necessary for you to apologize for writing this post or anything like that. I know there are people who question the topics that a blogger might choose but at least on our own blogs we should be be able to write what we want!! I have had people questioning my choice of subjects too. Whether it’s my molestation posts, my North South Posts, my movie reviews or crime posts! Sorry to go on about this Ruhi, but I feel we should be able to write what we want, on any subject, however short or long, because we are not offering a paid service after all. And nor are we doing it for money.

  3. @ dinsan:

    🙂 Thanks for the much needed re-assurance. I was questioning my area of interest.


    The race to the lowest common denominator is nowhere run more competitively than on the web.

    Couldn’t agree more. What all and what not do people indulge in for 2 minutes of internet fame. The first thing that most of us do early in the morning is switch on our computers/laptops. So, why not? If you want a further example of the mud slinging, then that JakobandJulia website is ‘worth’ a read.


    Responded on your blog.


    Thank you for your kind comment. Actually, I was battling with my mind and wasn’t sure if I should post this (even though I’m blogging without obligation). This is one of the prime reasons why I found a need to start a second mini blog (my tumblelog) because there are so many ideas/posts/tidbits that I would like to store somewhere and my blog might/might not be the appropriate place for all of this. You might be surprised to read this, but there are times when I don’t even feel like leaving the Comments section ON, because I know the kind of comments that I’ll get. Closing the Comments section might be interpreted as rude…so I have never done it. I’m surprised that people question your choice of topics, because your blog is has a unifying, central theme. And you’ve put it correctly- It’s my blog and it’s free. I don’t need to answer to anyone. 🙂 Thank you for that. I think I needed it very much.

  4. ^^ Spam, spam spam!!

    And LOL, this completely reminds me of one of the adverts we are having in here these days. It’s for some online selling website but I don’t really remember which one. In it, they show a wife sitting with a husband watching TV while the husband is digging his nose and doing disgusting things. Suddenly, an announcement comes on the TV which shows the wife auctioning the husband for like 99paise.

    Second part of that ad shows a couple going to an expensive hotel. The woman asks the waiter to bring a bottle of their finest wine. The guys says, “Ek glass paani, thanda.” and then they show that on the backside of the guy’s jacket, it is written “For Sale” and it is pointing towards the woman. It’s hilarious. 😛

  5. All this when I read in TOI that people now use networking sites to break up. One fine morning, the guy checks his girlfriend’s page and see that she has changed her status from commited to single !!!!
    Now that’s simple.

  6. Ruhi, I have thought several times of closing my comments section! But i probably won’t as I get to communicate with some very dear folks.
    However, I get rude comments about my choice of topics on a regular basis. You see, whatever you write about there will always be someone who is not interested in it, or someone who feels that it’s too trivial or too sensitive or whatever!
    And you know what – I was so sick and tired of pleasing my editors when I was at my job (and they had a right to demand that I didn’t write about a particular thing) that when I started my blog, I knew that I was writing a blog because I could write about what I wanted to. Now, that’s what I felt at the start, but later I thought what I wrote in the comment above and you have expressed it so well:

    It’s my blog and it’s free.

  7. Ruhi-

    I find what xylene said very that have a corollary too..
    like if say i change my status on one of the social networking sites from single to committed..i’d get a few applications…

    now thats something i’d like…:)

  8. @Ish- Funny ad 🙂 Any Youtube video online? And what’s the name of the company?

    Arvind, Poonam- Yes, quite funny and unbelievable at the same time.

    Xylene- That’s news to me. 🙂 I know that many people keep their relationship status as “Single” on networking sites in order to flirt…but doing this as a way to break off…wow! Very interesting.

    Nita- There is an option to turn off the comments for particular posts. But yes, this means that we won’t be able to hold discussions with some close blog friends either. That’s the downside for sure. 😦 One of the best things about blogging is that you get to be your own boss and write on topics that are close to your heart. You are the Editor, Creator, Writer …everything. 🙂 I’m on the threshold of starting my career, but I hope there comes a day when I’ll be able to quit my job and not worry about appealing to anyone’s whims and fancies.

    Dinsan- What pic? Where is it? Can’t see anything. And where did you get my pic from? 😮

    Saaki- In fact, many people change their reln. status to committed just for the shock value 😉 Because I always always inquire if a friend goes from being single to committed. Likewise, if someone goes from committed to single..well..I’m a little careful then, because the other person might not want to talk about the broken heart. I’ve come across people advertising themselves as single, when in fact, they are committed.

  9. lallopallo says:

    Cool stuff, I must say!! She seems to be an interesting character….I admire her sense of humor….and she looks hot too..
    Why on earth you feel guilty writing about this stuff?? Infact, I must say thanks for this interesting post..:)

  10. Wow. What a lady!!!! I mean to what further levels can we stoop? But I won’t blame her fully. First of all the guy was not supposed to make an announcement to the whole world about his breakup. Who cares actually??? And then this woman goes ahead and puts his Tshirt and sweater on ebay??? If she is trying to be funny then it is funny actually and I really believe that there will be fools who will actually buy it. 😐
    And, yes I know of a lot of people who nowadays use orkut as a status symbol. As soon as a relationship gets over, the status changes to “single”. And people also make the alerts as visible so that the status change is visible to all the friends. 😐
    Thats the best way to gain attention.

  11. @Ruhi: When I come across that ad on TV again, I’ll try to remember the brand and search for it on YouTube next time. It’ll be impossible doing it right now without knowing what brand it is for.

    Oh, and about your pic in Dinsan’s blog, you need to check out his post about Yahoo! Buzz which I think is the third post on his blog right now. In there, in the screenshot of Yahoo Buzz, there’s a picture of you along with this blog post. It’s the avatar you are using here I mean. The one of your head from the top. Took me a long time to figure out where that picture of yours is. Proves I’m sharper than you, hu haha ha. Damnit. Boards getting to my head again. 😐

  12. @ lallopallo:

    Yes, she’s definitely interesting. Cleaning your dirty laundry in the public is always interesting as far as the neighbors are concerned. 🙂 Many people have found this post interesting- getting lots of hits. I hope I don’t get carried away and convert this blog into a gossip blog. 😉


    Both of them are at fault. The guy could have chosen a better method to break off- even an SMS would have been an acceptable alternative, compared to what he’s done. Can we really blame her? Even though I’m not really the kinds who supports washing dirty linen in public, I can’t help but admire her boldness (if I’m permitted to use such a word).

    Re: Orkut- Thank God I’m off it. I feel more peaceful and positive and generally more optimistic about my life now. It was more of an anti-social networking site- a method to gain the lime light.


    Yes 🙂 Surprising, eh? Proves that people love gossip. Nobody seems to be complaining. Yahoo! Buzz has also sent my blog lots of traffic. But none of these visitors actually comment, if you notice. Only the regular readers do.


    Yes, please do let me know if it’s not much of a trouble. I would like to add it to my Vodpod collection 🙂 Sounds quite funny.

    Re: the pic, I just took a cursory glance at his blog and didn’t really browse all the way to the bottom 🙂 It was very nice of him to take a screenshot. I went back to Yahoo! Buzz. It’s one of the top posts in the Lifestyle section (at least, right now).

  13. Sure, if I find it, I’ll let you know.

    Your posts always end up at the top everywhere somehow. Kya baat hai guru!! (Navjot Singh Sidhu style). 😛

  14. @ Arjun:

    Yes, crazy..isn’t it? I wouldn’t spend $15k even on Jimmy Choos or any other brand. Forget about an old, tattered, ugly T shirt.


    I know 🙂 I guess people love to read gossip and I was lucky enough to write about it.

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