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So Many Things to Do

I have so much to do in the next couple of days and I’m really fretting. I never ever rant on my blog, but I’m just about to do that. At least, my ranting will get a decent audience. Let’s get started then!

First off, I need to relocate to a new city. Find an apartment. Buy new furniture. Get the internet working there (if it already doesn’t have one pre-installed). Study for an upcoming exam. Oh, and my job search. Let’s not forget that. And mother of all tensions, I’m breaking my current lease and I need to find someone to stay in my house for the remaining couple of months. Fast. Else I’ll have to pay the remaining rent and treat it like a (costly) sunk cost. 😦 I’ll have to travel to the new city this week to find a new place and then shift sometime this weekend. I don’t know what to do and where and how to start.

I also need to sell off all my stuff here. There is no way that I’ll be able to carry all this crap. And shit loads of clothes. So, children, never buy so many clothes.

In between all this, I’m not being able to concentrate on any one thing. When I sit to study, I keep staring at my books. When I open my laptop…same thing…I keep on staring at the screen. I’m highly confused and scared. I really want to go back to being a student and forget about the “real” world. I guess I’m still not mentally ready for the transition.

Please wish me luck. I really need it.


22 thoughts on “So Many Things to Do

  1. Ruhi:

    Although I am not one of the “children” who may need to be warned off buying too many clothes, I risk a few lines here:

    1. The lesson applies in general to possessions. 🙂

    2. Make a check list in blue ink, tick it off in red. Works as motivation for me, may work for you too. That way you know you are not fretting about other stuff while focusing on one thing.

    3. Depending on how far the city is and how ‘furnished’ your new place is, I would cart the stuff you have now, talking of sunk costs.

    Good luck. I have moved enough number of times across cities, countries and continents to never fret any more. I offer empathy in shovel-loads though…

  2. From what little I know of you from blogging Ruhi, you come across as an adventurous person full of life and energy, ready to take life head on. All that gusto and enthusiasm! That’s going to hold you in good stead in the weeks to come and you are going to manage really well I am a hundred percent sure. Only, don’t push yourself too much. Take it one thing at a time. Best of luck.

  3. oops.. lot of things to do..
    dont be like me.. I will always postpone things and try to everything together and yea, get in to trouble all the time..

  4. Good luck, girl!

    Take one thing at a time, I am sure you would sail smoothly as before. Don’t feel cluttered in mind about other things that you do. Take a relaxed approach. It will work.

  5. Hmmm…you know I went home after almost a year in january and you wont believe the truckload of clothes I took to be dumped there.
    My mom was like —> 😯
    And yes moving is always a headache. There are so many things which creep out of so many corners after you are done with all the packing. Then you have to sit on your suitcase and think of places to stuff them. 🙂
    Aneways, best of luck. I know you will do well. 🙂

  6. hey be cool and dont panic.
    get rid of stuff u dont need (that wud be alittle difficult u wudnt want to give away many thing even if u dont want it)

    All th best ! 🙂

  7. lallopallo says:

    I have been a Gypsy all my life, and I so much understand your state of mind right now. First things first.
    1. Sell all of your unwanted stuff or even throw it away if you cant sell them soon..( as long as it’s not very expensive stuff)
    2. If your Bed, Futon , furniture etc are in good shape, it’s better to take them along ( even if you have to pay for moving) rather than sell them at throw away prices to get rid of them. Blv me, it’s very hard to find the same stuff again for prices you sold.
    3. Start looking for apartments in the city you are moving in via internet. Book some appointments with Apt people while you are still will save lot of time once you reach the new city
    4. Post on craigslist, other housing websites regarding your existing’s not a good time of the year for sublease, so be realistic..try negotiating with your landlord/building may have to sublease or sublet for bit less rent..or may have to even pay small prepared for that..

    5. Do one thing at a time..all this is perfectly doable..

    6. Finally, follow my advice..rather than, maine yeh baal dhoop main safed nahi kiye hain..all this wisdom has come from years of experience..

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!

  8. You’ll be fine! I’ve read your blog and you’re doing very, very well.

    I’m looking forward to studying ‘together’ for the exam in June when the date comes nearer. Don’t forget there are 93 days left. That should be enough!

    Good luck,


  9. good luck ruhi … AS ish said i know u will be able to manage all the things properly 🙂
    i dont have much to advice you …. 🙂 ..
    that will spare some costly time of urs

  10. RUHI—

    Ur a fighter…and u’ll be alright..dont worry, and when all this gets over a few weeks later, all this would just be a chill yaar..
    relax and experience the change phase in life…

    And welcome to the mechanical world of working ur A** off…. [:D]

    ps:- i neendt give any suggestions, lallopallo and shefaly have done their job…

    so march ahead and tackle this demon soldier…. [;)]

  11. Making a ‘checklist’ works for me. i however like to add two columns to the checklist though. 1. Importance 2. Urgency. and rate the item/task on these two. Then simply check off the taks starting with the most important and most urgent tasks to the least important and least urgent tasks 🙂 hope it helps!

  12. LOL… Even I used to panic.. but having shifted five times in the past one year I don’t find it problematic nemore…. The only problem is to find a good house after that its pretty simple.. the fact that I dint have furniture (except my comp table) makes matters pretty simple!
    Best of luck with your shifting anyways!

  13. Everyone- thanks a lot for your comments. I will reply to each of your comments as soon as I have some time on my hands. Very sorry for the delay. 🙂 The move didn’t go as well as I’d expected. (Read my latest post for more details).

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