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My Movie Quirks

Nita had tagged me to do a meme on movies. I love watching movies and this tag gave me an opportunity to talk about them. So here are my top 10 movie quirks!

1. I can’t watch chick flicks and other movies without any ‘real’ content. Some of them would be Little Miss Sunshine (tops my list of Worst Movies of all Times), The Holiday, Legally Blonde etc.

2. I don’t like discussing movies with people who are fans of Bollywood movies, because I honestly feel that Bollywood stuff are really amateurish and people need to see good stuff to realize how bad the Bollywood movies are. Even though I’ve written about Bollywood movies/music albums, I’ve done so because of the hype and as a way of letting others know about my view point. I’m not really interesting in debating the merits/demerits of a typical Bollywood movie. It wears/bores me completely.

3. I seldom watch new movies. Most of the movies that I watch are at the very least a couple of months old. There was a time when I had to watch every new movie that was released. Luckily, after wasting lots of money and time on utterly horrible movies, I’ve changed drastically.

4. Movie watching is a very serious activity for me. I’m almost narcissistic about it and don’t watch movies just because someone recommended them to me. I heavily rely on the reviews left by (like minded) Netflix users to short list movies that I would want to watch. And language is no bar, of course…as long as there are English subtitles.

5. Because of points #3 and #4, most of my movie watching is done on a television set. Most of the movies that I watch/want to watch are not released in theaters in the US (in case they are international), or are too old to be running. But I must confess that I do enjoy watching movies on the big screen. Who doesn’t? 🙂

6. I stop munching popcorn during a movie because the noise gets too loud for me and makes it difficult for me to listen to the dialogues.

7. Gael Garcia Bernal is my new found obsession. I like everything about him- his looks, his acting, his…never mind.

8. Funnily, I’ve never been to a film festival. I really want to go to a nice one sometime soon.

9. I only watch movies with people who share similar tastes with me. Nothing is more annoying than watching a movie with a person whose views conflict with mine.

10. That said, I find it difficult to watch movies alone. 🙂 It’s not like movie watching is picnic for me; still, I prefer having some company.

I can only think of these people to tag- Prestidigitator, Indisch, Canadian Cinephile, lallopallo– because I know that they love watching movies. Anyone else who wants to do this meme is welcome to do so.



22 thoughts on “My Movie Quirks

  1. I already knew points 1, 2 and 4 about you. But I must say you should go to a film festival. Most of them have moviegoers who are worth discussing a movie. We differ in one thing: I don’t care with whom I am watching movie. I mean it does not matter to me if they have conflicting opinions. It gives me a food for thought. Otherwise movie-watching is very engrossing and very concentrated process for me. 🙂

  2. Suda says:

    I thing bollywood was much better in old days without any new technology.
    Directors used to concentrate on story rather than looks, music and special effects.

  3. Interesting! I am really enjoying reading others’ movie quirks, I think at the end of it some researcher should collate it and write an analysis on it! Everyone seems to feel so strongly about this seemingly mundane activity!
    I think you do love the movies Ruhi but do not like to waste time on the frivolous ones…but tell me isn’t there something frivolous you do as entertainment? Everyone has something silly they do for time-pass…
    I agree with you about the watching movies in a movie hall alone bit. I think that’s really sad! But I guess that is because we are Indians because I hear in the west it’s the done thing.

  4. Ruhi: How far – in distance terms – are you from Sundance? Why go any further? 🙂

    I always watched films alone when I was in college (in UP, no less). Sunday morning 10 am shows, when the other women in my college halls had sticky, gooey things on their faces and hair, I was sitting with a cup of coffee in a darkened cinema watching a re-run of an old classic. My father went to Uni in the same town about 30 years before I did and he later told me that cinema hall was his favourite place too.

  5. Nice list, Ruhi. I’ll need to think about some of my quirks now, but I do know that I go absolutely mental for classics these days so that *might*qualify as quirkish in the right/wrong circles.

  6. lallopallo says:

    I think you should tag Poonam and Nova too as both of them love watching and discussing movies..
    Your points were interesting, though I sort of anticipated most of them..
    I will see when can I do it..

  7. Gael Garcia Bernal…u too fell for him…..any1 will who has seen movies like “y tu mama tambien”….”bad education”…”amores perros” and ofcourse “the motorcycle diaries”…….back here after long time…how’s life ruhi…..

  8. Poonam- Yes, I need to go to a film festival for sure. Like Shefaly suggests, probably Sundance! 🙂 I’ll need to book air tickets and stuff. Haha. I always felt that you don’t really care about the company and that’s a good thing. It might be difficult to find people who have similar tastes. Plus, you’ve done this meme too. I’ll comment on your post now. 😉

    Indisch- Can see that you took it up. 🙂 Will comment on your blog.

    Suda- Totally agree with you here. These days, the directors/producers think that having a foreign location, picking the hottest star and having an item number is all that is needed to make a movie stick to the theaters. Very sad indeed.

    Nita- Watching movies is entertainment for me 🙂 They don’t have to be frivolous. I prefer learning/discovering something new whenever I watch a movie. It might be a good documentary on a political figure or a historical lesson or a simple movie which is a little “different”. You know what I do for time pass? Solve math problems. 😐 (Pls. don’t label me as a nerd).

    Re: watching movies alone in theaters, I have done that many times, both in Pune and in the US. Believe me, it’s fun. 🙂 I don’t always find people who want to see that movie. This happened when I was in Pune. My friends wouldn’t want to spend money on every damn movie (unlike me) and I would have ended up not watching many movies because of the lack of company. So, I learned that it’s not imp. to have company for every activity that I like doing. But yes, given a choice, I would like to go with someone to a theater.

    Shefaly- I’m in the heart of the country and Sundance is on the other end 😦 So going for Sundance would involve taking a flight, making hotel reservations and other expenses. Let’s see. You’ve given me a new mission now. 😉 You watching movies alone in UP- Wow! That requires some determination and guts. I’m not sure if I would do that even in Calcutta…forget about UP! But yes, movie watching is an activity where having company shouldn’t really matter (at least for people who don’t like jabbering between scenes). 🙂

    Cinephile- Yes, I’ve been reading all those movie reviews of yours, and most of them are classics. 🙂 Most of your reviews have been on old movies. I really don’t differentiate betn. old and new movies. As long as its good, who cares? It would be great if you could take up this meme, because you’re the only person I know of who religiously watches at least one movie every day. I wish I had that sort of time. I feel so jealous.

    Lallo- Nita tagged Poonam; so I didn’t bother. Re: Nova, I’ll add her to this list. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll wait for your response to this meme. 🙂

    Anand- Quite, yes. 🙂 Bollywood bashing…that’s what I call it.

    Rohan- I’m going to (finally) watch “The crime of Pedro Amaro” tonight 🙂 Have you seen it? And yes…I’ve seen all of those great movies starring Bernal…He’s God! Life has been bad (accident etc). But I’m trying to walk through it. How have you been?

    Balu- I do eat popcorn, but I stop munching it during intense scenes. I’m not really interested in going to the shooting sets…who wants to watch the same scene over and over again for hours? 🙂 Have you seen the shooting of any film? I bet you have.

  9. 1.) I can watch any chick flick, the chick needs to be good though. Actually, now that I think about it, I can’t. I’ve seen a couple of really bad chick flicks lately.

    2.) Bollywood rules. ShahRukh Khan rules. Chak De Phatte. No comments. 😛

    3.) I’m not into new movies either these days. But that’s perhaps because of the fact that going to cinema’s is not really feasible right now. All the movies I watch are either on Cable TV or are borrowed DVD’s from friends. I download them occasionally. I’ve got five of them to watch, but pata nahi kab dekhoonga. Abhi Maths exam khatam hua and the parents have started saying ke kal se crash course join kar. Mera dimaag is ready to just burst out of my head and go somewhere. 😐

    5.) Mine too. T.V. set or Laptop. I don’t mind really, cinemas are rather expensive nowadays. Plus you can pause them at will when you’re watching them on TV/computer.

    6.) I don’t stop munching popcorns for anything. They are half the reason I go to a cinema hall. The other half is the probability of a hot chick sitting beside me in the hall which never happens. Aunties. 8-|

    7.) I know. Bad Education abhi bhi download nahi hui. Par Amit ki toh ho gayi thi, usne dekh li hogi shayad. Pata nahi gayab hi ho gaya.

    8.) Film Festival, I don’t even exactly know what it’s all about.

    9.) Good thing we didn’t watch TZP together.

    10.) Maybe not such a good thing after all, then? 😛

  10. @Ruhi: Another thing in common. During my college days, I have watched many movies alone. Because people wont want to wach the movie I wanted. Moreover, deprived of watching movies at school, I was crazy about them in college. I wanted to watch them all: good, bad, ugly. 🙂

  11. Ruhi Hi,

    Confession, I didn’t read this post…came here via Balu’s blog to let you know that the broad topics for Blogathon would be announced on 12th of April and the discussion seeds for each topic would be released each day starting from 20th April onwards till 25th April.

    6 days of fierce blogging…hope that sounds exciting 🙂 for more do visit the Blogathon site.

    for the Blogathon team.

  12. Hey…I too hate eating popcorns or anything while watching a movie. I think it distracts you a lot. And I hate it when people talk or joke while watching a movie. My friends tell me that I look like a corpse when I watch a movie. No movements or even blinking of eyes. 🙂
    And I too dream of going to Cannes one day. I have to attend one film festival before I die.
    And I saw Bad Education. I think “Male nudity” was an understatement for that movie. 😉 But I liked it. Is it a real story???

  13. Hehe, nice post.

    I don’t like arguing with people about movies, unless they understood what they saw. Mostly its a dumb argument like “the movie sucked big time” An argument needs to be more articulate for me to consider arguing it. Perhaps the same could be said about your experience (lucky for me, I’ve interesting people and IMDB forums to discuss them on).

    Movies are very serious to me as well, although I prefer watching them alone in a dark room with no ambient noise. Language no bar of course. Recently, I saw a lovely french dark romantic comedy, it’s called Jeux d’enfants. Now the thing with french cinema is that its artistic and unconventional. So someone used to a regular H/B-wood dose would feel out of place and nauseatic (did happen to me when I saw Irreversible). Then there are Korean movies, they rely heavily on perversion for comedy (of American Pie kind). The stories are good though, My Sassy Girl is a must see.

    I’ve learned over time not to rely on reviews cause they take out much of a movies’ sheen and it’s no longer what it was meant to be. Unless its a masala bollywood movie.

    But in the past couple of years, Bollywood has churned out Dharm, Tare Zameen Par (for most parts, although it did have a little masala..Amir’s presence in the movie alone made it spicy). It didn’t happen in a day, the movies which helped this sweet transgression may have been Iqbal, Dor and some more which I can’t remember right now.

    So, Bollywood is becoming mature. Both varieties are likely to co-exist but the good thing is, there’s money to be made in alternate cinema. There’s a lot more to come.

  14. Interesting,
    im on board about points 3,4,5
    i love discussing with friends and criticizing them movies cause most of my friends think alike..
    on 10 i like to watch serious movies alone, cause it because it becomes impossible for them to view it.

  15. on popcorn, though i haven’t eaten it in ages the amt of popcorn they give u in a movie hall here in mumbai is so little that it doesn’t take more than 3/5 minutes to consume it.

  16. sorry for the late comments..hope you are perfectly fine now.
    i am not a fan of bollywood too but the problem here is the producers cant afford to invest the amount of money they do in hollywood movies generally lack flamboyance when compared to hollywood and moreover how many ppl are there like us… ppl still like the same type of romantic flicks here ..
    and by the way 6th one is funny though not strange..

  17. Hi Ruhi,
    I agree with you about the aggressive new release cycle. Just because a movie is pushed on to us and promoted for being “new” doesn’t means its good.

    Interesting list of movies quirks!

    People still manage to watch every new movie and support the multi billion $$ industry. 🙂 Even I was one of them sometime back. Thanks for stopping by -Ruhi

  18. Though you might bar me from commenting, I would like to bring to your notice that only 99% of bollywood flick are amateurish. Garam Hawa, Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi, Jeene Bhi Do Yaaron, Do Bigha Zameen, Awara, Mother India are all exemplery portrayels which only India can offer. Agreed that you may not subscribe to the bollywood version of movies, but bollywood has its own pros and cons.

  19. Raman- Agreed. There are some good movies, definitely…but they are very rare. 🙂 Most of the good stuff don’t get the attention they deserve, thanks to well publicized mediocre movies.

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