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Bye Bye WordPress!

Had enough of this bourgeois service, where I need to pay for a custom domain, CSS upgrade (and that gives me the liberty to only “style” the look), and can’t use Java scripts.  WordPress hasn’t come out with a decent theme/addition in months!

So, I’m going to stop blogging here. I’m in the process of moving everything to Blogger (Yes, everything’s FREE!).

Bye Bye!


25 thoughts on “Bye Bye WordPress!

  1. mozey says:

    Word!, word, COMPLETLY know how you feel. i tell you something tho!, wordpress is a nicer software. It may not hit you right away when your using blogger for a while, 🙂 it will catch up to you.

    If your a serious blogger, consider getting your own installation of wordpress and have FULL control over it.

    Ping me if you need help 😉

    I’m not either cheap or expensive!.

  2. Come on, after you have so pro actively campaigned against blogger, it is hard for us to believe you are going to blogger. April Fool banane ki koshish kya?

  3. says:

    yeah April fool’s day. damn i forgot about that day.What happened to those days when we used to try and fool others for the sake of it.

    The worst part would be when you are actually serious and moving to blogger.

  4. First off, thank you mozey and Ankur…my dear beauty-fools. 😀


    You people are too smart. Perhaps I shouldn’t have chosen Blogger. Vox or Typepad should have been more believable. I’ll get you guys the next time, I promise 😉 And I vow never to tell you so much about my personal choice. 😐 But yes, I give myself a pat on my back- very intelligent readers.

  5. LOL, if it weren’t for the comments, I might just have been fooled. :S

    Good! Join the gang of the beauty-fools 😀 Didn’t expect you to get fooled though. Heh – Ruhi

  6. Hey Ruhi.. nice try.. why don’t u try to fool the very intelligent reader’s here on any other day of the year 😉
    Also..u were silly in selecting blogger.. we have read u r post gal.

  7. Sweet Jesus! …. I’m reading this post on the 3rd… but am almost fooled by it.. HANGOVER!!

    Thank God I read through the comments~ 😉

  8. Well Nita, even if she could have blocked the comments, we had an option of her contact page. So I think she chose the comments over the overflowing inbox.

  9. Nitin- Heh. Big mistake! No more posts on Blogger now. I need to pick up some other blogging platform to criticize 😉

    Amyth- Haha…great! Welcome to the beauty-fool club. 8)

    Nita- Probably it would have had a greater impact, you’re right. In fact, I did think about it, but then, I left the comments section open. It’s not fair game 😉

    Suda- Oh God 😮 You think and know too much. Seriously.

  10. 😆 just want to say you did a great job with the css. i like the admin bar. i have the wordpress logo image to go with it; if you want it, let me know.

  11. Sulz- Actually, it’s a stylesheet for the k2 lite theme. My contribution to the CSS is minimal. And I would love to have the wordpress logo image. 🙂 Thanks a lot for your offer. You do have my email address, right?

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