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Blogathon and Elaan

This post is about two noteworthy causes that have been taken up by two of my blog friends. I was supposed to write about it a long time ago, but failed to do so. I blame it on my laziness.

Amit is a part of Elaan, which is an NGO that deals with child sexual abuse causes. He wanted me to spread the word by blogging about it. So, I’m trying to do my bit here. From the website:

Elaan was founded in 2004 as part of an endeavor to encourage dialogue on the issues of child sexual abuse (CSA) and incest. It functioned as a youth group for 3 years before being registered as an NGO on June 7th 2007 under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act of 1961.

Some of the issues that Elaan is addressing, and hopes to incorporate in future projects are –

  1. Parents Against Abuse (parent activism body)
  2. Education (rural and urban)
  3. Healing, Dealing and Surviving
  4. Juvenile Justice *
  5. LACSA (Law against Child Sexual Abuse) *
  6. Prostitution (adult sex workers, their rights and the protection of their children; also child prostitutes) *
  7. Human and Child trafficking *
  8. Children with special needs
  9. LGBT awareness and activism (sexual minorities)
  10. Trauma handling and disaster management
  11. Cyber crime and internet laws*
  12. Sex education and personal safety training
  13. Self esteem and communication for young adults
  14. Substance abuse and other addictions
  15. HIV/AIDS awareness and treatment (especially for underprivileged families with children)
  16. Intervention and support for high risk/vulnerable children

Elaan is based in Calcutta and there are a number of ways by which you can support them (if you want to)- sponsoring their events, become a volunteer, undergo training to become a counselor etc. Hopefully, I’m doing my bit by widening their network and by spreading the word. 🙂 If any of you reading this post are dealing with a sensitive sexual abuse issue and would like to get some help, then you know where to turn to. You can also read Elaan’s blog here.

The second part of the post is about Blogathon India, which is an “event where these bloggers can get together and raise their concerns, ideas and suggestions on different social issues through the medium we all love: blogs.” Balu, another blog friend, is actively involved in the entire process and you can contact him for further details. The event will go on during the entire week of April 20-26th and the blog topics will be released on April 12th, 2008. You can write posts and do your bit to make others aware of the problems that our country is facing. For your efforts, the Blogathon team is also awarding prizes! To read more about the participation details, please visit this page.

Note: This post is for information and for non-commercial purposes only. I don’t take the responsibility for the services offered etc. and neither am I associated with Elaan or Blogathon in any manner. Thanks.


9 thoughts on “Blogathon and Elaan

  1. Hi Ruhi!

    Wonderful gesture. Now that should REALLY help us spread the word – in the right direction and in the right manner!

    And thanks for telling us about Blogathon – That seems pretty interesting! Lots of things that we can bring to light – and we will! – I might be sounding a tad too philanthropic – but I guess it’s a “human” phase I am going through these last few days – and I’m glad I am! 🙂

  2. It’s good to hear about Elaan. I had not heard of this organisation. Living in Mumbai one tends to hear only about Mumbai-based NGO’s. I shall keep this as a future reference. Child sex abuse, particularly by relatives, is a huge problem in India.

  3. Amit- Glad to be of some help to you and to Elaan. 🙂 I don’t know how many people will read this. Perhaps my Blog stats will tell me later! And yes, Blogathon is an interesting concept. I’ll try to write on one of those days, if not everyday (which is not possible at this moment). 🙂

    Nita- Amit was the one who told us about it. Even I was unaware. Child sex abuse, both for males and females, is an uphill battle anywhere in the world for sure. And I appreciate the work of these volunteers and NGOs who try to contribute to the betterment of the society. I hope to be more actively involved in something like this in the future. 🙂

    Shefaly- I added that for good measure. Don’t want anyone suing me later. 😉

  4. Blogathon is a nice idea indeed. I would have done a post for every day if it was timed better. It’s not gonna be possible now because 19th is my one entrance exam and then another one on the 27th. So I won’t exactly be in a position to express “opinions” during those days. But I really do need to do some professional writing or stuff like that to get myself out of the self doubt I’ve gotten into.

  5. @ dinsan:

    Great! I seem to be lagging behind in my posts these days. 🙂

    Ish- Yes, Blogathon sounds like a good deal. I wont have the time to write so many post though. I might write one post if I get the time. Let’s see…till now, i don’t have any hopes of participating.

    Amyth- Thanks for the trackback! 🙂 Let’s hope more people contact the Elaan team and seek some help.

  6. Moaaz says:

    Hi Ruhi,
    I am planning to start a campaign against the CSA in chennai. I want to spread the word to public which is beyond the reach of internet so that we can bring in people who really wants to make society a better place. I am trying to reach out Elaan so that this campaign can get a headstart. Can you please help me?

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