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Bachchan’s Secret Hideout

Bollywood seems to have finally realized the power of internet, blogging and the direction medium for interacting with fans. After Aamir Khan, it’s Amitabh Bachchan’s turn. While Aamir keeps using his Texan-stylized “y’all” in every single post, it is nothing compared to Amitabh’s first blog entry. Don’t believe me?

Read this:

this is my blog..welcome to it and hope we have a pleasant time reacting with each other.

i shall start with a few views on my upcoming film ‘Bhoothnath’.. hope you will give your comments.

Quote unquote. UP ke bhaiyya ko mera salaam! (Translation: I salute the brother from UP 😐 ). Don’t blame me for my poor English. After all, I’m not a writer/poet. I hope we have a pleasant time reacting with each other in the comments section of this less-blogworthy post. 😉 This is my blog and you are always welcome to it, even though I am no Amitabh Bachchan.


19 thoughts on “Bachchan’s Secret Hideout

  1. ulag says:

    LOLZ!!!!…i think all those years of rubbing shoulders with amar singh and mulayam singh yadav have really paid off fer mr bachchan!!!

    Surely they have…probably Ambani will have a new trick for him too. We need to watch out!- Ruhi

  2. Ruhi, I am sure this is a tongue-in-cheek post. 🙂

    Amitabh Bachchan grew up in Allahabad, which is why his dialogue delivery in ‘khaalis’ Hindi is so effective. Amongst five things you will never do, if it kills you, you list “Read anything written in Hindi”. If you however were to reconsider, you will experience some of the most sublime, yet earthy and real poetry ever written in ‘khadi boli’ (the type of Hindi that is spoken by ordinary people in the North)*. That would be the poetry written by Amitabh’s father, Harivansh Rai Bachchan. Although a teetotal himself, his ‘Madhushala’ is the essence of what ‘madira’ (alcohol as a translation kind of misses the point) means to poetry and to poetic expression. Madhushala is also available on CD set to music, and sung by Manna Dey.

    So I would much rather have broken ordinary Angrezi from this UP bhaiya than an obvious cliché like Amir Khan or some such.

    * That you are also missing out on Maithili Sharan Gupt, Suryakant Tripathi Nirala, Subhadra Kumari Chauhan, Mahadevi Varma, and many others is another point altogether. 🙂

    Shefaly, I don’t know if it is a tongue in cheek post, but it looks quite stupid. I don’t think it is tongue-in-cheek though. Yes, have heard a lot about his father, though haven’t read any of his works…because I’m not really into Hindi literature, even though I secured the highest rank in Hindi during both 10th and 12th standard boards. 🙂 But his father’s poetic excellence has hardly anything to do with his blog, just like it has nothing to do with his film career. Actually…I wouldn’t prefer any of these guys- I don’t think highly of either of them. They are all the same!

    I have read some poems by Subhadra Kumari Chauhan, Maithili Sharan Gupt, Nirala and Mahadevi Verma because they were a part of my syllabus. Haven’t done any extra reading though. Never felt intrigued enough.


  3. Is your blog looking Bald only to me, or do we actually have a problem ?

    This is the current minimalist- Zen type look 😉 Sorry if it looks bald.- Ruhi

  4. ths is old stuff …
    knew about it a long time ago

    I came to know about it only today and found the first post by AB to be quite amusing- Ruhi

  5. Why are all these Bollywood guys entering into blogging?! I mean if everyone of them is gonna start blogging, who is gonna read us normal people? I genuinely hope Critic Roshan doesn’t start blogging nahi toh gayi meri saari female fan following. 😛

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind SRK starting a blog. And imagine what would happen if Kareena starts blogging? Amit would be very happy. 😛

    Actually, only abnormal people read celebrity blogs. Have you read the comments that people post there? I will never be able to forgive myself if I do that!

    Re: the rest of bollywood, how many of them have completed even 12th grade? 😐 They will probably get their blog posts spell and grammar checked before posting it.

  6. I wonder if thats actually a blog by AB or just a PR stunt by bigadda. As ish said, I wouldn’t mind a blog by SRK.

    Actually, I’ve never heard of bigadda. Is it a nice blogging service? I think it’s a good PR tool, if used correctly…though I’m not really the kind who would want to read celebrity blogs. Give me tech blogs any day! 🙂 – Ruhi

  7. @ish,ruhi: Do you think they have time to blog, they are just doing it coz. its in fashion, they must have hired some tom duff and harry to write blogs for them, while they will just keep a check that the post is all good and no controversial stuff gets published. Welcome to bloggywood.

    I think type of comments there would be the same as comments made on cricket scores etc. at rediff, they are insane most of the time.

    Might be because it’s fashion. Might be because they want a medium to propagate their thoughts and want to us believe in what they say! I don’t think they can really afford to be themselves in their blogs…it’s just different! We don’t need to put up a farce, but I’m sure they do. Price of publicity, I guess. And yes, you’re quite right about the quality of comments. They are quite spammy and silly. – Ruhi

  8. Before I opened the comments section, I had already guessed that if Ish might have commented then he would have wished for an SRK blog. 🙂 Really I too wish that he starts a blog soon. And if apni Geet starts a blog, then nothing like it. 🙂
    I read a few posts on Amitabh’s blog. I don’t think he is writing it himself. And you MUST visit the comment section. Its hilarious. There is one guy who is asking him – hi why ur doing movie this age…… 😆
    And there is another one – I m ur big fan….plz tell me freelly r u fully happy to marriage in bengali jaya bachchan….if yes why u neglet west bengal??????plz dont mind
    And one more thing, Its not relevant to the post, but I found this really interesting link on the Aamir Khan Olympics controversy. Dunno if you have read it before.

    Not only Ish, but also a lot of other people want to read SRK’s blog! That guy is way too popular. And Geet can’t blog…believe me. She’s too busy maintaining her new beau and her patli kamar. 😉 The way he starts his letters- “My dear XYZ”- is so old fashioned and funny! Haha…everyone is a “dear”. I did take a look at the comments section actually. Very entertaining. I guess AB’s purpose of being an entertainer has been fulfilled!

    plz tell me freelly r u fully happy to marriage in bengali jaya bachchan….if yes why u neglet west bengal??????plz dont mind

    Haha…:D You can’t be serious? But I believe you. It’s something similar to what happens at Rediff.

    Re: the link, I have actually read it and found it to be an extremely interesting read.

  9. Celebrity blogs are like personal diaries. I dont think am adding this to my reader ever. And the comments are just hilarious. But there are so much of them and gets stupid as we scroll down. 😀

    Yes, there was one comment where someone had written- “Amit Sirji, I just waaannntttt to HUGGGGGG YOUUUU AND GIVE YOU LOTS OF KISSES!!! “. 😀 – Ruhi

  10. @ Ruhi:

    I meant _your_ post was tongue in cheek. 🙂

    My point about his background was that it _is_ possible that he thinks in Hindi and translates as he writes. It is quite easy to tell laboured angrezi like that apart from angrezi written by someone who thinks in the language and therefore does not employ oddball phrases. (I hate to say this but the desi blogosphere is full of “oddball” phrases which indicate many things lost in translation). Or he employs someone who tries – a tad too hard – to capture his “voice”.

    And if the Hindi poetry in your syllabus did not impress you enough, well, either they were badly chosen or they were badly taught. 😉 I am glad I never let my schooling interfere with my education (else I would probably never have been able to purloin this Mark Twain quote to support my point).

    OooH! I thought that you were referring to AB’s blog post. Sorry about the confusion 🙂 Yes, the desi blogosphere is quite filled with weird phrases too- in fact, I’m sure even I have used such phrases lots of times! So many times, I hit the publish button and then realize the grammatical mistake that I’ve made. But it’s all right! I’m not a native speaker and the same goes for other desis too. But I feel this post sounds really weird.

    Re: Hindi literature- The syllabus was quite old; I can’t blame the teaching. The thing is, mine was a typical Convent school where talking in Hindi was discouraged. We spoke in English all the time. We read English textbooks/novels. Obviously, my reading speed in Hindi sucks! So it was/is difficult for me to read anything in Hindi that was/is not a required reading. Maybe I’ve missed out on some great works in Hindi…but it’s all right. I think I can read 5 English books in the same time that I would have to spend reading a book written in Hindi.

  11. If the Bollywood heroes do start writing blogs, I don’t think they’d bother to grammar check it. What’s the need? Whatever a hero/heroine does, becomes style even though it might be wrong. Do you remember Javed Jaffery in Salaam Namaste? I still have so many Pseudo him’s in my class. And now they have a justification for their wrong English. It’s ishtyle. Yea, right.

    Yes, no need to grammar check. 🙂 For example- supposedly, Tashan’s ishtyle has taken off, right? Some misuse of words/sentences become “accidentally cool”. Yes, I remember Javed Jaffrey and his “egjhactly”. It was way too stupid though- Ruhi

  12. Celebrity blogs can be interesting, especially when the celebs know how to write and write about things that interest them or about how their work looks like.
    But for me to really enjoy them, you need two things: First, it should not be about “oh, and when I talked to George [read: Clooney] the other day…” “and then Steven [read: Spielberg] told me how he loved my performance”… and so on. And second, the comment section should be closed.

    I love that Mark Twain quote.

    If their blogs are entertaining and resourceful, then I really don’t mind! There is a blog by Shekhar Kapur (director of Elizabeth), which is quite good. Very different compared to other celebrity blogs. Unfortunately, like you mentioned, most of these blogs end up as PR tools, where all that they do is clarify their viewpoints on controversial issues or publish their interviews from other newspapers/channels. I would love to know what they think about such and such issue. The blog doesn’t need to talk about his/her personal life! – Ruhi

  13. dinsan says:

    Is this they way Big B write ? I mean, the language.. I dint like it 😦

    I don’t know if this is how he writes; quite shocking though. 🙂 -Ruhi

  14. Off topic from Bollywood:

    So does it make me abnormal for reading Wil Wheaton’s blog? Technically he is a celebrity, even though I’m not reading it because he was once on a very successful TV show, but because he is a great writer.

    I don’t know anything about him, sorry…I don’t watch television at all. But I agree with you– just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t mean that his/her blog should be out_of_bounds. If you like reading his blog, then why not?- Ruhi

  15. LoLzzzzzzzzzzz

    Off-topic: Does Shefali always write this much in comments??? :-O Good Lord. Too much hardwork 😀 …….. jus askin, no harm meant 😛

    Yes, she writes a lot! 🙂 Blame it on being a woman. 😉 We just love to talk. Even more than Ish…haha. It is a lot of hard work to type such long comments for sure. Her responses to the comments on her blog are also very interesting. She always has something different to say. – Ruhi

  16. Aamir Khan’s posts are more comprehensive. Bacchchan (or however it is spelled) has just started. So he’s only really micro-blogging with spelling mistakes and lots of “…” which I hate, btw.

  17. yaake says:

    When first heard of AB blogging, I thought its another publicity stunt! But, OMGWTF..!!! 😀 😀

    “Reacting to each other…” it seems!! hahahaha!!! I’ve got nothing against him personally, but when it comes to things he’s not familiar with, he should leave it to the experts like Ruhi..!! 😀

  18. @ Suda:

    “Does Shefali always write this much in comments??? :-O Good Lord. Too much hardwork :-D”

    The answer to the first question is ‘no’, if it is a general question re the blogosphere. But if it is related to this blog, the answer is ‘it depends’. I may not have any view on some topics or posts at all. It also depends on how much time I have on hand in a given week.

    As for whether it is too much hard work, you are probably self-referencing. 🙂 I think fast and my typing fingers are learning to keep up so I spend no more than a few seconds on each comment.

    That said, I do not leave flippant, badly spelt or poorly argued comments anywhere – including on the larger number of professional blogs that I read.

  19. vikas juyal says:

    amitabh bachan is d most stupid actor,i’ve seen in my life.he doesn’t give respect to his proffession as wat respect he has achieved thru dat proffession(my eng could b wrong)he is nor leaving d advt.of navratan tel also.he is d only man running after money.he doen’t working in a graceful manner,he has done buffoonery all thru his life.he is diplomat type o character i think,media ko khush rakhta hai media use khush rakhta hai,he has been made star of d millenium by media only,otherwise he hasn’t done something special in d recent past,for which he has to be acknowledge so much,he has shown d image of KBC in every movie he did after dat serial,in my opinion his comedy was always an overacting and very showy how cud b he has given d tag of superstar.he is bogus actor in comparison of dharmendra

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