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Blog Closed

I’m off blogging for a month or so. Too much work and other stuff going on! I’m not being able to read anyone’s posts or write comments. Please don’t mind! I’ll probably be back next month. I’ll try to read your blogs, but will probably not be regular. 🙂

Miss you wonderful people!


20 thoughts on “Blog Closed

  1. Got a new job? or is it your first job? Ohh yeah, some exams are due in some days 😛 Good, keep studying like a good girl. And don’t read newspapers. They always distract you 😛

  2. That is teh sad obviously but can’t deny that you have more important things to do right now. So good luck for everything and hoping to see you back real soon. 😉

  3. In fact was already missing you! Well, real life is beckoning you I guess and this is just the virtual world. Just do all that you need to do and then come back! Be sure to come back!

  4. lallopallo says:

    I suspect that you wont be able to stay away for long..
    I would say, take it easy :)….even if you dont have time to post frequently, you can always keep hanging in here .
    Iam horribly addicted to facebook, for instance, and I have devised a strategy now that, no matter what, I wont log in more than 2-3 times a day and at the maximum, not spend more than half an hour everyday on it.
    You can do something like that here..let’s say, an hour maximum for blogging/reading blogs/commenting etc..Iam sure you can take out hour everyday for it-and it will also serve as relaxant for you after all that studying etc..
    If you make sure that you dont spend more time than that, I dont see why you cant keep continuing what you love so much..
    Hope to see you around..

  5. latha says:

    taking a break always rejuvinates you. and i can imagine the relief that you areexperiencing during this blog-break! and you find so much of time on hand to do things that you always wanted to do but had no time. enjoy the break!

  6. @All- Ahh feels so nice to be loved. 😀 I should disappear more often. But I’m back for now 🙂 Thank you everyone for missing me SO much.

    And Suda, going by the number of comments you wrote…I’m on Cloud 9. 🙂

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